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Sarah_K_O_M 11-23-2009 04:05 PM

Howl of Canine (Repost)
This world is a very different place to the one you know. In this world, there are no wild canines roaming the land; the ones that do live in the world are very different to the ones that roam our land. There are three different tribes; the Lupines, or wolves; the Vulpines, or foxes, and finally the Lycaons, or hunting dogs. At the beginning of everything, these tribes had separate territories and kept strictly apart, not mixing at all. Traditions were followed and rules strictly adhered to. Apart from the occasional scuffle with a rival pack over such things like territory and hunting grounds, the canines lived peacefully enough alongside each other. Cubs were raised and brought up within the pack; once they reached adulthood, they could choose whether they would remain with their home pack or leave to start another with likeminded canines. There was plenty of food and water for all, and the only hardship was winter. However, the canines were able to gather food from the plenty around them in order to keep food stocks for the winter and they kept close together for warmth in caves and dens. The canines thought that these times would last forever; but nothing lasts forever, even a Golden Age.*

This was when the humans came. Where they came from, none of the canines knew. Some thought that the humans came from another land over the sea, others that they'd flown in via ships from space. Whereever the humans came from, once they arrived and settled down, the Golden Age was over, perhaps for good. The humans did not want to share their freshly aquired territory, and hunted down the canines, shooting and scattering them. The old values were forgotten, save by those packs of canines who refused to pander to what the humans wanted and insisted on following their old rules and traditions. These packs were known as Vigilantes. Others chose to take their true forms and live among the humans as pets and guards, taking everything they could from the humans in exchange for the companionship and strength that they could offer. Finally, other canines live on the fringes of humanity, taking their human forms to blend in with the humans in their own cities, alternately taking their natural forms to scavenge for food. The renegades pride themselves as not being slaves like they see the pets, however they are, in some ways, as much dependant on the humans as the pets are. They have lost their way; they have no leaders and do not form packs like the canines of old did. If they ever think of the old Golden Age, it is as nothing save a daydream of paradise, now lost forever and something that can never be regained.

Trouble is brewing on the horizon. The city is full to bursting, and the mayor wishes to expand it so that more houses can be built for new residents, along with more shops, more clubs and inns and everything else that goes with expansion. He has already drawn up the plans and his intentions are cruelly simple. He intends to encroach on the land presently occupied by a vigilante pack which contains a forest and a stream. The stream he has already earmarked as a place to put down a fountain; the forest on the other hand will be cut down. As for the vigilantes, the adults will be killed or driven out and the cubs sold as pets or guards. The mayor sees no opposition to his plan. After all, the canines are not allowed to vote, and the humans living in the city are bound to want more space and more places for people to live. As for the vigilantes, he doesn't even care about them. They are simply worthless trash, to be merely swept aside unless there is a chance of profit. The mayor is so caught up in his new plan, that he is neglecting other aspects of the city. Such as the illegal dog fighting groups. They train guards to fight and pit them against each other for profit and entertainment. Such gangs will also capture renegades, and force them to either fight each other, or the specially trained fighters, against who they do not stand a chance. Not all humans are behind the mayor or approve of the dog fights, but they are sadly in the minority. The endless flood of progress is almost impossible to stop, especially when those concerned do not have the rights needed to fight against it.

However, the canines are divided. They all cling stubbornly to their own different ways of life, but there needs to be some kind of alliance that has to be formed if the humans are to be stopped. Maybe in the future, one with the humans could be considered, but at the moment, that is a distant thought, one that is almost a fairy tale and almost too unlikely to even be considered. There are humans who do not hold this view, but wish to continue with the status quo, with humans presiding over all and canines on the very bottom rung, their lives there for the humans to do with as they wish. A small group of humans do dream of peace between the races, however this is a dangerous opinion to have. The majority of humans do not like for their own kind to hold such a treacherous thought, and there are of course the renegades who naturally see all humans as their enemy, and do not differentuate between the two groups. Sadly, there are a lot of humans have ended up dead; either murdered by the first, and largest, group of humans, or found savaged to death by renegades. The latter happening is taken by the dominant group of humans and used as a reason to prove that the canines are just as they consider them; just wild, mindless, savage animals.


