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Miranda_ 01-01-2010 01:39 PM

Creatures Of The Night {Open RP}

1. Anyone can join. Just PM Silver_Wolf_Kitty with your profile and intro paragraph if you either haven't RPed before, or if you are not experienced on this forum. Please don't post until you have been okayed.

2. Please abide by the main RPG forum rules. That means no godmoding and no Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

3. Absolutely NO Meyerpires or Meyerwolves. If you attempt to join this RP with one, you will be told to change your character. Refusal to do so will mean that you are removed from the RP. Please follow the rules laid out for whichever group your character is part of.

4. Please do not ask questions in the RP. If you have any queries about characters or plot, please PM Kitty or myself. If you desire feedback on how you are doing, also PM us. Don't send PMs just to catch up on what you have missed; read the RP!

5. Try to post a few sentences at a time and make sure that you interact with everyone else. Do not try to take the RP over. You can have two characters; however, they can not be in the same group. If you post a vampire character, then balance it out with a werewolf or a human. If one group is getting too full, then it will be closed.

The world is a different one to the one you know, or think you know. As you walk the corridors of your high school, what do you really know about your classmates, your teachers? Could they be hiding a secret? Don't be so sure that they're not; this particular secret is one that if you are a human, you are never going to be allowed to find it out. Vampires and werewolves are not just a legend, they are real. They are all around you. Your best friend could be one, and so could your boyf. Your favourite teacher could be one, and so could the woman who drives your school bus. Unless you know what to look for, you wouldn't ever know. They are so good at hiding themselves amongst humans, as well as interacting with and preying on them. They've had centuries of practice, after all. Both the vampire and werewolf races have good reasons for doing so. For one, there are hunters who back in the past, hunted them down and killed them. For another, it's all about the thrill of the chase. After all, what would be the fun of hunting if the prey was aware that it was being hunted? Some of the creatures of the night actively seek out humans to toy with, to play with their hearts, to lead them on to believe that they are in love. It's all part of the thrill; to trick the humans, and also to enjoy their companionship while hugging the all important secret to themselves. It is for that reason that they attend schools and pass themselves off as humans.

The vampires and werewolves are not friendly. They have been waging a war against each other accross the centuries, a war that's been ongoing for so long that no-one can remember how and why it started. All they know is that they hate each other, and never mix. Both species run in different gangs, and make different friends, but they stick to their own. The werewolves mainly prey on wild game and livestock, as killing humans attracts unwanted attention. The vampires feed from the humans, but can do so without killing them. They merely trance their prey so that they may have a strange gap in their memory, but do not remember the attack where a blood meal was taken from their veins. Some will attend school and mix with humans; others will shun such activities as pointless and instead, hang around the school in their various groups. Werewolves tend to form packs, whereas vampires are more solitary. But one thing is certain; neither tends as a whole to see humans as equals. For one thing, it's hard to see your dinner as being a friend. For another, terrible punishments are visited on those who fraternise with humans; especially those who fall in love with them. Using humans is considered to be fine, tho; and of course, there are those rare night creatures who, despite the risk, may grow fond of humans. But the penalties are too harsh for these night creatures to forget themselves easily.

Things are changing. The Old Order of vampires has run the show for as long as anyone can remember; however, their influence is weakening. Some of the oldest vampires are refusing to follow the old rules any more, and wish to do as they want. The younger ones are more numourous now, and are rebelling against the old fashioned rules and regulations that the Old Order lays down. Some have banded together and formed a New Order; a group that is set apart from other vampires due to the fact that they firstly allow werewolves to join; and second, they feel that the only way to deal with the humans is to persuade them to join. If they agree, they are changed; sometimes, against their will. If they refuse, they are killed. The killings are done in secret, but the bodies are displayed openly, and the humans are beginning to realise that something terrible is going on. The police however are baffled by the killings; there are no marks on the bodies, save two tiny marks like pin pri'cks on the throats, and no indication of what killed them, save that the all the blood has been drained out. There also might well be a New Order member or two on the police force, to falsify evidence and mislead his or her collegues.

