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Default Rock Band {RP} - 03-31-2009, 08:34 AM


1. I only want people who are experienced in RPing to join this. Just cuz you think you are experienced doesn't mean you are; if I don't want you in my RP then you can't join. If anyone posts in the RP who I don't want to join, then their post will be deleted and they will be informed thru PM as to the reasons why not. This RP is rated M and will contain mature situations so if you are under 16, then don't even bother trying to join. If you are unsure, I would prefer that you contact me thru PM rather than posting in the RP.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Please obey the general RPG forum rules.

3. Vampire and werewolf characters are allowed as well as human. Please make sure that if you have a vampire/were character, you follow these rules:

Vampires can go out in sunlight, eat garlic, and walk by crosses and cross running water. However, they are wood and fire sensitive, and have to drink a blood meal every day. They can eat human food, but the blood meal is the one they need to survive. Going without blood will send a vampire into the Bloodrage, which is a mindless state where the vampire will just feed on the nearest human or animal. Vampires have psychic powers too, and can trance people and wipe their memories.

Werewolves can voluntarily change into wolves, save at full moon where the change happens automatically, for three days. Weres can also communicate mentally, but don't have the powers vampires have. They are sensitive to silver and fire. Weres also have to eat flesh every other day.

Also; whether were or vampire, the humans don't know that they exist. At the start of this RP, any human characters will be ignorant about their bandmates' true natures. Please ensure that each band has at least one or two human characters, to mix things up a little. Finally, no Meyerpires or Meyerweres. I mean it; anyone who even tries to join with one of these abominations will be automatically barred from the RP.

4. The NPCs, ie the judges and the presenter, will be played by me if no-one else wants to play them. If you wish to play an NPC, let me know thru PM; I will tell you their basics, then leave you to present the character as you see fit.

5. There will be two bands in the contest. Please have at least two characters, one in each band. Both bands play hard rock, and have male and female members. The singer will of course sing, but the other band members will sing backup. The bands are as follows:


Singer: Cyrus Van Helsing
Lead Guitarist: Adrian Capp
Bassist: Kate Grey
Drummer: Hani Williams
Keyboards: Tamara Kazakov


Singer: Preston Black
Lead Guitarist: Jessica Roarke
Bassist: Rob Ortega

Drummer: Jacki Higgins
Keyboards: Regan Redfern

As people join, I will edit these forms to include their characters. Once a position has been taken; hard cheese. Choose another. Remember that the singer may also play an instrument, or the other band members might guest sing on songs.

Character Form:

Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age)

The stage is set. The reality show, "Rock Band", has been going on for months. Every week has seen more hopefuls losing out to the vote and missing out on the promise of fame. There can only be one winner, and the prize is the stuff of dreams; a cash prize of $10,000 each and a record deal. The show is public controlled until the final; which has the judges deciding on which band shall be given the grand prize. However, if one of the bands drops out, then the other will win by default. Both bands are determined that they will win; just how far will they go to get their hands on the grand prize? Will they stoop to sabotaging the other band, perhaps? There's just six weeks to go before the grand final is broadcast live to an audience of millions, and the pressure is on.

Even before the grand final happens, both acts already have some measure of fame. They're recognised in the street, and also asked to give interviews for magazines and on TV shows. All this is just a taste of what things will be like if their band is the one to impress the judges and win first prize. True, there's a chance that the runners up will also be granted a record deal on the strength of their performance, but such things are being left to chance, whereas the winner will have that record deal in the bag. There's also the everyday life of the band members; they have their family life, perhaps, or maybe college life. There's also the lure of the party scene, of the drugs and the easy groupies, which is already within their grasp.