Sarah_K_O_M 11-23-2009 04:07 PM

1. This RP is a remake, so the following people can post: Myself, Silent_Wolf, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll and Spirit_Queen.
2. Please pick names that suit whichever species you are. If you are stuck, try the following links: For wolf names, go here. For fox names, go here.
3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.
4. I'm sure everyone knows what a wolf and a fox looks like; the hunting dogs by the way, look like this: African Wild Dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5. You can be one of the following groups; pets, renegades, vigilantes or humans. Please can everyone try to have equal representatives of each, rather than everyone being of one group. If there are already say 2 pets signed up, then choose another group to belong to. Also, please don't join one and have the characteristics of another. Introduce your character(s) in your intro paragraph. If you have more than one, then try for a bit of variety in groups and species, please.


Canine Groups And Characteristics


These canines live like the canines in the Golden Age live, or to the best of their ability. They stubbornly stick to the old traditions, and despise the pets for being slaves to humans, and the renegades for forsaking their heritage. Arrogant, they do not believe that anything will happen to them, and reside in the forests and plains outside the city. Each vigilante pack is led by the Alpha pair, the Eltos and Antos. Cubs do not recognise specific parents, but are raised by the pack as a whole and taught how to hunt and forage by the pack Elders. The vigilante Elders have strict rules about what the rest of the pack can and can not do. No member of the pack is permitted to go off on its own without first getting permission by the Eltos. Going to the city is strictly forbidden, as is mixing with the renegades. Punishments, like isolation or eating only scraps, are meted out to any pack member who breaks these rules. The vigilantes believe that their strength is within the pack, therefore the rules must be kept, no argument. Vigilantes refuse to use any human inventions. They do not wear clothes as they believe that clothes are a human invention. Vigilantes view mating as something done purely to produce cubs. They generally mate in the fall so that cubs may be born in the spring. The birth of cubs is something that the whole pack celebrates and cubs are cherished. The vigilantes dream one day of forcing the humans out so that the Golden Age can be reborn.


The renegades form camps in the town, sometimes within abandoned buildings, other times in alleyways, derelict houses or rubbish tips. They have no official leaders; tho some will naturally get their way due to superior strength or intellect; and no rules. Their life is harsh; they sometimes must move camp due to being forced out by humans, or cuz the site has run out of resources. They often fight with other renegades, as well as with the pets and guards. They do not believe that their way of life will ever improve, and despise the vigilantes for thinking so. Renegades will use human inventions, and wear clothes. They get food by either hunting, stealing or scavenging. Hunting is limited; there are very few animals living in the cities, those that do are either rats, mice, squirrels or birds. Stealing is risky, as humans do not take kindly to thieves whether they believe them to be human or canine and punishment will be meted out if the thief is caught. Scavenging is the safest, tho still carries an element of risk. Food places, such as cafes, restaurants and fast food places, have dumpsters outside with leftovers within. Private houses and inns also throw out rubbish. However, the easiest method is also the one that the majority will use. Renegades mate, sometimes out of loneliness or boredom, other times cuz they have actually found a soulmate. However, due to the harsh life that the renegades leave, with the lack of food, the poor quality of such food and the cold, cubs rarely survive. Often, a cub dies in the womb or is born dead. Those that are born alive do not stand much of a chance til they reach the age of five. Renegades who cannot find food well or hunt will often care for cubs.

Pets And Guards.

These are the canines who have shunned their true nature in order to live amongst the humans as either pampered pets or guards for warehouses, private houses and the like. Pets are well fed and cared for as a general rule, as they are worth a lot of money and are therefore valuable to their owners. A lot of renegades who become parents will give their cubs away to humans in order that they survive and have a better life; these cubs are destined to end up as pets or guards. Guards tend to be kept by humans who own junkyards, warehouses, store houses and the like, and also by the rich, to guard their houses. Guards are fed well and given the run of whatever place they are guarding, and there is generally more than one in the place. Pets on the other hand tend to be singular. They will also stick close to their owners out of fear of their fellow canines, who view them as traitors to their own kind for the choice they have made. The pets and guards however despise the vigilantes and renegades for their pointless defiance of the humans and refusal to do what they believe is best. Pets do not choose mates; their owners will decide if they are allowed to have them, and there is usually money involved. Owners too have the power to sell on any cubs, with their pet or guard powerless to stop them.

