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Default Mobius High - Sonic X Spin Off {RP} - 09-14-2009, 03:58 PM


1. This RP is open only to the people who RP in the original Sonic X RP. They are myself, Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll, noirmali, spirit_queen, AaronShadows and Catlover642. No-one else. So, please don't bother either spamming in the RP or begging me to let you join in PM if your name isn't on that list.

2. Everyone must play the character they play in the original, not including extras. All characters are humanised versions. Hair colour will remain the same, but no animal features, please.

3. Be realistic. Altho characters can keep their powers, anyone using them recklessly would more than likely be rounded up by the Anti-Freak Patrol and locked up, so be sensible.
4. Any new OCs must be approved by me. I don't want the RP flooded with OCs; the ones already existing are approved already, tho.

5. RPG forum rules to be followed as always.

Welcome to Mobius High; a fairly innocuous (at least, on the outside) high school located right in the middle of a busy town. The teachers range from extremely strict to laid back and absent minded; the subjects are either difficult or easy depending on your intellect, and school can be tough on anyone, regardless of who they are. The Principle is definitely not a guy to be crossed; name of Principal Robotnik, nicknamed Eggman by his students due to his build and dedicated fully to the running of his school... at least, that's the story. In reality, Robotnik has a secret identity and a secret laboratory hidden underneath the school where he works on his robots and his plot to rule the world. Robotnik plans to recruit minions to work for him; he's already playing favourites among the students and keeps a close eye on anyone new who joins the school. Robotnik also has plans to create havoc among his students and the people of the town. He gets bored with just the running of the school, and sometimes decides that it's time for excitement. He is also extremely good at covering his tracks so that his hidden agenda remains a secret, known only to him.

The students are a mixed bunch; some normal, some far from that. However, there are dangers out there to those who display their differences too readily; a group calling itself the Anti-Freak Patrol prowls the streets looking for those it considers to be abnormal. They don't have a base in the town as of yet, but like all groups they have their spies there, and are ever ready for anything they consider out of the ordinary. The Anti-Freak Patrol was formed by a woman named Marli Creed, who noticed that children were being born who had powers; powers that she considered to be dangerous and therefore that should be controlled and the children in question locked up and carefully monitored. The Patrol keeps its incursions secret; however, there have been several cases of teenagers disappearing without trace happening all over the country. The police are baffled as there is no evidence whatsoever that points to either the identity of the kidnappers, or of where these children have been taken. No ransom demands are given; the teens simply disappear while walking home from school.

Then there are the Chaos Emeralds. At first, they were all out of reach and securely locked away in a Government laboratory... at least, til Robotnik discovered this and sent one of his robot creations to attack the building. The Emeralds however did not fall into Robotnik's hands, to his great disappointment; instead, they were scattered to the four winds and could be anywhere in the world now. The Emeralds have the potential to give out immense power, which is why Robotnik covets them. However, they might not fall into his hands; especially if the FBI agent sent out by the President has his way. He suspects that Robotnik was behind the attack on the laboratory and has taken a place in the school as a teacher in order to keep an eye on him. His task will not be easy; Robotnik isn't so stupid as to give himself away, and there's also the students there to cause trouble for him and send his stress levels thru the roof. There are the usual classes taken by the various teachers; English, Math, Art, Science, History, Sports etc. Plus there's a football team and a cheerleading squad, along with a couple of afterschool clubs like Choir and Drama.

There are three main groups of students, tho they do not necessarily hang out together, and may form other cliques. Good, Bad and Neutral. The Good students, as a rule, have houses and families that care for them. The Bad don't have those things; either cuz they never had families in the first place, or cuz they choose not to associate with their families. Instead, a lot of the Bad kids live together in a hostel, subsidised by funding so that they may attend school. Neutrals, while not affiliated with either Good or Bad, can go either way; they may have families, or they may share the hostel with the Bad kids. They don't all get on, of course; and there will be the usual squabbles and scraps that feature in high school. Any who have powers must be careful about using them for protection or bullying; they don't want to attract unwanted attention. And of course, there are grades to be kept up, homework to do, sport to either practice at or cheer at, and after school activities to keep busy at. Not to mention of course the various cliques, friendships and romances between the students, but of course they have to make time occasionally for studying no matter which group they belong to. The students who live in the hostel get supplied with an allowance, but may also get money from elsewhere. Those who live at home will of course get money from their parents, or from jobs.

Character Form.

Please fill in all sections. Include a short written description rather than a picture, please. Make sure you include faults in the personality description, too. Don't worry about inventing names, for simplicity's sake, just use the character's original names. XD If you have more than two characters, you don't have to post an intro paragraph for all three; just choose one or two to introduce first, and introduce the other(s) later.


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