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Silent_Wolf 11-25-2010 02:02 PM

Hellboy: The Archangels
The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense was begun by Theodore Roosevelt in response to Hitler's interest in the occult. Headed by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (later known simply as Professor Broom), the BPRD truly received its start when it was discovered that Rasputin was still alive and well and was seeking to build a portal to another world to summon the Orgdu Jahad - the Seven Gods of Chaos.

This, thanks to the small militia Professor Bruttenholm had taken with him to investigate, was a failure in no small part thanks to a grenade thrown into the portal. Rasputin was sucked through it as it closed, Kroenen (Rasputin's right-hand man) was impaled by shrapnel to a pillar, and it seemed all would be well. But the portal had been open for too long - indeed, it should have never been opened to start with, but the short two minutes it had been opened could have let something through.

That something was a small demon child; with two cloven hooves for feet, a right hand made of stone, two sharp horns and skin red as blood, Anung un Rama had been brought into the world from the other side. However, his infant appearance - for truly, he was just a child indeed - threw the small gathering for a loop, and they decided to bring him back and raise him. He was given a name - an unfortunate name, perhaps, given the circumstances of his arrival - and it simply stuck.


He was raised as a regular human child; he was fully aware of his differences to people, but Professor Bruttenholm raised him well. While rebellious to excess as an adult, he always deferred to his father and became the best investigator in the BPRD.

He is but one of many people living in the BPRD's special level. There is also Liz Sherman, the pyrokinetic; Abe Sapien, the psychic icthyosapien (human fish); Johann Kraus, the ghost; Roger, the homunculus; and dozens of others.

Who are you? Are you a new member of the BPRD? Are you a human or something else? Are you just one of the humans in suits running around to make sure everything's in order or are you on the side of those who are essentially trapped by modern-day ignorance?

The choice is yours - but along the way, you will have to stand and fight alongside them against the army of angels brainwashed by the Na'zis.

Their leader, Razael, is hellbent on destroying anything and everything that stands in the way of him stealing the Right Hand of God - Hellboy's stone hand - even if it means killing every human and nonhuman on Earth to get it.

1. No immortal characters. None. Hellboy (and a character of mine) may have longevity on their side, but this is due to their demonic nature and they are NOT by any means invulnerable. They can be hurt by guns, knives, holy items (crosses, Stars of David, holy water, the works) and while they age slower than humans, this is again because they are demons. They will one day die - but not before somebody steals Hellboy's hand to bring the Orgdu Jahad back.
2. No Mary Sues. Do I even need to say this? I mean, it's in the rules, for crying out loud.
3. If it's in mythology of any kind, it exists. If you can't find weaknesses for a certain type of critter you might want to be, make some possibly legitimate ones up! For example, leprechauns. Supernatural tweaked with this one a bit and made leprechauns a sub-type of fairies (which annoyed several fairy folklorists) and they have the exact same weaknesses.
4. Please don't make your character constantly at odds with or fighting with others. You can't fight with people all the time. Even Hellboy has his good days and he's pretty antagonistic.
6. Please give me more than words. Give me more than a description of actions. Let's stretch our brains people! STREEETCH!
7. I'm giving some leeway on names this time; for example, Fae-folk can have names relating to plants and nature, a golem can be named after its gemstone, et cetera.

Character Sheets:


Codename/Alias: (Must be related to powers or appearance)
Occupation: (If regular human, what do they do at the BPRD; if a member of the BPRD response group, what's their role?)


