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AaronShadows 06-05-2009 12:28 PM

Undying defiance {RP}
Ten years have fallen bye the side since the lich called Charon deathturn proclaimed himself lord and master of all undead on the planet called candarep, and rallied all undead to his evil cause. Zombies, skeletons, ghouls, vampires and every other concievable abomination formed under his banner, and set about destroying the living beings and converting them into undead.

Charon deathturn controls most of his army with the shear force of his incredible will, and delegates control of other portions to underliches, whom control these with similiar Iron wills. If someone wanted to destroy the undead, assasinating these leaders would deal gigantic blows and maybe deal enough damage to make it possible to one day overthrow charon and start to rebuild from the rotting husk that remains of the world.

Now more than four fifths of candarep is under their control. what areas survive desperately hold the walking dead at bay with high, metal walls and vastly over taxed defence turrets, but are gradually being over run, every warrior dying in defense of them serving to fuel the deathless war machine.

You are an undead minion of the underlich traxxius menbane, serving in his floating necropolis, 'city of the dead' traxxanar, which is laying siege to one such area. But all is not quiet in the floating necropolis... some of the undead servants are slowly beginning to take back their free will. Slowly. Will you stage a devastating coup and declare war with the lich lords, or continue to serve under their banner of decay and destruction? You decide.

Races include all concievable forms of undead, including but not limited to, zombies, banshees, ghouls, abominations, ghosts, wraiths, shades, vampires, gargoyles, wights, skeletons, death knights, mummies, revenants, Valkyries, geists and anything else rotten.

roles can be anything from foot soldier to ambassador to necropolis maintainant.

Regular RP rules
No being a character which can control other undead (eg liches and necromancers) At least not yet.
While you may not CONTROL undead, you may have some kind of ability to raise new, free ones.
No plain oversueyness. I'll explain if you do something wrong bye accident.
NO meyerpires. As I have a very fun way of dealing with them and other sue undead. >;D

*Character form*

OOC: My character and opening post are coming soon, sit tight.

AaronShadows 06-05-2009 12:44 PM

Name: Agrond neffen
Race: Death knight
Appearence: Oily dark black hair, rotten blue-ish skin, glowing purple eyes. Gothic armour, and a large sword
inscribed with seven glowing purple runes.
Personality: Very defiant and cheeky, also rude, but has a noble disposition. tactical mind and skill with leadership. Often in a very bad mood, as he's a rotten corpse.
Role: leader of a small unit of armoured skeleton troops.
Bio: Agrond neffen was smart of a small group of heroes that broke into an undead base of operations on the ground near his homeland of sanvallon. the whole group was murdered and then raised as death knights. Their leader, Mannak, was warped into a wight in exchange for his defiance.

Agrond strode into the morgue hall in the necropolis. This place was split into several different divisions, the place where corpses where placed, where they where reanimated, and where they where assigned their duties under traxxius menbane.

He walked with a slight swagger towards the next arch, and suddenly felt a voice in his head.
"You must report to the necro power reactor chamber... I demand this" It was the voice of traxxius, and Agrond had no power to resist. He felt himself turn around and head for a large set of stairs, which led to the coupling chamber.

Once he arrived, he quickly identified the problem. One of the couplings was smouldering, and as he watched it spark, the whole necropolis shuddered.

Agrond grabbed a wall as traxxius sent him another telepathic message;
"You must guard the necromancer when he comes to repair it...." hissed the lich in his head.

Agrond was not always in control of both his mind and body at the same time, but at this moment he had enough mental power to think to himself 'Up yours, you skeletal wimp' before he was jerked into position next to the main archway out of the room. The necromancer scuttled past him, and started messing around with the power coupling. Agrond wished he was able to turn his head to see what was going on, but couldn't.

Miranda_ 06-05-2009 01:01 PM

Aaron, you need to give a section on personality; so far, you haven't listed any faults or personality weaknesses in your bio. When you edit that in, it'll pass.

AaronShadows 06-05-2009 01:09 PM

Sorry, I forgot about those. I'll fix them.

Miranda_ 06-05-2009 01:16 PM

That's fine. People can join, now.

Catlover642 06-05-2009 04:37 PM

Name: Adora Reeves
Race: Vampire
Appearence: Adora has short black hair and grey eyes. She is fairly tall, and has a athletic appearance. Scars on hands and arms from wielding.
Personality: Adora is a tomgirl, appearance wise and emotionally. She dosen't care what you think and can be a bit harsh. Quite a perfectionist, and is very bossy. Likes to take control of situations. She can be nice on occasion and can be somewhat thoughtful.
Role: Blacksmith. Wields items anyone might need. Keys, axes, swords, etc.
Bio: Adora didn't know that her neighbor dying was because of the lich, but she found that out the hard way. She was murdered; she was warped into a vampire. She likes bieng a vampire and dosen't really mind the lich.


The only noise that could be heard from a small room lit by torches was the pounding of a hammer. A pale female was banging a piece of metal, trying to wield it into a sword for the army.