Characteristics Of Species.


Vampires come in two types, made and lamia. Lamia are born that way, to vampire parents. They will age up til adulthood, then stop aging. Lamia can also choose to stop their aging at any stage in their lives. However, made vampires are stuck forever at the age they were made at. Vampires can not be made after the age of twenty; after that, a human body just burns out and dies during the change. To make a vampire, a human has to exchange blood with a vampire; this can be done against their will by the vampire's use of mind control. Lamia generally give their children natural names, such as flower, animal, tree, element or jewel names. Made vampires will of course keep their human names. Vampires look human, save for the fact that their skin is paler than normal and their eyes go silvery whenever they extend their fangs. They can be hurt or killed by wood and fire. Vampires have psychic powers; mind reading, mind control, being able to put humans into a trance, and a "mind bolt" which is a force of psychic energy sent from the mind which attacks their victim's body and mind simultiniously. They also have superhuman senses and strength. They are immortal.


Werewolves make no different between those who are born into packs and those who are bitten. They will age up to adulthood, then stop aging. Werewolves can change into wolves whenever they like; however, if a werewolf bites a human during the full moon, that human will change into a werewolf. Werewolves tend to give their cubs names that mean either "wolf", or that mean wolf characteristics, for example "strength", "wisdom" etc. Werewolves look human save for their hair having a gloss on it like that of an animal's fur, and moving like animals. Their eyes go jewel like when they change into their wolf shape. Werewolves have superhuman senses and strength. They can also sense life force; which means that hiding from a werewolf will have no effect, as they will be able to sense their victim's life force and find them. They tend to form packs, and are immortal.


Humans are unaware that vampires and werewolves exist, save in horror movies and creepy stories. They also are wrapped up in their insular high school lives; which clique they are in, what homework they have to do, what to wear at the dance, what crushes they have. Humans also may well be friends with vampires and werewolves but not know their nature. Tho the humans may find out eventually the secret, right now they are in blissful ignorance. Vampires and werewolves are unlikely to tell human friends and lovers about themselves and their world; the penalty for doing so is death. It is also the penalty for daring to fall in love with a human. So a human would be in blissful ignorance that their boyf was a vampire or their best friend a werewolf. To find out accidentally would also mean that their very life would be in danger.

Miranda_ 01-01-2010 01:43 PM

(Posted in two parts due to character limit)

Flynn Hart

Dolph Blake
Ariella Weathers

Bethany Rodney
Alana Childs

Character Form.


Please include at least three weaknesses, and no more than three strengths. They must be realistic, and mesh well with each other. Appearance only merits a couple of sentences; a personality description on the other hand should be fairly extensive. The bio is mandatory, and should include a brief history of your character. Please include whether, if vampire or werewolf, your character is a member of the New Order or not. Characters must be aged 14 - 16 if werewolf or human; vampires can be any age, but those who have lived a long time would appear a certain age. If you are unsure about making a character, then PM Kitty or myself and we will help you.

Name: Dolph Blake.
Age: 15.
Race: Werewolf.
Appearance: Average height and build, dark blonde hair, blue eyes
Personality: Dominant, tends to be a bit bossy, can be rude and overbearing. He's loyal to his pack and to his friends, and also brave, tho he can be impulsive.
Bio: Dolph grew up in a pack that settled down in the middle of the town. He went to school along with the others from his pack, mainly cuz his pack did not want to attract any unwanted attention to themselves from the humans who were all around them. Dolph has clashed with vampires a few times, and generally has little time for humans, save as toys to play with. He is fiercely loyal to the werewolves, and dislikes the vampires intensely due to the belief, fostered in him by his pack, that the vampires started the war and are to blame for all of it. He's moderately good at his lessons, but better at sports.

