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Miranda_ 07-16-2011 07:45 AM

{RP} My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The Mystery Of Blanktown.
Welcome to Equestria, the world of the My Little Ponies. Equestria is ruled jointly by the sisters Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and is populated by intelligent, talking animals, but ponies play the dominant role. The weather is controlled by the winged pegasus ponies, the unicorn ponies do magic and the earth ponies do various other jobs about the country. The capital of the country is Canterlot, but this story starts in a town on the other side of Equestria from the capital; a town named Trottingham. Here, just like in other pony towns, there is a thriving population of ponies. There are shops, a farm, a school and various entertainment industries. The ponies are content. There is an occasional visit from the ruling ponies, when everypony turns out to welcome them and celebrate, but apart from that there are various festivals and celebrations to attend. Trottingham School is attended by every filly and colt, and is where the ponies learn about various things, such as the history of Equestria as well as more practical things like reading and arithmatic. Each foal is different; some are eager to learn while others get bored with having to stay in school instead of being outside in the sun and enjoying themselves.

This was true for a small group of ponies one day in Trottingham. The pegasus ponies were working on clearing the sky of clouds, and it was a bright and beautiful blue. The sun shone down on the green grass, and it proved too tempting a prospect for this group. Faced with double maths, the group played truant from Trottingham School and stole off together away from the town, where their parents might catch them and know that they were supposed to be in school. The group eventually settled down just outside the Everfree Forest. The Everfree Forest is a mysterious place outside Ponyville. Unlike most of Equestria, the forest does not need the ponies' attention to function naturally, plants grow and the weather changes without their involvement, and animals care for themselves. It is home to many strange creatures, including ursas and parasprites and other hazards, such as the plant poison joke. The forest is also the location of the ancient castle where the Elements of Harmony are located. Princess Luna and Princess Celestia once resided there, but the castle is now deserted. Nopony ventures far into the mysterious forest; there are many frightening things that lurk in the shadows of the trees, and nopony has ever explored the whole of the forest.

As a result, the pony town at the very centre of the forest is unknown to everypony in Equestria. Named Sunny Town, the ponies who lived within its confines never ventured beyond its borders and as a result were unaware that there were other ponies living outside the forest. The ponies of Sunny Town differed from the ponies of Equestria in many ways. They were as a general rule fairly unadventurous, easygoing to a point, and also extremely superstitious. The main difference however was that the Sunny Town ponies had no cutie marks, and never had had them. This was to lead to the downfall of the Sunny Town ponies, and to the curse that was laid upon the town forever dooming it to permanent shadow. Once, Sunny Town was a place of harmony and pleasure. The ponies regularly celebrated the turn of the seasons with a party laid on for the whole town. Some ponies sampled the tempting food laid out on trestle tables, others watched the shows put on by other ponies to entertain the crowds. Still others just wandered around, enjoying the fresh air and the carnival atmosphere. It was a town of peace and plenty, where nothing could go wrong, or spoil things. Or so they thought.

Roneo, a yellow earth pony with a blue mane and tail, was unhappy. He had been out in the fields of Sunny Town the previous day and had happened upon a beautiful jewel which glowed like the setting sun. He had immediately thought to give it to his sweetheart, a pony named Starlet, but he had lost it. Miserable, he wandered about the town searching for the jewel. Ruby, a bright and inquisitive young filly, noticed something glinting in the undergrowth as she danced along the path. Curious, she nosed about in the long grass, and the jewel rolled out. She happily trotted back to Sunny Town, and gave the jewel to Roneo, who was delighted. However, something happened; a small magnifying glass appeared on Ruby's flank. The other ponies were horrified; to them, this strange mark appearing on the young filly's flank signified to them witchcraft! The fear spread among all the ponies and they rushed the young filly. Ruby screamed for help, but before her mother Mitta could save her, Ruby had been carried off by the townsponies. They declared the terrified filly to be a witch and burned her alive, leaving her body in the fireplace. Then, darkness fell, altho it was only the middle of the day. The ponies of Sunny Town had been cursed as a result of their actions, and their town, now renamed Blanktown, was doomed to be a place of darkness from which nopony could ever escape, and where any pony who entered would find hard to leave...

