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Default Murder City {Remake RP} - 07-28-2010, 07:33 PM

1. If you have never RPed with me before, then you MUST PM me with your intro for approval. Do NOT post in the RP until you have been approved; if you do, then your post will be deleted. Repeated offenders will simply be disallowed from joining the RP.

2. Obey the main RPG forum rules. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

3. Please don't post a Diclonius character without asking me first. I do not want the RP to be overrun with Diclonii and no humans.

4. This RP is very loosely based on Elfen Lied, however it is set in America, not Japan so please create characters accordingly. The RP is based in the near future, so technology is fine. However, characters are not permitted to have powers.

5. This RP has violent themes so is rated M. There are no character profiles; please introduce your character in your intro.


In Murder City, there are thousands of people, each with their own story to tell. The people are crowded together in high rise flats, slum areas and also in the various motels scattered around. All save the rich, who live in the exclusive houses with their perfect security, and the five star hotels with their view of the city spread out below. The city's real name is the less frightening Metaro City; however, few refer to it by that name now. Not after what happened thirty years ago. A series of murders. A murderer who was never caught, who roamed the city killing people at random by strangling, and then removing the head and hands. After eleven months where the residents of the city were terrified, and the police overworked and baffled, the murders suddenly ceased for no apparent reason never to resume. The murderer also vanished without trace and despite the large amounts of attention seekers who appeared after, claiming to be the elusive killer, none of them was the murderer. Eventually, memories of the series of events began to fade and the killings were half forgotten. However, one thing remained to remind the residents of what had happened; the city ended up being nicknamed Murder City rather than Metaro City, and that was the name that it was known by forever after.

Secrets litter the city, some good and some bad. And some that are evil beyond comparison. One such secret is the laboratory that resides in the centre of the town. To the public, the laboratory's function is to research medicine and find cures for cancer. The labs are regularly inspected, and nothing untoward is suspected. However, behind a door that is hidden behind the portrait of the founder on the first floor, is the secret. A staircase leads down to the hidden laboratory where the scientists perform far more sinister tasks. There is a newly evolved species of human, called a Diclonius. For years, this has been kept a closely guarded secret, on a strictly need to know basis. Diclonii look basically human, save for their brightly coloured hair and red eyes, and the two white horns either side of their heads shaped like cat ears. These are the base of the power of the Diclonius; the psychic arms that emerge from their backs with a reach of at least two feet. Diclonii have an urge to kill, especially humans, and will use their vectors for this purpose. The arms are invisible, so are impossible to avoid unless you happen to be beyond their reach. Diclonii can sense each other's presence, and mostly breed by using their vectors. The rare Diclonii that can breed normally are called queens; the vast majority are sterile and are called Silpelits. Diclonii are mostly female, but are as a general rule, dangerous. This is mainly to do with the treatment meted out to them, by the scientists who study them.

The Diclonii originate in Japan, and were studied in laboratories there. However, after an incident at one such laboratory, several scientists decided that it was far too dangerous to continue the research in the conditions they were being given, and defected to America, taking with them a group of Silpelits. The Japanese scientists soon chose the laboratory in Murder City, after rejecting several offers from other places, as it offered the most money as well as the secret lab to work in. The owner of the laboratory is a man named Charles Endevour. His laboratory is named Endevour after him and boasts the highest technology as well as the finest equipment. Therefore, it is only logical that he should want to hire the best scientists to work with said technology and equipment. He also craves power, and desires to create a set of living weapons with which to take over the government and satisfy his craving for power and dominion. The Japanese scientists, with their Silpelits, were the answer to his prayers. Charles soon persuaded the Japanese scientists to put the Silpelits thru a new technological machine that his top American scientists had created. It was called the Neogenic Recombinator, and rats who were put thru the machine soon developed strength and senses beyond those of normal rats. Charles wanted now to move up to human experiments and the Diclonii were near enough human for him to suggest putting them thru the Recombinator. After all, there were few who would object.

The Diclonii who were put thru the machine were subtly different from the control group. They had infinate vectors, which were not invisible; rather, they were opaque and coloured. Their vectors also had infinate reach. They also were fertile and able to breed in the normal way, as well as thru using their vectors. Due to these changes, the group of Diclonii who had been thru the Neogenics Recombinator were afterwards refered to as Enhanced Diclonii. They were kept under even more strict security measures than the control group of Silpelits. All the Diclonii were given names after weather conditions by the American scientists, rather than the numbers that the Japanese had used. Everything was considered to be under control, and experiments on the Diclonii continued. Until one day, when a slight power flicker was to ruin the plans of Charles Endevour. The power flicker affected two cells, each on different sides of the laboratory and each containing a Diclonius. The doors were unlocked and the restraints removed. The Diclonii were free, and with just one thought on their minds... escape. The laboratory guards could not cope; one perhaps would have been recatchable, but two escaping at the same time was too difficult. Also, they had been taken entirely by surprise by the unexpected power cut and were unable to get themselves together quickly enough to prevent disaster. Two Diclonii were out there on the streets of Murder City, and there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Who are you in this situation? Are you a reporter, chasing that ever elusive story to propel you to the big time? You won't know of the Diclonii, but you might well harbour suspicions about Endevour Laboratory. Nothing like this has happened since the murders thirty years ago. Perhaps you're a member of the public, caught up in the drama. Or, just maybe, you're a scientist from Endevour, determined to recapture the Diclonii; dead or alive, by any means necessary.


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