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TheHayleyDoll 07-29-2009 09:44 AM

Sonic X - Chaos Control
It began as a simple rescue mission... no-one could, when looking back, believe that the events that eventually transpired had come from such a simple thing. It was all very straightforward, and had begun with Cream the rabbit wandering happily through the woods picking flowers, her Chao Cheese by her side as always. Little did she know that one of Eggman's robots lurked behind a tree; when she passed by, unsuspectingly, the robot jumped out and grabbed her, stifling her screams by putting her into a sack. Cheese tried bravely to distract the robot in his terrible task, but was overpowered and put into the sack with her. Cream soon fainted from fright and the robot took her away, back to his master. Eggman rubbed his hands together with glee; this was the final part to his fiendish plot. He needed the lifeforce of an innocent in order to power his machine... which also held all of the seven Chaos Emeralds which he'd painstakingly gathered from around the world. As well as the Master Emerald, the taking of which he considered to be one of his own personal triumphs. Eggman had tricked Knuckles in allowing him to look at the Master Emerald; the reason he gave was that he wanted to take measurements in order to create a copy that would be exactly like it in every way. Knuckles had considered Eggman's idea to be insane, but had allowed him to look at the Emerald anyway. This was Eggman's chance; he'd used his transportation machine to steal the Master Emerald and transport it to his base, where it surmounted his machine.

The capture of Cream was the final piece of the puzzle; the final part of Eggman's diabolical plan to give him absolute power over the entire planet. Now, he was busily working on his machine, to get everything perfect for the exact time that the moon was parallel to the planet, which would be when he'd press the button to start the machine off. Cream and Cheese were nearby, in a cage. Eggman didn't care about the fact that he was taking the life of an innocent child; all he cared about was his plan for control. However, there were a few fatal flaws in his plan that he hadn't considered. One was Sonic, who by now had learned of Eggman's kidnapping of Cream, who was racing at top speed towards Eggman's base, followed at a slower pace by Tails and Amy who were flying in Tails' plane above Sonic. All three knew that time was of the essence; the moment that the moon became parallel to the planet, the machine would be activated and everything they loved and valued would be destroyed. The second was Shadow, the dark hedgehog who had been created by Eggman's grandfather, and who generally kept himself to himself. However, this was something that he could not allow to happen; the idea of Eggman having absolute power over everything, including the Chaos Emeralds, was something that tore at his very conscience. So Shadow too was racing towards Eggman's base with the idea of stopping him before he could push the button.

Knuckles of course was incandescent with rage, both at himself for being so gullible as to actually allow Eggman to view the Master Emerald, and at Eggman for daring to steal it. As the guardian of the emerald, Knuckles was locked into despair at its theft for a few minutes after it was stolen, unable to do anything til rage took him over and he started to run in the direction that Eggman had taken in his ship, triumphant after transporting the Master Emerald to his base. He had nothing on his mind except the emerald, so it wasn't surprising that he didn't see Rouge flying towards Eggman's base above him. Rouge had seen the Chaos Emeralds being brought there, one by one, and her love for jewels had finally driven her to take the risk of stealing the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman. She had the advantage of being able to fly, and therefore enter the base unseen from above. She hugged to herself the thought of finally possessing such beautiful gems, and perhaps any others that Eggman had tucked away inside his base. She entered the base at the same time as Sonic arrived and started fighting off Eggman's defensive perimeter to gain entrance for himself and his friends. In a way, it was ironic; all had different reasons for wanting to gain entrance to the base, but all arrived at roughly the exact same time. Shadow slipped inside while the defensive robots were distracted by Sonic; Knuckles punched a hole in the wall round the back of the base and got inside too. Tails and Amy landed their plane and, along with Sonic, destroyed the last of the robots to gain entrance to Eggman's base.

