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Cheshire1996 07-31-2010 06:50 PM

The Superleague *RP*
  • Please no Mary Sues or Gary Stus
  • No Goddmodding, or taking control of other people’s characters without permission please :3
  • Please don’t make your character undefeatable…it makes the RP boring for everyone else
  • These characters will probably stumble on a large amount of crime, meaning violence…you get my drift xD
  • You don’t have to pm you’re character to me but if I ask you to change a few things please don’t be offended. I apologize in advance.
  • After filling out the charrie form please also introduce your character in a paragraph ;3
  • Some good ideas for superpowers can be found at the Marvel and DC websites, you have full permission to rip off their ideas (minus the tights and underwear)
  • You're character can either be good (fighting for Dr Larkkon) or they can walk in to the shadows with The Magician, try to keep a balance between the two :3
  • Have Fun ^.^

New York City, Shoppers with bags slung over their shoulders moving quickly between brands, shiny cars gliding effortlessly up the main streets, Bright lights flashing in every direction, buildings so tall you can’t see the top. There’s no other city in the world quite like it. But like every city under its sparkling plastic cover it’s a whole different beast. Crime lurks in the alleyways, deals are made at the top of apartments and people disappear without a trace. But nothing can compare to the secret that lives in the basement of a building on the very edge of the city. Imagine if you were told that Batman, Superman, Huntress and Catwoman were all real. They’re not, but their superhuman abilities are, and only one man knows about it…

Dr Larrkon, some called him mad, some called him bonkers, some even called him and idiot, he calls himself a genius. The government dismissed his calls that superhuman abilities could be gifted to normal everyday teenagers. In fact they kicked him out of his job. He lives in that basement now, not alone however. Test tubes litter the floor, strange substances fill the corner. For five years he’s been working on these particular chemicals, he’s discovered a way that makes changing the entire organization of genes within the human body possible, the catch is that the human must be between fourteen and eighteen.

You may of course wonder why, the government dismissed him, end of story. Not for someone as idiotically genius as Dr Larrkon. For years he’s wanted to prove the government wrong and now’s his chance, Dr Larrkon is going to bring down the government. He’s going to use his ‘little experiments’ to bring to light all the corrupt secrets the men in black suits really have, he’s going to bring to new York city a super league that can wipe out crime completely. Bsides the man responsible for advising the government to drop Dr Larrkon isn't quite right himself, there's something slightly wrong with him. He knows what other people are thinking, he can persuade people to do the silliest of things, he's behind some of the biggest crime organizations in the country and yet he swindled the governmenr singlehandedly, he also calls himself 'The Magician'. Dr Larrkon needs to find out why his old nemesis is back, and he needs to stop whatever he's plotting. With his currant plan he can do that, and cement his place back on top. But things are never really that simple...unfortunately the good Dr hasn't realized that yet. Because he isn't the only one vying for the vote of the new race, the Magician is pretty interested in his own league of super criminals...

But in his own eyes Dr Larrkon is going to be New York’s saviour. What’s more all he has to do is sit back and watch his ‘little experiments’ wipe clear the city of crime. There’s another inconvenience however and it's one he knows about, it’s going to take around six months for these powers to mature, let alone for the kids to discover them and come to terms with how to use them. Now and then they may experience short bursts of power, depending on what abilities they receive…Until then there isn’t much Dr Larrkon can do except for watch and of course, direct these particular kids towards every crime he can. From here on in absolutely nothing is predictable…


Character form

Human/Super Human:
Powers and Abilities:


Cheshire1996 07-31-2010 07:56 PM

Name: Mel Sanders
Age: 17
Human/Super Human: Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Electric
Appearance: Quite scruffy, very messy black hair with red streaks and a long fringe, average height and weight, green eyes and with a love for black boots.
Personality: Very laid back and easy going a lot of the time, however she can also be very sarcastic, ignorant and often rude.
Bio: Not much different to the ‘normal’ teenager. She grew up with her mum and dad in the very same city she lives in now however they’ve since split up. So she spends one week with her dad and the next with her mum and her boyfriend. It was all very friendly and still is.
Her great love is for music, particularly loud music and it’s what she’s currently studying. Until gaining electric abilities nothing unusually has ever happened to her.