Name: Fern Broom
Codename/Alias: Nyx, Hellgirl, Hellchild, "Violet" (as her location tracker is purple)
Age: 23
Species: Half-demon
Occupation: Gun specialist and fire-stopper
Abilities: Super strength (up to 2 tons, only at this mark due to a competitive streak with her father), fireproof and heat-proof up to 1,500 degrees (Though a fever over 108 degrees will affect her like it would any regular human), pyrokinetic through emotional stimuli and hormone control
Bio: Fern was born and raised in the BPRD and wouldn't dream of leaving; it's a life she loves to the fullest and she doesn't slack in her duties. Her parents, Hellboy and Liz Sherman, allow her to go with them on most trips, but after a recent incident with a hellhound, Fern is grounded to the facility until the pins are taken out of her back. This irritates her more than anything else and she longs to go back outside, as she finds it horribly unfair that her twin brother, who's blind, is allowed to go with them. As a result, she's begun to be just as rebellious as her father was and sneaks out frequently. She loves guns and Baby Ruths, just like her father.
Appearance: Red skin, horn stumps that she files down (while her horns aren't as large as her father's and don't impede her ability to walk through doors, she finds that it gives your opponent something to grab onto. Her eyes are catlike and yellow, her hair is long and black, she has a tail with a flat, tapered end (unlike her father's) but regular feet like her mother's. Her right hand and forearm have a tattoo of markings similar to the ones her father's stone hand has, and she's also left-handed due to musculature issues in her right arm.
Personality: Fern's strong willed but knows when to give up, and she spent much of her teen years harnessing and controlling her power to an extent that would give a saint pause. She very rarely loses control and when she does, she has little trouble reining it back in - unless the reason it goes out of control is because she's unconscious. She loathes being bossed around and sitting idly and spends much of her time doing research.
Weaknesses: Holy items and blessed water burn; for example, she can hold the beads of a rosary but not the cross on it. The same goes for any other religion's holy symbols. She's also just as susceptible to wounds as any normal human - her back was nearly broken in two when a hellhound threw her like a ragdoll into a wall that was doubly reinforced by steel pillars. She also shares her father's weakness for kittens and cats and Baby Ruth bars.
Other: Fern eats half of what her father can eat, which is still a considerable amount; the only reason she never gains weight is due to a high metabolism and extremely active lifestyle.

Name: Jonny Sherman
Codename/Alias: Batty
Age: 23
Species: Human enough, psychic to some degree
Occupation: Sonic radar
Abilities: Can emit a sonic wave that is inaudible to most other humans and allows him to echolocate. Is rather useless in most situations but a recent wave of gorgon attacks has made him invaluable.
Bio: Jonny was coddled growing up, being a bit spoilt due to his born disability. He's never failed to try and shove it in his sister's face that he's the useful one now that her back has her out of the action, but it's more a cover for his own insecurities.
Appearance: His eyes are a pale brown with no pupil (the source of his blindness), his skin is pale and he has short black hair that's apparently permanently spiked no matter what he does with it. For some reason, he's the one with cloven hooves and wears special shoes like his father, though for him it's due to the lack of a tail and therefore decreased balance.
Personality: Spoilt, spoilt, bratty and rude. However, he's quite intelligent - just expresses it in the snottiest way possible. He's even annoyed Abe Sapien. However, he's a genuinely altruistic man, just doesn't know how to express it properly.
Weaknesses: His hearing is more refined than most humans, and loud noises can temporarily deafen him and leave him entirely "blind" to his location. He also has the unfortunate tendency to fall over often, leaving him vulnerable to attack, and he constantly walks into walls, doors, and other objects and people.
Other: Is allergic to the nuts used in Baby Ruths, and loathes them. Fern often teases him over it.

Opening post in next post.

Silent_Wolf 11-25-2010 02:02 PM

Fern Broom, code-named Nyx and called Hellchild and Hellgirl by most newspapers and tabloids (respectively, and to be frank she preferred reading the tabloid versions. They were quite enjoyable!), was walking down the hallway of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense's fifth level, a manila folder in her bright red hands as her yellow eyes scanned down the pages inside. Rumors were abounding that Jack the Ripper was still running around and just being a little more selective about his methods (including that of disposal) and many of the officials at the top of the Bureau were suspecting a sentient zombie. She knew though that it was just bull, though; they'd checked everything over for zombie leftovers - vomit, blood, stumbling sounds, the works - and nothing was found.

