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Default Warrior Cats - 07-13-2010, 04:19 AM

1. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus, because yes they can appear even among cat characters.
2. Relative to the rule above, just because they’re cats please do not feel they have to have lesser character than humans, yup, make ‘em complex and make ‘em interesting ^.^
3. Keep in mind the characteristics of each clan when writng up a character.
4. Please introduce your Character in a paragraph form (as well as throuhgt the profile) so we can get a feel of what they’re like. If either I or Miranda who is helping me out running this rp think your character is too sueish we can fix it up super quick.
5. Most cat names follow in the ways of names such as Firepaw, BrokenStar, Rivertail and so on :3
6. Please don’t take over someone else’s cat, unless they give you the say-so
7. Fill up the positions of Clan-Leaders and Deputies before the roles of other survivors. Feel free to have a bagload of characters just try to keep tabs on them all.
8. Dramatic incidents such as fights and romance are fine, just don’t kill anyone or go overboard, tension between characters is only natural
9. Have Fun! ^.^

*Character List*

A list of all the kitties and their creators so we can keep an eye on who’s who and so no one gets too greatly confuddled…

Leader: Shadowstar
Deputy: Stonetail
Survivors: (if any)

Leader: Goldenstar
Deputy: Poppyfur
Survivors: (if any)

Leader: Willowstar
Snowpaw (medicine cat)

Leader: Lonstar (deceased)
Deputy: Swiftpaw
Survivors: (if any)

As many of you may realize the ideas for this RPG originated from the series of books based around the Warrior Cats. The link for the series’ website is here …

…But I’ll explain everything here as cat hierarchy can be difficult to get ones head around ^,^

Lets begin with the original home of the cats. Here’s a map that shows where each of the clans resides and will hopefully make the location of the monthly meetings clear. This RPG will take the characters out of the map as they are of course setting out on a mission to find a new home but background info is always useful

Now for an explanation of the characteristics demonstrated by the cats of each separate clan. Please check out the site if you’re desperate for more info but keep in mind this RP is still a little different :3

Thunderclan: Courageous, Stubborn, Excellent stalkers, Loyal and with no fear of speaking out for what they consider to be justice.

Windclan: Loyal, Tough, Easily offended, Commonly of a nervous disposition, You won’t find faster or more agile runners in any of the other clans.

Riverclan: Content, Gentle, Peace loving, they usually have very long sleek coats and are not surprisingly very strong swimmers.

Shadowclan: Ambitious, Aggressive, Determined, Untrusting, Possibly the most battle hungry of the clans, They are impeccable at sneaking up on prey and are impossible to see by night.

Cat Hierarchy-
All you really need to know is the way Clan Leaders and deputies work. The Clan Leader basically looks after battle plans, attends meetings and cares for the general state of the clan. It is traditional for the name of a Clan Leader to end in Star, for example Thunderstar.
Deputies are the Clan Leader’s trusted sidekick basically. They are the main consultant of their Leader and also attend to the wellbeing of the clan.
Most survivors will be apprentices meaning they’re still being trained in the ways of the clan by the warriors. The warriors are the cats that go into battle for the clan. Usually they take on one apprentice and teach them the art of battle while they’re still young. Warriors are highly respected, as are Clan Leaders and Deputies.

*Character Form*
Clan and Position: (for example River clan Leader, deputy ect.)
Brief Bio:

- - -

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