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Miranda_ 09-14-2009 03:58 PM

Mobius High - Sonic X Spin Off {RP}

1. This RP is open only to the people who RP in the original Sonic X RP. They are myself, Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll, noirmali, spirit_queen, AaronShadows and Catlover642. No-one else. So, please don't bother either spamming in the RP or begging me to let you join in PM if your name isn't on that list.

2. Everyone must play the character they play in the original, not including extras. All characters are humanised versions. Hair colour will remain the same, but no animal features, please.

3. Be realistic. Altho characters can keep their powers, anyone using them recklessly would more than likely be rounded up by the Anti-Freak Patrol and locked up, so be sensible.
4. Any new OCs must be approved by me. I don't want the RP flooded with OCs; the ones already existing are approved already, tho.

5. RPG forum rules to be followed as always.

Welcome to Mobius High; a fairly innocuous (at least, on the outside) high school located right in the middle of a busy town. The teachers range from extremely strict to laid back and absent minded; the subjects are either difficult or easy depending on your intellect, and school can be tough on anyone, regardless of who they are. The Principle is definitely not a guy to be crossed; name of Principal Robotnik, nicknamed Eggman by his students due to his build and dedicated fully to the running of his school... at least, that's the story. In reality, Robotnik has a secret identity and a secret laboratory hidden underneath the school where he works on his robots and his plot to rule the world. Robotnik plans to recruit minions to work for him; he's already playing favourites among the students and keeps a close eye on anyone new who joins the school. Robotnik also has plans to create havoc among his students and the people of the town. He gets bored with just the running of the school, and sometimes decides that it's time for excitement. He is also extremely good at covering his tracks so that his hidden agenda remains a secret, known only to him.

The students are a mixed bunch; some normal, some far from that. However, there are dangers out there to those who display their differences too readily; a group calling itself the Anti-Freak Patrol prowls the streets looking for those it considers to be abnormal. They don't have a base in the town as of yet, but like all groups they have their spies there, and are ever ready for anything they consider out of the ordinary. The Anti-Freak Patrol was formed by a woman named Marli Creed, who noticed that children were being born who had powers; powers that she considered to be dangerous and therefore that should be controlled and the children in question locked up and carefully monitored. The Patrol keeps its incursions secret; however, there have been several cases of teenagers disappearing without trace happening all over the country. The police are baffled as there is no evidence whatsoever that points to either the identity of the kidnappers, or of where these children have been taken. No ransom demands are given; the teens simply disappear while walking home from school.

Then there are the Chaos Emeralds. At first, they were all out of reach and securely locked away in a Government laboratory... at least, til Robotnik discovered this and sent one of his robot creations to attack the building. The Emeralds however did not fall into Robotnik's hands, to his great disappointment; instead, they were scattered to the four winds and could be anywhere in the world now. The Emeralds have the potential to give out immense power, which is why Robotnik covets them. However, they might not fall into his hands; especially if the FBI agent sent out by the President has his way. He suspects that Robotnik was behind the attack on the laboratory and has taken a place in the school as a teacher in order to keep an eye on him. His task will not be easy; Robotnik isn't so stupid as to give himself away, and there's also the students there to cause trouble for him and send his stress levels thru the roof. There are the usual classes taken by the various teachers; English, Math, Art, Science, History, Sports etc. Plus there's a football team and a cheerleading squad, along with a couple of afterschool clubs like Choir and Drama.

There are three main groups of students, tho they do not necessarily hang out together, and may form other cliques. Good, Bad and Neutral. The Good students, as a rule, have houses and families that care for them. The Bad don't have those things; either cuz they never had families in the first place, or cuz they choose not to associate with their families. Instead, a lot of the Bad kids live together in a hostel, subsidised by funding so that they may attend school. Neutrals, while not affiliated with either Good or Bad, can go either way; they may have families, or they may share the hostel with the Bad kids. They don't all get on, of course; and there will be the usual squabbles and scraps that feature in high school. Any who have powers must be careful about using them for protection or bullying; they don't want to attract unwanted attention. And of course, there are grades to be kept up, homework to do, sport to either practice at or cheer at, and after school activities to keep busy at. Not to mention of course the various cliques, friendships and romances between the students, but of course they have to make time occasionally for studying no matter which group they belong to. The students who live in the hostel get supplied with an allowance, but may also get money from elsewhere. Those who live at home will of course get money from their parents, or from jobs.

