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Default The Gods of Suburbia {RP} - 06-07-2010, 04:43 PM


1. If you wish to join this RP, it is recommended that you join as an Egyptian deity of some sort. A list of the main gods and a short description accompanying each can be found here. If, however, you wish to join as a human, make them believable, and, please, do not make them realize the deities’ secret too soon.
2. If a god you wanted is taken, then hard luck; choose another, or make a human character.
3. No Sues/Stus. Obey the RPG Forum Rules.
4. The website above provided only gives out the basics on each deity. If you want to know more, look it up. If, while looking up information, you discover that there are several different versions of one myth, PM me and ask which version of the myth would work best with this RP. Thank you.
5. There are no character forms, so you must introduce the character within your intro. If you wish, you can do as I have done and make a "then" intro paragraph which is set in the past before you make your "now" one, but this is not compulsory. It's just something that's good to do to help other people get a feel for your character, especially if they are unfamiliar with the gods featured in this RP.
6. Both inexperienced and experienced RPers MUST PM both me and Queenie with their intro for approval. Do NOT post in the RP until you have been approved; if you do, then your post will be deleted. Repeated offenders will simply be disallowed from joining the RP.
7. This RP is rated M. Please don't bother trying to join if you are aged below sixteen years of age. The RP is also jointly owned by myself and Queenie.


The year is 2009. A rare constellation of stars, only ever seen once every hundred years, will once again be visible from earth. A group has come together during the last decade to worship the deities of Egypt and take part in the almost forgotten rites of yesteryear. The group is called the Order Of The Sun and its leader is one William R Jenkins, who takes on the role of High Priest for the sacred rites, which are barred from outsiders. Only men are permitted to join, and all the group's activities must be kept secret. The penalty for revealing secrets to others is death, and the Order are masters of silent and mysterious disappearences, which baffle the police and ensure that the bodies of the fallen are never found. The Order of the Sun is a radical group that doesn’t like the turn humanity has taken, and wishes to change that by use of force and their odd magical practices. The news that the constellation known as the Arrow would, for the first time this century, be viewable from Earth and align with the Egyptian Pyramids, galvanised Jenkins into action. He'd long studied Egyptian mythos, reading over old scrolls and textbooks, to the point where he became aquainted with a story about the gods walking on Earth due to having been called down from the heavens by an enchanter. While a lot of people would have scoffed and dismissed the story as pure fiction, Jenkins continued to read on. The enchanter performed a ritual that included the sacrifice of a pair of lambs, one white ewe and one black ram, underneath the shadow of the great Pyramids, at the very point when the Arrow was directly overhead the Pyramids. This resulted in the gods being brought down to Earth. However, the enchanter had made one, fatal mistake. He had forgotten to make a protective circle to ensure that the gods would not be able to harm him and would instead bend to his will; this oversight resulted in his death at the hands of those he had summoned. The ritual was never performed again and in time, became forgotten and just dismissed as pure myth.

Jenkins however saw great potential in this ritual. The thought of bringing the Egyptian gods from the past to the present in order to serve himself and his Order made him almost giddy with the thought of the power which could be his for the taking. He would be the one to perform the ritual, so he would be the one to wield the power over the deities that were summoned. Jenkins worked out the details of the ritual, before informing the members of the Order. As he'd suspected, some were skeptical of the story. Others were unsure that the ritual would even work, and pointed out that the enchanter had been killed by the gods. Jenkins smoothed over all doubts by informing the Order that he would take the greatest care and would be sure of every detail. Eventually, the thought of the power, and of what the Order could do with it, soon did away with all qualms. Jenkins explained that not all the gods would answer the call, but the ones that did would be fully under his control and would do just as he ordered. All the Egyptian deities had considerable power; even if just five answered the call, it would still be five immense powers that were there at his beck and call. They could take over the world; have all the world's leaders on their knees in front of them. The possibilities were endless, and nothing would be impossible. Everything they had ever dreamed of could realistically come to pass. Jenkins wove a web of hypnotic words to convince the Order, and he was soon leaving the meeting hall thinking only of the day when he could perform the ritual...

Exactly three months later, Jenkins stood at Giza Plateau amongst the sand, which looked almost purple at night. Occasionally, a whirl of sand would fly up in a flurry of wind, but apart from these slight breezes, the air was still. Despite the almost arctic temperatures of night in that place, Jenkins wore very little but a pair of sandals and what appeared to be linen robes of some sort. These were the garments that the High Priest would wear every time that he performed one of the sacred rites; this ritual was no different. Impatiently he looked up at the sky where the stars were clearly visible, along with a thin white slice of moon. A group of stars which formed the shape of an arrow, were slowly heading towards the top of the Pyramids. Forty five minutes passed, and they were exactly in line. Once that happened, Jenkins began the ritual, slitting the throats of the lambs and letting the blood pour directly onto a fire that he'd kindled minutes before. He added pinches of herbs, along with various rare ingredients that he'd spent a lot of time and money getting hold of. Some were even illegal, and he could face prosecution just for having them in his possession. Upon finishing, there was a flash of something, but that something was not visible to the eye. Rather, it was something one sensed rather than saw, and whatever-it-was gave off the impression of vast amounts of raw, dangerous power. Jenkins waited a moment, a smug grin on his face, but when nothing appeared to happen, his grin gradually faded. And then he panicked; had it not worked? Had he wasted such rare ingredients for a dud? Or had something gone awry? There was only one way to check that he knew of that gave clear answers.

Jenkins quickly pulled out a small metal bowl from his pack and filled it with water from a flask that he'd brought with him to the desert, then stirred it with his hands, muttering rhythmically. Soon, instead of his reflection, Jenkins saw pictures forming on the water's surface; pictures that flashed up and were soon gone, but which told him what he wanted to know. Jenkins flung the bowl to the ground and howled curses at the unheeding moon. His voice was soon swallowed up in the vast silence that surrounded the Egyptian houses of the dead. A handful of sand was flung up into the air by an errant breeze. Time marched on, even as Jenkins stood still and cursed his failure. How had this come to pass?! What part of the ritual had gone wrong? Had it been that something had been left out, or that he'd mistranslated an important detail from the scroll? Perhaps it was not the ritual, but the accompanying binding spell that had not worked. For what had happened was disaster, for both himself and the Order. The gods of Ancient Egypt had not been simply brought to the future to serve him and his Order as he wished, but instead had been incarnated in human forms somewhere within in United States of America, the third most populous country in the world.

It would take years to find them…

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