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Default The Superleague *RP* - 07-31-2010, 06:50 PM

  • Please no Mary Sues or Gary Stus
  • No Goddmodding, or taking control of other people’s characters without permission please :3
  • Please don’t make your character undefeatable…it makes the RP boring for everyone else
  • These characters will probably stumble on a large amount of crime, meaning violence…you get my drift xD
  • You don’t have to pm you’re character to me but if I ask you to change a few things please don’t be offended. I apologize in advance.
  • After filling out the charrie form please also introduce your character in a paragraph ;3
  • Some good ideas for superpowers can be found at the Marvel and DC websites, you have full permission to rip off their ideas (minus the tights and underwear)
  • You're character can either be good (fighting for Dr Larkkon) or they can walk in to the shadows with The Magician, try to keep a balance between the two :3
  • Have Fun ^.^

New York City, Shoppers with bags slung over their shoulders moving quickly between brands, shiny cars gliding effortlessly up the main streets, Bright lights flashing in every direction, buildings so tall you can’t see the top. There’s no other city in the world quite like it. But like every city under its sparkling plastic cover it’s a whole different beast. Crime lurks in the alleyways, deals are made at the top of apartments and people disappear without a trace. But nothing can compare to the secret that lives in the basement of a building on the very edge of the city. Imagine if you were told that Batman, Superman, Huntress and Catwoman were all real. They’re not, but their superhuman abilities are, and only one man knows about it…

Dr Larrkon, some called him mad, some called him bonkers, some even called him and idiot, he calls himself a genius. The government dismissed his calls that superhuman abilities could be gifted to normal everyday teenagers. In fact they kicked him out of his job. He lives in that basement now, not alone however. Test tubes litter the floor, strange substances fill the corner. For five years he’s been working on these particular chemicals, he’s discovered a way that makes changing the entire organization of genes within the human body possible, the catch is that the human must be between fourteen and eighteen.

You may of course wonder why, the government dismissed him, end of story. Not for someone as idiotically genius as Dr Larrkon. For years he’s wanted to prove the government wrong and now’s his chance, Dr Larrkon is going to bring down the government. He’s going to use his ‘little experiments’ to bring to light all the corrupt secrets the men in black suits really have, he’s going to bring to new York city a super league that can wipe out crime completely. Bsides the man responsible for advising the government to drop Dr Larrkon isn't quite right himself, there's something slightly wrong with him. He knows what other people are thinking, he can persuade people to do the silliest of things, he's behind some of the biggest crime organizations in the country and yet he swindled the governmenr singlehandedly, he also calls himself 'The Magician'. Dr Larrkon needs to find out why his old nemesis is back, and he needs to stop whatever he's plotting. With his currant plan he can do that, and cement his place back on top. But things are never really that simple...unfortunately the good Dr hasn't realized that yet. Because he isn't the only one vying for the vote of the new race, the Magician is pretty interested in his own league of super criminals...

But in his own eyes Dr Larrkon is going to be New York’s saviour. What’s more all he has to do is sit back and watch his ‘little experiments’ wipe clear the city of crime. There’s another inconvenience however and it's one he knows about, it’s going to take around six months for these powers to mature, let alone for the kids to discover them and come to terms with how to use them. Now and then they may experience short bursts of power, depending on what abilities they receive…Until then there isn’t much Dr Larrkon can do except for watch and of course, direct these particular kids towards every crime he can. From here on in absolutely nothing is predictable…


Character form

Human/Super Human:
Powers and Abilities:


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