Character Form.

Please fill in all sections. Include a short written description rather than a picture, please. Make sure you include faults in the personality description, too. Don't worry about inventing names, for simplicity's sake, just use the character's original names. XD If you have more than two characters, you don't have to post an intro paragraph for all three; just choose one or two to introduce first, and introduce the other(s) later.


Miranda_ 09-14-2009 04:00 PM

(D@mn you, character limit.)

Name: Knuckles.
Age: 16.
Power: Super strength.
Description: Long red hair in dreadlocks, violet eyes, tall and muscular. Has a tattoo on his right shoulder of an Emerald.
Personality: Knuckles tends to lose his temper very easily. He can also be extremely gullible at times, as well as reckless and impulsive. However, he's loyal to friends and will help them out whenever necessary.
Bio: Knuckles used to live with his parents and little brother Mace downtown, til he rebelled against his father's strictness and the intensely religious upbringing he was subjected to. He ran away from home and currently resides in the hostel. He now has hardly any contact with his family, considering them to have betrayed him. Knuckles plays on the football team as quarterback and retains that position, even if his grades fall down, due to Principal Robotnik recognising his potential.

Name: Silver.
Age: 15.
Power: Telekinesis.
Description: Silver blonde hair in an emo cut, yellow eyes, average height and skinny.
Personality: Silver always seems to look on the dark side of things, and nurtures revenge fantasies that he doesn't dare to put into practice. He's immature for his age, and can be whiny. He's brave, despite things, and a good friend to Blaze, who's his only friend.
Bio: Silver's parents are, as far as he knows, dead and he resides at the hostel. He doesn't get on at all with the other kids there, many of which bully him. He keeps a diary and records everything that happens to him in it, good or bad altho to his mind, the bad outweighs the good. He dreams of the day that he grows up, joins a spy network and can have all his enemies stabbed to death with poisoned umbrellas. XD

Name: Manic.
Age: 16
Power: Can cause earth tremors with his drumsticks.
Description: Longish green spiked hair, blue eyes, average height and build.
Personality: Manic, despite his name, is fairly laid back and gets on well with most people. He does tend tho to have a nasty streak, and an unpleasant side to his personality which comes out at the worst of times. Manic is also a practiced thief, and a skilled computer hacker.
Bio: Manic lived with his parents, his brother Sonic and his sister Sonia til a couple of years ago. He started to resent his brother and sister, believing that they were favoured by the parents and that his side was never going to be taken against theirs. As a result, he left and now lives at the hostel. Manic has little to no interest in school, believing it to be a waste of time as he believes he's going to be a famous rock drummer when he grows up. He plays the drums in band, and shows a lot of promise.


It was lunch time, and the students all poured into the canteen. Knuckles lounged in line, leaning against the counter as he looked around at the crowded canteen. He looked without enthusiasm at the food options; most of it was inedible and what was left, was junk food. He eventually picked out a burger and chips, paid and went to join his friends at their usual table. He wasn't really looking forward to the rest of the day; there was
a whole load of lessons to get thru before he could get back to the hostel. Altho after that, the day had promise... he wondered idly what his friends Rouge and Vector would want to do after school. Some of the other kids might join them, tho of course there were certain students who he and his friends considered to be beyond the pale. Knuckles sat down at the table, throwing his bag to the floor and putting his tray down.


Silver sat alone at a table a few spaces down. He couldn't get any lunch as Vector had taken his lunch money earlier so instead he'd sat down at an empty table and taken his diary out of his bag to record the day so far.

Dear Diary,

As usual, the day has gone badly for me so far. This morning, Vector stole my lunch money and held my head down the toilet. He flushed it fourteen times; I know, cuz I counted. I hate Vector. He always takes my money; it would serve him right if I starved to death. It's Sports after lunch and I know I'll be picked last as usual. Why doesn't anyone like me here, cept for Blaze? If it weren't for her being my friend, everything would be twice as bad.

