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Miranda_ 07-04-2011 09:17 AM

RPG Forum Rules And FAQ.
RPG Forum Rules.

1. Please don't make comments in RPs or spam.
If you're new and wish to introduce yourself, then kindly use the Newbies forum to do so. If you want to ask for friends, then use the Friends forum. If you want to ask any of the players a question then use the Private Messages feature. Spamming RPs is very rude and disruptive for the people who are RPing. Any spam found in RPs will either be deleted, or moved to the correct forum. If a user persists in spamming, he or she will be dealt with according to the rules.

2. Long running RPs are closed to new players.
A long running RP is one that is over fifty pages long. If you see that an RP is a long running one, then under no circumstances should you just post in it. If the RP is only just over fifty pages, you may PM the owner and ask politely if you can join. If you do this and are refused, then don't have an attitude about it. Start your own RP instead, but don't make one that's an exact copy of the one you weren't allowed to join as this is not allowed here.

3. Guidelines to Starting RPs.

1. Make sure that you have at least one person to RP with before you start your RP.
2. Don't ever copy someone else's RP.
3. Always have a recognisable plot that's at least two paragraphs long, and at least one paragraph for an intro.
4. Don't start a new RP for every new character; introduce that character into an existing RP!
5. Understand that scripted RPs aren't as popular as ones that ensure that players can control their own characters. I personally don't like them; giving out names and descriptions of characters is fine, but telling players to control the character you assign them a certain way is not. Let people control their character however they want, and your RP will be a lot more popular.

Any RP that doesn't meet these criteria will be locked.

4. No Godmoding.
Godmoding is when a player takes a character not their own and starts controlling it the way they want it; for example, having that character receive a punch their character gave. It's very rude to do this, and shows a lack of respect for other people's characters. Here's an example:

Laura picked up a rock and threw it at Chana. The rock hit Chana and knocked her out.

In the example, the player who's RPing as Laura is controlling the other player's character Chana, and making her react the way she wants. The correct way for the player to post would be like this:

Laura picked up a rock and threw it at Chana. She really hated Chana at that moment and wanted to hurt her.

This is a much better way to post as it leaves the action open to the player controlling Chana as to what they do, whether they have their character dodge the rock or be hit by it.

5. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
A character that's completely perfect without any faults or weaknesses is known as a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Having such a character shows laziness and poor RPing skills. If you don't know what a Sue is, click here for a basic definition: Urban Dictionary: mary-sue If you're not sure as to whether your character is a Mary Sue or not, then use the following link to check it: The Writer's Mary Sue Test

Additional notes on RPs and RPing.

If you're new to the whole thing, you might want to read the following paragraphs carefully. Experienced RPers would do well to check them over, too.

Here is a step by step guide on joining RPs for RP newbies. Before you decide to join an RP, you must do the following:

* Check to see if the RP is private.

* Check the number of pages in the RP.

* Read the first page to see if it's suitable for you.

Private RPs.

A Private RP is an RP that is exclusively for a small group of players and is closed to other RPers. Such an RP will either have "Private RP" following the title, or a title like this:

Dark Shadows. {Clare, Marie and Gemma}

This indicates that only the RPers listed are allowed to post there. If you see a private RP, then don't try to join it unless you are one of the listed players. Private RPs are made so that a small group of friends can RP to a certain style by themselves; any outsiders therefore are breaking the rules if they try to join. Repeatedly ignoring this rule will get you punished.

Number of Pages.

This can be seen to the right of the RP title. If the RP is just two or three pages long and has no restrictions, then feel free to join; just make sure that you read the whole thing first. If the RP is ten to fifty pages long, then your best bet is to PM the owner and ask nicely if you can join. If they refuse to let you join for any reason, then just accept it and start your own RP; just make sure that if you're running along a similar theme, ie starting your own Harry Potter one, then have a completely different plot not one copied from the RP you couldn't join. That's plagurism, and will more than likely get your RP locked or deleted.