The street was full of people. Mel slung her bag over her shoulder and mingled in the crowd, coffee in hand. That was the good thing about living in a huge city, no one really noticed you, what you wore. People thought about themselves, and why not. Mel turned off the main street into a series of smaller alleyways.

It was quite obvious the apartment her father had lived in had seen better days, a few streets away and it stood, small, humble and on the verge of falling apart. But it was like the people of the city, no one really cared about it. Except for her mother. Strange how two people so different could be on such good terms.

Mel flinched as a sudden flicker of pain rocketed through her body, the coffee cup dropped to the floor, grainy liquid spilling out of it. A few seconds later the pain stopped. Mel stood staring at the puddle on the ground in confusion…she couldn’t remember dropping it. Oh well, Mel decided, ignore it and keep on walking. Mel emerged on another busy main street, feeling no different than before…


Name: Liam Jones
Age: 16
Human/Super Human: Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Speed
Appearance: Tall and pretty thin, he's an athelete by trade, spiky brown hair, he has one blue eye and one brown.
Personality: To be honest, he can pretty up himself, arrogant and stubborn, however he won't hesitate to speak his mind or speak in defence of anyone he knows and is friends with.
Bio: His father lives overseas and has holiday houses all over the world. You guessed it, Liam's family has never really been needy when it comes to money. But that never really made a happy family, his parents have on and off affairs and there isn't much love going around, to be fair Liam never really took an interest in his parents either. When you consider your parents to both be selfish b*stards, you generally don't.

When he was little he got teased a lot for having one blue eye and one brown eye, but as got older he fought back at the bulies and soon he was generally pretty popular, which lead to another problem, arrogance. It's dow right his biggest poblem. And sicne there's no one he lives with to say no Liam has pretty much got used to living on his own terms.

The street was busy enough, Liam realized that as he watched his mates disappear into the mass. It was pity they had curfews, set by parents...parents who cared, parents who were definently irritating but also definently there. He gave a mock salute and headed in his own direction. There were plces to go, people to meet. New York was just one of those places.

For no reason whatsoever Liam's heart leapt, he refrained from lurching forwards but immedietly clutched on tighter to his bag, a water bottle rolled out. As he leant over to pick it up his heart began to race faster again. It was like an overdose of adrenoline, Liam collected the waterbottle and made his way over to the side of the street.

He stumbled slightly but managed to make it to a nearby streetpost, he grabbed hold of it and let out a sigh of relief, the energy rush had left as soon as it had come.


Name: Dr Henry Larrkon
Age: 45
Human/Super Human: Human
Powers and Abilities: None
Appearance: Wouldn’t stand out in a street of average people, normal hair cut, brown eyes, glasses, lab coat…
Personality: Scatter brained, Idiotic and on occasions a complete genius.
Bio: The strange child who had used scientific terms at the age of 6, who had built a model train out of scratch, who asked his teacher if he could learn the periodic table instead of ‘the cat sat on the mat’.
Henry was always a strange child, he grew up into a strange adult. The government however found his knowledge very useful for quite a while. That was until he brought up this idea of a super human. That was when he got kicked out, accused of being a maniac and the magician made an appearance.
An old nemsis, the Dr has never mentioned where he and the magicina met, though durng their rare encounters they've never shared much love for each other. For years Dr Larrkon simly forgot about him, the memories faded, but now he's back. And Dr Larrkon is sure he's behind the mass crimes that begin to occur in the city.

“Dam.nit,” Dr Larrkon sung out, because everything was going well and he didn’t want to jinx it. That was why he said dam.nit. On one computer screen he had a clear view of a black haired girl walking down a busy street. ‘Mel Sanders - Electric capabilities’ popped up on the screen. It was soon followed by 'Liam Jones - Superhuman Speed'.
“Blast, dam.nit, Worst luck,” Dr Larrkon sung out again as he began to dance around the room, almost knocking over several nearby test tubes. He squeezed his hands together in excitement…
“Who’s going to be next, my goodness, who will it be?” Dr Larrkon giggled hysterically to himself and set off in another dancing frenzy as he waited impatiently for his next experiment to appear.