He finished writing, and carefully closed and locked up the book before putting it back in his bag. Silver sighed heavily, and pulled out a book. He didn't dare look around the canteen in case he accidentally caught the eyes of one of the kids who was always mean to him. He always tried to fade into the background, altho that was difficult at times and tended to look on the dark side of life.

Silent_Wolf 09-14-2009 04:40 PM

Name: Amy
Age: 15
Power: Can pull a hammer out of thin air.
Description: Pink hair cut into a bob, green eyes, lean and athletic from cheerleading. Both her ears are pierced.
Personality: Amy is peppy and hyperactive at times; she's always friendly, but she's got a temper that seems at odds with her cheerful personality. Loyal to her friends to a fault.
Bio: Amy grew up in a regular home as an only child. Her grades tend to go up and down depending on how her cheerleading interacts with her studying, and she's definitely not good at math or science. She's a little bit of a bookworm, but never lets it on. Has had a huge crush on Sonic for awhile now and flirts with him often.

Name: Julie-Su
Age: 16
Power: High speed; also rather strong for a girl. Not as strong as Knuckles.
Description: Shoulder length pinkish-purple hair, gray eyes. Has both ears pierced twice in both lobes and in the cartilage as well. Athletic.
Personality: Julie-Su is snappy and doesn't get on with people she doesn't know well; even then, her friends still occasionally have to put up with her rudeness. On some occasions, she will extend friendship to people, but this is extremely rare.
Bio: Julie-Su's family is obsessed with sports; football, soccer, hockey, basketball, you name it, she's been forced to play it for school. While she'd rather focus on both sports and studies, her parents don't exactly believe in book learning and have even sent letters to Robotnik, telling him to keep her on her teams even when her grades go down. Julie wishes they wouldn't do this, as it cuts sorely into her social, personal, and study time and makes her feel stretched out, which causes her brash behavior. Has a crush on Knuckles.

Name: Espio
Age: 17
Power: Can blend into the background
Description: A bit short for his age. Mauve hair, yellow eyes. Has a nose ring and a lip ring in the corner of his mouth. Nearly always has several manga books with him.
Personality: Extremely serious; the only thing that gets him to lighten up is his utter devotion to manga and anime. Has never paid much attention to Vector bullying Silver.
Bio: Espio grew up at the hostel and doesn't have a lot of memories of his parents, as he was raised by his aunt and uncle. His uncle used to watch old anime on TV with him when he was a kid, and he took a shine to it; currently his favorite animes are anything to do with ninjas or vampires.

Name: Nicholas Sanders; insists that people call him Nick from day one as he detests being called Colonel Sanders.
Age: 35
Power: None that he knows of
Description: Tall, graying black hair, brown eyes. Always wears a suit of some form or another when teaching history; also known for wearing eclectic ties.
Personality: Nick is an odd history teacher; while most would hand out worksheets or drone on about the Roman empire, he writes the notes on the board and lets his students make jokes about the subject in question, as he finds it keeps them awake.
Bio: Nick was originally going to go into law school, but on some unanswered whim he dropped out and went into teaching history. Through trial and error he found the nearly perfect teaching method: Let your students crack jokes about the history subject and crack jokes back. Poke fun. Have fun. Seems to work.


Amy stopped at her locker to grab her lunch; she'd forgotten to take money to school that day, but thankfully her mom had had a spare lunch packed. Though she suspected it was supposed to be her dad's... Oh well. She shut her locker with a 'bang' and walked to the cafeteria, looking for her friends. "... Knuckles, hey!" She waved over some of the other students' heads before making her way over and sitting down. "Can you help me out in math? I don't get any of it."


Julie-Su slouched her way to the cafeteria, standing in line behind Espio; she noted with disdain that the nerd was reading Naruto manga. Again. She rolled her eyes. "Can't you wait until you sit down to read that?"

"Shh, Naruto ran into somebody."

"...?" She raised an eyebrow. "Uh huh.."