Name: Flynn Hart.
Age: 450 years old, looks 16.
Race: Vampire.
Appearance: Tall, thin, dark brown hair, amber eyes
Personality: Cold, distances himself deliberately from others, selfish. Flynn is creative, and is clever, tho he tends to be impulsive at times and act without thinking.
Bio: Flynn is a loner. He tends to move from place to place, never staying around for too long. This rootless drifting existance came into being mainly cuz when he was born, his father took off, leaving his mother to raise her child alone. Flynn has never settled anywhere, and joined the New Order mainly to have a family and to belong. He hates and despises both humans and werewolves, and picks fights with werewolves whenever he can. He sees humans as being nothing better than vermin, and has killed on occasion. Despite his stance that he has no feelings, his father's desertion deeply hurt him, and continues to have an affect on him.

Last night...

A young girl walked down a dark street. She knew that it wasn't safe to do so, had been told umpteen times by her parents and by others that she should never take such a risk with her safety. But she had been inside the club til it closed at four am, and she had been so caught up in the fun as she danced with her friends that she had forgotten to put aside money for a cab for the journey home. Still, the walk back was not far, and altho her feet hurt in her new kitten heels that she'd bought especially for this night out, she was sure that she'd make it back. Many young girls have this mentality; the thought that, "It won't happen to me." It wouldn't happen; the monster would not strike, she would make it back home unharmed with only an early morning at school the next day to worry about. As she walked down the street, her eyes fixated on a dark bundle lying accross the pavement. She at first thought that it was a rubbish bag, then, as she got closer, she thought it a shapeless bundle of old clothes. It was neither. The girl stopped dead, her mouth opening in a scream of horror as she saw that what lay accross the pathway was the body of a girl, who lay too still to be merely asleep or passed out. Her face had the paleness of death upon it; there was no mark upon her visible to show how she had died. The young girl could not do anything; she backed away, stumbling on her heels, screaming over and over, until running footsteps signified that someone at least had heard her and was running to her aid.


Next day...

Dolph groaned as his alarm went off. School again; he thought briefly about not going, but gave up on that thought. After all, there was very little to do in the town, and especially in the collection of trailers where his pack had made their home. The locals tended to avoid this area, calling it a commune of weirdos and perhaps worse, which was just how the werewolf pack liked it. No-one had the authority to move them, and no-one would try, anyway. He sat up in bed, pushing a hand thru his hair, which stuck up haphazardly in spikes. Dolph attempted to brush it flat, abandoned the task as being useless, and got out of bed. About half an hour later, he was walking towards the school. He knew he was early, but prefered to make the journey at this time, avoiding the vampires for one thing, and the teeming crowds of humans for another. He had already hunted the night before; still, he might be able to fit in another hunt at lunchtime. It depended on whether or not he'd be able to get out of the school unseen. If there had been another murder, there'd be a security clampdown on the school and no student would be allowed to leave the grounds at all. Dolph thought it was stupid, what this new group were doing; sooner or later, it would come to the ears of the Old Order, or even a hunter, and then all hell would break loose.

Silent_Wolf 01-03-2010 10:17 AM

Name: Bethany Rodney
Age: 19
Race: Human
Appearance: Bright, bright dyed orange hair; natural hair color is a light brown. Blue eyes, not pale and not tan either. Has freckles.
Personality: Bethany is very straight-forward and isn't afraid to get in people's faces to get their attention; this isn't out of being nasty, it's out of necessity as she is deaf and hates it when people don't look at her when they're talking to her. Very friendly and loves jokes.
Bio: Beth wasn't born deaf; she became very ill when she was a kid and lost most of her hearing. While she does use hearing aids to an extent, she finds them basically useless. Knows sign language, but as most people don't, she writes in a notebook that she takes with her whereever she goes. Has been held back in school several times due to her hearing disability as well as her recent rebellion against several school policies; is in junior year. Her dad died when she was 14, which is why she acts out as much as she does; when he was alive, he fought to let her go to school without a sign-language interpreter, and now she has one following her around everywhere even though she doesn't see the need for one.

