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Default Of Cats and Dogs - rp - 03-06-2012, 11:00 PM

1. Unless you are Cheshire1991, Miranda_, or Silent_Wolf, you are not pre-approved to post characters in here. Please private message me your proposed into post. Even if you are, pm me with which role you play; generic diplomat, warrior escort, etc.
2. NO Mary Sues/Gary Stus. If you don't know what that is, the rp section has plenty of Stickies. And, please, limit mature things; if two characters in a romantic relationship want to go farther, you can go up to a certain point, then post something along the lines of “x-ratedness” along the bottom to indicate that -things- happen.
3. Obey basic forum rules.
4. Only anthromorphic characters are allowed, and all attributes to each race are described later in this post.
5. This rp has no character form. This means no pictures, no basic list of things like name, age, description, or position. You must describe this yourself in an intro post. If you're having a hard time, please contact me for help/examples.

This world is not like the world you know. For here, surrounded by the deep ocean, there are only four large continents, and four sentient races corresponding to each continent. The the north is home to the Avians, or Bird People. To the south, The Cetaceans, or Dolphin People. The east, the Canines, or the Wolf People, and, to the east, the Felines, or the Big Cat People.

For centuries, all four races lived in peace. But then the Felines began to develop industrially, and found that they needed -and wanted- more resources. Thus, they sought to take over the other continents. They succeeded in taking Aves (the Bird People) and Cetacea (The Dolphin People), but could not seem to overcome the “barbaric” wolves on Canis.

For many years they fought on, the rigid discipline of the Feline Empire against the wild, guerilla tactics of the people of Canis. Losses were extensive on both sides, and finally, the Empire felt that it could spare no more losses on the Wolves, and called for a treaty.

The treaty is to occur on Star Island, so named for its shape. The island is uninhabited, and has been for over a millennia. But there are some ruins there, ruins of a people long forgotten, a race just as fond of metals as the Cats.

Both the Cats and the Wolves send young diplomats on their first mission -including the Crown Princess from the Cats and the Alpha's Apprentice from the Wolves- to make the treaty.

Can they do it? Or will instincts take over and fighting break out?

(Note: For those of you approved to enter this rp, pm me for more plot details.)

Info on each race.

In this rp, all of the cat characters are, in fact, big cats; lions, tigers, panthers, etc. No house cats. When in “biped” form, they have the ears and tail of their species, and a cat's nose, while the rest of their bodies look human. When in cat form, they look like whatever species of big cat you chose; no unnatural colors or additions.

The Cats have great night vision, phenomenal hearing, high agility, and high flexibility. Most of the Cats, except the tigers, aren't fond of water. When they bathe, they do so for hygienic purposes rather than enjoyment. Their government is a monarchy.

The society is similar to that of England during the Second Industrial Revolution; think 1890s. Different classes, basic, steam-powered machines, and strict social protocol. They've done a lot of de-forestation, and their cities are built with a lot of brick still. And, yes, horses and carriage for transportation still; cars are only just being dreamed up.

The Wolves have wolf ears and a wolf tail, and blackened/pink noses, depending, and the rest is human. As with the Cats, only natural colors are tolerated.

Wolves have decent night vision, but not quite as good as the Cats'. They're stronger, they work better in groups, good hearing, phenomenal tracking abilities, and decent flexibility.

The Wolves are ruled by an Alpha Male and Alpha Female, who earn their position through various tests and competitions. These are taken while there is still a ruling Alpha, so whoever wins becomes the current Alpha's apprentice, and it taken in by the Alpha. The Alpha Male and Female are not necessarily mates, but they can be.

The society is laid-back and simple, with little social rules. The Cats think them “barbaric”, with their plain, sexless attire (everyone wears pants/trousers), their need to train everyone as a warrior at some point, and their lack of a solid class system; whoever's on top fought his/her way up.

Their land is largely forests, and left to be very wild. Their capital city is all made with wooden buildings.