Behind the scenes of the reality show, drama abounds. The presenter of the show, Jason Hanson, is currently being blackmailed by one of the judges, singer and songwriter Mandy Deary. In return for not revealing the ongoing affair between herself and Jason, Mandy is demanding a bigger pay packet as well as certain perks that the other judges don't get; for example, a private dressing room and free clothes from the fashion department. The other judges are famous band manager Terry Ireson, the owner of the top record label "Snap", Sam Jayson, and pop princess Fiona Richardson. They don't know about the blackmail, but tension is running high; cuz of the priviledges and perks that they are not getting, and that Mandy is. They suspect something is going on, and the conflict threatens to tear the show apart.

At the start of the RP, the auditorium is packed to bursting. The studio audience are all watching with baited breath for the finalists to be announced; as are the people watching at home. Newspaper reporters and TV presenters are waiting in the wings to hold interviews with the finalists, and fans of the show who voted for their favourites are waiting to see if their picks made it thru to the final. Everyone is tense; the bands who made the final vote are all as nervous as each other, as they wait to hear the speech that will change their life forever, either for better or worse. After all, who doesn't want to be famous?


Name: Cyrus Van Helsing
Band: Nosferatu
Age: 18
Race: Vampire
Bio: Ever since Cyrus, or Cy as he's known, was little, he's always wanted to be a rock star. He's a born vampire, so has aged normally. He's 18 now, and has been in the band he and some of his friends formed while at school. Cy was bullied at school, due to liking rock and metal music, but was unable to use his powers to get rid of the bullies due to the danger of attracting unwanted attention from vampire hunters. He has black hair and silvery green eyes, and is fairly tall. While Cy is loyal and is a good friend, he can also be vengeful and on occasion, very immature. He spent a lot of time daydreaming about what it would be like to show all the people who bullied him at school when he became famous. He entered the band in the Rock Band reality show to do exactly that. Altho it's a certainity that even the runner ups will get record deals, Cy wants the band to win more than anything, if only for the kudos.

Name: Regan Redfern
Band: Bane
Age: 400 years old, but looks 18
Race: Vampire
Bio: Regan is the youngest in her family, and is very spoiled. She was privately schooled as a child, and now just hangs out with teenagers in order to show off, mostly, altho she does have friends among them. Regan has always lived a priviledged life, and can be very boastful as well as at times, spiteful and selfish. She does have her good points tho; she's a good conversationalist and has a sparky wit, altho sometimes that only stretches to making fun of people. Regan loves to shop, be pampered and get her hair done; she knows that a lot of people think of her as shallow, but she doesn't care. Regan was thrilled when her band, which she and her friends formed, was entered in Rock Band. She thinks they have a good chance of winning, and is certainly ready to pull strings and sabotage the competition if necessary to ensure that they do.

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Default 03-31-2009, 08:35 AM

(Character limit forced me to post the intro paragraphs in another post.)

Cy took a peek out from behind the curtain which covered the stage. He could hardly believe what he saw; the arena was packed to bursting with people, and there was a hum of expectation as the cameras were gotten ready in order to begin the live broadcast. The presenter, Jason Hanson, was getting himself ready along with his personal assistant, nearby, and all the bands who'd made it to the final seven were backstage. Cy was nervous to the extreme; this was the big moment, which he'd daydreamed about from the minute that Nosferatu had entered the competition. Of course, the results of the vote depended entirely on how many fans that each band had gotten, both from their rise thru the ranks of the competition and from their performances on the last show. Cy crossed his fingers for luck; if Nosferatu got into the final, then they would have just one other band to beat out. He also wondered if there was time for him to go and snatch a feed. Cy was a vampire; he had already fed that day, but felt that it would at least help his nerves.


Nearby, Regan was casually filing her nails and alternatively checking her makeup in her hand mirror. She was sitting down with the rest of her band, in the chairs reserved for them. She took a glance round at the other acts; as far as she was concerned, none of them really stood a chance. Regan was confident that Bane had gotten thru to the final; well, who could resist such a brillant band, with her own perfect keyboard skills and backup vocals? She also sang on a couple of songs; the only reason why she hadn't wanted to be the lead singer was all the work that it entailed. Regan felt she had better things to do rather than slave away writing out lyrics; she'd far rather reap the benefits of being in a famous band. Such as all the interviews, photoshoots, the exclusive VIP area tucked away at the back of the clubs, the fans all pouring out endless adulation; those were the things she considered important. Regan stifled a yawn as she looked pointedly at her watch; surely it was time for the show to start?