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 07-31-2010 11:48 PM

Edit: >.< Oops sorry. -head desk- Is this better?
Name: Leah Bennette
Age: 16
Human/Super Human:
Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Terrakinesis (ability to control dirt and rocks)
Appearance: long brown hair streaked black often worn in a braid, average height and build, wears long hippie skirts and flip flops year long
Personality: Leah is bubbly and outgoing, but acts like an irresponsible, naive child at times. She often pokes her nose into other peoples' business and is often selfish and sometimes lazy.
Bio: Leah was born into a rich family and hated the lifestyle from the beginning. She finally found a way to escape when she visited the Great
Plains. The openness of the land told her one day, she would be there. Until then, she waits in crowded New York. She is also a devoted vegan telling everyone "animals are our friends". Her terrakineses has not affected her yet.
Leah stood in the middle of the bustling sidewalk holding her sign above her head. "ANIMALS ARE OUR FRIENDS! ANIMALS ARE OUR FRIENDS!" she called over the noise. Everyone passed by her, not even bothering with her
message. She began getting frustrated at being ignored. Leah jumped in front of a business man walking quickly down the street. She noticed he was trying to go get around her and her message, and walked in front of him for a few blocks more. "ANIMALS- Ow!" she squealed as he roughly stepped on the hem of her skirt. She sighed and walked into the nearest coffee shop. "A small black tea to go, please." she told the cashier. She took her tea and walked out feeling defeated. "I guess I'll try again tomorrow," she murmured as she began walking home.

Then, the ground suddenly shook under Leah's feet. It ended as quickly as it had begun, but had Leah frozen in her tracks. An earthquake? In New York? she thought, shocked. She quickly looked around her to see if anyone else had felt the same thing. The city's noise and fast pace continued on as normal. She decided to continue on as normal as well.

Miranda_ 08-01-2010 03:32 PM

Ooc: Stick Figure, your character is a Mary Sue; you need to give her some believable faults to balance her out, like laziness, spite, greed etc; things that could make her unlikeable. What you've listed only really counts as one; nosy is a fault. You need another one, as being naive isn't a fault as such.

Draven Larson.
Age: 16.
Human/Super Human: Super human.
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced senses, super healing factor, retractable claws.
Appearance: Tall, with long, shaggy blonde hair and green eyes. Is lean but muscled, wears jeans and a leather jacket with Dr Marten boots.
Personality: Draven has a terrible temper and is prone to fits of rage that he could control if he tried, but rarely does. He is a loner, and finds it very difficult to work with other people. He is also very selfish, as well as contemptous of anyone who's beliefs don't mirror his.
Bio: Draven lives with his mother and stepfather in a small house near an apartment building. His stepfather manages the apartment, and he and Draven have never gotten on. They have clashes, which often end with Draven's stepfather locking him in the basement, while his mother stands by and does nothing. Draven resents both his parents; his mother for letting his stepfather knock him around and his father for leaving, but he hates his stepfather. He now spends most of his time hanging around the arcades, bunking off school and occasionally bullying other teenagers and taking their money.


Draven moodily kicked at the sidewalk as he leant against a wall. He took his cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one up, all the time looking about him to see if there was anyone nearby he could take out his anger on. Draven had had a lot of anger recently; he'd had about as much of his life as he could take. That wasn't the only thing that was happening, tho.

Draven thought back to the previous nights; he'd gone out as usual after dark, and had thought that the moon seemed a lot bigger, as did the stars. He could smell the scents of coffee, cigarette smoke and other scents very strongly, as tho the producers of said scents were standing next to him. Also, there was the fact that his stepfather had beaten him up this morning and as he stood against the wall, he knew full well that all the bruises and knocks had completely disappeared.