If, however, an RP is past the fifty page mark, then it's closed to new players. Anyone new joining would just get lost within the story and wouldn't be able to keep up with all the developments. So, don't just barge right in and expect the players and owner to roll out the red carpet for you; it won't happen.

You are ignoring basic RP ettiquette, and you will not endear yourself to anyone, least of all me. Your post will be deleted from the RP, and you will be given a warning. Repeatedly ignoring this rule, and persisting in going where you're not wanted, will earn you an infraction or even a temp ban.

The First Page.

Finally, we come to the thing that so many noobs bypass; reading the first page. And any other pages of the RP, assuming it's just started or is only a few pages long. That way, you can get a feel for the RP and understand what the story's about, and whether it's your kind of RP. If you read the first page of a futuristic RP and you RP best in medieval times, then it's best to not join this one and look further for a more suitable one for you. Don't just join it and either demand that it changes for you, or try to put in an out of context character. That's arrogant and completely disregarding the wishes of the owner. Either work out a suitable character, or join another RP that's more suited for you.

Articles Of Interest.

If you come accross any articles on RPing, characters and the like and would like them to be added in here, just send me a PM with a link to the article.

News: Hate Mary Sues? Don't we all!
News: How to NOT Write- Ripping Apart an Amateur Story
Mary Sue - Television Tropes & Idioms
How to Avoid Making a Mary Sue - wikiHow
The Universal Mary-Sue Litmus Test

Miranda_ 07-04-2011 09:40 AM


Q) What's an RPG?
A) A Role Playing Game is basically a story, where you write only what happens to your character. RPGs, or RPs, can either be in First Person (where you write everything as "I said" or "I did") or Third Person (which is "he said" and "she did"). If an RP is First Person, for example, everyone participating has to abide by that, otherwise it becomes confusing.

Q) How do I comment in an RP?
A) If you're not playing, you don't. It's rude and disrupts the RP for the players. If you're a player, you can comment simply by posting Ooc: which means Out Of Character, in front of your comment.

Q) What happens if I want to join an RP?
A) Ask the owner, ie the person who started the RP, if it's OK in a PM. Don't just jump in regardless. And certainly, if the RP is fifty pages or more, there isn't any point in joining in as you'd only get lost within it.

Q) What do I have to do to start an RP?
A) Well, for one you should find out first if anyone wants to play with you. Also, you should post the specifics; ie, whether there are restrictions on races like you want yours to be human only; whether or not anyone can join or they have to PM you and ask first; and whether or not they have to give a description of their character first. Basic character forms look like this:

Powers: (if any)

You should also post at least two paragraphs on what the RP is about, plus an intro to set the scene.

Q) What different types of RPs are there?
A) There's loads of different themes, but for a RP newbie, just two main types. They are Scripted and Freestyle. Scripted is when the owner states what characters there are, their names etc and how the RP will go. Freestyle is when the owner specifies the plot and character restrictions, then just posts two beginning paragraphs and lets the players get on with it. Freestyle is generally preferable, as Scripted generally causes problems with players; let's face it, no-one likes to be told how their character will act; people want to choose how their character is and what happens to them. In my experience, Scripted RPs usually end in fights or they just fizzle out.

Q) I want to join a vampire RP, but it's far too long. Can I start my own vampire RP instead?
A) Yes, you can! Just try to make your RP original; don't copy other people's RPs.

Q) What's an "inactive" RP?
A) Once an RP hasn't been posted in for a length of time, it's considered inactive and locked. If you want your inactive RP reopened, just post in this thread: Inactive RPGs

Q) What happens to an RP that hasn't been posted in?
A) It will be locked, as will any RP that's dead.

Q) How big should my opening paragraph be?
A) It should be at least as big as the paragraph below. The paragraph below is from one of my RPs.