Name: Ariella Weathers
Age: 132, looks 18
Race: Werewolf
Appearance: Similarly to Bethany, bright orange hair, only with Ariella it's natural. Gray-blue eyes, same skin tone.
Personality: Not at all friendly; tends to snap a lot at those in her pack and gets into trouble in school frequently. A very few close friends are the only ones who escape her wrath, but even then she snaps at them as well. The few times she is even friendly is right before and right after the full moon; she doesn't know why.
Bio: Ariella was bitten when she was 18; and she's hated being a werewolf ever since. At first, she went to extreme lengths in the hopes that she'd be killed, but it never seemed to work. As a result, she's a very sour person and would much rather be left alone, but the whole pack-mindset thing was with her when she was a human; she was part of a very large family and misses the feeling of belonging. She doesn't have this feeling with her pack, which is part of the reason she snaps at them so much. She also used to sing for the church her family attended, but hasn't sung in years.

Name: Arik Roarke
Age: 216
Race: Vampire, lamia
Appearance: Short brown hair, grass-green eyes. Tanned skin because of genetic heritage. Usually wears leather jackets, jeans, and tshirts of varying colors. Is also rarely seen without his guitar case and duffle bag. Is around 6'3".
Personality: Arik is a very amiable man and gets along with most everybody; a singing comedian by night and a music teacher by day, he spends most of his free time lazing in the park as he doesn't give his students homework unless they're misbehaving horribly (therefore, he doesn't have to grade anything and has plenty of free time on his hands). Homework in his class has yet to happen, as for the most part the kids he works with behave well. He doesn't party as much as he used to and misses it a bit, but knows that if he over-does it he'll lose his job. Also has no problems with werewolves; there were a few in the reservation he grew up in and he sees no reason to hate them.
Bio: Arik was born Jackrabbit on a Native American reservation in the western U.S.; however, as he grew up, the name became an embarrassment to people who weren't familiar with the culture and he changed it to Arik; he earned the last name when he was living for a short period with a human family during the Great Depression. The reason he'd taken pity on them was mainly due to the fact he has a daughter of his own, Jesie; they used to travel together, but when he finally told her that her mother hadn't died in childbirth and had actually up and left, she disappeared and he hasn't seen her since. While he knows she can handle herself and isn't a foolish vampire, Arik still worries about her - and that's why he helped the human family, the Roarkes, because their only daughter was very sick and everybody was working to try and pay for her medical treatment. After she recovered, he was unofficially adopted into their family, and a few years later he left to continue his travels. He did run into Jesie once during the 1950's, but as the encounter was less than friendly, he doesn't talk about it and still has scars from it (chairs being thrown is not conducive to a healthy father-daughter relationship.) as a result. To date, he hasn't seen her again and has come to this city for work and entertainment - and maybe, he might run into her again.


Bethany stretched out on the floor, having rolled out of bed when she'd woken up, and stared up at the ceiling. "..mmph." She rubbed her eyes and sat up, cracking her wrists a bit before standing and walking over to her closet to grab her clothes. Did I do the homework this weekend? Bah, forget it. She pulled a pair of jeans on and felt somebody walking on the floor; heavy footsteps, probably her stepdad. She knocked twice on the door to let him know she was awake and grabbed her jumper, checking her hair in the mirror before pulling the sweater over her head. This effectively messed up her hair, but she didn't mind much as that was the general idea of what she was going for today. She stared absent-mindedly at her reflection, thinking, Hello, world, here I come. B*tchy had better not be following me around today, hope she's sick again.


Ariella was already at school, sitting on a staircase and trying to light a cigarette; either her lighter was dead or her hands were just shaking too hard in her anger. She'd gotten into a fight with somebody in the pack again, and this time it was likely to be the last straw before she was kicked out. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why the hell am I the one getting in trouble, she's the one who started it, ransacking my room like that when I was out! She snorted and finally got the lighter to work. Her hair was pulled back in a sloppy ponytail and her clothes - torn jeans, a tshirt with Led Zepplin printed on the back, and old runners - were the ones she'd worn the day before. Thinks I'm falling for a human, stupid b*tch. I'm not an idiot. 'sides, humans are stupid. They all are.