Miranda_ 07-16-2011 07:50 AM


1. When you join, please have at least one pony character who lacks a cutie mark. This will make it easier for you to RP in both locations. If you are having trouble coming up with a suitable pony name, feel free to adapt one of the ponies listed here. Please don't choose any of the main characters in MLP: FiM as this RP is set in a different town.
2. For appearance, make yourself a pony using the maker here. Cutie marks are not included, so if you require a cutie mark for your character, you'll have to put it on yourself. If you need any help with this, PM me. Link to your pony in the section of the character form marked "Appearance".
3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. I don't really need to say why, do I?
4. No human characters; this is an RP about ponies, right?
5. This RP is also based on the flash game "Story Of The Blanks" as well as having elements of Silent Hill.

Character Form.

When posting your character form, make sure to fill in all areas. Delete the bracketed bits as these are only included as a guide.

Name: {Your pony's name, obviously.}
Type: {Earth pony, Pegasus or Unicorn.}
Age: {Filly/Colt; these are young ponies without cutie marks. Mare/Stallion; these are adult ponies.}
Appearance: {This is where you link to the pony you made in the pony maker.}
Personality: {Please include any faults or weaknesses here, as well as strengths}
Bio: {Tell us a bit about your pony.}


Name: Melody
Type: Pegasus
Age: Mare
Personality: Melody tends to be fairly bossy, and a bit of a know it all. She always thinks that she knows best, and is very impulsive. Despite all this, Melody is a loyal friend and very generous. She loves music and singing.
Bio: Melody works as a singer in Trottingham. She generally puts on a show at parties, festivals, celebrations... whenever it's possible for her to air her voice. As a pegasus, Melody also has to spare time to help the other pegasus ponies with the weather, which she considers a frightful bore and a distraction from her singing. Melody has visited parts of Equestria to give concerts, but always returns to her home town and her friends. She is somewhat vain, and likes to match her accessories to her cutie mark, which is three music notes.

Name: Clover
Type: Unicorn
Age: Filly
Personality: Clover is very down to earth, and can be blunt. She lacks tact; if something needs to be said, even an unpleasant truth, she will go ahead and say it regardless of whether feelings might be hurt. She is lazy at times, and thinks that school is a waste of time unless she's having classes that she's interested in. She has a hot temper, and will defend her friends if they're in trouble or being picked on.
Bio: Clover is very impatient and can't wait to get her cutie mark, and hates having to wait. She also dislikes being told that she has to be patient to find out what her cutie mark is, especially by older ponies. She has a quick mind, but never really applies it in school to lessons such as maths or science, as she finds these lessons dull. If she can get away with it, Clover will cut classes and persuade her friends to come with her, as she hates to be alone. She wants to go and live in Canterlot when she's grown up, but doesn't really know what she'll do there.


It was a fine day in Trottingham, and preparations for a festival to celebrate the coming of summer were well under way. Melody, a pegasus pony, was walking thru the town looking for her friends. She was excited and looking forward to the festival; Melody was to sing there, and she was going to be debuting a song that she'd written only a few days before. It was going to be a fantastic party. In Trottingham, magic as well as hoof and wing were used to make the seasons pass, so it happened in a relatively timely fashion. Melody sighed a little; before the party could occur, there would be much work involved. As a pegasus, she would be expected to help out the other winged ponies in making sure that every single cloud in the sky was cleared away, so that the sun could shine brighter and give off more heat. Melody considered this to be boring, and much prefered to spend her time trilling her voice, or perhaps browsing thru the fashion shop in Trottingham High Street to find the perfect accessories to wear for the party. Still, it would only take up a few hours of two days, and then the party could begin. Melody could hardly wait.

Clover stared out of the window of the classroom where she sat at the back of the room. It was evident that summer would soon be here, and with it, the holidays. "Such a waste of time," Clover thought to herself, "Making us sit inside when there's only two days to go til summer." She wriggled in her seat impatiently. The lesson was history, in which the young ponies learned all about Equestria and its history. Clover generally liked this lesson, but the day outside tempted her. The thought of the next lesson, which was two long hours of arithmatic, decided the young unicorn. She wasn't about to waste a nice day like today writing out sums; she would use her unicorn magic to create a diversion so that she and her friends could escape the classroom and explore outside. Clover sighed; she thought again, as she had thought many times before, of the fact that she still didn't have a cutie mark. When would it appear? Some of the ponies in the class already had theirs. It was a source of great annoyance to Clover that hers had still not appeared on her flank, and she wanted it to hurry up and come. And what better way to hurry up a cutie mark than to explore outside?

