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Default Howl of Canine (Repost) - 11-23-2009, 04:05 PM

This world is a very different place to the one you know. In this world, there are no wild canines roaming the land; the ones that do live in the world are very different to the ones that roam our land. There are three different tribes; the Lupines, or wolves; the Vulpines, or foxes, and finally the Lycaons, or hunting dogs. At the beginning of everything, these tribes had separate territories and kept strictly apart, not mixing at all. Traditions were followed and rules strictly adhered to. Apart from the occasional scuffle with a rival pack over such things like territory and hunting grounds, the canines lived peacefully enough alongside each other. Cubs were raised and brought up within the pack; once they reached adulthood, they could choose whether they would remain with their home pack or leave to start another with likeminded canines. There was plenty of food and water for all, and the only hardship was winter. However, the canines were able to gather food from the plenty around them in order to keep food stocks for the winter and they kept close together for warmth in caves and dens. The canines thought that these times would last forever; but nothing lasts forever, even a Golden Age.*

This was when the humans came. Where they came from, none of the canines knew. Some thought that the humans came from another land over the sea, others that they'd flown in via ships from space. Whereever the humans came from, once they arrived and settled down, the Golden Age was over, perhaps for good. The humans did not want to share their freshly aquired territory, and hunted down the canines, shooting and scattering them. The old values were forgotten, save by those packs of canines who refused to pander to what the humans wanted and insisted on following their old rules and traditions. These packs were known as Vigilantes. Others chose to take their true forms and live among the humans as pets and guards, taking everything they could from the humans in exchange for the companionship and strength that they could offer. Finally, other canines live on the fringes of humanity, taking their human forms to blend in with the humans in their own cities, alternately taking their natural forms to scavenge for food. The renegades pride themselves as not being slaves like they see the pets, however they are, in some ways, as much dependant on the humans as the pets are. They have lost their way; they have no leaders and do not form packs like the canines of old did. If they ever think of the old Golden Age, it is as nothing save a daydream of paradise, now lost forever and something that can never be regained.

Trouble is brewing on the horizon. The city is full to bursting, and the mayor wishes to expand it so that more houses can be built for new residents, along with more shops, more clubs and inns and everything else that goes with expansion. He has already drawn up the plans and his intentions are cruelly simple. He intends to encroach on the land presently occupied by a vigilante pack which contains a forest and a stream. The stream he has already earmarked as a place to put down a fountain; the forest on the other hand will be cut down. As for the vigilantes, the adults will be killed or driven out and the cubs sold as pets or guards. The mayor sees no opposition to his plan. After all, the canines are not allowed to vote, and the humans living in the city are bound to want more space and more places for people to live. As for the vigilantes, he doesn't even care about them. They are simply worthless trash, to be merely swept aside unless there is a chance of profit. The mayor is so caught up in his new plan, that he is neglecting other aspects of the city. Such as the illegal dog fighting groups. They train guards to fight and pit them against each other for profit and entertainment. Such gangs will also capture renegades, and force them to either fight each other, or the specially trained fighters, against who they do not stand a chance. Not all humans are behind the mayor or approve of the dog fights, but they are sadly in the minority. The endless flood of progress is almost impossible to stop, especially when those concerned do not have the rights needed to fight against it.

However, the canines are divided. They all cling stubbornly to their own different ways of life, but there needs to be some kind of alliance that has to be formed if the humans are to be stopped. Maybe in the future, one with the humans could be considered, but at the moment, that is a distant thought, one that is almost a fairy tale and almost too unlikely to even be considered. There are humans who do not hold this view, but wish to continue with the status quo, with humans presiding over all and canines on the very bottom rung, their lives there for the humans to do with as they wish. A small group of humans do dream of peace between the races, however this is a dangerous opinion to have. The majority of humans do not like for their own kind to hold such a treacherous thought, and there are of course the renegades who naturally see all humans as their enemy, and do not differentuate between the two groups. Sadly, there are a lot of humans have ended up dead; either murdered by the first, and largest, group of humans, or found savaged to death by renegades. The latter happening is taken by the dominant group of humans and used as a reason to prove that the canines are just as they consider them; just wild, mindless, savage animals.


"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."

-Bernard Malamud
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