LadyBast0911 01-10-2010 05:27 PM

Name: Alana Childs
Age: 16
Race: Human
Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, Average height though she has broad shoulders and a more ‘manly’ build.
Personality: She is a control freak, detail-oriented, intelligent, practical, and analytical. She is also a major worried and tends to be a bit negative, though if everyone is being negative, she will be the positive one, even if she doesn’t believe herself.
Bio: Alana just moved to the town in time for the new school year. She moved from California to escape her drunk of a mom and moved in with her dad, a local police officer. She normally has a realistic view for most things; however, she has this wild imagination. She is one of those girls who wishes she was a Harry Potter or a Zoey Redbird. She lives and breathes fantasy. Because of this, she is more book smart and street smart therefore she is very good in school subjects. However, in some sports, she can do very well. She is better at basketball and softball than anything else.


Alana’s alarm clock went off later than she expect. “Crap. I’m going to be late for my first day.” Alana jumped out of bed, tripping over a brown packing box. “Ow!” She shouted, jumping on her right foot. “Stupid boxes!” She said walking into the bathroom. She looked at her big toe. It was red but other than that it was fine. She jumped into the shower. She was still tired from getting in so late.
The LA airport had to delay her plane because of some bad weather in Denver. Her five o’clock plane turned out to be a midnight plane ride. She didn’t get home till 2 am and she had school in 5 hours. When she arrived home, she decided to lie down to get some sleep but her alarm went off an hour later than what she had thought she set it for.
When she got out of the shower, Alana grabbed the first clothes she saw. She had on a black skirt that was mid-thigh with long black and white striped tights and black flats. She threw on a solid black tank top with a white jacket. She threw her hair up into a messy ponytail, put some eye-liner on, and ran downstairs to grab breakfast.
“Hey Dad! What’s for breakfast?”
“Well, I don’t have much but I did make you some bacon and eggs.”
“Oh…ok.” She sat down at the table and started to eat. She looked at the time. “Uh…Dad, we need to get going. I’m going to be late.”
“Oh, yeah. Well, go grab your backpack and let’s get going.”
Alana ran upstairs and grabbed her backpack and ran back down to the running car.
30 minutes later, she was walking into the main office to get her class schedule. Once she had that, she started to walk around the school trying to find her way.

eyeball_fish 01-24-2010 03:36 PM

Name: Nora Ilene Pinesword

Age: 16

Race: Human

Nora has dark brown hair often mistaken for black that she manages with a lot of hairpins and a scrunchy. Her skin is pale but not of the unnatural shade- it just looks as if she doesn't bother to go to the beach on weekends like other girls. Her eyes are a warm brown which have brighter patches in rings, like the tree stump. Her face is long with soft cheekbones, and she has a small mouth. Her body is lanky without much shape, and it has been noted that she has pointy elbows. Her approach is usually quite timid, but her eyes are always up and aware. She'd be the type to watch from afar and then tiptoe closer for a better look- kinda girl.

Personality: Nora is shy and timid, and isn't very streetwise. Her booky intelligence seems to take up a lot of her brain capacity so that she is bad at learning much in practical work. She has a sort of elegance to her without really realizing it, and is a very good listener.

Bio: She was born to a middle class family in the suburbs. A real strict bunch of nutters that strongly instilled in their two children that kids should be seen, not heard. Her older sister became a real rebel in her teen years and when she went off to college, her family never heard from her again. When calling the university, they told Nora's parents that her sister had said she was leaving education, but to do what and where, they weren't sure. The disconnection from their child hurt her parents badly, and at seeing their reaction, Nora decided she wouldn't hurt them further by coming home with a bad report card, or going out at night to clubs. Nora was going to put her head down to the books. Nora was going to monitor her free-time. Nora was going to be seen, not heard.

