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Cheshire1996 11-01-2010 07:14 PM

X-Men: Evolution *RP*

1. Please abide by all the general RP rules set out in the forums, for example no Mary Sues. If you're unsure about anything ask one of the mods or read the rules :3
2. All characters must be from either the original X-Men animated television series or from X-Men: Evolution as that's what the plot will be based around.
3. If you really want to create your own character please send the character form and introduction to either myself or Miranda_ first.
4. Please don't give any of the orginal characters extra powers...and if you have one female character try to go for a male character next.
5. Have Fun ^.^ If you have any questions please feel free to ask via PM or here...just remember to put Ooc: in front :3

- - -

In a world ruled by fear of anyone different, life is dangerous for those affected by exposure to radiation. Authorities and Governments alike have taken an unreasonable stand against anyone with both physical and mental capabilities beyond that of a human. Hundreds of children and adults have been forced to register as mutants. They are different. No one asks whether this is right or wrong, no one dares to oppose what the rulers of the world declare as abnormal and threatening, no one dares to challenge the rules that have been set out, no one has asked about the futures of the unlucky ones who are taken away…no one except for one man. Professor Xavier takes an opposite view on those with mutant powers, he believes with the correct training and mentoring that a select group can help. They’re called the X-Men, and this institution is the just the beginning.

However not everyone is as accepting of mutants as Professor X. Perhaps the largest threat at present is that of the Sentinels, a group created by Dr Bolivar Task designed to hunt, capture and kill mutants. He claims it’s for the survival of the human race. The truth is its murder. The average Sentinel is tall, is able to fly, can project energy blasts and can detect mutants through specially designed sensors. These creatures have been bought by private companies and individuals alike, all with the intention of destroying the mutant population that has now spread throughout the world. Professor X of course, is opposed to this violence, and the X-Men have rescued many mutants from the hands of the Sentinels, however as hard as they try there are some murders that cannot be prevented.

Not all mutants are good either; there are some who fight for justice leaving chaos in their wake, those who are careless and ill the innocent in rage. This is another thing that Professor Xavier has been trying to prevent, the use of mutant powers to punish those who have done nothing wrong, the ordinary everyday humans who have no say in what goes on. The most dangerous of these being Magneto and his own creation, the brotherhood of mutants. Unlike Professor X who believes in peace between the two races, Magneto believes that for mutants to survive, humans must fall. His followers are recruited into the brotherhood of mutants, who are taught the opposite mindset to that of the X-Men. If the Sentinels looked bad, the brotherhood of mutants is the final curtain being drawn.

However Professor X will not give up his hopes. He has appointed several teachers in his training school, those who have been with him the longest and whom he trusts with his life. This is the message they try to get across, not all humans are evil, not all mutants are good, and there are those on both sides who will go out of their way to kill you. Through strict routine and exercises the best in these young mutants are brought out and a new generation goes on to continue the fight that one man started…alone.

- - -

Character Form -

Race: (Mutant or Human)
Alliance: (Good, bad, neutral?)
Powers or Abilities: (If mutant)
Appearance: (you can use a picture, but put a short description up as well ;3)
Quick Bio:

Cheshire1996 11-02-2010 04:22 AM

Name: Ororo Munroe (Storm)
Age: ?
Race: Mutant

Alliance: X-men
Powers or Abilities: Weather control, flight
Personality: Storm is both calm and almost regal manner during good times and bad, she's usually pretty tolerant and patient however she can have her moments. She tends to keep her worries to herself rather than sharing them with other people.
Appearance: Storm is of African origins; she has dark skin and white hair and is both tall and reasonably slim.
Quick Bio: Born in Africa and hailed as a goddess of rain, Storm escaped and built up a new life as a teacher under Professor Xavier. Although for a short amount of time she was tormented by the memories and followed by an African Shaman intent on gaining her powers, Storm managed to put these memories behind her. Meanwhile her sister has had a son, Spyke, whom is training under Professor X at the mansion. She has managed to build up a fairly good reputation for herself as a teacher.

