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Default Warrior Cats - 07-13-2010, 04:19 AM

1. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus, because yes they can appear even among cat characters.
2. Relative to the rule above, just because they’re cats please do not feel they have to have lesser character than humans, yup, make ‘em complex and make ‘em interesting ^.^
3. Keep in mind the characteristics of each clan when writng up a character.
4. Please introduce your Character in a paragraph form (as well as throuhgt the profile) so we can get a feel of what they’re like. If either I or Miranda who is helping me out running this rp think your character is too sueish we can fix it up super quick.
5. Most cat names follow in the ways of names such as Firepaw, BrokenStar, Rivertail and so on :3
6. Please don’t take over someone else’s cat, unless they give you the say-so
7. Fill up the positions of Clan-Leaders and Deputies before the roles of other survivors. Feel free to have a bagload of characters just try to keep tabs on them all.
8. Dramatic incidents such as fights and romance are fine, just don’t kill anyone or go overboard, tension between characters is only natural
9. Have Fun! ^.^

*Character List*

A list of all the kitties and their creators so we can keep an eye on who’s who and so no one gets too greatly confuddled…

Leader: Shadowstar
Deputy: Stonetail
Survivors: (if any)

Leader: Goldenstar
Deputy: Poppyfur
Survivors: (if any)

Leader: Willowstar
Snowpaw (medicine cat)

Leader: Lonstar (deceased)
Deputy: Swiftpaw
Survivors: (if any)

As many of you may realize the ideas for this RPG originated from the series of books based around the Warrior Cats. The link for the series’ website is here …

…But I’ll explain everything here as cat hierarchy can be difficult to get ones head around ^,^

Lets begin with the original home of the cats. Here’s a map that shows where each of the clans resides and will hopefully make the location of the monthly meetings clear. This RPG will take the characters out of the map as they are of course setting out on a mission to find a new home but background info is always useful

Now for an explanation of the characteristics demonstrated by the cats of each separate clan. Please check out the site if you’re desperate for more info but keep in mind this RP is still a little different :3

Thunderclan: Courageous, Stubborn, Excellent stalkers, Loyal and with no fear of speaking out for what they consider to be justice.

Windclan: Loyal, Tough, Easily offended, Commonly of a nervous disposition, You won’t find faster or more agile runners in any of the other clans.

Riverclan: Content, Gentle, Peace loving, they usually have very long sleek coats and are not surprisingly very strong swimmers.

Shadowclan: Ambitious, Aggressive, Determined, Untrusting, Possibly the most battle hungry of the clans, They are impeccable at sneaking up on prey and are impossible to see by night.

Cat Hierarchy-
All you really need to know is the way Clan Leaders and deputies work. The Clan Leader basically looks after battle plans, attends meetings and cares for the general state of the clan. It is traditional for the name of a Clan Leader to end in Star, for example Thunderstar.
Deputies are the Clan Leader’s trusted sidekick basically. They are the main consultant of their Leader and also attend to the wellbeing of the clan.
Most survivors will be apprentices meaning they’re still being trained in the ways of the clan by the warriors. The warriors are the cats that go into battle for the clan. Usually they take on one apprentice and teach them the art of battle while they’re still young. Warriors are highly respected, as are Clan Leaders and Deputies.

*Character Form*
Clan and Position: (for example River clan Leader, deputy ect.)
Brief Bio:

- - -

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Default 07-13-2010, 04:26 AM

Here is the inreo, in a seperate post due to the word limit

Change is unavoidable. Wherever living creatures make there homes there is a constant battle against the unexpected. Times when old becomes new and in turn new to old. Change is where our story begins. For as long as anyone can remember the cats have haunted the forests, hunted on the moors and run near the rivers edge. All that is left of the time before that is a legend.

The cats of the forests haven’t always lived in separate clans, in relative peace. Before the clans there was nothing, with the exception of war. Cats hunted alone or in small packs, savages, and brother turned and fought brother. The rule of life was simple. You killed or you were killed. But the inevitable happened. Change came. It appeared in the form of four cats. Wind, Thunder, River and Shadow. They agreed upon a pact, the land would be split into four groups and they would break off to form four groups, each taking responsibility for their kin. And so were formed the four clans that have lived in close distance of each other until now.

