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Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 03:30 PM

Prey {RP Revamp}
This was an old, old, old RP, you guys can probably find it on page 2 or 3. This RP is going to be nothing like that RP except for a few key points that I will point out in my opening paragraph, which will be in a separate post due to character limitations. This RP is a little stricter than what I usually do.


Prey. Either you hunt it or you are it. In the future, in this time frame, humanity has spread across the universe and space travel is unlimited. Hundreds upon thousands of new civilizations are popping up on all sorts of planets; in fact, a lot of cities on certain planets are called New. New Vienna on Arguerra; New Mecca on Helion 6. They have traits of the old cities on Earth.

Earth is long gone; destroyed by war and ravished by nuclear radiation. Sure, humans still live there, but are they really human anymore? Mutations are abundant, and a lot of newborns don't live long because defects are often fatal. Some people who survived childhood and teen years moved away; some still linger.

Ships are more or less like gigantic cities; while many transport cruisers have cryosleep chambers for long voyages, there are other ships where everybody is always awake. Well, except for the necessary sleep, but you understand, I'm sure. Mercenary ships often have cryosleep systems on them for transporting high risk bounties; the larger ones that stay in space longer tend to have very large stores of mercenaries in cryosleep in case of an emergency. The dreams that come from cryosleep are vivid and at times even terrifying; many have woken up insane. Though that may also be due to the cramped quarters.

There are numerous prisons across the universe as well; the two highest security ones are Crematoria and Butcher Bay. However, the latter has been having some issues ever since the escape of a lucrative prisoner who goes by the name of Ridd'ck...

Crematoria is a planet; it's practically glued to the sun in its system, and as a result of the close proximity it is downright suicide to be on its surface during the day. If you are outside out in the open and the sun is coming out, you'll be burnt alive. Not pretty. Trust me.

You are one of the some hundred thousand people on the prison ship Deadly Nightshade. Whether you are a captured bounty/prisoner, a merc, or a guard, that's up to you. But be warned; some of the guards will do anything to see each other fall, so choose your friends wisely. The prisoners generally have free reign, to an extent; they are not allowed near the engine room, control room, or any rooms that could potentially pose a problem if taken over by prisoners. While there are no guards in these rooms, there are guns mounted on the walls and there are also numerous security measures in the rooms.

The Nightshade is heading for Crematoria to drop off some of the more dangerous of the criminals, and the captain - whose name and face are unknown - is planning on abandoning some of their crew there; said members are supposedly planning a mutiny. The ship, however, is still several months off; and there is no cryosleep except for most of the merc army and the more dangerous inmates.

They say Ridd'ck himself may be hiding in the Cryo room; the thermal sensors continue to indicate there is somebody moving around in there, despite nobody being found when guards go to investigate.

So: Who are you? What's your story?


Okay, so you're either a guard, a merc, a bounty, or some random loser who got dragged into this mess. Maybe you're a cook or something. Anyway, there are four areas of the prison section of the ship - which is roughly the area size of a very, very large hotel with none of the fancy digs - called Fox, Alpha, Omega, and Beta. The prisoners have their own cells; they have bunks and toilets. Weapons are not permitted. If you are found to have weapons, you will be put into isolation for 24 hours. It's not fun. It's dark. It's quiet. There's no contact with other prisoners in the Iso unit in Omega sector. Deal with it. Prisoners can have various jobs around the ship if they don't have marks against them; they can be repair workers, kitchen workers, if there's a job needing done they can do it if they sign up for job duty.

If you are a guard, you have what's called riot weapons; they have bullets, but they are not exactly deadly. Some of the corrupt guards however do use real bullets, then pin the inmate deaths on the mercs. Mercs have regular weapons and are rarely called upon for duty as guards; they're just along for the ride to Crematoria so they can pick up their pay for the bounties they're bringing in on the ship.

