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Default X-Men: Evolution *RP* - 11-01-2010, 07:14 PM


1. Please abide by all the general RP rules set out in the forums, for example no Mary Sues. If you're unsure about anything ask one of the mods or read the rules :3
2. All characters must be from either the original X-Men animated television series or from X-Men: Evolution as that's what the plot will be based around.
3. If you really want to create your own character please send the character form and introduction to either myself or Miranda_ first.
4. Please don't give any of the orginal characters extra powers...and if you have one female character try to go for a male character next.
5. Have Fun ^.^ If you have any questions please feel free to ask via PM or here...just remember to put Ooc: in front :3

- - -

In a world ruled by fear of anyone different, life is dangerous for those affected by exposure to radiation. Authorities and Governments alike have taken an unreasonable stand against anyone with both physical and mental capabilities beyond that of a human. Hundreds of children and adults have been forced to register as mutants. They are different. No one asks whether this is right or wrong, no one dares to oppose what the rulers of the world declare as abnormal and threatening, no one dares to challenge the rules that have been set out, no one has asked about the futures of the unlucky ones who are taken away…no one except for one man. Professor Xavier takes an opposite view on those with mutant powers, he believes with the correct training and mentoring that a select group can help. They’re called the X-Men, and this institution is the just the beginning.

However not everyone is as accepting of mutants as Professor X. Perhaps the largest threat at present is that of the Sentinels, a group created by Dr Bolivar Task designed to hunt, capture and kill mutants. He claims it’s for the survival of the human race. The truth is its murder. The average Sentinel is tall, is able to fly, can project energy blasts and can detect mutants through specially designed sensors. These creatures have been bought by private companies and individuals alike, all with the intention of destroying the mutant population that has now spread throughout the world. Professor X of course, is opposed to this violence, and the X-Men have rescued many mutants from the hands of the Sentinels, however as hard as they try there are some murders that cannot be prevented.

Not all mutants are good either; there are some who fight for justice leaving chaos in their wake, those who are careless and ill the innocent in rage. This is another thing that Professor Xavier has been trying to prevent, the use of mutant powers to punish those who have done nothing wrong, the ordinary everyday humans who have no say in what goes on. The most dangerous of these being Magneto and his own creation, the brotherhood of mutants. Unlike Professor X who believes in peace between the two races, Magneto believes that for mutants to survive, humans must fall. His followers are recruited into the brotherhood of mutants, who are taught the opposite mindset to that of the X-Men. If the Sentinels looked bad, the brotherhood of mutants is the final curtain being drawn.

However Professor X will not give up his hopes. He has appointed several teachers in his training school, those who have been with him the longest and whom he trusts with his life. This is the message they try to get across, not all humans are evil, not all mutants are good, and there are those on both sides who will go out of their way to kill you. Through strict routine and exercises the best in these young mutants are brought out and a new generation goes on to continue the fight that one man started…alone.

- - -

Character Form -

Race: (Mutant or Human)
Alliance: (Good, bad, neutral?)
Powers or Abilities: (If mutant)
Appearance: (you can use a picture, but put a short description up as well ;3)
Quick Bio:

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