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Default Creatures Of The Night {Open RP} - 01-01-2010, 01:39 PM


1. Anyone can join. Just PM Silver_Wolf_Kitty with your profile and intro paragraph if you either haven't RPed before, or if you are not experienced on this forum. Please don't post until you have been okayed.

2. Please abide by the main RPG forum rules. That means no godmoding and no Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

3. Absolutely NO Meyerpires or Meyerwolves. If you attempt to join this RP with one, you will be told to change your character. Refusal to do so will mean that you are removed from the RP. Please follow the rules laid out for whichever group your character is part of.

4. Please do not ask questions in the RP. If you have any queries about characters or plot, please PM Kitty or myself. If you desire feedback on how you are doing, also PM us. Don't send PMs just to catch up on what you have missed; read the RP!

5. Try to post a few sentences at a time and make sure that you interact with everyone else. Do not try to take the RP over. You can have two characters; however, they can not be in the same group. If you post a vampire character, then balance it out with a werewolf or a human. If one group is getting too full, then it will be closed.

The world is a different one to the one you know, or think you know. As you walk the corridors of your high school, what do you really know about your classmates, your teachers? Could they be hiding a secret? Don't be so sure that they're not; this particular secret is one that if you are a human, you are never going to be allowed to find it out. Vampires and werewolves are not just a legend, they are real. They are all around you. Your best friend could be one, and so could your boyf. Your favourite teacher could be one, and so could the woman who drives your school bus. Unless you know what to look for, you wouldn't ever know. They are so good at hiding themselves amongst humans, as well as interacting with and preying on them. They've had centuries of practice, after all. Both the vampire and werewolf races have good reasons for doing so. For one, there are hunters who back in the past, hunted them down and killed them. For another, it's all about the thrill of the chase. After all, what would be the fun of hunting if the prey was aware that it was being hunted? Some of the creatures of the night actively seek out humans to toy with, to play with their hearts, to lead them on to believe that they are in love. It's all part of the thrill; to trick the humans, and also to enjoy their companionship while hugging the all important secret to themselves. It is for that reason that they attend schools and pass themselves off as humans.

The vampires and werewolves are not friendly. They have been waging a war against each other accross the centuries, a war that's been ongoing for so long that no-one can remember how and why it started. All they know is that they hate each other, and never mix. Both species run in different gangs, and make different friends, but they stick to their own. The werewolves mainly prey on wild game and livestock, as killing humans attracts unwanted attention. The vampires feed from the humans, but can do so without killing them. They merely trance their prey so that they may have a strange gap in their memory, but do not remember the attack where a blood meal was taken from their veins. Some will attend school and mix with humans; others will shun such activities as pointless and instead, hang around the school in their various groups. Werewolves tend to form packs, whereas vampires are more solitary. But one thing is certain; neither tends as a whole to see humans as equals. For one thing, it's hard to see your dinner as being a friend. For another, terrible punishments are visited on those who fraternise with humans; especially those who fall in love with them. Using humans is considered to be fine, tho; and of course, there are those rare night creatures who, despite the risk, may grow fond of humans. But the penalties are too harsh for these night creatures to forget themselves easily.

Things are changing. The Old Order of vampires has run the show for as long as anyone can remember; however, their influence is weakening. Some of the oldest vampires are refusing to follow the old rules any more, and wish to do as they want. The younger ones are more numourous now, and are rebelling against the old fashioned rules and regulations that the Old Order lays down. Some have banded together and formed a New Order; a group that is set apart from other vampires due to the fact that they firstly allow werewolves to join; and second, they feel that the only way to deal with the humans is to persuade them to join. If they agree, they are changed; sometimes, against their will. If they refuse, they are killed. The killings are done in secret, but the bodies are displayed openly, and the humans are beginning to realise that something terrible is going on. The police however are baffled by the killings; there are no marks on the bodies, save two tiny marks like pin pri'cks on the throats, and no indication of what killed them, save that the all the blood has been drained out. There also might well be a New Order member or two on the police force, to falsify evidence and mislead his or her collegues.

Characteristics Of Species.


Vampires come in two types, made and lamia. Lamia are born that way, to vampire parents. They will age up til adulthood, then stop aging. Lamia can also choose to stop their aging at any stage in their lives. However, made vampires are stuck forever at the age they were made at. Vampires can not be made after the age of twenty; after that, a human body just burns out and dies during the change. To make a vampire, a human has to exchange blood with a vampire; this can be done against their will by the vampire's use of mind control. Lamia generally give their children natural names, such as flower, animal, tree, element or jewel names. Made vampires will of course keep their human names. Vampires look human, save for the fact that their skin is paler than normal and their eyes go silvery whenever they extend their fangs. They can be hurt or killed by wood and fire. Vampires have psychic powers; mind reading, mind control, being able to put humans into a trance, and a "mind bolt" which is a force of psychic energy sent from the mind which attacks their victim's body and mind simultiniously. They also have superhuman senses and strength. They are immortal.


Werewolves make no different between those who are born into packs and those who are bitten. They will age up to adulthood, then stop aging. Werewolves can change into wolves whenever they like; however, if a werewolf bites a human during the full moon, that human will change into a werewolf. Werewolves tend to give their cubs names that mean either "wolf", or that mean wolf characteristics, for example "strength", "wisdom" etc. Werewolves look human save for their hair having a gloss on it like that of an animal's fur, and moving like animals. Their eyes go jewel like when they change into their wolf shape. Werewolves have superhuman senses and strength. They can also sense life force; which means that hiding from a werewolf will have no effect, as they will be able to sense their victim's life force and find them. They tend to form packs, and are immortal.


Humans are unaware that vampires and werewolves exist, save in horror movies and creepy stories. They also are wrapped up in their insular high school lives; which clique they are in, what homework they have to do, what to wear at the dance, what crushes they have. Humans also may well be friends with vampires and werewolves but not know their nature. Tho the humans may find out eventually the secret, right now they are in blissful ignorance. Vampires and werewolves are unlikely to tell human friends and lovers about themselves and their world; the penalty for doing so is death. It is also the penalty for daring to fall in love with a human. So a human would be in blissful ignorance that their boyf was a vampire or their best friend a werewolf. To find out accidentally would also mean that their very life would be in danger.

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