1. No overpowered characters.
2. If you came from Old Earth, you probably have some kind of weird attribute. Weird hair color, eye color, a physical mutation like a tail or feathers. If you come from what's considered an Inhuman Planet, you're probably some kind of weird creature. Reptillian (known as Draconians, more or less as they have a dragon shape when they wish), Avian (same as Reptillian), and the typical odd looking creatures are abundant in the Dead Space zones. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Avoid Dead Space like the plague or you'll be nabbed by a merc ship. Not fun.
3. You may have one 'natural' ability (which will be outlined below the rules) and/or one physical augmentation of some sort.
4. If you are not an experienced RPer, you can't join. End. I reserve the right to disallow you to join.
5. In your opening post, detail part of your history; if you are a prisoner, do a paragraph or so about your capture. If you're a guard or merc, do a paragraph or two about your daily life on the ship. You get the point.
6. Follow RPG rules.
7. I don't want everybody to be making a bounty or a guard. Seriously. We need an even-ish ratio here.
8. Women get no respect. They have to earn it. Doesn't matter if they are bounty or guard or merc, they have to have earned their respect somehow and believe me, they aren't going to get it doing sexual favors. Which brings me to rule number
9. Some of the mercs and inmates and guards are less than friendly to women. Keep that in mind. Women and men have fairly equal fighting ability, especially if they're in the prison or merc businesses, so they can very well protect themselves if necessary.
10. Fights happen. Yep. They do. Riots are especially fun. No auto hitting, period, unless it's a designated NPC that needs a slapping around.
11. Only humans and mutated humans have odd kids. If a Draconian/Avian has a kid with a human or a mutie, the kid is either mutie human or regular human or Draconian/Avian. There are no crossbreeds. Same with Draconian and Avian couples; their kids are either one or the other. Draconians have scales in their human forms, but not a lot, just around the eyes and on the back of the hands and bottoms of the feet; they look like dragons in their true forms. Avians tend to have feathered arms in their human forms, but many of them who spend more time in human form can make their wings disappear; their true forms are large birds of various types. Furyans are extinct except for Ridd'ck, so Eyeshine is just a mentioned augmentation.
12. I realize this list is long, if you've read this far then you can stop now. Again, no overpowering your characters, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

Natural abilities:
Flight (Avian, Draconian)
Telepathy (Mutated humans, Draconians, Avians)
Telekinesis (Very rare, only in mutated humans)
Longevity (Mistaken for immortality; Draconians, Avians, and some mutated humans, they just live a really long time. Like, a LONG time.)
Night vision (Draconians, mutated humans)

Surgical augmentations: (These apply to all races unless otherwise stated)
"Eyeshine" (Has never been accomplished, almost all who try have gone blind or died of eye infections, so it's now illegal.)
Hydraulic (Run and jump faster and higher)
Cyborg (Implants in the brain and body, make you faster and you can mentally log into computers but you're susceptible to hacking.)
Prosthetic (Basically a replaced limb or two. These are very advanced, but the hand and arm ones still aren't perfect yet.)

Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 03:59 PM

Woo, second post. *insert whine about character limit, XD*

Character sheet (You can use this if you want, it's just for reference for other RPers. Also, take out the parenthesed stuff! O_o)

Race: (Human, Draconian, Avian, Mutated Human)
Job on ship:
Bio: (Nothing TOO crazy, will tell you if it's too much. This does not include a detailed summary of how an inmate gets caught, mind, a brief mention of that will do then you do the actual description in your paragraph or more.)
Personality: (Include strengths and weaknesses in this, physical and mental)
Appearance: (NO PICS!)