That is when everything went disasterously wrong for Eggman. He thought that he'd had everything planned down to the slightest detail, the planet was about to be correctly lined up with the moon, he was about to press the button... then suddenly, he was assailed simultaniously by Amy swinging her hammer at the cage to free Cream and Cheese; Sonic and Shadow independantly rushing at him to prevent him from pressing the button; Knuckles swinging a fist in his face shouting incoherantly about thieves; Tails tinkering with the machine in an attempt to send it haywire, and Rouge stretching out one gloved hand towards the Chaos Emeralds which were placed on top of the machine. He didn't know who to attack first; but he must have done something, as the button somehow ended up being pressed, just as Amy freed Cream and Cheese and Rouge picked up one of the Chaos Emeralds. This, along with the alignment of the moon and planet being out of key, meant that instead of the machine working as Eggman had planned, Chaos Control kicked in and a blinding white light blasted out. Soon, for everyone present, things faded to black. The effect of the machine meant that all were sent to another planet, to land in different parts of the same city. The Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald too were sent, to be scattered all over the country. It was a disaster to end all disasters, but worse was to come.

The Government soon learned of mysterious gems landing randomly all over the country. Due to nothing more than luck, the FBI found one and brought it in. The gem, one of the Chaos Emeralds, was put through rigorous testing in the best laboratories that the President had, and soon revealed that it had incredible powers. What these powers were, and how they could be tapped into, was still to be learned, but the top scientists performing the tests assured the President that they'd do their utmost to do both of these tasks so that the Government could use the power to the best of its ability. This was a find that was not to be sniffed at and the FBI were given instructions to find the rest of these precious gems as well as to deal with anyone else they found to be searching them out. This was a power that deserved to be kept solely for use by the Government.

> Stick to YOUR character. These characters already have distinct personalities, ages, etc. For example; Don't play Cream as a sultry character, because she's only 6 and that doesn't match her personality. If you want to learn more about your character's personality, you can find a list of Sonic characters here: Sonic X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .
> Obey the rules of the RPG stickies! Read them over, if need be.
> If anyone not currently involved in the RP (those who are already will know who they are), please contact either Miranda_ or myself via PM asking for permission, as well as giving us a couple paragraphs of writing so we can see your skill level.
> If anyone else has any other questions, again please contact Miranda or myself with them. ^_^

Character Form:
There is none. Like I said, all characters already have their personalities and ages defined, as well as each person assigned to a character (I will edit in a list shortly!), so play them as they are. However, we expect a good starting paragraph, of course. :P

Character List!:

Knuckles - Miranda_
Rouge - TheHayleyDoll
Tails - spirit_queen
Cream - Catlover642
Sonic - Aaronshadows
Shadow - noirmali
Amy - Silent_Wolf

We're starting with when you're character first wakes up after being warped into this other world. Not all the characters will be in the exact same area, so don't post as such, but instead little groups will be spread out. It's part of the plot that the characters have to find each other first, and it wouldn't make much sense if they were all together.

Miranda_ 07-29-2009 09:49 AM

Knuckles had been angrier than he'd ever had been before, at least, that he could remember, when he'd finally torn his way into Eggman's base. He'd then not noticed anything else other than the fact that Eggman was standing right there in front of him, and that the precious Master Emerald was behind Eggman. Knuckles had therefore run at Eggman to punch him into oblivion. Before he could do so, there was a blinding flash of light and then it all went black...

Knuckles wasn't aware of anything, even where he was. He was out cold, lying on top of Rouge in a busy street on a planet that he'd never even heard of. The city was in a country called America, far away from his home planet.

TheHayleyDoll 07-29-2009 09:58 AM

Rouge had her eyes set on the Chaos Emeralds, and managed to grab one before things went black. She didn't have it in her hands when she had finally gained consciousness, though she did feel a large weight on her chest. At first, she only thought of it as maybe some kind of pain, thinking maybe someone had kicked her hard in the stomach and she had the wind knocked out of her. Opening up just one eye at first, she noticed that they were someplace very different, and she finally realized that the weight on her chest wasn't from getting kicked, but because Knuckles was laying on top of her.

Though her back was a little achy from what she assumed might have been her falling to the ground, she let out a little smirk and said, "I knew you wouldn't be able to keep off me, Knuckles. It was obvious that you were going to fall for my charm sooner or later."

spirit_queen 07-29-2009 10:13 AM

Miles "Tails" Prower awoke with such a headache that all he knew was pain; he coulnd't even remember how he got here, let alone where "here" was. He groaned and curled up, clutching his aching skull and willing this mother of all headaches away, which wasn't working too well. Finally, it receeded enough that he could sit up and inspect his surroundings, which only lead to Tails getting more confused; he was laying on a flat concrete surface with a big red circle painted on it. In the middle of this cirlce was a giant "H". Still disoriented, Tails simply stared at the letter, wondering wha it stood for.