The base of operations of the Grand Master of the cult of Assassins was eerily dark, save for a ribbon of light just visible peeping underneath a door. Inside the room, the Grand Master sat behind a desk, his greying hair brushed severely back, as he looked ahead at one of his assassins who stood in front of the desk. This assassin was a vampire, and one of the Grand Master's best, despite the various difficulties that arose.

Arkady Orlav had been turned into a vampire during his time as one of Stalin's agents. He had, after Stalin's death, been forced to flee Russia due to the fact that he had made many enemies in the government and his protection had evaporated after Stalin had died. Arkady had been chosen for the mission of assassinating the Russian leader for the basic reason that he would not stand out in the Moscow government building. He had performed the task, despite the fact that he had sworn never to return to Russia again. The chink of money had the effect of making him abandon his resolves...

Remember; you are setting the scene for the start of the RP. You need to give everyone who joins your RP an idea of how to post their own intros. For that reason, it's best to put at least one of your characters in a public setting.

Q) If the owner of an RP I'm playing on doesn't come here any more, can I assign a new RP owner?
A) Yes you can; just let me know the RP and who you now want the owner to be, and I'll edit the first post.

Q) I want to post a new RP, but the mod posted a sticky that states that no more RPs are to be posted. Why is that?
A) A rule about no more new RPs will come into force only when the forum is clogged with too many RPs. The last time I enforced a rule like that, people were complaining that their RPs were getting shoved down to the third page, which is where only usually inactive RPs end up. Therefore, the rule was posted to try and add a measure of control to the forum.

Q) I clicked on a newly posted RP to find it had conditions. What are RPs with conditions and what do the conditions mean?
A) An RP that has conditions laid down means that the owner only wants a certain type of person RPing with them. Common conditions are as follows:

a) Experienced RPers only. (sometimes followed by a list of names)
b) All people who want to join to PM the owner first.
c) RP is rated M/T/A.

I'll explain these one by one.

Experienced RPers only. This means that only RPers that the owner sees as being experienced can join, simple as that. If they don't see you as experienced, then you can't join. Don't bother PMing me moaning about this, or bugging the owner thru PM; there is nothing I can or will do about this. Just make your own or join another. The same goes for a list of experienced RPers which doesn't include you.

PM the owner first. This means that the RP owner would like to vet prospective players first before they join. Just send in a PM what the owner asks for; usually a filled out character form and a first paragraph. If they ask you to make changes before you join, then do so. Usually changes are asked for if your character is too thin, a Mary Sue or if there are too many people RPing in one group, for example an RP about humans and elves at war and there are too many players in the elf group. Again, if you are refused for any reason, don't PM me about it or harrass the owner.

RP is rated M/T/A. These ratings are, as follows, Mature/Teen/Adult. This means that if you are under 12 years old, then you can't join any; Mature and Teen are pretty much the same and mean that RPs are for 13-16s, and unless you are an Adult, then you can't join. There are no Adult RPs allowed on this site, so any RP rated Adult will be automatically locked by me. However, the other two ratings are allowed, so if you are too young to join either a Teen or Mature RP, just accept it and join another that is suitable for your age group.

Q) I want to join this RP that's under fifty pages long, but the owner says I can't! What do I do now?
A) One thing you don't do is harrass the owner by either continuously posting in the RP begging to be allowed to join, or thru PM. Harrassment is against forum rules; continued harrassment will result in a temporary ban from forums. If you are told, for whatever reason, that you can't join an RP, then just accept it.

Q) I usually RP on Quizilla/Gaia/other RPing site, and your rules are far too strict! Why can't you soften them up a bit?
A) Well, my initial response is to say that if you prefer the rules on another site, then stay there as far as RPing goes. The people who think our rules are strict are normally people who think that posting "this is a high school with powers, post your character and crush and we can start" is sufficient as plot. Believe me, it's not. Also, I've been on RP sites that have genuinely strict rules, such as only having one character per person, or having to post a giant paragraph each post, so consider yourself lucky.