spirit_queen 07-16-2011 06:28 PM

Name: Sandy Shores
Type: Unicorn
Age: Mare
Personality: Sandy appears to be a restful soul, and a highly fashionable mare with a girlish, princess-like fashion sense. In reality she is quite the gossip and cannot hold back secrets to save her life; she does not necessarily mean to spill all, she just doesn't know when to shut up. And, as she owns her own spa/beauty salon, she gets lots of material for gossip and a lot of ponies to spread it around. She is a ditz and a bit forgetful at times, but has her heart in the right place.
Bio: Sandy had a very sheltered and privileged life. She earned her cutie mark when she painted hooves and styled her friends' manes and tails at a slumber party for fun, and knew it was her destiny to continue doing so and to love it. As mentioned before, she now owns her own spa-salon combo, and has a lot of acquaintances and a few close friends... though said friends guard their secrets closely around her, of course.

Name: Herbal Tea
Type: Earth Pony
Age: Stallion
Personality: Tea is fairly quiet and usually polite. He is down-to-earth and friendly... until you anger him. He has a temper, and while it takes a while to get him truly mad, once he's there he more or less explodes on you. He also holds grudges, but not necessarily for little things like pranks or minor offenses.
Bio: Tea was raised in a large family, the one that owns Windy Acres farm, to be precise. His older brother, WindRunner, inherited the farm when his Cutie Mark showed up as a wind-blown orange tree.

Tea went on to be a medical practitioner when his own Mark revealed itself while he helped wrap his third-youngest brother's sprained ankle. He realized that he loved helping people in this way, and especially endorses natural remedies in his field. He still keeps in touch with his family, though he no longer lives at the farm.

Name: Stargazer
Type: Pegasus
Age: Filly
Personality: There are two words to describe Star, though they don't seem to go together: 'hyper' and 'nerd'. Stargazer loves to read, and often reads ahead in their textbooks, as her need to learn is insatiable and she feels that the teachers don't go fast enough.
Despite this, she is very ADHD, and has a hard time sitting still or paying attention during a conversation; even while reading, she is constantly shifting positions or pausing, getting up and pacing and muttering to herself, then sitting down again with the book. You could be in the middle of a very important or serious conversation and have her scream and squeal, "SQUIRREL!" as soon as she sees one.
As a result, ponies find her very annoying to be around. Worse yet, she doesn't seem to realize why it is she's so annoying.
Bio: Star's parents are fairly nurturing, though her dad firmly believes that a little tough love at times will go a long way. Her parents both encourage her reading, feeling that, despite her habit of bouncing off the walls (yes, she literally does that), that she'll go far someday.


Ugh! Magic was such a strain! Sandy Shores tossed her artfully-messy, multi-colored mane out of her pastel yellow eyes and scowled. Weren't there enough other unicorns to magically welcome in summer? Like, magic gave her headaches, and how could she have fun and paint her hooves when she had a freakin' migraine?

Not cool at all! But, fortunately, she was done for the day; now was time to relax, get a nice pedi, maybe buy a new necklace... though, she had to say, the pearl one with the little periwinkle bow was her fave semi-casual necklace in her collection. She never went outside with at least one accessory on; imagine the horror of being completely bare and plain!

From a little ways away, Sandy spotted Melody, one of her closer friends. "Hey! Melody!" She trotted over to the purple-coated mare and offered her a winning smile. "You wanna come and get a pedi with me? Your mane looks fantastic, by the way."


Dr. Herbal Tea cr.racked his neck, glad that it was time for his lunch break; he'd barely had a minute to himself all day. It was almost as if everyone decided to sprain something or worse in time for the summer holiday, and all rushed his office.

Ah, well, such was life, and it meant a good pay, at least. Tea grabbed his bag and slung it over his back as he left he wing of the Trottingham Hospital labeled 'Family Practice', which was where the doctors' offices were located, and mulled over where he wanted to go for lunch. There were several good restaurants downtown, but they usually got crowded around this time.


Fidget. Twitch. Wiggle. Squirm. OMG, SQUIRREL! Stargazer stared out the window of the classroom as she watched a rodent climb a tree, wishing she could go and hug it; they look soooo soft. Oh, yeah, lessons. Star forcefully swung her head back around toward the teacher.

She didn't mean to stop paying attention, it just sort of happened, and today it was especially bad. Besides, she already knew about how baby dragons had been introduced as messengers... she'd read it, like, five times, as it was one of her favorite lessons. She bounced about in her seat, making her somewhat short mane of purple-black hair bounce as well, which amused her and distracted her again. Lessons!! She bit her lip and tried to contain herself, but, as usual, it didn't las long; she was soon bouncing, unaware that a few students around her were rolling their eyes in response to her.