Oh, how she loved Ripper enthusiasts. She shouldered open the door to the library and put the folder in one of the three stands in front of the large blue aquarium, crossing her arms over her black tube top as she watched Abe Sapien float in the water as he listened to opera on waterproof headphones. He looked so **** happy all the time. "Come on, Abe, time for some air." She tapped on the glass with her knuckles before turning to walk over to the table, hands pulling up her dark blue jeans by the belt that was supposed to be holding them up (though the massive revolver on her right hip probably wasn't helping matters). The icthyosapien pulled the headphones off, blinking both sets of eyelids; Nyx seemed to be in a bad mood, and while he knew better than to peek into her head, it was obvious what was bothering her.

"Did your father take your brother out on a hunt today, Nyx?"

"Yeah. I don't care though, I'm still waiting to get the pins out of my back." She cracked her neck from side to side, making a face as the vibrations of it made the pins itch in her spinal vertebrae; they'd been chasing a Level Twenty Hellhound about a month before and the thing had thrown her into a wall. Said wall was reinforced by steel; said steel was reinforced by, what else, more steel. "Besides, I'm going on vacation soon. Don't know where to." She lifted her head and looked back at Abe as he climbed out of the tank. Her cheeks tinged purple when she realized she was staring at his fascinating stripes and looked back down at the textbooks Hellboy had strewn around. "Really? They're going after a gorgon?" She slammed the book shut with her tail as she turned around, facing the blue man. "They told me they were investigating a lead in the Ripper case," she snapped.

"They didn't want you to worry, Nyx."

"Worry?! It's a d-mn gorgon, Abe!" She slammed a fist down onto the table; the books and candlesticks rattled. "Dad's fireproof, not stone-glare proof!"

"But your brother was born blind. He can deal with it." Fern bit down hard on her lip and crossed her arms, turning away and walking over to a bookcase. How in the hell did she wind up with Bat-Boy for a brother anyway, she thought sarcastically. A low sense of dizziness buzzed in her head, but she ignored it. She'd been running on very little sleep for the past few days, fueled mostly by energy drinks and coffee (and Baby Ruths, a habit fostered by her father as he had been raised by his own). She heard rapid footsteps in the hallway behind her and didn't bother to turn around. There was a loud thump against the closed doors of the library, which crashed open a second too late as her blind brother stumbled down the staircase and landed on the floor.

"Speak of the devil," she muttered, picking up the files she'd been reading earlier and tucking them under her arm. She wanted to get out of the room before her brother started bragging about decapitating a gorgon. Thankfully, before her twin could stand up, a voice came over the system.

"New arrival. New arrival. Everybody please report to the elevator as soon as possible. New arrival."

AaronShadows 12-22-2010 09:31 AM

Name: Cyril Emmerson
Codename/Alias: Ghost. Durp.
Age: Fourteen when became undead, slightly older now, though it doesn't show. At all.
Species: Revenant.
Occupation: Versatile, can interrupt rituals.
Abilities: Control of necrotic energy and self-healing through draining chicken's souls. Necrotic powers are versatile; can be used to manipulate atoms in almost any way, including filling up a dead body and using it as a puppet. Can also be used to reinforce matter. Cyril has to draw on his stash of souls to use these powers, meaning there's a limit to what he can do. Certain supernatural creatures have "special" souls which give him an extra boost. Can use light firearms and blade weapons with passing efficiency.
Bio: Cyril Emmerson is an Undead creature, which came to be after he was shot in the back as a human. He woke up in a morgue, and, deciding his life obviously sucked, decided to take off with his brand-new unlife. Unsurprisingly, he was caught by the BPRD in no time flat, and decided to join them, half for the fun of it, and half to learn more about the paranormal world that hid behind the human one.
Appearance: Dead white skin, which turns gray if he doesn't bother to regenerate it with necromancy, glowing purple eye sockets, curly mouse-brown hair. Clad in ragged black dull-coloured clothing which looks like it's been lying around for a few hundred years in a dusty closet.
Personality: Good teamworker, relatively intelligent and generally bad at giving up. Is capable of brute force and a level of cunning, but rarely uses the latter.
Weaknesses: Possesses all the tact of a flying brick, fails to understand that rushing straight into a fight without any plans doesn't always work, frequently annoying, stubborn, possesses little leadership or initiative, except when left to his own divices for ages, where upon he'll usually come up with some hair-brained scheme of his own. Physical weaknesses include the limits on a decaying human form, although Ghost can handle some degree of dismemberment, cutting the head off should
Other: Should not be fed turkey souls. Under any circumstances.