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Default 03-31-2009, 03:40 PM

Name: Hani Williams
Band: Nosferatu, drummer
Age: 19
Race: Human
Bio: ADHD from a young age, Hani was never able to find a good, solid outlet for his hyperactivity until he entered his primary school's minor school band; he took very well to the percussion section and has been an avid drummer ever since, and is also fond of using many different types of drums and other percussion instruments and is particularly fond of fast, difficult-to-play songs. Due to having started at an early age, he's got good stamina for playing the drums and his energy keeps him from getting exhausted too fast; he doesn't sing often and if he does, it's usually on any songs he doesn't have to do any intense drumming on. He has type 2 diabetes that occured during his early teens and while it's obvious when it's keeping him from doing his best, he doesn't bring it up. His oldest sister, Angel, is actually a brother and is a drag queen who currently is living in America, and his other sister, Gina, helps him keep his drums and other instruments in order. Hani's a college student minoring in literature and majoring in drama and music. He has a series of black stripe tattoos on his arms and legs, much like a tiger's, and once he's out of college he plans on finishing it with stripes on his stomach, chest, and back. His personality is generally a happy one, but if he forgets his insulin for too long he becomes sluggish and negative. He's also stubborn to a high degree and it's gotten him in trouble many times. His drumming is inspired by Lars Ulrich and the drummer from the group Rush.

Name: Jessica Roarke
Band: Bane, lead guitarist
Age: 21
Race: Human
Bio: Jesie - one S, not two, as she has frequently had to tell reporters - was born to a Cherokee indian and an Italian woman; however, the woman left and Jesie was left with her father, Arik, who's been sick for a couple of years now; she has clear traits of her Cherokee heritage in her face and stature, but she has her mother's dark brown hair instead of her father's black hair as well as her brown eyes. She dropped out of college when her father became sick - from what, she's unsure - and has been working numerous jobs to help pay for doctor and hospital visits, as well as hospital equipment for home. They moved from the reservation in America to (insert whatever country the show is held in, I forgot to ask! O.o) when problems occured with the medicine man's death when she was ten. She's very shy, mostly as a result of moving so far from home; she used to be extremely extroverted, but her secondary school wasn't exactly the best place to be and she became severely introverted. When she graduated, she went and got a navy-blue dreamcatcher tattooed on her stomach; she's still not quite sure why she did it. She's been playing cello since she was twelve; she started on a violin but found it a little too screechy and too close to her ears, so she changed up to a full sized cello before her thirteenth birthday. She is also influenced quite a bit by the band Apocalyptica and can sound like she's playing a guitar instead as a result of listening to them for years. However, started playing guitar recently.


"Cy, relax, I'm sure we'll do fine." Hani was absently tapping his drumsticks on a different chair. "We've gotten this far, we just need to push a bit harder. Besides, even if we don't make it, there's probably going to be some record dealer guy who offers us one." He took a sip of water out of a bottle and glanced around; Gina was making sure he'd set up his drums again, ugh. She was so OCD! ".. Should I just tell Gina to leave it? I wish she'd quit doing that, I've got everything set up so it's easier for me to do the really hard songs." He got up on his feet, stretching his back a bit as he leaned backward, and he walked over, peeking over Cy's shoulder. "..Nn, I don't see a crowd out there yet. Is there going to be one for this? I really can't remember. Think that was around the time I was exhausted and about ready to go 'zzz' land on you guys." He laughed nervously.