Their continent “Aves” is pronounced “ah-vess”, rather than “ayvs”. The Bird People are overly peaceful; they couldn't even assemble a proper army when they were invaded. These people are highly religious, and focus more on the afterlife and their sky gods than anything secular. If not engaged in religious ceremonies, they ponder the abstract and are very scholarly.

Their streets are very basically paved, and this is easy to maintain, as the continent of Aves is mostly high plateaus, rocky mountains, and grasslands, with some proper, dune-y deserts here and there. They dress simply, in cotton robes and leather sandals, and almost always wear their long hair up.

No, the Avians are not like angels; their arms are feathered and awkwardly long, like proper wings. Like real birds, their bones are very light, and so are they. Avians tend to be tall and thin, with “beaky” noses. They are always some sort of bird of prey, and, as with the others, only natural colors for their species are allowed. The only thing animal-like about them when in human form is the feathered arms, granting them a limited power of flight. If flying high, long distances, or on windy days, they will take their proper bird form.

NO, these are NOT mermaids; otherwise, why would they live on land? They have webbed fingers and toes, and smallish teeth, but otherwise are actually the most human-looking of the bunch. Only natural colors of dolphins are allowed for their dolphin forms; there are, however, pink dolphins, if you do want an odd color. But a pink dolphin in human form would likely be a redhead of some sort; no unnatural hair.

The dolphins are obviously more suited to water than land, and can withstand high pressure and hold their breaths for a long period of time. Their very strong and very intelligent, and are even more developed than that Cats; unfortunately, the Cats still won, from sheer numbers; the dolphins have a hard time breeding and their population is relatively small.

They tend to wear efficient clothing, as sexless as the Wolves' but better made.

For now, we will only see Cats and Wolves; Avians and Dolphins won't show up until later. As such, please do not attempt to create bird or dolphin characters.

The two diplomatic groups have certain classes within them and are as follows; please pm me with which one you want to start with:

Princess (has to be lion): spirit_queen
Warrior Escorts

Alpha Male Apprentice
Alpha Female Apprentice
Betas Apprentices (both sexes)
Generic Warriors

Due to the fact that we don't have that many rpers, I'm not overly concerned with numbers. However, there is only one princess, and two Alpha Apprentices, as well as two Beta Apprentices. There are “leaders” open for the other races, but their titles won't be revealed until later. Since I've taken princess, I won't take any other important roles. Since this limited role is taken, I put my username beside it.

Any other questions? Please pm me!

Otherwise, let the games begin!

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Default 03-06-2012, 11:07 PM

The Princess Cecilia Priscilla Brittany Leontius was exceedingly nervous about the upcoming meeting with the Canines. Or 'Wolves', as they call themselves, she thought snidely, to cover her own fears of failure. She knew that a lot rested on her shoulders- and she was only just turned seventeen.

Stop thinking of that, She reprimanded herself. The ship had already sailed. In fact, she'd already been on the open ocean for days, and had had to fight her tendency toward seasickness for a while now. In a few hours, they'd be at Star Island, also called the Isle of the Ancients. The very thought of that desolate island made her shiver.

If there was any other neutral territory, then I would never have went along with Star Island. It's SO haunted, she thought. Then she chastised herself mentally and got up from her hammock -and the indignity fo that! A hammock instead of a proper bed with feather down!- and went over to the wash basin and mirror. She sighed at her plain face, with its fat nose, sprinkling of freckles, and brown eyes. Her face was round, almost pudgy, and her lips thin. I still look like I'm four, she sighed. Her hair was, in her eyes, her only redeeming feature; it was a true red-gold. Sure, it was often a little frizzy instead of being properly wavy, but she would take what she could get.

She pinned it up as best she could without her hand-maiden -and, really, she was quite sure her father could have spared that expense, at least- and then went up out on the deck. Just was she thought she was going to get seasick again, a voice rang out from the Crow's Nest, saying, “Land, ho!”