Nick erased the chalk board in his classroom to get ready for the next class; no reason to have them copying notes they wouldn't understand after all. "Hm, hm, hm, what were we doing today in the block after lunch." He checked his planner. ".. Ah! Egypt." He nodded and wrote Egypt on the board in big, wide letters before heading to the teacher's lounge for lunch.

spirit_queen 09-14-2009 05:53 PM

Name: Dr. Robotnik
Age: 44
Power: super-intelligence
Description: Middle-aged, overweight. He has a round stomach and gradually gets thinner toward the shoulder, which skinny, bony legs and arms. This earned him the nickname "Eggman". Brown, receding hair and thick, bushy brown mustache. He is never seen without his glasses.
Personality: Robotnik is known for his temper and his tendency to babble; many a student has fallen asleep on him during some speech or other only to recieve detention. He loves to cause strife for the heck of it, and is just a cruel man in general.
Bio: Robotnik had always been picked on as a kid, and there was never anyone to hlep him out; he was a super-nerd and overweight with no friends. He soon began to tell himself that he'd get them back later, and from there things just got worse and worse.

Name: Charlie Wilkinson
Age: 37
Power: N/A
Description: About 5'7", blonde-brown hair that's thinning, a big smile, averagely proportioned.
Personality: Generally warm and welcoming. He dislikes slackers in his class. Though he's a nice man, you must kleep a copy of all your homework just in case he loses it (which is often); he's extremely disorganised and even pretty forgetfull. He'd be nowhere without his planner.
Bio: Charlie grew up down in the south, and so has many odd tales of the reckless thing he did as a teen and a kid. His parents were pretty poor, but he knows he had a good life with a loving family.

Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Age: 12
Power: super-intelligence
Description: Short even for his age, Tails is adored when he isn't being picked on. He has light blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, and a bunch of freckles across his nose. His skin is literally pertially transparent, so the apparent red coloration to his skin is actually just blood; if he holds his arm up long enough, one would see that he's actually as white as white can get.
Personality: Kind, very forgiving and a bit of a dreamer; he wants to fit in with the 'cool' kids but knows he won't. He has a tendency to ramble and can be a bit anti-social at certain times. It takes a lot to tick him off, but when you do, RUN.
Bio: Tails lives with a relatively poor family, and is regarded by his parents to be a bit of an oddity. Despite this, they do love him, which is all Tails really needs to be happy.

Name: Blaze
Age: 15
Power: pyrokinesis
Description: 5'4". Blaze had lavender hair with violet tips, and ocher eyes (she gets tired of people telling her she is like on of the Cullens from Twilight). Sometimes, when the mood strikes, she sticks a little ruby-colored gem to her forehead. Why? Because she likes it. she has wide feet, small hands, and an average figure as far as teen girls go; she's not a stick, but she's no Rouge.
Personality: Sassy. Like the element she controls; Blaze takes crap from no one, and speaks her opinion freely. She's very protective of Silver and will go to great lengths for him. shedoens't do well with new people, and is actually usually shy; the only time she really speaks a lot is when she's telling people off.
Bio: Blaze's parents are loaded. I mean LOADED; she lives in a gorgeous mansion with a pool, tennis cort, jacuzzi, and the biggest tv screen possible to fit in a home. Blaze hates it; the other kids judge her because of it, or they just want her to throw a party with lots of booze and a dj. Her parents have put her in gymnastics from a young age.

Blaze had watched as Silver had gone straight from the entrance to the table; so sombedoy had stolen his money. Again. She sighed, then pulled out her wallet and bought not one, but two lunches. Blaze then carefully balanced two trays and headed for the table Silver was at, keeping an eye out for somebody who'd dare trip/shove her. When she made it safely, she set down one tray in front of Silver, then sat scross form him. "Hey, though you might like some lunch." she said with a smile. At that moment, there was an announcement.