Oh, man, how was she going to survive arithmatic? Long dividing was, well, long, and she obviously didn't have it in her today; she'd have to tell her parents that she needed new meds, this stuff just wasn't working. Besides, it meant she got to see Dr. Tea, who was nice and had a really pretty shade of orange for his mane and tail. Desperately, Star looked over at Clover, who usually faired better than she did, hoping the other filly would notice her.

Cheshire1996 07-16-2011 11:46 PM

Name: Shimmer
Type: Earth Pony
Age: Mare
Personality: Shimmer is patient by nature, she loves to teach and to learn and most of the time she's quite sunny and optimistic. However she can also be confusing, and is prone to getting carried away or babbling incessantly when she's particularly excited by something. However she's a good friend and a good teacher, despite her famous speeches. She finds it hard to understand how other ponies can't enjoy books, history and drama and theatre as she does. She can be a little overdramatic at times, but most of the time she's quite good fun.
Bio: Shimmer absolutely adored history as a child, she adored writing and she adored making friends. Becoming a teacher was a natural choice when it came to careers, it involved learning, teaching and all sorts of other goodies. At one point she did consider becoming an actress, due to her love for theatre, but this dream was short-lived and she returned to her long-term dream instead, though she still loves watching plays and theatrical performances.

Name: Pluto
Type: Pegasus
Age: Filly
Personality: Pluto is a little dreamy, well, a lot dreamy. Ever since she was little she either had her head in a book or in the clouds. She's often dreaming of traveling, wanting to experience different things, and would plan out her dream life, changing aspects from day to day. She's a good friend, and she enjoys learning, however sometimes she'll fly off into a little day-dream and it'll be impossible to get ahold of her. She's also terrible when it comes to organization, and planning ahead. She's nearly always late and nearly never on time.
Bio: Pluto simply cannot wait to get her cutie mark, in fact, she's already dreamed up about one hundred different designs that she thinks would look quite cool. Unfortunately her tendency to flying off into a different world often means she finds herself in trouble during class, because although she does love to learn, she find imagining a lot more interesting. More than anything she would love to be an explorer, and an artist, and a teacher, and an actress...the list continues.

Name: Neptune
Type: Pegasus
Age: Colt
Personality: Unlike his twin sister, Neptune is no big day-dreamer. He’s a very people person, he loves to talk, joke, and he’s generally easy to get along with. However he can be stubborn, and he loves to play pranks on people. In fact he’s something of a serial prankster. One of the traits he does share with Pluto is his lack of organizational skills, and like her, this means he’s pretty much always late. He’s also extremely curious and loves adventure, which can land him in trouble.
Bio: Neptune has a very clear picture in his head of himself as a world famous explorer, magician, or owner of a joke shop. Ever since he was little he fell in love with pranks and magic tricks. An even more thrilling experience then preparing the joke, was seeing the look on his victims face. Although the jokes were never cruel, they caught other ponies by surprise, and often this was what led to him finding himself in trouble with teachers, family and friends. He is absolutely sure that his cutie mark will be spectacular.

- - -

Shimmer was feeling particularly teacher-y today. She glanced around the class and mistook several of the student’s poses for those of excitement at the prospect of learning about their history. Stargazer for one was bouncing up and down in her seat, which wasn't unusual per se, but it was still good to see. The mare took this a sign that her lesson was so far going well and dived head first into another very animated speech about baby dragons and how they'd been used as messengers, a particularly interesting subject to look at. From the back of the class she would have looked either rather ridiculous, with limbs flailing as she explained the main points the class would need to take down, or completely mad.

Within moments she had furiously scribbled down several points on the board, one or two of which were underlined heavily and had little arrows spurting off them leading to words such as ‘important’ or ‘don’t forget’ followed by little smiley sunflowers. Shimmer turned to face her class again, giving them a few minutes to copy everything down. She couldn't help but wonder what she was going to do for lunch, this was her last class today, no one needed a fill-in and her paperwork was all in order...she turned her attention back to the class and hoped she wasn't salivating. Avoiding thoughts of food, she switched her usual smile back on and observed her class with pride.

