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Default Once and Future King: RP - 05-28-2011, 05:51 AM


No Mary Sues or Gary Stus please! Just follow the general RP rules set out in the forums and things should roll along pretty smoothly.

2. This RP is based on Arthurian legend. It would be great if you could base the majority of you characters on characters that are actually part of the original tales. Of course you can have OC's but the traditional characters are pretty interesting as well, so have a crack at playing a few of them. Oh, and feel free to include a web page or two on any existing characters in your character form.

3. Please don't be rude or offensive, we all have the right to inter prate characters the way we wish to. Abusing other players is not okay. Of we're all polite and friendly things will be much pleasanter as a whole.

4. Don't randomly take over other people's characters. It's not only confusing but a little irritating. If the person gives you permission then by all means go ahead, but make sure you tell everyone else that you have permission.

5. Yes, this RP may include a fair amount of violence and other such themes. Please be warned, it won't be a gore-fest but we'll need to include such themes for the storyline to make sense.

6. Have Fun!

Every legend has a beginning, the building blocks upon which characters grow, upon which good and evil are precariously balanced trying to obtain some form of stability. The first few events that allow us to understand why characters act the way they do, why they perform the deeds they perform, why they choose the path they will eventually follow. However in the midst of battle an bloodshed, triumph and tracery and romance and reconciliation we tend to forget these humble beginnings. However the beginning remains as one of the most important elements in any legend, not matter how mighty. With this in mind I welcome you to Camelot, a land like no other. It may not look the way you expect, but that's because our story is just starting, and no one knows exactly where it will end.

Uther Pendragon has ruled over Camelot for many years. He's a good king, seared and yet admired by his people. The law is enforced with an iron fist, criminals are punished harshly, the consequence for their crime often being death at the hands of one if the royal executioners. No one is exempt from the law, nobles and commoners alike. Although many people are none to fond of Uther no can deny that he is fair, that he is just. It is very rare that the king falters or loses his grim determination, except perhaps after the death of his wife. Even in this darker hour Uther managed to lead his people to victory, finishing a war with a neighboring kingdom that had lasted several years. Despite the ragged look of the town and the shaggy netting if forest that surrounds the city, Camelot's king stands tall, like the castle he directed be built in the center of the town. Thick stone turrets impale the skyline and several flags fly brave,y from flagpoles that extend past the roof. Guards stand watch from what seems like one hundred different positions. Uther's castle is his pride and as he often says as long as it is standing tall, so will his Kingdom.

Meanwhile hidden by the curving staircases and arched windows of this architectural masterpiece a new generation is finding it's footing in the social standings of it's kingdom, and with each other. This is the generation that will grow to become famous for romances, tragedies and betrayals like no other. Noble or peasant, rich or poor, the names of these children will become famous. However for now they remain at the very beginning of their story, alongside their city. The expectations, pressure and decisions that will fall on their shoulders did not just begin with the tales we know and love, even now as teenagers they must deal with death and misfortune. However every legend has it's heroes, just as every legend has it's villains, and these characters begin to emerge from the anonymity of their childhood lives they're pushed into a spotlight that will never fade. Even now evil threatens the kingdom and temptation never dies. It's your decision which side you will take? Will you choose good over evil or vice versa? Will you allow emotions to rule your decisions? Will you live by your heart or you head? Most importantly, are you prepared to fight for what you believe in?

So welcome, welcome to Camelot, city of legend...

Character form:

Personality: (positives and negatives, please!)
Quick Bio: (a quick overview of your characters life up until now)
And of course your introduction paragraph comes next...

Here are a few helpful websites if you need a hand finding a suitable character...

List of Arthurian characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arthurian Characters

King Arthur: Resources

Please keep in mind that altering characters back stories is absolutely fine, but keep things realistic...

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