It became custom for the four clan leaders to meet once every full moon near the Highstones, taking with them their deputy, their trusted companion in the wellbeing and safekeeping of their clan. Here matters of importance would be discussed and where it could be battle was avoided. Perhaps that was the most important part of this ritual, on the night of this meeting whatever fighting that was occurring would cease.
In this way the leaders could consult with the Starclan, the spirits of their ancestors. However after the latest meeting the Clan leaders and deputies returned to discover change had once again reared it’s ugly head.

It had stridden among the two leggeds. The forest gone, the moor destroyed and the river full of a thick brown sludge. Worst of all, nearly every one of their clan members slaughtered to make way for the humans. They had no choice; all four leaders and deputies have agreed to meet once again at the Highstones, with any survivors. However they cannot remain here in their former home, there’s nothing left for them and survival is near impossible with the two leggeds threatening a certain death for any idiotic enough to remain.

The journey will be long, no one is sure of the final destination and dream of survival may at times seem hopeless. But nevertheless here they are the only remaining of the four strong colonies that once ruled the lands. Four Clan leaders, four deputies and the leftovers of the clans that they once ruled so proudly. Tensions between clan members will be high and friendships unsteady, connections may be formed and decisions that will undoubtabley be regretted, will be made. However the journey hasn’t started yet…and it’s up to you, the last of the four clans where the destiny of you peers lies, be careful, choose wisely and most importantly never forget what it is that you fight for.

- - -

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Default 07-13-2010, 12:45 PM

Name: Shadowstar.
Age: Unknown .
Clan and Position: Shadowclan Clan Leader.
Appearance: Black all over, without a single white hair and jade green eyes. Shadowstar also has one torn ear and a scar accross her face from fighting. Pic, minus scar and torn ear.
Brief Bio: Shadowstar originally had the name Shadowpelt, after finishing her apprenticeship and becoming a warrior. She became Clan leader after fighting and driving out a suspected spy from the clan, who was thought to be from Thunderclan, tho never proven. Shadowstar is quick to anger and very impulsive, and often acts before she thinks. She is also bitter and twisted, from nursing various grudges against those she believes to be her enemies, and finds it difficult to give up said grudges. About the only cat she will speak to properly is her deputy. Shadowstar will also snap and strike out at any underling who forgets his or her place. Shadowstar is loyal to her clan, but will find it very difficult to form a truce, even a temporary one, with other clan leaders. However, given the circumstances, she will have no choice but to put her grieviences aside and do so.

Name: Poppyfur.
Age: Sixteen moons.
Clan and Position: Thunderclan Deputy.
Appearance: Dark red coat with white chest and paws, yellow eyes. Poppyfur also is fairly thin and wiry. Pic.
Brief Bio: Poppyfur was outside the camp on a hunting trip, when the disaster struck and the Twolegs appeared, armed with guns and sticks. Poppyfur panicked and ran off blindly, not knowing where she was running to. She got lost and only managed to find her way back after the damage was done, and most of her clan either killed or taken prisoner by the Twolegs. Poppyfur feels a secret shame at having run away rather than stayed to fight, and blames herself; even tho had she stayed, she would more than likely have been killed herself. She tends to get stuck on the details rather than focusing on the big picture, and tends to be very negative. Poppyfur worked hard at her training when an apprentice, and will always obey orders given. She became Deputy when the previous Thunderclan deputy, Greytail, died. She's naturally a loner, but will co-operate with others whenever necessary, and always defers to her leader.