Name: Samantha Hawking
Nickname: Yuni (from her bad childhood habit of saying 'You need')
Age: 223 (looks 25)
Race: Avian
Job on ship: Inmate; repair worker for Cryo storage and refridgeration systems
Abilities: Flight, hydraulics in her legs to help her take off in true form
Bio: Samantha grew up on the Avian homeworld, which has been destroyed in the past hundred or so years by pollution and mercenaries. She's one of many Avians trying to make their way through life. She had a typical childhood much like a human's; school, family, friends. When she was a teenager, her parents died in separate eons (both were workers on space ships) due to merc attacks on ships. She hates mercs with a passion and she has an open defiance of authority; she started her killing streak right after her homeworld was destroyed when she was 132 years old, when a couple of children were being kidnapped by a bounty hunter. Her main targets were rogue mercenaries and bounty hunters, but within the past fifty years or so she started going after corrupt government officials. She was finally caught trying to assassinate one of the prime ministers on one of the Helion system's planets and has been on the Nightshade for ten years and knows the cryo sleep system like the back of her hand; prior to her killing career, she was a heating and cooling specialist and her knowledge of the wiring has helped her considerably.
Personality: She's a very crabby person, and doesn't mince words; while she does have her nice moments, they're only to friends and new inmates who need help. Yuni hasn't actually smiled in years; she's very sarcastic and it's gotten her in trouble with many guards and mercs. The main reason she's so crass is due to the death of her parents; she locked herself up in her head and won't let anybody get to know her, fearing being hurt again or hurting somebody. Her biggest flaw physically is a limp; she broke the hydraulic in her left leg in a riot six years ago. The repair was sc'rewed up and now her legs aren't even. Her biggest personality flaw is that she's far too stubborn for her own good and it could very well cost her her life, should she refuse help and she sees taking help as a major weakness - however, this applies only to herself taking help, not somebody else.
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes; tends to wear a green colored version of the inmate uniform, which is orange slacks and a white wifebeater. Green indicates that she can go into the cryo area to work on malfunctioning systems.
Etc.: Is allergic to seafood and certain types of coolant liquid. Her Avian form is a hawk that's roughly the size of a large SUV, but she hasn't used it in a long time as she has neither the time nor room to use it. Is going to be transferred to Crematoria after enciting a riot in the cafeteria, insists it is not her fault but she killed three mercs and one inmate who was a former merc during the chaos.

An alarm blared a bit in the four prison blocks, and a computerized voice announced over a series of speakers, "Inmates, it is 0600 hours. Report to the cafeteria by 0900 hours. The schedule for today is: breakfast, work and/or recreation, lunch, work and/or recreation, dinner, baseball game between 1700 and 2100 hours. At 2200 hours, inmates are expected to be back in their cells. Isolation prisoners have one to three hours of recreational time depending on their punishment. Have a good day."

The plasma door to the cells in all the blocks turned off, and a lot of inmates - men and women alike - grumbled as they got up off their bunks and headed to the showers; some went straight to the cafeteria, which also served the awake mercs and the prison ship guards, and others went to the gym behind Omega block to work out a little before breakfast.

Yuni shoved her head under her pillow, grumbling, and she peeked out from under it when one of the guards banged a fist against the wall of her cell. "Whaat?"

"Time to get up. You had an extra hour yesterday because you got sick from somebody slipping shrimp in your pasta at dinner, you're fine today. Get up." The guard moved on to check on other prisoners. Yuni just sighed and sat up, stretching and pulling a clean wifebeater out of the box under her bunk; she changed out of her dirty one and pulled the clean one on as she walked out of the cell, looking around. The cells were stacked in 4 by 6 blocks along the walls, and each was a good 6 feet in all directions. There were stairwells and ramps and catwalks leading from each level of cells, and there was a set of double doors on either side of the room; the one on the left side, from her angle, led to Fox sector and the one on the right led to a hallway.

She leaned against the railing, watching the prisoners head in various directions and chat with each other at the tables on the floor below; she didn't really understand how people could be so familiar with each other in a place like this. She didn't trust any of the inmates; she'd learned the hard way to keep her enemies closer than friends. She sighed and headed down a stairwell to head to the floor; she was really hungry and wouldn't wait til she had a shower to eat. She'd eat, go work out a little, then shower. As she walked out of the door to the hallway, she heard a couple of mercs muttering to each other. She noticed who they were but didn't really care; they were the ones who had captured her on Helion 2 when she had assassinated the prime minister. She frowned a bit at the memory, watching the two; she could remember it all too easily.

She'd been trying to escape from the vents; easier than the hallways, which were packed with civillians and mercenaries trying to get out before the killer went after them. Yuni had wanted to laugh at their conceit; she wasn't about to go after them, they weren't important and most of them weren't the pathetic mercs and politians she aimed at. She'd exited the building from the sewers, and the two mercs - Toombs and some other guy, couldn't remember the name of him - had been waiting. She'd banged the second one up good; he still couldn't flex most of his toes or fingers on his right side, and he had a nice scar in his stomach, she was certain.