OOC: Here's the skeleton profile. I'll edit in an opening post as soon as I get a chance to write it properly, without interruption from irritating squires. :lol:

Miranda_ 12-22-2010 03:22 PM

Name: Diego Blake.
Codename/Alias: Mad Dog, which he approves of; Dingo, which he doesn't.
Age: Fifteen.
Species: Mutant.
Occupation: Jack of all trades; due to his power, Diego can turn his hand to anything within reason.
Abilities: Diego has what he calls "hexing"; in the most simplest terms, he can make the impossible, possible.
Bio: Diego, unusually for a mutant, who normally develop their powers in their teenage years, developed his at the age of five. The powers were extremely strong, and using them when he had no understanding of them let alone any control made him seriously ill and he spent most of his childhood in and out of hospital. His parents and the various doctors who attended to him were baffled; the illness was accompanied by strange happenings that occurred around Diego and to people around him which no-one could explain. Eventually, the stress told on Diego's parents, and they divorced. His mother took his two younger brothers, and Diego stayed with his father for a while, before his father remarried. He eventually went to live at a hostel, still without total control over his powers, having had very little training on the matter. While Diego remains a teenager, he can never have full control over his powers as they have manifested in a way that ensures that only a full grown adult could ever have total control. As long as Diego uses his powers in moderation, he's fine; however, overusing them will result in a migraine. He eventually was persuaded to join the BPRD by an emissary, Tamsin, who came to the hostel to speak with him.
Appearance: Average height and build, grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, fairly ordinary looking.
Personality: Blunt, sometimes rude and abrasive, Diego can be nasty at times to anyone who he feels is being patronising or condescending towards him. He doesn't work well in large groups, prefering to work solo or with one or two other people. Diego is stubborn and also impulsive, and rarely exercises control, even tho he is fully aware of the consequences that will abound if he overuses his power.
Weaknesses: Will rush in headlong if there is any danger without considering action first, and isn't very good at taking advice. Diego's main physical weakness is also his main strength; his powers. If he overuses his powers, the resulting migraine will knock him out for several hours; he will get a severe headache, disrupted vision and vomiting.
Other: Diego acts in most ways like a typical teenage boy. He has received to date very little training on handling his powers.


Name: Tamsin Neves.
Codename/Alias: Icedrake.
Age: Twenty.
Species: Mutant.
Occupation: Ice and water control; also, recruitment.
Abilities: Ability to control ice, also can create ice out of surrounding water.
Bio: Joined the BPRD at the age of sixteen, now works for the group juggling missions with recruitment. Tamsin keeps a watch on news reports in papers, TV reports and also online to see if there are any likely candidates for joining the BPRD. Tamsin's own powers manifested at the age of fifteen, and she has been thoroughly trained in their control so can do a wide variety of things with her powers, from creating an intricate ice sculpture for a centrepiece... to firing ice daggers at enemies made from the water vapour in the air.
Appearance: Tamsin has long, blue-white hair which she usually keeps tied back in a plait; blue eyes and is fairly tall with an hourglass shape. She hates her big hips and wishes she had a more sylph like figure, so is constantly watching her weight.
Personality: Tamsin is bossy to a point, especially if she is trying to get a task done, but works well with other people and easily adapts to different situations. She's fairly clever and very talkative with it.
Weaknesses: Tamsin has the weaknesses of a normal human, altho as a mutant, she's a lot stronger. She also is allergic to bee stings.
Other: Tamsin can be a bit lazy as regards her training; she has the potential to be a lot better with her powers, but she'd have to put in a lot more work than she currently has!


