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Default Class of Superheroes [NEWBIES!] - 06-07-2012, 04:13 PM

A fresh start for newbies to RPing, this is Class of Superheroes! I meant to revamp this sooner, so sorry to Miranda for my long pause on that.
This is going to be a little different than the previous one. I picked a more neutral theme (realizing not everyone is into Harry Potter), and I am also open to coaching CHARACTER INTERACTION and am allowing (and encouraging) any entrants to PM me personally with their starting paragraph (also posting it here, with your profile) so you can learn how to interact with other RPers and keep the plot going. ^_^ I realize it's difficult to follow any plot in this actual thread (with new members joining and posting their profiles), so I thought this new idea might help.

I encourage everyone of you to try joining, because RPs are super fun. It's like both reading and writing a story. Sometimes you'll read what the other posters wrote and think, "OMG, I can't believe [insert character] just said that!" or you'll write something and think, "Ha, they'll never see this twist coming!" You can get so attached to the characters and the story. Not only is it fun, you get to practice your skills and feel like part of a group. They'll really is no downside, so TRY IT!
.................................................. .

RPG Forum Rules And FAQ.

PLOT: Washington High School was like any other High School - full of crazy teenagers and teachers, who were equally crazy for teaching high school.... but a recent event changed Washington High from regular school into something out of a sci-fi novel.

Less than a week ago, Washington High School suffered major air contamination after a chemical reaction during a chemistry class went wrong. The majority of the student and teachers evacuated the school in time, but the damage had already been done for the Grade 11 Chemistry class. A quick checkup in the hospital was unable to find anything abnormal or wrong with of the students, so they all went back to their homes, unaware of how much their lives were about to change.

Now, the school is reopened to the teachers and students, but the Chemistry class no longer teaches chemistry. The classmates are just starting to uncover their new superpowers, and a divide between good and evil is already emerging after the class debated what to do with their new powers. What side do you stand on - world peace, or total destruction?

[[Generally speaking, RPers use profiles to introduce their characters. Also, if you're stuck on ideas for superpowers, go here for some common and some uncommon powers: 25 Superpowers You Wish You Had or look it up on Google. =P]]

Hero or Villain:
Personality Traits (3 Positive/3 Negative):
Background (family life, etc.) / Other:

Opening Paragraph HERE
(Should be at least one long paragraph or two shorter ones)

EXAMPLE: (I'm going to claim the TEACHER, since I am your teacher. ^_^)

Name: Analeigh Clark (or Mrs. Clark)
Age: 31
Superpower: Telepathy
Hero or Villain:
Appearance: 5' 8", thin, shoulder-length straight brown hair with bangs, blue eyes, wears square-rimmed glasses. Wears her wedding ring on a necklace, instead of her finger.
Personality Traits (3 Positive/3 Negative): +: Intelligent, persuasive, responsible. -: Bossy, serious, negative, doesn't trust that others will do things right.
Background (family life, etc.) / Other: Analeigh Clark (Maiden name Schmidt) married her high school sweetheart when she was 19. She graduated University with a Chemistry degree and didn't plan on ever teaching students. She found out she was pregnant shortly after finishing her education, and decided she wanted a job that would allow her to spend time with her child, so she decided upon teaching mainly because of the summer and holidays time off. Mrs. Clark is planning on keeping her powers a secret from her husband John and her 5 year old daughter Rebecca for as long as she can. She is siding with the Hero side for now because she wants a safe world for her daughter.

[[Not an overly special character by any means, but a regular person with a normal life, normal family, etc. Although it's fine to make your characters more unique, it's important to NOT make them perfect or an insanely flawed character. Those are called Mary-Sues, and you can find more definition than that in the RP Rules threads. Here are two bad examples:

Name: Bella-Joy Moonshine [[what kind of a name is that.... really?
She has two, Healing and being able to make any person happy. [[Healing is a power, but being able to cheer anyone up? That's a little weird. And you can only have ONE power]]
Hero or Villain:
The most beautiful girl in the class, Bella-Joy is so skinny (but eats everything she wants because she has a fast metabolism) which causes other girls to be jealous of her. Her hair is long, beautiful, thick, straight, and the colour of the sun. Her eyes are the colour of the sea, and are the perfect size for her face. She has a beauty mark under her left eye that she thinks looks bad, but everyone else says it makes her look uniquely beautiful. [[How many times can you say beautiful? Do much description. By contrast, mine was 2 sentences. This one is a paragraph. It also talks about how others are jealous and thinks she's pretty. BAD.]]
Personality Traits (3 Positive/3 Negative):
+: Super sweet, outgoing, bubbly. -: Trusts too easy, niave, doesn't have many female friends because of her threatening beauty. [[The first two negatives are pretty much the same, and the last one isn't even a personality trait, just more about her being so pretty people are jealous]]
Background (family life, etc.) / Other:
Bella-Joy comes from a rich family – her father is the President of the United States. She wishes she was slightly less rich because everyone thinks she must be snobby, even though she's not, just because she comes from a wealthy family. She used to be in private school but since she wanted to be normal and have friends, she asked to be put into public school. She tries very hard to fit in, but she really likes clothes, and classmates make fun of her for wearing designer labels. She hopes her powers will make people realize she's one of the nicest people in school. [[Boo hoo, I'm rich mixed with I'm bullied for being rich and pretty.... BBBBAAADDDDD!]]

Since I don't want to do the example right now, just imagine the opposite. For example an orphan who get's bad grades and no one likes, but he get's super powerful with his powers, or a girl who's been sexually assualted more times than she can count but she doesn't show any emotional scars from this. Just as bad.]]

Mrs. Clark was just about ready for another class to start. She had told the students to try to come up with rules for controlling their powers as their homework. She knew not everyone enjoyed still getting homework even though she wasn't teaching them Chemistry anymore, but there simply wasn't enough time during class to discuss everything.

With only minutes left until the previous class was over, Mrs. Clark wrote the word “RULES” across the top of a large peice of paper that she taped to the wall. She was expecting just the standard, “No using powers in public,” “No using powers to hurt other people,” ... but she wondered what else the teens could come up with. Teenagers could be extremely unpredictable. In all fairness, every single rule would be voted upon. Every single rule would also need a punishment, but she figured they wouldn't get to that today.

When the bell rang, she saw students rushing around in the hallways. Thoughts filled her head so fast, she had to turn away. Her powers were so strong that she was unable to control them. By just looking at someone she could hear their deepest secrets... although mostly the thoughts were about what they were going to eat for lunch after their next class. Her powers also allowed her to talk to others using only thoughts, but since she couldn't seperate other people's thoughts, she never heard an answer back from them.

She sighed, worried she'd never be able to look at anyone if it doesn't get better. The last couple days she's tried to avoid eye contact, but there's only so long you can do that without looking a little crazy. She's planned on just staring at her paper all class while students blurted out the answers to her.
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