Aldo braced himself. It smelt like a blacksmith's hair armpit in the dumpster, but if he wanted to eat that night....

Oh sc**w that. There'd probably be a few rats around town and he'd just bloody washed and everything. He wasn't hungry enough for dumpster diving just yet, not in that dumpster anyways. He set off down the road, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his leather coat and trying to give off real f*ck off vibes to anyone around, his auburn hair hanging in his eyes.

He found himself a few rats on his walk, ducking into an alleyway to snap their necks then turn into fox form and eat. He wiped his mouth when he was done, making a face. Rat tasted like deep-fried ass even at the best of times. Maybe someone at camp would have an idea of a good place.

He set off back there.

Miranda_ 11-23-2009 04:10 PM

Phelan crept slowly thru the alleyway. He sniffed the air; no trace of humans on the breeze, but he couldn't be sure. There was always the chance of one of those scummy traitors who lived with the humans lying in wait to catch him. As far as Phelan was concerned, if he ever encountered one of the pets away from their master, they would feel his teeth. He had in his past done so; the vulpine traitor had been lucky to escape with his life. Phelan was born to a wolf belonging to a renegade group that lived on the fringes of the city. He never knew his father, and never wanted to; his mother brought him up to be independant and trust no-one. He spent most of his childhood being taught to hate the humans for what they'd done, and to despise the pets. Rude, impulsive, bad tempered and paranoid, Phelan was often suspicious of people's motives. However, he was a loyal friend to those who had gained his trust, and he would protect them to the end.

Phelan crouched down next to some dustbins. Phelan was thin and savage, even in human form. He tended to wear black clothes, so as not to stand out. Right now, he was in his wolf form; a wiry black wolf with amber eyes. He saw a ham bone that still had meat on it and picked it up, cautiously looking out for any renegade who might try and fight him for his prize. Seeing none, he ran off in the direction of the camp.


Kasa stretched luxuriously out on her comfortable bed. She was, as usual, in her lycaon form; her coat freshly brushed, with a pink silk ribbon around her throat. She perked her ears up at the sound of her master's key in the door and jumped up to greet him. She loved her master intensely; as for the idea that by living this life she was betraying her kind, to Kasa that was ridiculous. There was no point in struggling against the tide; the humans were not going to go away and there were far too many of them to fight against. Far better to embrace the chance of living such a life than to constantly starve and fight. She almost pitied the renegades and vigilantes; however, they had made their choice, just as she had made hers. Kasa's parents only wanted the best for her; they saw their life living on the fringes of humanity to be pointless so they gave their daughter away to made into a pet. Kasa grew up knowing no other life, and soon delighted in it. Her master spoiled her rotten and she always had plenty to eat, and a soft bed to sleep on, and the run of the house.

Kasa's eyes were blue; in her human form, she had red hair and wore pretty dresses and ballet pumps. However, she very rarely took that form nowadays as her master prefered her lycaon form and she deferred to his wishes. She could often be spiteful, stubborn and b*tchy towards those she considered beneath her. Kasa however was kind at heart, and very affectionate towards her master. She sometimes got lonely, but tried to push that to the back of her mind.

Sarah_K_O_M 11-23-2009 04:39 PM

Aldo took a shortcut through the richer part of the city. He always got disdainful looks, but he didn't mind. He liked the idea that in some small way he'd messed up their shiny little lives, even if just for a few seconds.

Silent_Wolf 11-23-2009 04:41 PM

A gray wolf, scarred just above the left hip on the left side, padded down an alleyway, nosing a baseball as she walked; she'd found it in a park and had taken it. Figured it might do to have something to pass the time with. She could hear claws scraping against the concrete and started to growl, pawing the ball closer to her feet. However, the noise faded away in the direction she was heading; somebody heading back to camp, she supposed. With a snort, she picked the ball up in her teeth and took off at a brisk walk to try and get back quicker. Man, if I'd found a bat, we could keep the cubs occupied for hours.