"Attention all students, this is your principal, Dr. Robotnik, to remind you about the school dress code. Though it is still hot outside, all skirts and shorts are to be to at least mid-thigh, and no tank-tops are allowed, only tee-shirts. If the neckline of a shirt is lower than an inch from the collar-bone you WILL be sent home to change, ladies. Fellas, keep those pants UP! I will not stand to see those boxers in my hallways any longer. No gloves, piercings anywhere but the ear-lobes, spikes, chains, safety-pins, paper clips, or anything else of that nature may be worn to school. Cell phones and mp3s must be kept off and out of sight; if teachers hear your purse buzzing or back pocket buzzing, they are to take away your phone. Only parents or the guardians at the hostel may pick it up. No exceptions. Ladies, purses big enough to fit a standard text book are no longer allowed. Everyday during first periods teachers will be checking the dress-code, students; I expect no further complications this year. Thank you, that is all."

Tails sat alone, unsure of where he was to sit; he'd only been recently moved up to grade 10, after many tests to prove he was ready for it. He was one table away from Silver and Blaze, but his eyes were on the popular table; he longed to be like them. They were always liked, always so... so... cool. He sighed through his nose, then shook his head; yeah, right. They'd never even notice him.

TheHayleyDoll 09-14-2009 06:42 PM

Name: Rouge
Age: 16
Power: Seduction. XD She can also fly.
Description: Shoulder length white-blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Very curvy, and average height (5'6"), but she always seems to wear her knee-high boots with a three inch heels.
Personality: Rouge uses her looks and her sneakiness to get what she wants, either through persuasion or simply stealing it. Rouge tends to hide her true emotions, so it can be difficult for men to figure out if she really likes them, or is just playing you in order to get something. She also likes to tease others, and doesn't care much what people think.
Bio: Rouge doesn't know much about her family. It's not that her parents are dead, but they may as well be. They practically abandoned her, because they wanted to "travel the world". They decided Rouge was dependent enough to live without them, so she resides in the hostel with the others... though, she does have control over the house her parents left, and she usually has parties (with loads of drinking and drugs) there. Rouge has a bad reputation, due to rumors about how she manages to pass her classes (O_O) and the activities that happen after the party. Rouge almost joined the cheer team, but most of the girls on the squad had heard about her rep, and she didn't want to deal with other girls being b*tchy about things.

Name: Vector
Age: 18
Power: His voice can be deafeningly loud.
Description: Red eyes, and slicked back green hair. Tall, and incredibly muscular. He usually has a set of headphones with him, and wears a golden chain.
Personality: Vector can be very greedy, clumsy, obnoxious, a hot-head, and has a tough demeanor - at times, he's downright rude. Vector does, however, have a keen eye for detail and can be quite intelligent. He's also impulsive, and likes to bully Silver.
Vector was the result of a teenage girl's pregnancy with an ex-boyfriend, and he was put into an orphanage. He now lives at the hostel, after being with multiple families that decided he was too much work. He usually stays after school to bully Silver, and to hang out with Rouge and Knuckles. Vector knows about Rouge's reputation, and it's obvious that he wants to have a more 'beneficial' relationship with her. XD Vector is on the football team, as a defensive lineman.


and Rouge were already sitting down at their table when Knuckles sat down. Vector looked at Amy, "Did Knuckles say he wanted to help you? I wouldn't bother sitting down just yet, because you aren't really welcome here, kid."

Rouge also turned to Amy, "You know I don't dislike you Amy, but you probably shouldn't sit at our table since we never invited you. Knuckles, if you're going to help her, can't you do that elsewhere? I rather not talk about math. I'm failing that course, but I don't really care." She heard the announcement and laughed, "Yeah, like I'm really going to abide by a dress code. Rules are lame anyway. If I get kicked out for dressing "inappropriately", I'll sue. >.>"

Miranda_ 09-14-2009 06:53 PM

Knuckles turned to Rouge. "I don't care about math; in any case, I'm not about to share my answers even if I did care. As for Eggman's announcement, who cares? I'd love it if he sent me back to the hostel. I wouldn't bother to come back after, of course."