Even though Adora thought her job was tedious, it was puppy compared to the orphanage, which filled her with dread. The people at the orphanage, even the boys, were unrelatable. She shared a bed with a little brat and was often teased. Adora often coped by pulling pranks on the caretakers, but that just landed her in even more trouble. She was glad she was a vampire.

Adora then slapped her head and stopped trying to wield the sword. She picked up a mold from a table and went over to a tiny basin hanging over a fire. It was filled with melted metal, and Adora poured the metal into the mold. The metal was supposed to form into a key and unlock something, but the person that ordered the key wouldn't tell her what that was.

AaronShadows 06-05-2009 05:17 PM

Ooc: The liches aren't nice chaps who pluck poor vampire girls out of orphanages, they're pure evil slave drivers. If you're undead, you where likely made that way bye force recently, so... orphanage? O_o

The necromancer eventually finished his work on the necrotic power coupling, and Agrond was free, too an extent, once again. He marched in a slight daze to the area of the flying fortress where the war machines where prepared.
He stamped into a large metalforge room and the first thing he saw was adora.
"You, vampire! Report on the progress of the plague catapults! We need those bloody things ready in three days time to lay siege to anakka, or it'll be suicide!" He growled to her.

spirit_queen 06-05-2009 07:18 PM

Name: Sranali Rifter
Race: Banshee
Appearence: A banshee has three forms; one hideous, withered old-lady-like appearence, one middle-aged-servant-like appearence, and one young-woman appearence. By default, Shanyn prefers the young woman version of herself; she has death-gray skin and silvery hair, and is petite in both height and figure. Her eyes are red-rimmed and crystal blue. She always wears a gray-hooded cloak, as is customary of banshees, and a red dress.
Personality: Rather abrasive and sarcastic, with a rare soft side for her brother.
Role: Scout
Bio: Shanyn always had bad luck, but it was the worstr when her home-town was invaded by the undead army, and she was killed during childbirth. Thus, by default she became a banshee; actually, that's one of few watyys a banshee can be a created. Her brother was there with her and died with her, and is now a skeleton soldier. The only thing she is currently glad for is the fact that her brother serves under the same lich as her.

Name: Gredar Rifter
Race: Skeleton
Appearence: Bones (obviously), with a wrap aorund his head (for individuality). Yellow-tinted eyeballs with red irises. He's rather short, as well.
Personality: Unlike his sister, Greg is usually kind and likes to help others... too bad that doesn't happen because of the lich. As a human, kindness had actually been his undoing in that he'd tried to help his sister when he husband left her. He has a tendency to tell really bad jokes, as well.
Role: One of the skeleton troops under Agrond's command.
Bio: Greg was there when Shanyn was about to have a child. But both of them were brutally murdered when their hiding spot had been found. Shanyn had become a banshee, while Greg, unfortunately, became nothing but a lowly skeleton troop.
Sranali was not on duty, but knew it wouldn't be long; breaks were never long. So, for the moment, she was just sprawled out int he middle of the hall-way, phased insubstancial so that people who needed to get by could just go right through her. She wished her brother was off, too, but having a break the same time as her brother was even more rare than just breaks in general.
Gredar hated how the control the lich had was complete and unyielding; when a command was given, you did what you were told. Period. Even if you hated it, even if you mentally tried to fight it, fight the tasks you knew were for countless deaths, you did it. And he hated that more than anything.

antimaie 06-05-2009 07:26 PM

Name: Alana Sorenson
Race: Ghost
Appearence: Straight light blonde hair, so light it is almost white. Bright green eyes that stand out against her pale white skin.
personality: Self centered, vain, conceited, can be smart if it is something that she really cares about, fights good, acts b*tchy.
Role: None really, she wanders around from place to place so much, she doesnt have a thing to do. She normally gets kicked out of doing whatever she had been doing because she was too wrapped up in herself.
Bio: Her mom left her dad, because she was sick and tired of him being abusive towards her, due to his alocholism. Due to this, Alana was abused by her dad, and not long after she turned 13, she turned to her grandparents. Now living with her grandparents, Alana found herself much more happy. The day before her 16th birthday, she was out with her boyfriend, and was walking back home from the park two blocks over. She met an old man, and being scared from him, she ran away. She tripped over a rock and fell into the road. A car was coming, but Alana couldn't get out of the way in time, and was run over.

Alana cursed as she kicked a rock in the park. She was sure it was the same rock that she had tripped over a few years back. She couldnt even remember how many years it had been ince that one horrible night. She walked out of the park into the moonlight again. She looked at the giant clock overhead on the streetlight. Hmm She thought Its only 11pm, so where are all of the cars? Alana sighed and walked across the small road into the small corn field. She shuddered as she walked through the cornfield, just determined to get back to town.

Catlover642 06-05-2009 07:27 PM

Ooc: Edited it. Is it okay now?

"Catapults?" Adora stammered. "Sir, I wasn't aware of that, no one told me," Adora said. "But when do they need to be done? I'm sure I can get them done by tommorow or mabye possibly tonight..if I work hard enough."

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