Name: Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Age: ?
Race: Mutant
Alliance: X-Men
Powers or Abilities: Optic Energy beams
Personality: Scott can be both serious and standoffish however is also naturally a good leader. He’s very competitive by nature but at the same time is also very rule abiding.
Appearance: Scott’s very tall, with dark brown hair. He wears sunglasses almost all of the time he’s out of uniform.
Quick Bio: Scott’s life took a bad turn when he, his brother and his parents were caught in a plane crash. His parents managed to tie both him and his brother to a parachute and helped them to escape the crashing vehicle. However the two brothers were separated soon after and sent to different hospital wards. Scott eventually ended up in the care of Professor Charles Xavier. His mutant powers seem to be linked to the effects of the plane crash and it took him a long time to learn to control his energy beams. He now leads a completely different life amongst the students.

Name: Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
Age: 15
Race: Mutant
Alliance: X-Men
Powers or Abilities: Intangibility (the ability to move through solid objects without harm)
Personality: Being almost the youngest of the students she’s considered pretty naïve and believes many things very easily and also very quickly. She’s extremely optimistic and open minded although some of her views are overly idealistic.
Appearance: Kitty is of average height, if a little short and appears to be quite light. She has dark brown hair, usually held back in a ponytail and wears the average uniform donned by members of the X-Men.
Quick Bio: Kitty started getting large and often very painful headaches around the age of thirteen, a sign of the mutant powers she was yet to discover. Soon after she was asked to join two separate groups, the X-Men and the Hellfire club, led by Emma Frost. She much preferred the character and personality of Charles Xavier and after her parents and her met with several of the members from the X-Men she decided to join them. She felt especially close to Ororo (Storm) who was the one to tell her who she was and what the X-Men did. After several struggles to convince her parents to let her join the X-Men they agreed and she enrolled with their consent. She is currently the second youngest of the students and took on the name Shadowcat after she joined the crew.

- - -

Storm flicked back a stray hair as she wandered through the crowded walkways of the mall. She was glad to have finally nabbed a few hours to get out and do something other than teaching, which although she loved, could get a bit trying when done 24 hours non stop. She sipped the coffee in her hand as she glanced at the shop windows she was passing. She didn’t have any particular items she wanted to buy in mind and it always seemed much more to just take her time looking.
Plastic potted plants lined the edges of the walkways, and sales assistants stood outside their separate workplaces vying for attention. Storm was often glad she wasn’t the type to but every pair of shoes or every jacket that passed her way, it made it much easier to shop without stressing her wallet. Usually all she bought was in fact a coffee, like the one she was holding and the odd item of clothing. Spending hundreds on clothes didn’t seem to have much point. To be honest she much preferred the things she could wear around Professor Xavier’s mansion.
Storm stopped and smiled to herself as she paused outside the arcade, the coffee was much better than usual.

- - -

Scott sat forward on the couch situated in one of the several rooms the students were required to share. He was enjoying all the time he could spend either not training or not attending school that he could. He flicked the television from channel to channel, trying to decide what to watch. He was so absorbed by the activity that he hardly noticed any of the other students who may or may not have been in the room with him.
It was a tough choice, baseball or basketball? He adjusted his sunglasses, although it didn’t help him decide and flopped back onto the furniture. He eventually decided to watch the basketball, it was a much closer game and of a higher standard competition. A-grade basketball was definitely more entertaining than C-grade baseball.
Scott turned the volume up.

- - -

Kitty tried to ignore the booming sound coming from the game of basketball blaring out from the television. It seemed to have gotten louder in the past few minutes and it made it hard for her to consider what she should include in her latest email to her parents. So far she had described the grumpy activities carried out by Mr Logan, what exams she had coming up at school and how annoying the fact that the television always ended up on full blast was.
She saved it as a draft and shut the computer, it was impossible to concentrate with running commentary of what was happening in the game booming in the background. She left the table and went to join Scott on the couch.

