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Default Left 4 Evil (Limited Open RP) - 06-22-2010, 06:56 PM

Have you ever heard the story that the undead will walk amongst us when Hell freezes over?

It's not correct.

Hell's right here on earth.

Hour One: Eco-terrorists attacked the Umbrella Corporation's headquarters here in our town, Avalance, population 3464. See, most of the town was old-school brick and stone. Their headquarters was a sore thumb. All metal and glass, real cold and sterile looking. The terrorists might as well have been as effective as PETA. That is, if PETA had explosives. They'd heard rumors of chemical agents and medicines being tested on animals; and they chose to blow a hole in the side of the building. Researchers and security personnel were killed in the blast, though not all. The terrorists were apprehended swiftly, and taken to the police station. Others were taken to the hospital. The crowd around the building died off - but some people lingered behind and may have noticed that the remaining staff of the headquarters were vacating with disturbing swiftness.

Hour Two: Unbeknownst to the townspeople, a squad from Umbrella was sent in. They never came out; either they still are surveying the building, or something has happened. Unstable buildings are dangerous, after all.

Hour Three: Dogs escape from the pound near the headquarters. The staff on duty claim that the dogs became violent, and they had no choice but to release them into the woods. Many of the volunteers were bitten.

Hour Four: People are falling ill in the streets. They vomit, faint, develop rashes and their skin appears to be full of necrotizing tissue. The hospital was overflowing with these sick patients; most doctors had no idea what was going on, though several took samples and sent them out to an unknown location in an unmarked van.

Hour Five: More sick people come in, some viciously dog-bitten. The infected patients already in the hospital began to die suddenly; the sound of flatlining machines was near deafening. The dead were put in the morgue. Nobody else appears to be infected, and perhaps the infection is not airborne but perhaps related to bad food supplies. The town begins to mourn the dead; everybody has lost somebody, with the exception of the head researcher of the Umbrella Headquarters, Carmen Wesker.

Hour Six: Hell. Breaks. Loose. The dead rise, rotting and groaning, and attack any non-infected human in their sights. Ten minutes after the person dies, they rise as one of the horde. More people die.

Hour Seven: Avalance has been placed under quarantine by the mayor, Roger Danery. More than half the populous is dead or zombified.

Hour Eight: Three-fourths of the population is dead. The military has been sent in. There is no communication with the outside world.

Hour Nine: Seven-eighths of the population is dead. The city is under martial law. Umbrella has sent in their crew to help assist civillians.

Hour Ten: The civillians have begun to arm themselves; some have attacked the group from Umbrella, the group that really IS meant to save them. They've attacked the military as well. Now, it is practically a free-for-all.

There is one thing none of the civillians know, nor the military. Not even the Umbrella rescue squad. Umbrella discovered a new, more powerful virus. And it's about to hit Avalance like a ton of bricks. Only one woman knows about it - and she's all the way at the top of the Umbrella HQ, observing everything below. She literally holds the key to the survivor's salvation - or their doom.

Welcome to Hell. Population: You. You are going to be running like hell to save your life and the lives of anybody with you. We don't want to hear "I live for myself," because being alone out here? Those are some famous last words, buddy. Either you're a team player - or you're zombie food.

Some basic rules:
1. No psychics or magic. Period. None.
2. Beware of bathrooms. No. Seriously. Look out.
3. You cannot, cannot, cannot have possibly known any of this would happen. No omniscient characters! Everybody has their downsides and flaws when it comes to defending against zombies. Even the scientists and the crew sent in by Umbrella.
4. If you're bitten, Aaron and Silent_Wolf will decide whether or not you've been infected either by coin toss or by the mood of the situation, or if your character is prone to getting their butt kicked. Also depends on their mood.
5. No utterly owning of the zombie nation. Thank you.
6. Rated T for violence and gore. There is not going to be enough down-time to develop relationships beyond flirtation.
7. I had a series of rules about characterization but I'm not going to bother to list them all. We don't want sad-Sally or poor-Pedro playing with us. There are no sad families, bullsh*t to that whole "You Don't Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors" argument. Don't want it. And no characters like Alice. Aaron and Wolfie may introduce characters similar to her in order to provide humor, amusement, and demoralization.
8. You are not McGyver. You can't take a paperclip and a ball of yarn and turn it into a pipe bomb.
9. This RP is open with limitations. If your character has Sueish qualities or breaks the rules listed, you're out. No exceptions.

For information on the Green Subjects, see: Common Infected - The Left 4 Dead Wiki - Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Survivors, Infected, walkthroughs, news, and more To see the rest of them, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the pictures of each Special Infected to read up.

Two introductory posts will be made by Aaron and Wolfie. Here's the character sheet.

Age: (Sixteen and up)
Personality: (Important)
Bio: (See Rules about this. Would it kill people to have characters with entirely normal backgrounds just once?)
Appearance: (Not entirely important, but would like to see them.)
Preferred weapons: (Ranging from all sorts of guns sold possibly illegally by the gun shop owner to everyday objects such as frying pans, fire extinguishers, guitars, et cetera.)
Most Hated Monster: (Both regular T-virus monsters [Zombies, Lickers, Hunters, Cerberus, etc.] and Green Subject. Green Subjects do not appear until later, but still post one after reading through the given link above.)

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!
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