Silver managed a smile. "Thanks, Blaze," he said. "At least I can always count on you." He started to eat his lunch as he was really hungry. In between eating, he said, "Vector was waiting for me when I got to school; doesn't matter how early I get here, he always gets here first. It's not fair."

noirmali 09-14-2009 06:54 PM

Name: Shadow
Age: 16
Power: Super Speed, Chaos Control
Description: Always annoyed or angry, this boy is generally called "goth" and never follows rules. He doesn't talk to many people and would probably excel at sports if he wanted to, but he thinks that the whole idea of school and the people inside it are stupid.
Personality: Emo, gothicish, loner,
He was abandoned when he was born; his mom was a teenager and was going to abort but decided against it, however she put him in the streets instead. An orphanage raised him up and he's been bullied a lot in there, so when he grew up he developed the idea: don't trust anyone, rely on yourself, if they confront you beat them up. He only is on speaking terms with one person: Rouge, who he is friends with. Also he's just pi'ssed at the world, not understanding why he had to be born as a "mistake". He generally doesn't do his work and likes to break rules - especially the dress code; he wears a spike choker and belt, simply because it gives him the appearance of being more formidable. Most people have him on their "not to cross" list, unless they are stupid idiots or they're new. Afrown is etched permanently onto his face.

Shadow scowled, once again having to step foot into this stupid building. He failed every year anyway due to simply not caring, but why they insisted on putting him in next year anyway was a mystery to him.
People stared at him, and it was quite understandable why; his hair was black with red highlights and he wore a black jacket with white fur on the lining. Not to mention, he even had red eyeshadow on - which was sorta creepy, but he wore it in a way that could only mean one thing - that he was utterly, completely goth and that anyone who didn't have a death wish should leave him be. Even his eyes were red, and people seriously wondered if he wore contacts.
Perhaps the most recognizable thing about him was the spikes. He wore a spike choker and belt, and they looked very sharp. This very clearly went against the dress code, but what the hell, he would end up failing every single class anyway as he did every year, so why not break a few more rules?
Grumbling, he continued to stride to the unpopular table, glaring at everyone with that unfriendly frown on his face.

Edit: Hold hold hold, wait, I'm making mel. xD

Name: Mel (Melancholy, Melissa)
Age: 16
Power: Mind-reading
Description: Usually reclusive, this black-haired girl doesn't care much for fashion, but she's a little of a geek and can mind-read as she was born. She has a saddish past but doesn't talk to many people so it doesn't matter. She only talks to people that talk to her.
Personality: Quiet, sort of creepy. She doesn't have many friends besides her sister, but if she finds someone interesting she will stalk them.
Bio: Born with mind reading powers, her parents refused to belive her even though she had inrefutable evidence. A man, whom she calls the Doctor, wanted her for his gambling; she told her sister Kath who went against the man for her. However the doctor, finding out about Kath's plans against him, was about to kill her, but she faked her own suicide and ran away. She's a skilled actress so stuff like that is easy for her, but she's been out of contact for a long time. After her sister's pretended suicide (which she thinks is real), she ran away at age 9 - and has been living away. Her parents are worried about her but she's kept a low profile all these years. School for her is a nice place to learn, seeing as she doesn't want to get behind on reading and writing - so she tries really hard at English, but most of her other classes she either skips or doesn't really care about. She's pretty weak and slow, but her mind-reading gives her advantages.

spirit_queen 09-14-2009 06:56 PM

"You know, I have my temporary permits license, amybe I could drive you to school; my dad wants me to proctice, so he'd gonna make me drive myself to school each morning. I might as well pick you up; Vector wouldn't get away with taking your money so easily when I'm around." Blaze said.

Tails gulped when he saw the way Amy was treated; nope, he wouldn't make it there. Not at all.

Miranda_ 09-14-2009 06:59 PM

"He'd just get me someplace else; and it would just make it ten times worse," said Silver with a sigh. "He just seems to hate me, like everyone does here, cept for you of course. I wish it wasn't Sports after lunch, I always get laughed at for failing. Last week, they made us run races and everyone laughed at me cuz I came in last every time."

spirit_queen 09-14-2009 07:01 PM

"Well, you only need two years of Sports, thankfully." Blaze said. "If you take a summer course of Sports after this year, you'll be done before the rest of 'em."

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