But he was forced to concentrate on other things when he heard a lous whump-whump and a lartge helicopter almost landed on top of him. Tails just managed to scramble away, but there was nowhere to hide; whoever polited that helicopter would see him instantly, and Tails was afraid.

noirmali 07-29-2009 10:54 AM

Shadow was disappointed, in pain, and angry although he would never show it. He was lost, didn't know where he was, and his arm hurt. Anyone else in the same position would have been experiencing the same thing. The last thing he remembered was slipping into the labratory, and was about to get the gems while Sonic was busy distracting Dr. Eggman, and then everything went white. He opened his eyes. The first thing that hit him was, it's so gray. The sky was completely covered by clouds, and it looked like it might rain. He sat up, and saw that his arm had a bruise. He was face to face with a big stone, concluding that it was the cause of the bruise. It had a person's name on it and the date that they died. He knew that it was obviously a tombstone, and looked around. There were hundreds of them, with variations of dark and light gray, all different sizes. Some of them had flowers lying beside them and they all had names and messages engraved on them. On one side was a dark forest. He got up. He didn't know where he was or what had happened, but he wasn't going to just lie here and do nothing.

He heard the sound of a branch cracking, and quickly ducked. He saw an old man standing by a tombstone, placing white lilies there. The old man kneeled, did a quick prayer, and walked away. Shadow watched all this in fascination. He zoomed quickly toward the forest in his skates, hiding in the darkness of the trees.

Catlover642 07-29-2009 11:42 AM

Cream didn't know where she was, but she knew she couldn't be in Mobius; it was pitch black and Mobius was the most peaceful place she ever knew. She was sitting hunched up uncomfortably between two pieces of metal. It hurt horribly, but it was nothing compared to the fear she felt. She wondered if she was still with Dr.Eggman, mabye he transported her into a new kidnapping place.

She knew she had to get out but she couldn't see any doors. Because of the fear and the lack of not knowing what to do, she began to panic attack and was hitting the walls of the metal. Suddenly, she felt herself and the metal fall down against rock hard pavement. The top of the metal thing came off and Cream was staring out into a much more lighter enviroment; tho, it didn't do much to ease her fear, she was still shaking. Cream quickly scrambled out. She heard a loud sounding of thumping from above; she looked up and saw a helicopter flying in the sky. Is it Eggman? Please don't let it be Eggman. She quickly panicked, looking for somewhere to hide. Cream hoped some one would be there to help her; and luckily, she spotted Tails, or atleast she thought it was him, she didn't know if that had foxes in this place.. "Tails?" she screamed loudly, hoping it was him.

spirit_queen 07-29-2009 12:14 PM

"Cream!" Tails replied. He rushed over to her. "Duck down!" He pulled her down with him as the helicopter landed on the "H" he'd been studying earlier.

As soon as the blades slowed nearly to a stop, the doors of the helicopter were thrown open and what appeared to be a stretcher came out; the paramedics didn't seem to notice the two anthromorphs as they rushed to get the patient inside. Tails stayed as still as possible while watching, growing more an more confused; why were they being ignored? What was wrong with that person in the stretcher? Where were they??

AaronShadows 07-29-2009 12:18 PM

Sonic moaned loudly and heard something jump away from him. His eyes snapped open instantly and he observed a small child with a very large stick with string attached in front of where he was lying. He also noticed a huge body of water beside him.

"Hey, let's not get too hasty!" He exclaimed as the child poked him with the stick. He scrambled up and edged away from the lake, then turned and darted off.

Catlover642 07-29-2009 12:35 PM

Cream was shaking more than ever now. And without any warning, started crying about Cheese. She was so worried about getting out herself she didn't notice where he was or if he was with her. How could I ever be so selfish?

spirit_queen 07-29-2009 12:39 PM

At that, the pilot fo the helicopter looked over at them. "What the hell...?" He said in a distinct southern-American accent. He got out of his craft and took a step toward them, confusion reflecting in his eyes; the little things lookes like animals, but they also resembled people.

Tails was conflicted between asking where they were and trusting the rather tall human male and running, and so sat frozen.

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