Miranda_ 11-02-2010 09:50 AM

Name: Rogue.
Age: ?
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: Was bad, now good.
Powers or Abilities: Ability to draw upon the aspects of another from skin to skin contact.
Personality: Reclusive and paranoid, due to her powers, Rogue has great difficulty in trusting people. However, once she becomes a person's friend, she's loyal.
Appearance: Rogue is of average height and slim. Her hair is red, with white bits in front. Her skin is very pale. Due to her mutant powers, Rogue has to cover her body as much as possible, and wear gloves.
Quick Bio: Due to various factors, Rogue at first mistrusted the X-men and joined the Brotherhood of Mutants, but eventually she switched loyalties and joined the X-men. Rogue's powers manifested when she was thirteen, when she kissed a boy she was out on a date with, and ended up absorbing his energy. She ran away from home when her father rejected her due to her mutancy, and became very withdrawn as a result. Rogue lived with her foster mother Destiny for a while, before she was approached by the X-men. Not trusting their motives, she joined the Brotherhood at first, before she was persuded to change sides after seeing how the X-men operated.

Name: Raven Darkholme (Mystique).
Age: ?
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: Bad.
Powers or Abilities: The ability to shapeshift.
Personality: Fierce and proud, Mystique also has a terrible temper. She does have a softer side, in which she cares for her children (one adopted, one of her own) but she never shows it.
Appearance: Mystique has medium red hair, is tall and has blue skin in her normal form, but she can look like anyone due to her powers.
Quick Bio: Mystique runs the Brotherhood under orders from Magneto. She is intelligent, cunning, deceptive and dangerous. Her hand-to-hand combat skills are excellent, while her shapeshifting abilities allow her to safely escape almost any situation if needed. This is how she has lived her life so far, drifting from place to place. She abandoned her two sons; one due to being human, the other by accident as she was fleeing. Mystique later adopted Rogue, but gave her to Destiny to be raised. She now is in charge of the Brotherhood, and helps Magneto to recruit new members. Mystique is a threat to any mutants who side with Professor X.

Name: Louise Burton (Bones).
Age: Fifteen.
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: At the moment, neutral.
Powers or Abilities: Can manipulate her bones in any way possible.
Personality: Louise has always felt as tho she doesn't fit in. She's sly and secretive, and can be spiteful.
Appearance: Louise is short and average, with long black and red hair.
Quick Bio: Louise grew up in a household where her parents argued, and she got into the habit of going places on her own to escape. When she was thirteen, her mutant powers manifested, which frightened her as she didn't know what was happening. Her parents dealt with their daughter's mutancy by registering her at the Mutant Registration Agency, as they mistakenly thought that she would be given help and support as a result. Both Louise and her parents are unaware of the real agenda behind the agency.


Rogue sat back on the couch in the living room, trying to read her magazine, but distracted by the loudness of the sports game on TV that Scott was watching. She flicked him an exasperated look; Rogue had once had a crush on Scott, but now, she didn't know what she had seen in him. Rogue turned a page of her magazine and sighed heavily. She felt bored, but also listless; she didn't really have anything to do and couldn't think of any way to alleviate the boredom. At least they didn't have to go to school, it being the holidays. Rogue gave Scott another glare and decided to speak up if he wouldn't turn the sound down.


At the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystique put her phone down. She had just spoken to Magneto, who led the group, about Rogue's defection and he'd been of the opinion that there was no point in trying to persuade the girl back. Instead, a replacement was to be sought. Mystique was in two minds about this; on one hand, she wished for her adoptive daughter to be with her and within the Brotherhood; on another, she did at least know that Rogue was safe. Still, Magneto was the leader of the group, and his orders were to be abided by. Mystique would have to find and recruit another member.


In the mall, a teenage girl browsed thru a clothes shop. Louise had escaped the stifling atmosphere of her home once more and had gone to the mall. She sighed as she fingered a top; it was priced well above her means. However, looking thru the stores at the mall was preferable to going home and having her parents arguing all the time. A huge crash sounded to Louise's right; she turned, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. A huge robot, that towered up, its head near the ceiling, had just smashed thru one of the large windows at the entrance to the mall. Louise stood still in the shop as it walked towards her, and then it hit her. It was coming after her!