Toombs, on the other hand, had used the distraction to sedate her; she'd barely gotten a punch in when she'd gone out cold. She was sentenced to life on the Nightshade due to their issues with their refridgeration and cryosleep systems, and she'd been keeping everything up and running ever since and she'd trained some of the guards to keep everything working as well since it was meant to be their job, not hers... Honestly, she'd rather let the crazier prisoners out; she hated the ship. Some of the guards were alright; most were new this trip, a lot of fresh meat for the older guards to pick at and trick and hurt.

A lot of guards and "clean" mercs had been sent by some group called the Alliance; they were the group most mercs reported to. Yuni didn't trust the corporation; they showed up whenever a planet was destroyed. True, they hadn't been there when her homeworld had been ruined, but ever since they first began about a hundred fifty years ago they were at almost every ruined planet to offer a new home to the denizens. She called bullsh*t on it, but considering several things - one, the headquarters on New Earth in the Post Milky Way system was heavily guarded and too dangerous and two, she was on a ship - she wouldn't have dared to go after them all. But something was just too fishy about them all.

Yuni snapped out of her thoughts when another inmate walked into her by accident, and after shoving him a little - he'd apologized, poor bloke had busted his head during a riot on Butcher Bay and he wasn't like he used to be, was apologizing for everything now - continued heading to the cafeteria, sniffing the air but not smelling what was on the menu; her nose had been broken a couple of times and she couldn't smell much anymore. "... Wonder if there's gonna be a fight today."

Miranda_ 04-27-2009 04:34 PM

Name: Diego Blake.
Nickname: Is known as "The Dingo" and "Mad Dog" due to his crazy behaviour; however calling him either nickname to his face could result in major pain.
Age: Unknown; due to his powers, his lifespan is extended way beyond normal. Looks around sixteen.
Race: Mutated human.
Job on ship: Doesn't have one; he's new on the ship for one thing. For another, he's not allowed the use of his hands save in certain situations like meal times.
Abilities: Due to mutated genes, Diego has a power that he calls "hexing"; he can make the impossible become possible, simply by using his hands to throw hexes at people and objects. For example, he could hex a fire and make it into a weird fire creature, or a jet of water and change it into ice.
Bio: Diego was born on Earth. He lived with his parents til the age of six, when his parents threw him out of their home for attempting to kill his younger brother. Diego lived on his wits until he was able to hitch a ride on an outgoing spaceship and leave Earth for good. Since then, he's worked as a bounty hunter, using his powers to kill various marks and getting paid well for it. This occupation however gained him his share of enemies, as well as a large price on his head, due to his habit of not caring how many civilians died, as long as the mark was dead. Many people who wouldn't care about the various marks dying, were not too happy about innocent people dying in the process. The disregard for human life is borne partly as a result of his hard life growing up on Earth, but also due to arrogance due to having powers and believing that he's somehow above so called normal human beings.
Personality: Very cynical and abrasive; tends not to care about the feelings of others, can be extremely rude and abusive towards people. Diego is also very immature; this is possibly due to him looking like a teenager. He doesn't make friends easily, and his mouth gets him into trouble with guards on quite a few occasions. He's also very stubborn and set in his views; he can also be selfish and won't ever give out help for free. Diego however can be loyal on the rare occasion that he finds someone who will put up with him long enough to be friends with him. He won't ever betray anyone, even for money, and keeps his promises, good and bad.
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, pale blue eyes. He's slightly above average in height, and skinny in build. Part of the reason why he's so successful in his business is that he doesn't look dangerous; a lot of bigger, tougher men have tried their luck with him and ended up coming to grief. Wears the inmate uniform, as well as a special pair of restraints that are made of a kind of metal that can't be broken thru. They encase the whole of his lower arms and ensure that he can't use his powers. He only has them removed for mealtimes; the guards are primed with chloroform gas canisters should he show any signs of using his powers.
Etc.: Diego didn't know at the start of the trip who it was who'd captured him and who was to collect the price on his head, but he's slowly putting it together. When he finds out who it is, as far as he's concerned, he's got as long as it takes to get out of Crematoria, find them and make them die as painfully as possible.

