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Default Clockwork & Cogs {a Steampunk RP} - 09-26-2010, 04:26 PM

oo1. No power playing (ie. controlling other characters) and god modeling (moving through events quickly so other characters aren't able to contribute.)
oo2. I request that have have at least some roleplay experience before joining.
oo3. You're welcome to multiple characters, just don't neglect them.
oo4. There will more-than-likely be some form of violence in here.
oo5. Please also introduce your character in paragraph form instead of just the template.
oo6. Feel free to make up names for cities and such. After all, this isn't based on anything.

The year is 2176 and civilization is far from what it once was. War and natural disasters have torn the world apart and have left something new in the ashes. Africa no longer exists and you'd have to have a death wish to enter South America, the entire continent is a poisons jungle. There are only three countries now: The Republic, which was once North America, The Colonies, once known as Europe and Asia, and The Underground, the remains of Australia. Humanity once nearly ceased to exist but 500 years later and the world has rebuild itself. Culture has seemed to be sent back in time, The Republic and the Colonies are stuck in a Victorian age of lifestyle while The Underground have found themselves in what was once the old west. The strange thing is, technology is far beyond what it used to be. Everything under the sun is now powered by steam and the weaponry used can produce such things as lightning and lasers, but old fashioned revolvers are a favorite amongst civilians.

Politicians are considered high society and royalty in the world now. They're usually refined, and mainly no good, people who have to be born into the occupation. The military is next in line in greatness; the aviators at the top of that. Next come the engineers and mechanics while everyone else is below that. The Republic is famous for their great military and airship armada while The Colonies are renowned for their cunning spies and The Underground for their natural resources. Most jobs have one thing in common: they're rough and dangerous. Unless you're a politician, of course, then you're sitting in your drawing room, drinking tea and laughing at everyone else's problems. The Underground have started sending out several explorers further into the unknown lands around them and are even starting to send them to the ruins of South America in hopes of keeping up with the demand for steam.

For about a decade now a shortage of steam has been coming up and The Colonies and The Republic have been burred deep in a war over who should get control of the Underground and it's resources. The Underground, of course, are not happy about this and are waiting for the right time to fight back. But, things aren't always what they seem. In fact, The Republic has more steam than they say they do while The Colonies have started developing an alternative from using steam to using water to power most of their transportation. Either way, the two will not stop until they have control over The Underground. While the number of politicians in The Republic and The Colonies are all on good terms and usually spend their Sunday evenings together playing croquet, the military forces have both decided on one thing: that the other must be destroyed in order to have control of the Underground. So, while their leaders are off having a good time, civilization is once again trying to end itself. Will a compromise ever be made or will humanity finally stop in it's tracks?

Character Template:
Republic, Colony or Underground?

Short Bio:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Angela Smithy
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Republic
Occupation: Captain of the Republic Air Fleet.
Personality: Angela is a patriot to say the least; she loves her job and her country and has spent years climbing the ranks of the air force to get to where she is now. She can also be very hotheaded and doesn't always think before she speaks or care if she offends anyone. Angela's not always the most polite person you'll meet but she is always professional and will prove that point. Angela is quite a family person, she always helped out in the household when she was younger and, like any other woman, she dreams of having a family of her own one day. Angela is a very eager person which can often lead to some carelessness in her actions and her getting wrapped up in some terrible problem. On another note, she doesn't quite take the responsibility she should for said problems. Angela is always rather doubtful of things and people, trust is also something that's not easily maintained with her.
Appearance: Reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. About 5'11" in height. Usually very professional looking.
one, two
Short Bio: Angela was born in a large town named Ash City which was once Chicago a long time ago. She wasn't one of the few who was born into luxury but she did get a better hand of cards than most did. Angela grew up in a nice area, went to a nice school and her family never really had any financial problems. Her father was a train conductor and her mother a seamstress and they all three had a happy life together. Growing up, Angela proved herself to be a rambunctious little girl, getting in trouble for causing the occasion fight in school from time to time, but that was about it. Every day on the way home, she would stop outside the corner store and stare in awe and bewilderment at the military posters on the window that read "The Republic Needs You!" and "Fight for Your Country!" until eventually the owner would have to run her off for detouring customers from his shop. As soon as she was out of school, she enlisted to be in the Republic Air Force and has spent her days there ever since.
With her pale nose high in the air, Angela walked down the streets of Capitol City, her shoes punishing the ground below her with ever precise step. She adjusted her leather gloves a bit and fixed the goggles around her neck, making sure they were secure and status-quo. With a slow exhale, Angela took a left turn and walked into the parlor in front of her. She swiftly took a seat next to a window and waited for someone to take her order. She smiled a bit at the boy who had approached her table. "A cup of coffee and the morning newspaper," she said with a nod as an eyebrow perked slightly with interest at the boy as he turned to leave.