- - -

Pluto was asleep, not literally, she was actually having a dream, but not an asleep dream, and awake dream. The pony frowned as she tried to work out why people called daydreams daydreams. Because if a daydream meant you were awake, then what did you call an asleep dream you had during the day? Daydreams ought to be called awake dreams, and normal dreams ought to be called asleep dreams. That would make everything less confusing. Pluto resisted the urge to yawn, and her head slipped a little further down towards the desk. She simply hadn't been able to sleep last night, she'd been to busy drawing up a few more cutie marks that had suddenly popped into her head at some outrageous hour in the early morning.

Her eyelids began to droop, and the classroom, in turn, began to blur slightly. Their teacher went rather tipsy turvy and her classmates looked as though they were upside down. This was precisely why Pluto loved eyelids, because when you had them open at exactly the right angle, everything looked nonsensical. Eventually her head reached the desk, landing on a page full of scribbled drawings of baby dragons. She could not wait for the class to end, it was an unusual feeling and Pluto decided that it was quite obvious cutie marks were to blame.

- - -

Neptune was actually paying attention to the teacher for once, a rare occurrence. Usually he was too busy bugging other ponies, or at least, distracting them. However it was hard not to pay attention to Shimmer as she bounced around at the front of the classroom, waving her hoofs around like a mad horse as if it were going to help her explain. A slight snore distracted him from their teacher’s strange dance and he realized that Pluto had fallen asleep on the desk several seats away from him.

This presented a slight problem. There was no way he was going to be able to pull off a joke with her that far away from him, and yet it was his brotherly duty to do so. It was only fair really; he’d told her she’d fall asleep in class if she stayed up drawing all those silly cutie marks. He smirked as he turned his head back towards the front of the room. It would just have to wait until class finished, which gave him all the more time to plan his prank.

Miranda_ 07-17-2011 07:51 AM

Melody spotted her best friend Sandy Shores and smiled winningly. "I'd love to," she replied. "I'm exhausted; I spent what, two hours earlier clearing clouds and I'm totally drained. I need to relax after that, after all, I'm going to be singing at the summer festival."


Clover caught the eye of her friend Stargazer and saw mirrored within the same kind of boredom that she herself felt. She quickly scribbled a short note and used her unicorn magic to put it unseen on her friend's desk. The note read:

Ugh, arithmatic! Not interested. Gonna use magic to get out of class; you interested in coming too?

Having delivered the note, Clover looked around the class. Her eyes fell on the twins Pluto and Neptune. They were both fun, in different ways, and to Clover's mind, the more ponies she could get to come with her, the better.

spirit_queen 07-17-2011 08:17 AM

"Fantastic!" sang Sandy. "So, like, let's go now; I'm done with magic, you're done with clouds, now we need our hooves polished, our manes treated, and one of those fancy massage seats," she said. "So, I was thinking that, instead of plain bright green on your hooves, this time we could have a minty green with various notes on it; eight notes, sixteenth, maybe a Treble Cleff for good measure..."

Stargazer nodded, her glasses wiggling on her face and almost falling off. She balled up the note and kicked it along the floor so that it rolled to Clover's left hoof.

How about the twins? Naptune hates class, and Pluto's so funny with her random thoughts.

Miranda_ 07-17-2011 08:32 AM

"Perfect!" Melody said with a smile. "That would totally match my cutie mark, and make me look fantastic for the concert at the festival! I love singing, and I've got a new song that I wrote just for the summer festival. I totally need the relaxation; getting rid of those clouds just tires me out. At least it's almost done now; just a few more to go and then it's done for the festival."


Clover read the note and grinned; this was why Stargazer was her friend, they tended to think alike on a lot of things. She carefully wrote on the note, then sent it back.

They're nearest you; give them the note and ask them to come with us. I'll use magic to hide us so nopony will see us sneaking out.

spirit_queen 07-17-2011 12:21 PM

Sandy giggled. "You like everything to match your Mark! What are you going to wear for your performance?" she asked as she began to head to the salon with Melody.

Stargazer nodded and kicked the note to Neptune; Pluto would never notice such a thing, but Neptune definitely would.

Cheshire1996 07-17-2011 04:30 PM

Neptune looked down at the note in surprise and read it over quickly. He whipped out a pen to and thought before replying. Awesome. I'm there, can you ask Clover to wake up Pluto? She's closest.

It sounded like fun, more fun than class at any rate...

Miranda_ 07-17-2011 04:36 PM

"I haven't decided yet," Melody replied, while she walked next to Sandy. "Maybe I'll buy a whole new outfit. After all, I need to look my best when I sing."

When Clover saw the new note, she nudged Pluto hard to wake her up, then showed her the note.

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