Diego approached the building in front of him with some trepidation; he glanced again at the letter Tamsin had sent him from the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense which gave him full written instructions on how to reach the building and what to do when he got there. He crumpled the letter in his fist slightly and scowled; Diego hated feeling powerless, and the fact that he had to go to this place and present himself to the judgement of unknown people only added to that feeling. He wanted more than anything to work off the feeling by hexing something, but fought back the impulse as he knew full well that it wasn't the best way to make a good impression if he ended up setting the place afire or creating strange sculptures out of the arcitecture.

He entered the building thru a nondescript door, then walked down a corridor to a room which, according to Tamsin's letter, was the place where he had to wait til someone came down to see him. Diego sat down on one of the chairs provided and settled down for a long wait. He checked again that he'd brought everything needful, his eyes occasionally flickering accross the wall to the elevators on one side and the doors on the other. He glanced at his watch.


Tamsin sat up in her office reading thru a pile of newspapers. Tho it might look as tho she was simply relaxing, in fact it was part of her job to read the newspapers in order to check for unusual happenings. It might either be a case for a team to be sent to investigate, or it might be a chance at recruitment. That was how she'd discovered Diego; from an article about his so called mystery illness in a tabloid newspaper. Tamsin had recognised Diego as another mutant like herself; save his power was obviously causing him a great deal of trouble and hers was not causing her any trouble at all. After getting permission, Tamsin had gone to the hostel where Diego was staying and had gone thru the necessary motions to get him to come to the building and present himself. He was young, it was true, but she felt that it was to the general good that he be trained in control as soon as possible, before he did either himself or someone else an injury and attracted unwelcome attention.

Tamsin herself had joined at the age of sixteen, when she was just about getting used to the powers that she had developed the year before. These were connected to ice, and came in extremely handy in various situations. Tamsin knew that she could, if she worked on it, do even more with her power, but felt at the moment that she just could not be bothered. As a mutant, Tamsin was one of a group of evolved humans that lived among so called "normal" humans and who were often per'secuted as a result. She didn't care a jot for this in the slightest, prefering to use her powers in helping the BPRD to the best of her ability.

AaronShadows 02-05-2011 10:38 PM

Ooc: Sorry for holding things up. ._. *Kickstart*

Cyril was by now dawdling on the edge of the descending platform, which was soon to be grinding down the elevator shaft with an irritating noise. The red lights flickering on the shaft walls were an irritating, and so was the interior itself. Too much **** metal. Why was nobody interested in stonework anymore? If they wanted to live in a giant tomb, the BPRD could at least have decided to make it more tombly, instead of a giant metal box, thought Cyril. Mmm. Tombs. You couldn't go wrong with tombs; they'd been made to stand the test of time, and they certainly did.

Cyril looked at the various other new arrivals, and eventually tapped one person on the shoulder. The person turned around to look at him, and Cyril pulled his hood down, exposing his slightly perturbing face.

"Any idea how far this goes down?"

"...No clue, sorry."

The person turned away again rather quickly, and Cyril had to suppress a snicker. Cyril walked away to a small pile of crates that was present at the edge of the platform, and, removing his backpack, dropped it on the crate and opened the zip, going over his various belongings.

Guns. Check.
Knives. Check.
Grenades. Not check. Sigh.
Other random assorted half-necessary trash. Cheeeeeeck.

Cyril closed the pack again, hoping that the BPRD facility was very far underground. He also hoped that the lift would begin descending soon. He remembered how he'd gotten to this point; he'd been in the process of draining a human soul when a BPRD agent had burst into the room, and waved a fancy gun at him. After a half-fight, half argument, and some-part discussion, he'd asked to join. The agent had been delighted with this turn of events, as it meant he wouldn't have to face down a Revenant. While the BPRD had originally been cynical about the fact he'd been draining a human, they'd dropped the subject when he agreed he could work with chicken souls just as well.

