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Default The Night World {RP} - 11-03-2011, 11:26 AM

1. This RP is for humans and Night Worlders. That means made vampires, born vampires (lamia), werewolves and shapeshifters. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to PM me. This RP is open to everyone.

2. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies. That means no godmoding or Mary Sues, among other things.

3. Please obey the rules of this world, which are detailed in the plot explanation. Also, do not introduce any other types of vampire/shapeshifter. If you try and introduce either Meyerpires or Meyerwolves, you will be in trouble.

4. Please try to have an equal number of human and Night World characters; if there are too many of one faction, I may ask you to either change your character or introduce one from the other side.

There are no character forms; please describe your character in your opening paragraph.

The Night World isn't a place. It's all around us, a secret society of vampires, witches, shapeshifters and other creatures of darkness that live among us. They're beautiful and deadly and they could be anyone you know. Your boyf could be one, and so could your teacher. Even the town mayor, the police chief or the President. There's no way of telling, which makes it all the more dangerous. The Night World's laws say it's alright to hunt humans, to kill them, to toy with their hearts. However, there are two things they forbid; to let humans find out about the Night World, or to fall in love with them. The penalty for breaking these rules is death, tho there are those who manage to escape the penalty. It's still not something that Nightworlders want to risk and in any case, many Nightworlders despise humans. The laws are enforced by the Night World Council, which is made up of the elders of all the Night World groups; vampires, both made and lamia; witches and shapeshifters. All Night Worlders wear the symbol of a black flower, depending on species. This will identify them to other Night Worlders and can be worn as jewelry, clothing or as a decoration on accessories.

There is a belief in the Night World that two people are destined to be together, no matter how many years lie between their births. This is the soulmate principle, and your soulmate is your other half who you are connected with forever. Soulmates have a unique connection which means that once they meet, they will know each other instantly. Soulmates also have the ability to completely enter each other's mind, to know their soulmate from the inside out, to touch their very soul. When this occurs, their minds are forcibly opened to each other and they can explore their memories, thoughts, and feeling freely. Each person's mind is different; some very light, others, dark. Something has been happening recently; Night Worlders are finding human soulmates. This love is forbidden and can end in disaster for all concerned, but there are not many who can fight against the silver cord which connects each pair of soulmates to each other. The Council will kill any human and Night Worlder soulmate pairs if they find them, but then, the Council has other things on its mind at the moment.

A vigilante group which calls itself the New Order Of Night (NOON) has risen to try and take control. They wish to destroy the human world from within, by changing as many humans as they can rather than killing them, tho they will do this as a last resort if the human refuses to be turned and join them. NOON is run by three former Night Worlders, including the hybrid Nofret, who started NOON as revenge against the Night World Council who decreed that she was an abomination. Nofret is a vampire/shapeshifter hybrid and her parents were killed by the Council. She formed her own faction, which steadily grew in number due to its relaxed rules and kept in the shadows til it could realistically challenge the Council. Now, NOON is a force to be reckoned with, but its leaders prefer not to challenge the Council til their hand is forced. In the meantime, they do their damage around the areas where they live, turning humans with impunity and spreading their beliefs whereever they can find willing listeners. They also have allies on the council; Mordred Redfern, one of the oldest members of the oldest lamia family, is one. He sees nothing wrong with what NOON are doing and turns a blind eye.

The world is changing. Nothing is certain any more, whichever world you live in. Are you a human, going thru your daily life, unaware of the other world which exists alongside your own? There is still school to attend and various activities outside of school to keep your interest. You may yet be dragged into the other world, either willingly or otherwise. You may be a Night Worlder, in which case who's side are you on? You might find your soulmate in the human world, and will have the choice of keeping the laws of the Night World or giving in to the uncontrollable impulse to be one with your other half. The choice is in your hands.

Notes on the races.

The Night World species are vampires, both made and the ones born that way (lamia); witches, werewolves and shapeshifters. Humans exist in the regular world. The characteristics of the species are as follows; please stick to them.


Lamia can age, and stop their aging at any time. They can also have children. Made vampires stop aging at the point of being turned and can not have children. Both types of vampire can eat human food if they want, but must feed on blood at least once a day. Vampire cells are unable to carry oxygen and therefore, vampires must acquire human blood cells for them to breathe. Blood is also nutrition and power to vampires. Sunlight, garlic and crosses do not harm these vampires. Made vampires are created by exchanging blood with vampires while still human. No human over the age of twenty can be turned into a vampire; they just burn out after that age. Both lamia and made vampires have superhuman strength, speed, and agility and can have telepathic powers. The first vampire in existence, Maya, was originally a witch. In her quest for power and immortality, she became the first vampire by the use of powerful magic, which involved drinking the blood of infants. Maya bore a son, Red Fern, who became the ancestor of all lamia vampires. Despite the fact that the first vampire was a woman, vampires (particularly the lamia) are a very patriarchal society. Burning and wood will hurt vampires. The symbol for lamia is the black iris, which is also the name of a Night World club. The symbol for made vampires is a black rose.


Witches are closer to humans physically than the other Night World races and are a matriarchal society who can do magic. They trace their descent to an ancient tribe ruled by Hecate Witch-Queen, and later by her daughter Hellewise Hearth-Woman. All witches are considered to be 'daughters of Hellewise', although the Harman family are direct genetic descendants traced through the female line. Hellewise is the sister of Maya, who became the first vampire. Witch society is composed of 'Circles' to whom all witches belong. Those who take to heart Hellewise's bidding to 'harm none' belong to Circle Twilight, while Circle Midnight is made up of witches who practice darker magic. The Inner Circle is a coven of the nine most magically talented witches. The most important of these are the triad of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, positions which are held respectively by Aradia, The Maiden; Cybele, The Mother; and Grandma Harman, The Crone. All witches are answerable to the Inner Circle before the Night World council. Witches practice magic with the aid of herbs, gemstones, effigies and incantations, all of which may be used in a spell; they worship the Goddess in her many manifestations, celebrate Samhain, and probably other festivals on the Wheel of the Year. However their magic is innate and does not always require external aids, although these can accentuate their power. Human psychics in the series are "lost witches" who are unaware of their true descent. Burning and iron will hurt witches, and their symbol is the black dahlia.

(continued in next post)

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