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Default The Gods of Suburbia {RP} - 06-07-2010, 05:43 PM


1. If you wish to join this RP, it is recommended that you join as an Egyptian deity of some sort. A list of the main gods and a short description accompanying each can be found here. If, however, you wish to join as a human, make them believable, and, please, do not make them realize the deities’ secret too soon.
2. If a god you wanted is taken, then hard luck; choose another, or make a human character.
3. No Sues/Stus. Obey the RPG Forum Rules.
4. The website above provided only gives out the basics on each deity. If you want to know more, look it up. If, while looking up information, you discover that there are several different versions of one myth, PM me and ask which version of the myth would work best with this RP. Thank you.
5. There are no character forms, so you must introduce the character within your intro. If you wish, you can do as I have done and make a "then" intro paragraph which is set in the past before you make your "now" one, but this is not compulsory. It's just something that's good to do to help other people get a feel for your character, especially if they are unfamiliar with the gods featured in this RP.
6. Both inexperienced and experienced RPers MUST PM both me and Queenie with their intro for approval. Do NOT post in the RP until you have been approved; if you do, then your post will be deleted. Repeated offenders will simply be disallowed from joining the RP.
7. This RP is rated M. Please don't bother trying to join if you are aged below sixteen years of age. The RP is also jointly owned by myself and Queenie.


The year is 2009. A rare constellation of stars, only ever seen once every hundred years, will once again be visible from earth. A group has come together during the last decade to worship the deities of Egypt and take part in the almost forgotten rites of yesteryear. The group is called the Order Of The Sun and its leader is one William R Jenkins, who takes on the role of High Priest for the sacred rites, which are barred from outsiders. Only men are permitted to join, and all the group's activities must be kept secret. The penalty for revealing secrets to others is death, and the Order are masters of silent and mysterious disappearences, which baffle the police and ensure that the bodies of the fallen are never found. The Order of the Sun is a radical group that doesn’t like the turn humanity has taken, and wishes to change that by use of force and their odd magical practices. The news that the constellation known as the Arrow would, for the first time this century, be viewable from Earth and align with the Egyptian Pyramids, galvanised Jenkins into action. He'd long studied Egyptian mythos, reading over old scrolls and textbooks, to the point where he became aquainted with a story about the gods walking on Earth due to having been called down from the heavens by an enchanter. While a lot of people would have scoffed and dismissed the story as pure fiction, Jenkins continued to read on. The enchanter performed a ritual that included the sacrifice of a pair of lambs, one white ewe and one black ra