Once she was close to the base, the wolf changed; she became a tall, tanned woman with an eyebrow piercing, a nose ring, a lip stud in the right corner of her mouth and multiple hoop earrings and wore faux leather jeans and a similar shirt with the sleeves torn off. Her hair was black and her eyes were a deep, cold blue. She picked the baseball up in her right hand and tossed it up, catching it as it fell back to her, and she headed into the base. Wonder where Phelan is.


Out in the forests, a vulpine dashed through the woods, chasing a rabbit; god, he was hungry! He'd had to beg the Alphas to go out and hunt something on his own; he'd promised up and left to bring back a deer once he'd caught something to eat. Oh, he hoped he could catch something big to please them. He'd been getting into nothing but trouble; the other night, he could have sworn he'd seen someone in the pack leave and go into the city, so he'd gone to look. He hadn't gone in! He hadn't even gotten close enough for them to see him! The Alphas had been so angry with him. He'd tried to explain; and he'd had to eat scraps until tonight.

Raoul's stomach growled hard, and he pounced on the rabbit, tearing into its throat. He felt its legs thumping against him briefly before stopping, and he settled down to eat. Rabbit wasn't exactly his favorite thing to eat; he thought they were far too furry with not enough meat. I need to find the deer pack. I know they're around here, I can smell them. He licked his muzzle just thinking about it and bit down on his tongue by accident with a loud yelp. He pawed at his jaw a bit, whimpering, before finishing the rabbit and licking the blood off his fur. Though really, it wasn't noticeable; his fur was about the same dark red-brown shade.

spirit_queen 11-23-2009 05:11 PM

A small, cream-and-caramel colored hunting dog paused from running to lap up some water from the stream in the woods, delighting in how cold and fresh it was. She was charged with adrenaline, and could hardly stand still; she’d done it! She’d finally given her hunting group the slip! This was something she’d longed to do for so many years she’d lost count, and at long last she could taste freedom, real freedom. Takaia listened carefully and tasted the air for pursuit, then ran some more when she found none, her tongue hanging out in pure joy. Soon, she came to where the forest ended, and the tall grasses began, which in turn led to the city, something she’d always been curious about. She paused once more to listen and sniff for danger, then, having found none, she sprinted through the tall grasses, enjoying the feel of it all around her.
Marius, a man in his thirties with tan skin, dark eyes and brown hair, had had a terrible day at work; no one had wanted to listen to his proposal about the new plans to drive out or capture the vigilantes in the forest, and he was in a bad mood when he came home, his mood shown by his stiff posture, clenched fists and heavy scowl. But that changed a little when Kasa jumped up to greet him at the door, as she always did. He laughed. “Hey, there’s my favorite girl!” He said, scratching Kasa behind her ears and smiling down at her. “Did you miss me? I missed you.”

Miranda_ 11-23-2009 05:14 PM

Phelan soon got back to camp, and took his hambone somewhere to eat in peace. He sometimes brought back food for the cubs, but this time there had been very little food in the dumpster. That was the trouble with dumpster diving; too much competition. He thought that he'd go and find Sinopa once he was done.

Kasa licked her master's hand. She was glad to see him, having had little to do all day other than go into the garden and look out the window. She hadn't stayed out for long, as it was cold outside.

Silent_Wolf 11-23-2009 05:17 PM

Sinopa headed to where the cubs tended to play. "Hey kids, look what I got?" She threw the ball in the air; it landed on the ground and bounced before sitting still. "You can chase it around and throw it to each other. It's a baseball." She sat down. "I noticed you guys were bored."

spirit_queen 11-23-2009 05:36 PM

Marius laughed some more, then said "Alright, girl, let me take off my shoes, will ya?"

Takaia soon came to the roads and the city, and paused; everything was so open, and what was that black stuff the hmans put all over the ground? Some kind of stone? Taka sniffed at it, then sneezed; it smelled terrible, and she didn't like it. her tail drooped, and Taka stepped onto the pavement, disliking the way her clows clicked on it. Well, you've come this far, you might as well go all the way; you'll be punished the same, either way.

Miranda_ 11-23-2009 05:55 PM

Phelan went to where the cubs were. There weren't many of them, but those that they had were generally sturdy. He was relieved; giving up the cubs to the humans may be for their own good, but it didn't mean that he had to like it.

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