Jesie was tuning her guitar and making sure the notes were perfect; she was really nervous and she couldn't stop tapping her right-foot toes on the ground. She wore very little makeup, just black eyeliner and mascara, and she was wearing a blue midriff shirt under a white sheer longsleever, mostly to show off the dreamcatcher tattoo on her stomach. "... How much longer is it gonna take," she mumbled, brushing her hair out of her face. Regan was about the only bandmember she talked to, if anyone at all; if she had to, she'd talk to the others as well but they tended to ignore her because she spoke so quietly, she might as well have not said a word.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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Default 03-31-2009, 06:15 PM

Name: Adrian Capp
Band: Nosferatu, lead guitar
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age): 100 years old; looks 23
Race: Werewolf
Bio: Adrian has been playing guitar all his life, which is quite the long time considering his real age. He's generally very loud and works well as a team, like he would in a pack. He has shaggy brown hair and dark chocolate coloured eyes, and he has a muscular build. Adrian is good with sniffing out people's personalities, and can sometimes be a bit too curious when it comes to finding the truth. Adrian has never had much luck with love, which he blames on the Tourettes he 'inherited' from his birth mother. He's had Tourettes since he was 12, and school was hard for him. He dropped out, and his parents were completely outraged. At 17, he was kicked out and lived at his friend's house until he was in his twenties. Every once and a while, he'd wander out into the wilderness, where he ended up being bitten. Adrian usually fakes 'sick' turning the days during the full moon. He is heavily inspired by 80's rock bands.

Name: Preston Black
Band: Bane; Singer
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age) 19
Race: Human
Bio: Preston comes from a very high class family, and is an only child. His mother passed away when he was in elementary school, and his father has been married 4 times since. He may seem like the preppy, private school kid on the outside, but boy can he rock! Preston usually wears his old school uniform, including the loosened tie. He's been involved with some drug issues in the past, including being thrown in juvy, and he's trying to put that behind him. Preston always hated being called a 'pretty boy' and he's since distanced himself from that image and even put a black streak in his bleach blond, near white, hair - which is a huge step for Preston, since he's not really a risk taker and more of a follower. He has a girlfriend, but they rarely see each other anymore for she had went to Australia for University.


Adrian was much more concerned about the cycle of the moon then the noisy fans out in the stands. If there were to be a full moon anytime soon, he might cause his band mates a chance at winning. Pretending to be sick while there's a scheduled performance would not be a good thing. "Yeah, I think there will be people out there and I can't wait. I love the rush of adrenaline I get from performing in front of a live audience. I love the roar of the crowd after a good show." Adrian sat arms-crossed, feet resting up on another chair. "We're going to win this. No contest."


Preston looked at the clock, "It'll start soon." He said. He hadn't heard Jesie, but he could tell by body language that both she and Regan were being impatient about it. Heck, Preston was a generally patient guy, but they had been waiting quite a while and he hadn't gotten much rest the previous night so he felt like he was about to crash. Preston was wearing a bit of eyeliner, just to bring out his pale blue eyes. He was hoping that they wouldn't look so pale in the spotlights so that they looked white. He didn't want to look like a zombie or anything. His skin and hair were pale enough; he looked like someone had bleached him from head to toe. "Maybe I need a tan..." He muttered to himself, staring at his ghostly white skin. "What do you think, Regan? Am I too pale, or am I just paranoid?" He asked. His girlfriend had never called him pale, but then again, she was pretty pale too. Oh, how he missed April. He did call her, hoping that maybe she'd come and watch just one of their performances. He would give anything to hear her cheering him on like his own personal cheerleader - not to mention he'd love it if she wore one of the little cheerleader uniforms, too. xD

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Default 03-31-2009, 07:03 PM

Ooc: Wolfie, you need to pick one of the instruments already there; tho she can play that instrument on the side, so to speak, she has to fill one of those spots. Otherwise, that's fine. Hayley, your characters are fine. My character's called Regan, tho.