spirit_queen 11-03-2010 07:02 PM

Name: Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane)
Age: 14
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Good
Powers or Abilities: Transforming into a wolf or werewolf
Personality: Very loyal to her friends, and can be trusted with almost anything. She has a quick temper and tends to act impulsively, which can land Rahne in a lot of trouble, along with her friends.
Appearance: Rahne is short and skinny, with medium length brown hair that she wears in bunches. She has pale skin with freckles.
Quick Bio: Rahne Sinclair is enrolled in the School for Gifted Youngsters. Wolfsbane has the ability to turn into a wolf, allowing her to secretly go to areas that the other X-Men can't without arousing suspicion, as well as providing her with enhanced senses of smell and hearing. She can also shift to a "werewolf" form that provides both the enhanced senses, fur, tail, claws and agility of the wolf form in combination with her humanoid opposable thumbs, forward-set eyes, etc. She thinks of the X-Men as her pack, and would never do anything to betray them.

Name: Vaughn Brown (Dry Ice)
Age: 14
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Neutral
Powers or Abilities: Vaughn can freeze anything he touches almost instantly
Personality: Vaughn is quiet and, up til his hair and eyes changed due to the manifestation of his powers, he was what people called "invisible", the kid everyone more or less forgot about. Vaughn has a lot of fears, though his most prominent one is of spiders. He can be a bit of a coward and a pushover, and has little confidence in himself.
Appearance: Vaughn is a short boy with what he calls "toothpaste hair", for it's an almost minty blue-white.His almond shaped eyes have spring green irises and vertically slitted pupils like those of a cat. His skin is pale to the point of being transparent, and he burns very, very easily. Thus, he likes to keep himself covered up most of the time.
Quick Bio: Vaughn grew up with his grandmother, for his mother died in a crash when he was a baby. His grandmother had been a kind, loving woman who gave her grandson a great childhood. But when Vaughn turned ten, his grandmother had a heart attack and died on him, placing him in the foster care system.He was already shy to begin with, but being tossed around from one terrible home to the next made Vaughn withdraw even more, especially when fewer and fewer people wanted to take him on after his hair and eyes changed.

Name: Lance Alvers (Avalanche)
Age: 16
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Bad
Powers or Abilities: Able to create seismic disturbances at will
Personality: Lance is somewhat abrasive; he can be rude and argumentative, but he is also a good friend in his own way. He's also not really a team player, unless he has to be
Appearance: Lance is tall and muscular, with longish brown hair.
Quick Bio: Lance Alvers grew up in a fairly unstable home, and when his mutancy revealed itself, his parents were less than thrilled. Due to this, he felt no qualms about leaving them behind, turning to a life of petty-crimes just to survive. While spraying graffitti on lockers in school, he ran into Kitty Pryde, who literally fell through the door of a locker. After a brief squabble between the two when he attempted to get Kitty to help him steal test codes, she joined the X-Men, and he was easy prey for the awaiting Mystique.

Rahne Sinclair literally growled under her breath in annoyance as she came into the living room. She'd been trying to sleep, dammit, and Scott just had to turn the volume up as far as it could go. Grumpy from being rudely awakened and unable to think properly, Rahne approached Scott, stole the remote, and hit the mute button. Sudden, blissful silence replaced the racket. Or, at least until Rahne spoke. "You don't need to have the volume up like that, you can see what the players are doing. You don't need the play-by-play," she growled.

Vaughn Brown sighed as he ripped open the large black trash bag that contained his meager possessions; another house, another cook he'd be staying with. This one had four other foster kids, and he could tell by their dull expressions and blank stares that this couple liked the kids to keep quiet and out of the way.

Vaughn no longer even noticed the weird smell the plastic bag left on his clothes. Three years of being bounced around from foster home to foster home did that to you. Even the ones who weren't that bad eventually tired of Vaughn, because whenever he became freaked his powers went haywire, and all it took to freak him out was one spider.

Fortunately, his powers never killed any living beings, just sort of froze them in place, like they were being suspended, or something, except they felt cold to the touch. It eventually wore off, but that didn't change the fact that whoever had him at the time wanted him gone after it wore off. Vaughn fervently hoped that he wouldn't be made to sleep in the basement, like had had in the last house; so many spiders...

