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Silent_Wolf 03-16-2009 06:12 PM

Fallout: The Backdraft
Welcome to the Capital Wasteland! This is the voice of your lord and master speaking - whoops, that's that other radio station. I hear that more people are coming out of the Vaults dotting our humble wastelands, so this is a special bulletin just for them. Course, couldn't hurt for the rest of you numbskulls to listen if you need a refresher course.

This, my dear Vault Dwellers, is the Capital Wasteland. There's more Wasteland out there, of course, but nobody ventures too far away from here lest they lose my awesome signal. Haha! Kidding. Specifically speaking, this particular slice of heavenly hell on Earth is the ruins of the capital of the United States of America. What is that? I don't know, go ask a Ghoul! Well, not a Feral one, mind you, that's the ones that run after you all slobbery-like and - ewww. Sorry, I'm offending some delicate natures here.

Y'see, so far as I can tell about two hundred years ago a ton of atomic bombs went off and all of a sudden, Washington D.C. was a mess. Collapsed buildings, dead people's shadows burnt into the walls, it was a disaster. Even worse, creatures known today as Super Mutants started attacking everybody left alive, and it wasn't for another hundred years before we got our ***** back in gear.

Time for a little lesson on the types of people and things and whatnot who live around here.

There are people running around known as Raiders and Slavers. Neither of them have any real regard for life; p*ss them off and you're done. The Raiders take no prisoners, unless you've got the balls to prove to them that you're as tough as they are. Fat chance! The Slavers don't usually kill; these guys take prisoners like no tomorrow and sell them as slaves. They don't care what skin color you are, who you are, what you look like, they will take you and sell you to the highest bidder. Here in the Wasteland, the only racism that comes around is whether or not you're a Ghoul or a regular ol' Joe. Or Susie. Or even both. It doesn't matter. Unless you're Chinese, for some reason some of the REALLY old Ghouls hate them. Probably because of the Chinese's siege of Alaska back in 2077... which yeah, was 200 years ago. Old furts.

Ah, the trade caravans; we love them, we hate them, we still buy their stuff because believe it or not, without them we'd have very little to survive on. They and their mercenary bodyguard buddies scavenge the wastes for products we can use - for a price. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this to the newbies in town; our currency is a little thing called bottlecaps. You know, those metal things on the Nuka Cola bottles? Yeah, we use those. Money in the old sense don't mean sh*t.

There are two types of Mercenaries. Well, several but we're starting with the "good" guys. They take on bodyguard duties, guard duties, you name it, they do it. Well, unless it's a little too risque for their taste; those always go toward the Talon Company mercs. If these guys are gunning for you, say your prayers - you probably won't survive the attack.

You didn't hear this juicy tidbit from me, but rumor has it that androids - you heard me right, these are synthetic humanoid robots! - walk among us, having escaped from god knows where; they're treated like slaves, like they have no emotions. These guys are more human than you can imagine. I can't tell fake from real. Well, except that one that had white blood, that was a weird moment...

This just in: An alien spacecraft was found over by the mysterious Oasis Rock. Course, the alien is dead, but nobody's touching him. Pretty interesting to gawk at, if I may add, and it's pimping out a very interesting broadcast of 'blip blip bleeep bloop blap bliiip', if anybody speaks Alien lemme know so I can broadcast it.

And now for our little creatures! Everything can be eaten. Well, except for the robots of course.

Robots - most notably the RoboBrains, the Mister Gutsy, the Protectron, the various butler versions of Mister Gutsy - were partially destroyed, but due to buildings withstanding the atomic forces, they still exist and run on fission batteries that never seem to run out. Most robots out in the Wasteland are hostile and attack everything they see, most common of these being Protectrons - laser-ridden metallic beasts - and the Robobrains, which for some reason have humanoid brains and talk like a pr*stitute looking for a payer. Mister Gutsies can often be programmed to work for you, but I'd back off; they are military-grade bozos and while they may act like they're obeying your every command, they may end up hating your guts. The butler version is much more amiable, but still, be careful; their jokes are terrible!

Dogs. Yes, we've got dogs and weirdly enough, they've been largely unaffected by radiation as far as we can tell. We've got regular dogs and Feral dogs. Enough said. Most dogs are too skinny to even HAVE meat on them. Besides, it just feels wrong to think about it.

Brahmin are cows, two headed cows to be exact. While they too have been exposed to radiation, for some odd reason their milk has been known to quell radiation poisoning and even help cure major rad poisoning. You'd have to talk to Moira Brown up in Megaton for that though; she's a quirky lady! Anyway, we've got some Mad Brahmin running loose 'round Canterbury Commons, so watch your back. Their horns hurt. A lot. Their meat's alright. I guess.

