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Default Prey {RP Revamp} - 04-27-2009, 03:30 PM

This was an old, old, old RP, you guys can probably find it on page 2 or 3. This RP is going to be nothing like that RP except for a few key points that I will point out in my opening paragraph, which will be in a separate post due to character limitations. This RP is a little stricter than what I usually do.


Prey. Either you hunt it or you are it. In the future, in this time frame, humanity has spread across the universe and space travel is unlimited. Hundreds upon thousands of new civilizations are popping up on all sorts of planets; in fact, a lot of cities on certain planets are called New. New Vienna on Arguerra; New Mecca on Helion 6. They have traits of the old cities on Earth.

Earth is long gone; destroyed by war and ravished by nuclear radiation. Sure, humans still live there, but are they really human anymore? Mutations are abundant, and a lot of newborns don't live long because defects are often fatal. Some people who survived childhood and teen years moved away; some still linger.

Ships are more or less like gigantic cities; while many transport cruisers have cryosleep chambers for long voyages, there are other ships where everybody is always awake. Well, except for the necessary sleep, but you understand, I'm sure. Mercenary ships often have cryosleep systems on them for transporting high risk bounties; the larger ones that stay in space longer tend to have very large stores of mercenaries in cryosleep in case of an emergency. The dreams that come from cryosleep are vivid and at times even terrifying; many have woken up insane. Though that may also be due to the cramped quarters.

There are numerous prisons across the universe as well; the two highest security ones are Crematoria and Butcher Bay. However, the latter has been having some issues ever since the escape of a lucrative prisoner who goes by the name of Ridd'ck...

Crematoria is a planet; it's practically glued to the sun in its system, and as a result of the close proximity it is downright suicide to be on its surface during the day. If you are outside out in the open and the sun is coming out, you'll be burnt alive. Not pretty. Trust me.

You are one of the some hundred thousand people on the prison ship Deadly Nightshade. Whether you are a captured bounty/prisoner, a merc, or a guard, that's up to you. But be warned; some of the guards will do anything to see each other fall, so choose your friends wisely. The prisoners generally have free reign, to an extent; they are not allowed near the engine room, control room, or any rooms that could potentially pose a problem if taken over by prisoners. While there are no guards in these rooms, there are guns mounted on the walls and there are also numerous security measures in the rooms.

The Nightshade is heading for Crematoria to drop off some of the more dangerous of the criminals, and the captain - whose name and face are unknown - is planning on abandoning some of their crew there; said members are supposedly planning a mutiny. The ship, however, is still several months off; and there is no cryosleep except for most of the merc army and the more dangerous inmates.

They say Ridd'ck himself may be hiding in the Cryo room; the thermal sensors continue to indicate there is somebody moving around in there, despite nobody being found when guards go to investigate.

So: Who are you? What's your story?


Okay, so you're either a guard, a merc, a bounty, or some random loser who got dragged into this mess. Maybe you're a cook or something. Anyway, there are four areas of the prison section of the ship - which is roughly the area size of a very, very large hotel with none of the fancy digs - called Fox, Alpha, Omega, and Beta. The prisoners have their own cells; they have bunks and toilets. Weapons are not permitted. If you are found to have weapons, you will be put into isolation for 24 hours. It's not fun. It's dark. It's quiet. There's no contact with other prisoners in the Iso unit in Omega sector. Deal with it. Prisoners can have various jobs around the ship if they don't have marks against them; they can be repair workers, kitchen workers, if there's a job needing done they can do it if they sign up for job duty.

If you are a guard, you have what's called riot weapons; they have bullets, but they are not exactly deadly. Some of the corrupt guards however do use real bullets, then pin the inmate deaths on the mercs. Mercs have regular weapons and are rarely called upon for duty as guards; they're just along for the ride to Crematoria so they can pick up their pay for the bounties they're bringing in on the ship.

1. No overpowered characters.
2. If you came from Old Earth, you probably have some kind of weird attribute. Weird hair color, eye color, a physical mutation like a tail or feathers. If you come from what's considered an Inhuman Planet, you're probably some kind of weird creature. Reptillian (known as Draconians, more or less as they have a dragon shape when they wish), Avian (same as Reptillian), and the typical odd looking creatures are abundant in the Dead Space zones. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Avoid Dead Space like the plague or you'll be nabbed by a merc ship. Not fun.
3. You may have one 'natural' ability (which will be outlined below the rules) and/or one physical augmentation of some sort.
4. If you are not an experienced RPer, you can't join. End. I reserve the right to disallow you to join.
5. In your opening post, detail part of your history; if you are a prisoner, do a paragraph or so about your capture. If you're a guard or merc, do a paragraph or two about your daily life on the ship. You get the point.
6. Follow RPG rules.
7. I don't want everybody to be making a bounty or a guard. Seriously. We need an even-ish ratio here.
8. Women get no respect. They have to earn it. Doesn't matter if they are bounty or guard or merc, they have to have earned their respect somehow and believe me, they aren't going to get it doing sexual favors. Which brings me to rule number
9. Some of the mercs and inmates and guards are less than friendly to women. Keep that in mind. Women and men have fairly equal fighting ability, especially if they're in the prison or merc businesses, so they can very well protect themselves if necessary.
10. Fights happen. Yep. They do. Riots are especially fun. No auto hitting, period, unless it's a designated NPC that needs a slapping around.
11. Only humans and mutated humans have odd kids. If a Draconian/Avian has a kid with a human or a mutie, the kid is either mutie human or regular human or Draconian/Avian. There are no crossbreeds. Same with Draconian and Avian couples; their kids are either one or the other. Draconians have scales in their human forms, but not a lot, just around the eyes and on the back of the hands and bottoms of the feet; they look like dragons in their true forms. Avians tend to have feathered arms in their human forms, but many of them who spend more time in human form can make their wings disappear; their true forms are large birds of various types. Furyans are extinct except for Ridd'ck, so Eyeshine is just a mentioned augmentation.
12. I realize this list is long, if you've read this far then you can stop now. Again, no overpowering your characters, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

Natural abilities:
Flight (Avian, Draconian)
Telepathy (Mutated humans, Draconians, Avians)
Telekinesis (Very rare, only in mutated humans)
Longevity (Mistaken for immortality; Draconians, Avians, and some mutated humans, they just live a really long time. Like, a LONG time.)
Night vision (Draconians, mutated humans)

Surgical augmentations: (These apply to all races unless otherwise stated)
"Eyeshine" (Has never been accomplished, almost all who try have gone blind or died of eye infections, so it's now illegal.)
Hydraulic (Run and jump faster and higher)
Cyborg (Implants in the brain and body, make you faster and you can mentally log into computers but you're susceptible to hacking.)
Prosthetic (Basically a replaced limb or two. These are very advanced, but the hand and arm ones still aren't perfect yet.)

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!
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