She ran to the right- oops, starboard- side of the ship with the rest of the crew, and peered out. There! A thin strip of something different, something that wasn't more goddam.n water. From this distance, it was only a strip of brown, but, really, anything would do.

“Yes!” she called out, punching the air in a most unladylike fashion, causing the crew to stare; they were professionals, and most of them were older than her. They respected her 'officially', but she knew that, behind closed doors, they spoke about her age and immaturity behind her back. She blanched, then blushed in keen embarrassment at her slip-up. As father would say, chin up, shoulders back, spine straight, and stare them down, she counciled herself.

“We wish to change now. Send someone to report when we land,” she said in her most haughty tone before retreating to her cabin. Phew, that was awkward, she thought to herself as she stripped from her day gown to put on her highly embellished, scarlet ceremonial one.

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Default 03-07-2012, 02:15 AM

Zackery Sebastian Ainsley Pardus, or Shiki for short, stood beside his cousin, Princess Cecilia, on the ship. He was looking off and up into the sky through the little window next to her hammock, thinking of a more pleasant place than the rocking and rolling of the boat. He slowly brought a hand up to his mouth to keep back a mewl of distress and sickness. His vision was beginning to dance and everything was looking a little on the blurry side. ‘No!’ He thought, ‘Shiki must be strong for Sissy.’ He nodded, determined and hrld onto the wall for dear life, his long nails digging into the boat with a sickening creaking noise.

They were previously talking about the treaty and the ABANDONED Island they were heading to. The Island of the Ancients, or Star Island, was an Island left abandoned for many years. Now only ruins remain, and they were to conduct business there… what a stupid idea that was. Did his uncle not care for Sissy and his safety? What if the ‘Wolves’ ambushed them? What if those barbarians killed them on sight? His tiny, heart-shaped pink nose wrinkled in disdain as a haunting shiver raced down his spine. Just the thought of the lonely Island gave him shivers and a bad case of nausea… though, that could be from the rocking of the boat. Shiki mewled again.

Wobbling over to his water basin and mirror, he peered into the reflection. His near white skin was a little green around the gills, pasty, even, and his blue, gold rimmed eyes looked a little watery and blood shot. His long black hair was spotted white on here and there in clumps. His bangs swooped down and nearly covered his left eye as two fringes of pure white hair, on both sides of his face, framed his feminine jaw. ‘Shiki still looks like a girl’, he sighed through pouty lips and then frowned. His hair looked so dull from its natural, splendid glory. In fact, it looked unclean and he just had a bath before he left port. His ears flattened against his head and tail bristled as he nearly hissed, he HATED baths, really hated baths.

His musing was cut short when a voice rang through the air: “Land, ho!” Eyes widening and ears perking, Shiki took off after his cousin, pushing his way through the crew -short as he was, barely 5’5”- and peered over the railing. His eyes glowed with joy as he spotted a little strip of brown land. Oh sweet, sweet land! Sissy cried out in happiness, he was happy too, anyone could tell with his gentle smile. Soon they would be off this dismal boat and on stable land!

Blushing a little, he composed his features lest any of the crew say his excitement and stood by his cousin, proud and strong just like his father told him. He watched Sissy disappear to the cabin and he turned to the crew, staring them down as best as he could. “And Shiki demands cake!” His lips pulled down in a frown as he tilted his chin up and sniffed haughtily, turning on his heel a moment later and returned back to the cabin. He knocked on the door, softly calling out, “Sissy, Shiki needs to change…”
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Default 03-07-2012, 05:48 PM

Felina Isoba stood on the deck of the ship, bracing herself as the swell caught it. The feline warrior had a face of which the prettiness was spoiled by scarring, as well as a look of arrogance. Felina had been a warrior for a long time; she had guarded the princess and kept her safe for several years. Naturally, she had been chosen to go on what Felina considered to be a madcap mission that was destined to end only in disaster.