Miranda_ 07-04-2011 09:52 AM

FAQ Contd.
Q) Can I join a fifty plus page RP if I read the whole thing?
A) No. The rules state clearly that you can't join a fifty plus page RP; we've had a few users who claimed to have read RPs that are over a thousand pages long in a manner of days, which is impossible. If it's just hit fifty pages, then ask the owner; you may be quizzed on what's happened to prove you've actually read it. Also, if you've been in the habit of making Mary Sues, you may still be denied joinage of the RP.

Q) There's a person posting in an RP that I made who is godmoding/breaking the rules that I laid down/trying to make it all about them/making it negative when it shouldn't be/other. Can I bar them from the RP?
A) Yes, you can. If you're the owner, then if someone is breaking your rules or the forum rules and you don't want them posting there any more, then you can tell them not to. Just make a post in the RP telling them this and why, and send the link to me. If they refuse to accept their barring, let me know. And please warn them at least three times before you resort to this step.

Q) My character was rejected for not having a description! But I posted a picture, doesn't that count?
A) Pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words. In RPs, they mean NOTHING. Okay, fine, you want to use a picture, use one, but you better back it up with a good description of personality, INCLUDING WEAKNESSES AND FLAWS. If you neglect these, your character is an insta-Sue/Stu and the RP owner will boot you. Also, don't make any pictures stupidly large and that stretch the screen, if you must post one.

Q) The newbie RPs are over fifty pages long; can I still join?
A) Yes you can. The newbie and tutoring RPs are excempt from the rule about long running RPs and also from the categorisation rule. Everyone can still join them at any time.

Q) You people are so strict! Every time I try to write an RP, you lock it. It's like my imagination is trapped inside a small box. I'm going to tell all my friends to not come on here.
A) If you think this site is strict, then you're going to have a nasty surprise if you try to RP on a site devoted solely to RPing. The desired level of roleplaying here is high, but not impossible. Basic grammar, plots, and not having a Mary Sue aren't that difficult and can be accomplished by mere children. If you want to tell your friends not to come here, then fine; you know where the exit is.

Q) Why can't you make a noob section for all the noob RPs? That way, you experienced RPers can RP how you like, and we can RP how we like, without having to abide by the overly strict rules.
A) Strict? Our rules aren't strict at all. All you have to do really is post two paragraphs detailing your plot, along with a conflict and what is going on. That's not difficult, and anyone can do it. If you're having trouble putting your RP idea together, then feel free to PM me and I will help you. :)

Q) I have an idea for an RP; can I post my idea on the RPG forum first and see if I can get people to join before I post the actual RP?
A) No. If you wish to discuss RP ideas, it is better to do so in PM or in chat.

If you have a question about RPing that isn't answered in the FAQ, then please post it in the topic so that it can be answered and added in.

Miranda_ 02-25-2012 08:11 PM

Categories Of RPGs.

Newbie RPG.

This RPG is here solely for people who are New to RPing. That means the people who have either never RPed before, or who want to practice their skills. Experienced RPers; please direct all newbies to this RP; it will remain open forever. If you wish to join it, go here.

Open RPs:

An Open RP is one that's less than fifty pages long and not private or with conditions, basically an RP that anyone who wants to can join. However, if an RP is ten pages long or more, PM the owner (ie, the person who started it) first to ask if you can join. Also, make sure you read the RP thru first to get an idea of the story.

RPs With Conditions:

These are RPs that lay down certain conditions that have to be fufilled before a member can post. Sometimes the owner only wants experienced RPers to join, or asks that prospective players PM them first. Whatever the conditions are, no-one can join unless they abide by them.

Private RPs:

These are exclusive RP's which only certain members can join (usually friends of the RP starter). Others are not allowed, even before fifty pages. The members allowed are printed in brackets in the title or listed in the RP description.

All the other RPs are closed to new people. DON'T SPAM IN THEM OR ASK TO JOIN!

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