Lance Alvers was an expert at how to pull off the five-finger discount. Despite the fact that he was quite a tall teen, he always managed to get almost anything he wanted and to leave the stores without anyone -be they employee, cameras, or shoppers- noticing. He'd just stolen a pair of designer shades, a pack of gum that was supposed to last a long time but likely didn't, and had even managed a nice pair of shoes.

Feeling quite satisfied for the moment, Lance headed for the fountain in the center of this particular mall, whistling a cheery tune to himself. He checked to make sure he sat on a part of the large, Art Deco style fountain that was out of view of the security cameras and most people. Then, he checked to be sure that his new items wouldn't set off any alarms and stole a handful of pennies from the fountain.

Oh, sure, a handful of penies didn't sound like a lot, but since he did that every time he frequented the mall, it added up to quite a lot eventually. He found it quite stupid that people threw away money on a stupid superstition that never came true. But, well, that just meant more money for him, didn't it?

Cheshire1996 11-04-2010 03:04 AM

Ooc: Guess we can start ^.^ If it's okay with everyone we can just fill in the other characters for now...

Storm spun around as she heard crashing glass and the sound of alls collapsing from the shop opposite. Another person might have simply stood and watched the towering robot that was lunging at the girl in front of it. Storm wasn't just any other person. Gaining momentum with several jumps of several more walls and a good run up she managed to dive into the girl, pushing both of them out of the sentinel's path.

"Sorry about that," she apologized and then she was back on her feet, cautiously eyeing off the monstrosity in front of her.

"These things always seem to show up at the worst times."

- - -

"Oh, sorry, didn't realize it was bothering anyone," Scott said truthfully as he finally realized that he was sharing the room with others. "I have to admit I didn't realize anyone else was here," he added, also truthfully.

Kitty who had grown bored of the game stood up and stretched. "Anyone know where Kurt went?" she asked.

Miranda_ 11-04-2010 08:38 AM

Louise stood there in horror as the giant robot walked towards her. A voice came from it. "Stop, mutant. Do not resist; you are to be taken." It immediately shot out some kind of metal rope. Before it reached her, tho, a woman nearby crashed into Louise knocking her clear out of its way.

Louise gasped in fear. "Who are you?" she said to the strange woman. "And what is that?!"

Rogue gave a careless shrug. "Haven't got a clue," she said to Kitty. "If he's gone outside the grounds, he'd better have activated his watch device like Professor X said he should."

spirit_queen 11-04-2010 09:17 AM

Lance stared at the robot and the girl it was after. He was about to approach and try to either distract the robot or destroy it, but then a figure he recognized got in the way; Storm. So Lance stayed back for now, watching the proceedings warily.

Rahne snorted. "You're so unobservant, sometimes."

Cheshire1996 11-04-2010 03:38 PM

"You can call Ororo and that is in fact a Sentinel. Do me a favour, stay out of its way?"

Storm didn't notice Lance, sighing with iritation she pushed up her sleeves and prepared to attack. Keeping a clear view of the robot she conjured up enough electricity to deliver a hit.

Scott looked embarassed. He was usually aware of these things.

"I'm gunna go try find him," Kitty replied. "He can't have gone that far."

Miranda_ 11-04-2010 03:45 PM

Louise didn't find the explanation at all useful. "Why is it coming after me?" she said. "Is it mall security or something?" She gasped as Storm's lightning hit the robot in the chest and it staggered back. Most of the other people in the immediate vincinity had already run away, screaming. The Sentinel still came forward but it was obvious that Storm's electricity had damaged its circuits, including the ones controlling its voice. Louise stepped back, holding out her hands protectively. Ten white pieces of bone shot from her fingertips and punched into the robot's leg. It lost its already precarious balance and fell over, crushing a nearby shop front.

"I'll come too, if you like," Rogue said, laying her magazine down. "I'm bored, and it would be something to do. I doubt he's really gone off on his own; he wouldn't be that stupid."

Cheshire1996 11-04-2010 03:50 PM

Storm wasn't surprised, she had no doubt the girl was a mutant and now she walked back over to her. "There are some pretty long explanations attatched to him I'm afraid..." she paused.
"If you want I can take you to a man who can explain everything, it won't take long."

"It's Kurt," Kitty grinned, "He could have easilly done something that stupid."

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