Angela let out a content sigh as she took off her gloves, folded her hands on top of each other and set her chin above them. She turned and looked out the window, glad she had picked this spot to sit, at the rustic city around her. Her mind began to trail off in wonder of what the day had in store; she was pleased that the newspaper arrived at this moment. She nodded once more with an even brighter smile as she thanked the boy and he walked away once more. She pursed her lips in curiosity as she dropped spoonfuls of sugar into her coffee while she lifted the newspaper from its place. Her eyes trailed over the headlines, trying to find something of interest, but the results weren't looking good. With a less content sigh, she held the cup of coffee to her lips and took a grateful gulp, letting the hot liquid burn her throat. Angela didn't care to wipe off the red ring her lipstick had left on the edge of the cup. With a slightly bored expression, she looked back over the newspaper before finally putting it down. "Not much going on, eh?" she asked herself as she took another sip of her coffee and settled in a little bit more into her seat.

Alfred F. Jones

Supplying the world with awesomeness since 1774.
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Default 09-26-2010, 05:19 PM

RP passes muster now. ^^ People can now join.

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Default 09-28-2010, 04:11 AM

Name:Georgina Vanhausten, but she refers to herself as and prefers to be called George
Ethnicity: Republic
Occupation: None really, but if you want something for official papers theif sums it all up fine.
Personality:Cheerful, amiable most of the time, sly, completely untrustworthy, dishonest and prone to changing moods over the strangest things.
Appearance: Tall and lean, long curly/wavy black hair and goldish eyes. Both her parents are of what people would refer to as coloured appearance, so her skin is darker than most other people's. She has a very expressive face, so if she's happy she'll sport a large grin and if not an axcessive pout. All in all think of a generally happy, sometimes moody, food and money loving, curly haired greyhound.
Short Bio:Both her parents were of the lowest ranks in society, both spoke nearly none of the languages used i nthe republic and migrated from the colonies. Her father was like her a thief and her mother worked as a servant in a politicians household. Both are now dead from various illnesses that the use of steam which caused several of the poorer and more crowded parts of the town to begin to reek and the air to be filled with nasty things. Hence she's grown up on the streets, and don't get me wrong she's no noble sort of self sufficient pirate, she'd swap all of her friends and aqquantices for the life of a politician.

George grinned confidently as she made her way down the streets of Capitol city, making sure to keep the head of reddish brown curls in view. She'd easilly managed to follow the woman from the darker more shifty streets of town where she lived towards the more upmarket streets, dotted with restaurants and fashionable shops. George was aware that in the smoke filled gutters that she called home no one could see her following them, it was always easy to pull out a dagger and collect her days pay then. However these busier parts of town presented a challenge, something new and something which she found very exciting.

She let her mind wander, while keeping a sharp eye out and remembered the lady she'd conned last week. She'd only had to offer directions, give the lady some useless information and dissapear, with of course the heavy gold watch and jewellry. They'd brought a good price now she remembered.

As the woman entered a fancy looking parlour George's interest returned and she too slipped inside. She winked at the young boy who worked there, she knew him well and in exchange for help she'd often given him a share of the loot before. He nodded and hurried of the serve the girl. George fell back into her own chair, her gaze slid around the room and found its way back to the woman. She was oviously well brought up and George smiled to herself in delight. There was going to be more than just fish for dinner tonight.

Ooc: I have a few sketches of George, I'll scan 'em in when I get back to Melbourne for your viewing pleasure (or not).

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