Shadowstar's face showed cold anger in her icy green eyes. The disaster that had overcome the entire land, and had ravaged hers and other clans' territory, was something that she felt that could not be forgiven. Altho she knew that the only way for the clans to move forward was to meet up and move away to find new land for them to settle, in her heart she longed to wreak revenge on the Twolegs. They had destroyed the land and slaughtered several cats; all for nothing but their own selfish needs. Shadowstar stretched herself out carefully, each midnight black claw extended. Her tail twitched irritably as she realised it was time to head to the meeting place with her deputy. One thing was certain; Shadowstar had no intention of allowing the other clan leaders to take things over. Not for nothing had Shadowstar a reputation as a terrible and vicious fighter.


Poppyfur waited for her leader to give the word that it was time for them to go to the agreed meeting place. After the devastation that had been wreaked on their home, there was now nothing left for them. The forest had been razed; every single tree had been cut down, then cut up and hauled away. The river was full of refuse; some kind of sticky black oily substance, that Poppyfur had on more than one occasion smelt on the Twolegs' machines as she'd run in fear from them. She tried not to think about that; how she'd let her clan down. Instead, she thought about what had happened to the moor. The Twolegs had set it afire; the scent of burned grass still was there on the wind. It was a fitting symbol of the destruction of the cats' lives and homes, and showed without a doubt that there was nothing left for them to do but to travel and find a new home.

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Default 07-13-2010, 02:05 PM

Name: Stonetail
Age: (will be edited in later)
Clan and Position: Shadowclan Deputy
Appearance: Stonetail is an off-white cat with a dark grey tail, one dark grey spot on his rump, and his left ear is grey. His fur is medium-length, but he's quite fluffy. He's also exceedingly large; some would assume he's just fat, but it is, infact, all muscle. (I have found a picture of a cat that represents how I see Stonetail's body in my mind, though the colors are off. Click here.) He has a thick, muscular neck, a small, cute pink nose, and dark amber-colored eyes.
Brief Bio: Stonetail has always been a large cat, and has always been singled out for it, even though he's displayed on many occassions that he's not fat, just large and very muscular.He is very sensitive to being picked on about his size, however, and has quite a temper. Though he can be clever in battle, in an argument he's often almost witless and will use the same insults repeatedly. He can often be sulky is he loses an argument, but he gets over it an his emotions when he's nedded by his clan. Though he often feigns to be gruff and indifferent, he has a softer, caring side, and will look after his friends while hiding behind his little mask of gruffness.


Name: Snowpaw
Age: (will be edited in later)
Clan and Position: Riverclan medicine cat
Appearance: Snowpaw is a sleek cat with long, shining fur in a beautiful golden-orange color, with the exception of her front right paw, which is a perfect whie. She has a brown nose and blue eyes. Her face is a bit on the long side, and her meow is kitten-like.
Brief Bio: Snowpaw is a sweet-hearted, selfless girl, who sees to the needs of other before her own almost to a fault. She has never liked fighting, and wishes there was a way to end all fighting for once and for all. She can often lack self-confidence, and won't stand up for herself.


Stonetail was beyond just irritated, he was livid; the Twolegs had taken things too far. Not for the first time, Stonetail wanted to lash out, to strike back at those furless Twolegs, but knew he couldn't; the Twolegs cheated and didn't fight with what was given to them, like the cats did. Stonetail thought over this all bitterly as ha carefully licked his tail, which had been injured when he'd reluctantly made his retreat from the humans. Satisfied that his tail was good enough for noe, he left to find Shadowstar, his rather impulsive and dark superior. But he also considered her a friend, and knew she'd rarely talk to anyone in a decent manner except for him. Stonetail smirked smugly as he thought of this, but smothered this expression with his usual vague scowl when he came into her presence. "shadowstar, do you want me to count survivors and report to you?" he asked. He had a deep, rough sort of voice that made him sound as though he was the Twoleg equivalent to a middle-aged man, though he was, in fact, much younger. He knew he had to tread carefully around his leader, so to speak, as her anger made his look like it had the force of say, a mouse's. He waited quietly for a reply.