Name: Kim Marshal
Age: 17
Human/Super Human: Super human
Powers and Abilities: Power to control the forces of nature
Appearance: Short black hair dyed purple at the front, average height and build, brown eyes. Kim likes to dress up, rather than just slob around in jeans.
Personality: Kim has a tendency to be vain about her appearence, and likes to poke fun at people. She can in fact be very cruel sometimes, and has a very twisted sense of humour. Kim is however loyal to those she considers her friends, and will always defend them to the last.
Bio: Up til now, Kim's life has been very blah by her standards. She lives with her mother in the heart of the city, and has lived there all her life. She often longs for more excitement, and would love to be an actress or singer when she's older. Her mother on the other hand insists that Kim complete her studies so that she has something to fall back on if her dreams don't work out.


Kim sat down on a bench at the side of the bustling street and pulled out a magazine. She flipped the pages and sighed theatrically. She felt as tho she was being stifled from boredom, and the weather was not helping her mood in the slightest. The sky was thick with cloud; grey days always made Kim feel worse. She looked up briefly at the sky, longing for sun as she absently turned the page of her magazine.

That's when it happened. Miraculously, all the clouds immediately faded away from the sky and the sun shone down. Kim looked incrediously at the sky again; there was not a cloud to be seen. She smiled, and put her sunglasses on as the sunshine was now very bright, and continued to read her magazine.

Miranda_ 08-01-2010 04:52 PM

Ooc: Better, but your paragraph needs to change to reflect her personality. Show that she's lazy and selfish; maybe she stands in the way of people walking down the street so that they're forced to navigate around her while she's doing her animal rights bit, and that's why she gets trodden on?

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 08-01-2010 05:10 PM

Ooc: I fixed the paragraph and she is more selfish than lazy. Thanks for the idea and helping me out Miranda. I'm pretty new to RPs, but you already knew that. :3

Miranda_ 08-01-2010 05:18 PM

Ooc: That's OK; everyone has to learn somehow. :) Your character is fine now.

Cheshire1996 08-02-2010 03:21 AM

Ooc: Thanks for changing it, it's all good ^.^ I'm going to start now but please feel free to join or add more chacracters everybody :3

Mel felt odd, although the pain hadn't returned she felt a strange buzz up and down her spine. A little dizzy, she headed towards the nearest solid wall. A tall blond boy was leaning against it, a few meters away. She flipped her fringe out of the way and noticed the cigarette in his hand.
"You don't happen any more on you?" Mel nodded towards the cigarette.

Liam slowly let go of the pole. He felt fine now. Strange, he must have imagined it. With a sigh he grabbed his bag. He had no idea where to head now, the streets were still busy and he had no one to go anywhere with. Liam didn't like being bored, he frowned as he headed along the side of a street. He vaguely noticed a girl with purple hair, and another in a long skirt, but he was still trying to figure out what had just happened and didn't pay as much attention as he usually would to the girls around him.
"Excellent," Dr Larrkon said, unable to contain himself any longer.
Thre new names and images popped up onto the screen, which had now didvided itself into five sections.
'Draven Larson - Enhanced senses, Animal abilities, Superhuman strength'
'Kim Marshal - Capable of altering nature'
'Leah Bennette - Terrakinesis and such abilities'
Dr Larrkon paused momentarilly to admire Kim's hair but was soon off again, muttering to himself. That was when he realized. The five who had been gifted so far were bound to be drawn together.
A little less enthused Dr Larrkon returned to see what would happen, they all had such different personalities, the results could be diffiucult, espcially if he was going to get them to work as a team.

Miranda_ 08-02-2010 08:31 AM

Draven looked up to see who was talking to him; it was a girl, with black and red hair. He'd never seen her before in his life, but even if he had, he still wasn't inclined to be civil.

"I'm not giving them away," he said to the girl. "If you want one, you'll have to pay."

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 08-02-2010 09:16 AM

Leah continued walking down the packed street. Then she came across a boy with amazing eyes and a girl with black and purple hair. They're about my age, Leah thought, Maybe they'll listen to me. She jumped in front of both and attempted to get her messsage into their heads. "ANIMALS ARE OUR FRIENDS!" she yelled as she shoved her sign towards them.
Ooc: For those who didn't know, my name is Audrey btw if u don't want to type Stick Figure all the time. ^___^

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