Mmm. Chicken.

Silent_Wolf 02-19-2011 09:38 AM

An agent came along and quickly hustled Diego to the platform. "Sorry about the wait, there's been some drama going on as of late and we're all on edge." He was put with the other arrivals and the platform disconnected, and began to lower.

Shortly after it started to descend (at an annoyingly slow pace), something jumped from above and landed on a crate next to ghost. It was a young man with spiked black hair and a pair of sunglasses in jeans and a black shirt with a trenchcoat over it. "Well, look at all the newbies!" He grinned at them and stood up, crossing his arms as he seemed to watch them. "Welcome to the Bureau. I'm Batty." He lifted his sunglasses; one of the new recruits in the back fainted when she saw his irises were entirely brown without any pupil to them. "I'll be your tour guide and later on we'll split the group into two." He frowned at one of the new agents. "Would you stop staring? I can hear your breath in my direction."


"... oh, boy."


Fern headed up the hall to Tamsin's office and knocked on the door. "New arrivals are coming in now, you want to go meet them? Abe can pick up on looking for new people. He needs out of his tank now and then, y'know?" She smiled. "I'm kind of excited about working with this Diego kid. Hexes!" She did a little 'jazz hands' motion and little firesparks danced off her fingers. "Just hope he doesn't annoy Batty, that's going to be a pain in the ass to handle."

Miranda_ 02-19-2011 09:53 AM

Diego glared in Batty's direction and said nothing. He didn't much like people who were hyper and acted that way around him. He itched to perform a hex; but then again, Diego was still trying to make a good impression so reluctantly decided not to.

Tamsin nodded at Fern. "Sure. I've got some paperwork to do, but that can wait. Maybe til tomorrow." Tamsin hated paperwork more than anything else, and usually left it til the last possible minute. "Diego can be a bit of a pain," she added. "Don't let that put you off. It's something we can work around. In any case, it's about time he had some training and learned to control himself. It's weird him having a full adult power at his age; wonder how that happened."

Silent_Wolf 02-19-2011 09:59 AM

Batty cleared his throat awkwardly and put his sunglasses back in place with a short 'hmmhmm'. "Anyway!" He clapped his hands together. "If you have any questions, now is a good time to ask them."

"I've got a man-sized child for a brother, Tam." Fern chuckled and walked down the hall to the zone where the platform would arrive. The rest of the team had already situated themselves except for Hellboy. Liz Sherman was flipping through a file with their boss and Johann Kraus, the ectopathic man, was turned to Abraham Sapien. "I'm having Myers look into why his power is so advanced. I'm willing to say bad luck with genes, or his parents were into something they shouldn't have been like hoodoo magic." She shrugged and looked up at the platform; they could see the bottom of it from their vantage point. "Either way, he's a teenage boy and there's probably some way to appeal to that."

Miranda_ 02-19-2011 10:34 AM

"Yeah, I've got a question," Diego sneered. "Just what's the point of all this? I thought someone was supposed to be talking about powers and using them and all that."

"Genetics, probably," Tamsin said. "That's normally the root of all problems. In any case, mutant DNA is a knotty subject in itself. As for what to use to appeal to a teenage boy; well, we can always try music and computer games."

Silent_Wolf 02-19-2011 10:48 AM

"There will be programs for each individual recruit, don't worry your awesome head about that, kid." Batty grinned. Though, he was grinning far over Diego's head; his sonic location ability wasn't exactly perfected yet. "..wait.." He cleared his throat again turning his head a bit, before looking down at Diego. "Oh, there you are, sorry." He sounded slightly humble. But only slightly. XD

"... wait, teenage boys don't respond to food?" She frowned; this was news to her. XD

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