Last edited by Miranda_ : 03-31-2009 at 07:11 PM.
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Default 03-31-2009, 08:41 PM

Name: Jacki Higgins
Band: Bane: Drummer
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age) 21.
Race: Human
Bio: Jacki came from a middle class family and is the 8th child of 8. She had 5 other brothers and really knows how to take care of herself. She grew up in a small county, which was so small, it only had 198 people so everyone knew everyone and there was nothing you could do about. Jacki hung out with mainly guys since she was never a fan of the whole drama thing that the girls always had. Being the youngest and the only girl in her family made it even harder for her to prove herself. Anytime her brother(s) would challenge, no matter what the dangers were, she would accept. This being true, she's nearly broken every bone in her body and is used to pain. Her long, silky, black hair is normally tied back in a tight ponytail. She is normally found in a hoodie, of various colours, and a pair of jeans. She hardly wears make-up and bits her nails out of a nervous habit. Jacki did inherit some not so flattering traits while living with her brothers. She can be a bit stubborn when it comes to her thinking she is right, which is always right in her mind, can be a bit co.cky and aggorant when it comes from her skills and talents, and her stupidity when it comes to thinking things through. However, one thing she did learn is how to be dependable and a hard worker. Once she puts her mind to something, there really is no stopping her. She's always been interested in something other than the country. Once she was 18, she left her town and went into the city. It was completely different from the country and she just fell in love with it. Somehow, through a friend of a friend and so on, she met the Bane band.

Name: Kate Grey
Band: Nosferatu: Bassist
Age: (18 - 25 if human; if were or vampire, then must look that age) Really 125, but looks about 22
Race: Vampire
Bio: Kategrew up in distant family. She had a mother who worked all the time at her publishing company and a father who was a always working in his office, doing something with the stock market and oil companies. Since Kate was the youngest of 2 and her sister was killed in a car accident three years after she was married, she was pretty much able to do whatever she wanted. Since her parents had so many connections, she could have done anything she wanted but chose school over anything. Her friends always thought that she was a human dictionary because she could almost recall any situation or fact. She does take the easy way out but also wanted to prove herself. She never had good relations to with her parents but didn't care. She had went to a party and got bit some where in the night. She really didn't remember. At the time, she was 23 and in college. Moved out and all alone, Kate survived by moving from guy to guy. Most people called her a sl*t for this but Kate called it survival. Finally, she was able to stand on her feet and got a decent job, which she left for the band. Kate is a loner and never likes to talk much. She's shy and keeps things to herself, she private and good at keeping other people's secrets. She can be a bit emotional and controlling though and very maniplutive when angry or upset, as that is when she is most vocal. The only time she really talks is with friends.

Jacki was sitting down, drinking a diet coke and reading a book. She wasn't going over her beats or some of the song lyrics. She wasn't preparing at all. She was sitting down reading a book, calming her nerves. She always did this, though she did once try and bring her book out because they just happened to stop her right in the middle of the greatest chapter ever...until she got to the next one. xD Jacki's muscles were pounding with excitment and she kept fidgeting in her seat. She wanted to get up and preform, to hear the crowd calling their names and shouting everything. Unusually, Jacki was in a black tank and blue jeans. Since it got so hot, playing the drums with all the lights, she always chose to wear a tank instead of a hoodie. The first time she did that, she past out. xD

Kate was sitting down indian style, mediating. This always helped her focus before they went out on stage. As she sat there, all the noise was filing in her head. She could feel her heart pounding, her soul fluttering, her body shaking in anticipation. Her fingers were moving upon invisible strings, replaying her notes for each of Nosferatu's songs. She absentmindedly cracked her fingers and knuckles. Finally, she started to go back to her 'peaceful place'. This was her imaginary place that she went to everytime before a game. It was her own little island paradise. She had her own little shack near the beach, she could feel the hot sand on her feet, the sun's ray's hitting her skin, the exoctic birds fluttering all around her and chirping in a melody. She laid down on the sand and took in the salt watery air and the cool breeze. Once she could feel her heart stop pounding so hard and the butterflies settle, she opened her eyes and smiled. Then she stood up and grabbed her guitar and started to go over her keys with her eyes closed.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.
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