Diego groaned as the alarm went off; he reluctantly got out of his bunk. However, he was unable to follow the other inmates who were alternatively heading towards the showers, cafeteria or gym until a guard had unlocked the restraints on his arms. The restraints irritated him, but he knew full well why he had to wear them; he wasn't trusted enough by the guards to be allowed to walk around the ship without them.

The guard who had been detailed for this duty walked up to Diego. "OK, you know the deal," he said. "These come off so you can shower and then eat; after breakfast, they go back on again. If you're thinking about starting trouble with your so called hexes, forget it. I have my gas canister on me, and you'll find your @rse in isolation if you even think of it."

Diego scowled, but made no comment. He'd already mouthed off to guards and the consequences weren't very pleasant. It was a pity that he didn't have the brains to learn from experience; the situation was bound to happen again, sooner or later. The restraints were removed, and Diego went to shower. He heard other inmates whispering around him; he was sure he heard someone muttering, "Mad Dog," but couldn't pinpoint the culprit. "Just say that to my face, and you'll be sorry," he said loudly, and the muttering abruptly stopped.

Diego thought back to his capture; not that he could remember much, cuz whoever it was had sneaked up behind him and the next thing he knew, he was choking on poison gas. He had woken up wrapped in a straitjacket, on the way to be delivered to the prison ship. Diego thought dark thoughts about the person who'd captured him; as soon as he found out who they were, they were dead. Just as soon as he got off this hellhole of a prison ship, of course. Diego finished his shower, dried himself off, and after dressing, made his way to the cafeteria.

Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 04:44 PM

Info on the Draconians and Avians, I could not fit this anywhere else. Dammit.

It's basically like Earth, but they value stone and metal work so a lot of their buildings were mainly stone and/or metal. There were various kinds of Draconians, like there's a lot of different kinds on Earth, and each of them had a specific type of job they were grown and trained to do from childhood (though obviously there are going to be oddballs). It's based on a heirarchy of dragons; each area has a king who was the strongest of a generation, and the only way to determine the next king (or queen, depending) is if a challenger steps forth and "slays" the king, meaning knocking him out of the arena in some fashion. You really shouldn't kill them but sometimes they've fallen on their swords either out of exhaustion from the fight or just being tired of being king. There's nobles and common citizens, as well as the children of the kings being considered royal, but they can't be heirs unless they challenge the king when they've reached adulthood at about 200 years old.

They've also got their own version of football, except it involves big heavy boulders and how long you can keep it up in the air with only your tail hitting it. Though that sounds more like soccer/basketball than anything else, they have a name for it but other races just call it Rockball.

The Avians' version of the Draconian passtime was huge dance and performance competitions, due to their birdlike natures. More will be added when I'm done screaming at the character limit.

Yuni stood in the lunch line; there were four separate ones much like the four prison sections. "..." Her nose twitched a bit; she really needed to sneeze but it wouldn't happen. She heard somebody in the line behind her and she looked over her shoulder; it was Diego. "You the new guy, then?"

Miranda_ 04-27-2009 04:50 PM

Diego replied sarcastically, "How did you guess? You must be a genius." He was feeling annoyed at having to get up at such an unearthly hour.

Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 04:52 PM

"You'll get used to the early wakeups." She shrugged. "I'm Yuni. What're you in for?"

Miranda_ 04-27-2009 05:04 PM

"Someone brought me in for money. They're basically a dead man walking, cuz when I find out who it is, I'm going to kill them." Diego glared round the cafeteria. "I'm not about to stop what I do just cuz some bleeding heart doesn't like the fact that anyone stupid to get in my way when I'm hunting down some mark ends up dead."

Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 05:15 PM

"You shouldn't kill innocent people." Yuni picked up a tray and handed it to him before grabbing one for herself. "I don't recommend getting the orange juice. It tastes like warm beer and it's disgusting."

Miranda_ 04-27-2009 05:18 PM

"If they get in my way, that's their problem. What's a few people dead? It's called population control." Diego took the tray. "I've already been told not to drink the water here. What am I supposed to drink, then?"

Silent_Wolf 04-27-2009 05:22 PM

"The water's good." Yuni blinked. "The water fountains in the halls suck, but the kitchen's water is good. Trust me."

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