Nora sat on a bench just outside the school entrance, a book of physics open on her lap. She read and reread the lines carefully with a smile, trying to embed newtons laws into her mind. She loved this time of the morning, and the quietness of it. The chill in the air only seemed to make her more aware- which was a good thing. Nora liked being alert and focused. There was something admirable about standing (well, alright she was sitting) at attention like a soldier waiting to be called into battle. Or maybe she was just a bit of a freak for exciting over that physics test first period.

spirit_queen 01-28-2010 05:19 PM

Name: Omarosa du Chateau (Rose)
Age: 16
Race: Human, of African descent
Appearance: Dark, coffee-colored skin, “full figured”, a fancy term for a girl who some might label as “Fat” (think Jennifer Hudson), super poofy/curly black hair, brown eyes, a wide nice, fat lips
Personality: Nosey. She loves to know what’s going on and can’t resist butting in where she shouldn’t. Though nosey, she values her friends and the rights of people in general, and wishes the world was a better place. She can be a bit rude at times to those she takes a dislike to, or when she’s made angry. And if it’s that time of month, RUN AWAY.
Bio: Rose spent a good part of her childhood in the Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast), but eventually her parents divorced, and she became the custody of her mother, who moved away. She is now separated from her older brother, Djimon, who’s still in Africa. They talk a lot through e-mail and over the phone, but Rose still misses her terribly. Rose’s parents split because Rose’s mom had married her father under false pretenses; Rose’s mom was actually a l3.sbian, and had married her best friend to appease her parents. Later on, Rose’s mom revealed the truth to her husband and divorced him and moved away with Rose. This is rarely brought up however.

Rose moaned when he alarm screamed at her. She didn’t even lift the covers to turn the thing off. Instead, one arm shot out from under the covers and smacked at the device until she managed to turn it off. The hand disappeared, but then the girl sat up, a scowl on her face and her hair poofed out like an afro. She grumbled unintelligibly to herself, then got out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom.

A bit later, she reappeared, dressed and ready for school, her hair braided because she’d found it too un-manageable to do anything else with it. She ate breakfast with her mom, who explained she had a date that night and wouldn’t be home until late. Rose simply nodded, too tired to care much, and her mother drove her to school. Rose went to her locker to get her stuff, and then began to look for her best friend.

Miranda_ 01-28-2010 05:58 PM

Dolph dawdled on the way to school. He scented the air briefly, to see if there were any vampires nearby, and was reassured when only the scent of humans came to him. He wasn't in the mood for a fight right this minute. He passed a gang of human girls who were gossipping excitedly, and stopped to listen for a moment.

"Did you hear?" one said to another. "There was another murder last night." She shivered deliciously, once again the human reaction asserting itself, the thought that it had at least not happened to her, but to someone else. "They're not saying who it was, tho."

Dolph walked on. He felt annoyed, as the school would no doubt be locked down at lunch time, even tho none of the murders had ever occurred on school grounds or during the day time.

eyeball_fish 01-28-2010 06:05 PM

Nora turned the page of her physics book, but found it hard to concentrate with the girls talking about the murders, as they stood right beside her bench. "Sorry, but I'm... trying to study..." She moused out the answer. Although knowing they probably wouldn't hear her with their loud chatter, she felt she had a right to say something, but at the same time she didn't feel like grabbing attention to herself.

spirit_queen 01-28-2010 06:09 PM

Rose, who'd been paired up with Nora for a project in English class, plopped down beside the brunette. She looked at the cheerleader types and said "Can't you chat elsewhere? The girl's trying to study."

eyeball_fish 01-28-2010 06:13 PM

Nora turned to give a very grateful expression towards Rose, and didn't know exactly what to say. "Thank you..." She said to her, as the girls gave them both an expression that had 'whatever' written all over it and walked away.

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