Snowpaw had never felt so horrible in her entire life; so many injured, many more dead! She worked hard to patch up those who could be helped, and gave poppy to those she could not, hoping to give them at least some peace as the mortally wounded slipped away to join Starclan. Unfortunately, she had to let more die than she would like to, simply because things would only get worse form here, and she'd been told that those who wouldn't be decent enough to move in an emergency had to be let go. She understood, but allowing anyone to die when she might have normally been able to see them recover, even if recovery was slim, tore at her heart in a way that made her fel as though she herself sould be among the wounded. But she had to do her duty, and do it well; she forced herself to ignore her own feelings and to work to save as many as she could. She knew that, sooner or later, the temporary camp that had been set up would likely be abandoned and moved somewhere else. Thus, she had to work twice as fast as she'd like to and rush things, as she instinctivley assumed that the move would take place 'sooner' rather than 'later'.

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Default 07-13-2010, 05:26 PM

Name: Goldenstar
Age: Eighteen Moons
Clan and Position: Thunderclan Leader
Appearance: Large with a golden, rust coloured and light brown striped coat. Gold eyes,
fairly long coated.
Brief Bio: Apprenticed to one of the finest warriors of the Thunderclan, Goldenstar began as an average kit. He was hardly impressive, and though he wanted to be known as a great warrior spent most of his earlier days playing with other kits and rarely taking anything in. His attitude changed however when his master, Lionpaw, was killed in battle. Feeling partly responsible as his apprentice, Goldenstar began to pay close attention to every lesson in the art of combat. He began to stand out from the other cats in the clan, and soon became deputy. The fromer clan leader eventually passed away and Goldenstar finally to up leadership of the clan.
Although he often seems bossy and stubborn he can also be quite determined, jolly and is usually very defensive of any actions taken by a member of his clan. He sees it as his duty as leader to guide his warriors in the right direction ,not wanting them learn from the same harsh lesson he himself did.

Name: Willowstar
Age: Nineteen Moons
Cland and Position: Riverclan Leader
Appearance: Long coated and speckled in different shades of grey, with very pale blue eyes.
Brief Bio: As a kit Willowstar was always particularly studious, taking into account everything she was told by the warrior who trained her about battle. She took great interest in the fights between clans but often imagined they could be avoided if discussions were held in a different manner. Disliking any form of argument without an extremely good reason might have been looked scornfully on by the member of any of the other clans and yet the Riverclan encouraged it.
Willowstar wasn't really considered importantant during her time as deputy and was placed in the role as Leader after the former occupant died on the battlefield. She remains determined to this day not to see any cat from the Riverclan killed without reason. Hence he often calm and deliberate demeanor.


Goldenstar paced slowly back and forwards in the moonlight. He was cursing under his breathe. It was hard to believe such idiotic and usually harmless things at the Two Legs had caused such a racket. It had been difficult to walk among so many corpses, it brough back memories Goldenstar would rather have forgotten. For once in his life a slight feeling of unease entered his mind. What would Lionpaw have done? No. No use thinking about Lionpaw, the old warrior wasn't here anymore. The only question to be asked was what would Goldenstar do...he held his head up and stopped walking, it was time to return to the highstones, descions were to be made. And Goldenstar felt both he and Poppyfur's presence was going to be needed.

Willowstar stared at the grounds on which her clan had once lived in what could have been a look of utter defeat. It wasn't though, not really, at least Willowstar severely hoped not. 'Be strong' she told herself, but it was hard to be. It tore her heart to see Snowpaw racing from one dying kit to another without it tugging at her heart. She turned away, it was time to concentrate o nthe future. She had agreed with the other clan leaders that the only option was to move to another home and she needed to be ready to begin a new journey. A new look, one of determination crosses Willowstar's face. No one else was going to die for such a stupid reason as the Two Legs, not if she had anything to do with it, not tonight, not ever.

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Default 07-15-2010, 07:37 AM

Ooc: Guess we should start then ^.^

Goldenstar turned to face Poppyfur, a grim look on his face. "If you've checked for any survivors then I think it's time we left." He didn't want to be around when the Two-legs returned.

Willowstar took a few tentative steps towards Snowpaw, "I'm so sorry". She hoped the medicine cat wouldn't be angry at her for not being there when the Two-Legs arrived.

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