Mirelurks are the most annoying creature. Ever. I'm not even kidding. They love water to death, and while they don't fight each other, it's pretty annoying when the King Mirelurks start ganging up on you. Their meat is wonderful, kinda chewy if you cook it too long but pretty good otherwise.

Yao Guai are descendants of black bears. Big, ugly buggers. Avoid. Their meat is very lean. One of the scavengers near the Super Duper Mart south of Megaton has an affinity to them and even has one as a pet!

Time for bugs:

Giant ants are very common. There's fire ants. They spew fire. Avoid. Meat is alright to eat, fire ant meat however is peculiarly spicy. M-m-mmm, crunchy!
Radscorpions. Very big. Avoid the super huge ones unless you've got the manpower to kill 'em. Do not eat the poison glands.
Bloatflies are giant flies. Duh. They're digusting things. Kill them, their meat's pretty nasty so don't eat it.
Radroaches are c*ckroaches that have become a bit bigger, but they're still the same. They spit and bite. Their meat's crunchy and bitter, tastes like an old gym sock. ... Don't ask how I know that, okay, kids?

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls. There's two big kinds - human Ghouls and Feral Ghouls. Ferals have no minds. They want to eat everything they can get their hands on; these are the zombies. There's regular ones, then you've got the Roamers and the ever so rare Glowing Ones; these are living conduits of radiation. While extremely rare, avoid them. They're pinchy... very pinchy.

Listen for more of my amazing broadcasts, childreeeen! This is Three Dog, hooooowwwwwwwwwwll!


To sum up what Three Dog doesn't want to tell you, there are also guns of various sorts. There's electricity too, though where it's coming from isn't well known; nobody questions it however, as it's a valuable resource.

Megaton is a large town surrounding an unactivated atomic bomb; it was disarmed several months ago by some crazy vigilante from Vault 101 so no worries about it going 'kablooey'. Three Dog runs a radio station called Galaxy News Radio over in the D.C. Ruins out east, they play songs from the 1950s, though honestly it seems like EVERYTHING is from the 1950s; clothing, music, furniture, everything. The world never advanced from that stage of trying to achieve the idyllic lifestyle.

There is a family of "Vampires". They are actually cannibals, but their leader has taught them how to restrain themselves and keep it to blood intake only. While they've been known to harass smaller towns, they keep the VERY small settlement of Arefu safe; rumor has it there's a "blood price" going on. Yep, Arefu pays the Family in blood donations. Cute. Not.

The Super Mutants were not a result of radiation; they were genetically engineered. It's very hard to tell male from female; only Super Mutants can tell, but local rumor has it that a genius Super Mutant female named Fawkes is running around with the crazy vigilante from Vault 101. A very sweet... ah, creature, Fawkes is unusually smart; most Super Mutants grunt and say a minimum of four or five words at a time. They love chaos and destruction, usually; Fawkes enjoys intellectual passtimes.

Oasis Rock is a huge, HUGE rock formation; problem is, if you go in, you tend to never come out. They say there are trees there... trees? What are these? Go look and find out. Just be careful; there are people with guns. Lots of guns...

There is a vague concept of work. People own restaurants, small stores, and bars.

Wikipedia has a ton of info on Fallout, the whole series; I've only covered Fallout 3. There are numerous groups, a couple of which I've mentioned but know jack about because I'm actually kind of stuck. O_o You can also check Youtube for videos as to the layout of the Wasteland; you can also go to Video Game Cheats, Reviews, FAQs, Message Boards, and More - GameFAQs for more information on the game. Just avoid the boards for the games; they're full of stupid people. O_o

Rules and such in the next post. Stupid word limit!