Looking out to the horizon, Felina could see that the ship was nearing land. Felina was one of the great clan of Snow Leopards; a family reknowned for producing great fighters and loyal protectors. Her hair was platinum blonde and was tied in a queue to keep it off her face. Her eyes were as green as emeralds and her body was lean, but muscled. The Snow Leopard's ears and tail were fluffy white, with black rings save for the very tip of her tail, which was striped with black and cream. Felina put her hand to her sword which as always rode at her hip. She was sure that the wolves would try treachery, and she would be ready.


Phelan Blake was getting impatient waiting for the cats to make their appearence. Still probably sorting out their courtly niceties before they leave, he thought in a scornful manner. Phelan had little use for the cats or their society, which he thought to be prissy and with pointless ceremony. Still, he had agreed to come on this mission and help represent the wolves; well, as the Alpha Male Apprentice, he really didn't have a whole lot of choice but to come to Star Island to meet the cats.

The wolf was, in his biped form, fairly tall with longish black hair and jade green eyes. His ears and tail were also black, and he carried himself well. The Alpha Male had deliberately given the order to Phelan and the rest of the wolf delegation to arrive at the island early, that way they could press home an advantage on the cats. Phelan fully approved of this; it also meant that they could scout out the island and bag part of the territory for themselves to temporarily settle while this was all going on. He certainly wouldn't want the cats to keep on deluding themselves that they were superior, after all.

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Default 03-09-2012, 06:44 PM

Lupa stood, muscles slightly tensed, as she awaited the arrival of the cats. As apprentice to the Alpha female, this was a duty that couldn't be avoided, not that she wanted to. Even if she hadn't been in her current position she still would have eagerly volunteered to go. Despite this she remained on alert, not wanting to be caught off guard by any conflict which may arrive with the arrival of the felines. In Lupa's eyes being caught off guard was failure, a sign she wasn't up the the job she had fought for, and this was a thought the female couldn't stand. Although methodical, reserved, practical minded and firm, she carried a great amount of pride, and Lupa didn't to find said pride compromised in any way, shape or form. She never had, and as far as the female wolf was concerned, she never would.

She wasn't all that intimidating to look at at first, in her biped form Lupa had a slight stature, wiry though also muscled and strong for her size. Her ears and tail were a pale grey, streaked through with darker shades, and her hair, a white blonde, hung lank at her sides. The female Alpha apprentice's most memorable feature were her eyes, a clear blue. Everything else about her was small and pointed. For the most part her appearance in combination with her quieter, more contemplative persona encouraged others to underestimate her, though she could be extraordinarily, unnervingly, in fact, vicious when the need arose.

She surveyed their surroundings now, the wolves had arrived early, gaining the upper hand in a silent battle which had no doubt already begun. Lupa was glad that they had arrived first, it was an advantage. They could scout, explore, mark their temporary territories, it was a move she had fully supported, and now, as she stood waiting, a little of her quiet arrogance shone through. Yes, when the felines arrived Lupa would be more than ready.

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Default 03-11-2012, 03:14 PM

Harley Ulven was a big, big man; at seven feet, two inches, he towered above everyone else, and was a wall of muscle. His shoulders were broad, his arms thick, and everything was defined. He hard a firm, square jaw, a proud nose, and enormous hands and feet.

But, despite this he was relatively gentle, soft-spoken, shy in social situations, with his warm, cinnamon-y brown eyes full of innocence like a pup's. In battle, he was unstoppable, but put him around a pretty person and he couldn't properly utter a single word. It was this that made him a great Beta-apprentice; Beta's weren't leaders, but powerful supporters.

At that moment, Harley dashed to find his leaders; Lupa and Phel. He grew up with them, and still called them by their first names; besides, they weren't Alphas quite yet, and thus didn't actually require titles.

He soon tracked down the two striking leaders-in-training. "Phel, Lupa, I can see a ship on the horizon," he panted out immediately, forgoing all the formalities the Cats would've required and jumping straight to the point.

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