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Default The City For Deviants {RP} - 04-14-2009, 06:36 PM

The City for Deviants ~

You are a savant. What is a savant, you ask? It is a person with extremely detailed knowledge in some specialized field. There aren't many of them, tho, but there is enough to be studied. There are many different fields, of course. Art, literature, science, math... but there is a consequence for your ability. You are misunderstood at home because no-one can relate to you. You have had enough of being ignored, because you know knowledge like this isn't common. The people you have told about your secret merely laugh and say you're insane. You can't tell anyone anymore, but the feelings begin to add on to another and another and eventually stack up. Who would want to live like a turtle stuck in it's shell?

You look in the morning paper one day and see an add for kids who think they need psychological therapy. You buy a ticket to Sacramento, California to join this meeting. When you reach the calling, you hear (# of kids) other kids chatting quietly in a corner. You join the circle and find out they have incredible knowledge in a specific field, much like you. A therapist walks in and talks for what seems like hours. Your chair is stiff, and you swear the clock is going five times slower than your watch. Was this worth your time? After the meeting, you join the kids again for a quick chat. It turns out that they have the same issue with no-one understanding them, and they're fed up as well. You quickly decide the hardest thing you've ever decided. It's time to leave home.

You and the kids run away to New York City aboard a freight train the next morning, a classic location for stow aways. But it's dark and dangerous. People even say a crime happens every 6 seconds. It is the time of night when the robbers and the Sweepers come out. The Sweepers are an organization run by the mayor to rid the city of a majority of the homeless. They are men with black suits and take you away to a place no-one has ever returned to discuss. It began in the early 2000s, when the homeless rate began to climb. They have dark vans along the streets at night, waiting for an unlucky homeless person to beg for change. But when the situation is more extreme, like for example there is a band of squatters at an abandoned building, they send a black truck full of the darkly dressed men to take control. They are feared all over the city, and you have to be cautious when walking around at night. That's why groups of homeless and run aways band together for survival.

The first week in New York was difficult. You realize how many people were living on the streets. Each person was homeless for a reason - whether it is they went bankrupt, committed a crime and escaped the police and ran or were disliked at home. But among these reasons were the more dangerous ones. Some of these men, women, and children had run for their lives from problems at home or at work that were too dangerous to for them to remain.

It's going to be hard to survive, but you and your friends have faith in each other. Perhaps you should find a sustainable job to afford food, or maybe the life of a theft is good for you. However you want to live is fine, just remember to stick together and avoid the Sweepers....

Fields for savants:

Maps - You are extremely well at maps and coordinating them. You can remember each location on a map after quickly looking at it.

Math - You can do extremely complicated math problems in your head.

Calender: You can recall a date in your life and important things that have happened on that date.

Aside from savants, you could be a Sweeper. (1-2 active playing Sweepers. The rest are NPCs)

When a person signs up for a field, I will remove it from the option list, so you'll have to choose from the remaining fields)


1) Please make sure you know how to RP. I can't express this enough...

2) Romance is encouraged, but please try not to overdo it.

3) No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Please, please, none.

4) Don't make your character suddenly realize they can fly or read minds. It doesn't work that way.

5) You can write paragraphs if you would like, but it proffered you write 2-3 lines at the very most.

This story is basically a battle for survival on the streets in New York City and not to fall into the hands of the Sweepers.


Savant form:

Age (Teens):
Strengths (3 aside from your field):
Weaknesses (3):
Picture (Optional):

Sweeper form:

Name (You can make it code-like):
Age (25+):
Picture (Optional. But remember to make it a male/female w/ a suit):

control yourself;
take only what
you need
from it.

a family of trees
wanted to be

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