Silent_Wolf 03-16-2009 06:25 PM


1. No invincible characters, guys. Seriously. Everybody, everything, bleeds. 'cept the robots, and even then they bleed oil.
2. No random killing of NPCs. Specially not Three Dog; he's my homeboy. Heh, kidding, but he's the primary reason everybody knows what's going on in the D.C. Ruins.
3. There are no trees. Except supposedly in Oasis Rock. There's burnt down trees, brush, shrub, etc., but no grass or trees.
4. There is food. Yes. Just radiated.
5. There is a medicine called Radaway, it cures your radiation poisoning.
6. You are not perfect. However, you may have some peculiar side effects of radiation exposure if you grew up outside the Vaults. Example, some people aren't attacked by wild animals for whatever reason and in fact even seem to coexist with them easily, as shown by one of the scavengers near the Super Duper Mart. You know the one, it's the one I mentioned. There are a rare couple of people who can regenerate broken limbs, but only at the cost of being heavily irradiated and they usually need to seek medical help immediately after so they tend to just go for medical help.
7. Everything is irradiated. Specifically water. There is a water purifier in Megaton, and most Mister Handies - the butler version of Mister Gutsy - can purify water as well, but sometimes you just gotta drink the irradiated water out in the Wasteland.
8. Unless you're an RPer I considered experienced, you can't join. They should know who they are already.
9. If you came from a Vault, you may be slightly deluded that you are better than everybody else; in this case, you will be swiftly smacked upside the head by the locals. If you aren't deluded, but are rather naive, stick with Moira Brown in Megaton; she's ditzy, but smart and knows her way around people. Usually.
10. Yes, there are going to be some VERY quirky names. It happens when there's no such thing as embarrassment.
11. There is technology, yes. Computer terminals are abundant and while usually used to store information, many run programs in the old stores and museums dotting the Capital Wasteland. Also, in the Metro tunnels, make sure you have tickets! There are rogue Protectrons who require them, because they will shoot you if you don't have any.
12. The religions are even wackier now. One is explained in the opening post.
13. Megaton has a mayor/sheriff named Lucas Simms. If you've got a problem with somebody, you go to him. In Rivet City - more on that later - there is a council of sorts as well as a security team. If you've got problems with somebody, speak to Harkness; he's usually guarding the bridge.

There is a VERY wide variety of guns and weaponry, including grenades and knives. These are listed at Gamefaqs. I think. I'll edit this post if they're not. You're more likely to find broken weaponry, but you can repair it. There are some rare undamaged books you can use to better your knowledge of various things; my favorite is Lying, Congressional Style for obvious reasons.

Perks (These go under 'other' in the Character Sheet. Are not necessary but are useful. Just one or two per person. Also, there are actually a lot more perks than this in game but these are ones that work with the RP better than say, something that improves your health by 10 points. XD Because that makes no sense here.). Explain the perk a little if you want in how it sorta explains your character. Everybody can have any perk, but I'd prefer it if the only shared ones were Mysterious Stranger or anything involving repair or electronics or something.

Pyromaniac (You love fire. A lot. And know how it works.)
Mysterious Stranger (A man dressed quite akin to a 1950's gangster hitman [trenchcoat, shady hat, .32 cal revolver] has saved your skin more times than you can count, yet he never stays to talk. Hm.)
Animal Friend (Animals, NOT including insects, don't attack you and you may even find some like you.)
Cannibal (Self explanitory, but if you happen upon the Family they can help you control yourself.)
Robotics Expert (Self explanitory, you're a genius with robotics and electronics.)
Adamantium Skeleton (Not the actual metal, but your bones are very strong but unfortunately take a lot of damage because you may overuse it.)
Cyborg (part robot.)
Android? (Are you an android? Tell us! Just don't go screaming it to the world. >_>)
Contract Killer (You kill people for a living. You sick, twisted person you.)
Lawbringer (You kill bad people for a living. Go you.)
Ninja (You are stealthy in the night.)
Barkskin (ONLY IF YOU GO TO OASIS. At any point. This means you are very, very difficult to scratch. Like, really difficult.)
Lady Killer/Black Widow (Dependant upon your gender, but you've got a way with hitting on the opposite gender.)

Character sheet:

Alignment: (Meaning nice or downright immoral, can be neutral)
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander:
Appearance: (Typed is preferred)
Occupation: (if any)
Other: (If you are a Wastelander, what quirks do you have?)


Name: Natho Smith
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral, leaning toward moral
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander: Lifetime Wastelander
Bio: Natho grew up with a scavenging caravan; his family settled down in Megaton when he was ten. His mother was kidnapped by Slavers when he was seven and he hasn't seen her since. He helps Moriarty at his bar up above the clinic; he's good friends with the Ghoul there, Gob, and if he wasn't about to get his ass kicked out by Colin Moriarty he'd be helping the guy pay his debt back. He doesn't much care about what's going on outside Megaton, but if he can find his mother and save her from the Slavers, he'll do it.
Appearance: Short, floppy black hair with blue tints, blue eyes. Usually wears what's called the "Pre War Springtime Clothes" which is basically an old dirty polo shirt with equally old dirty dress pants. For some reason will never go without his biker goggles; he found them scavving as a kid and never leaves his house without them.
Occupation: Barkeep
Other: "Animal Friend": Animals don't attack him much; this doesn't apply to insects, which annoys him to death really, but there's a runt of a Yao Guai that follows him around outside Megaton.


Natho smacked the 'on/off' button on the radio next to his bed, trying to turn it off; sometimes Three Dog was a little too much to handle first thing in the morning. He stared across the room at the buzzing terminal and groaned; he hated, hated mornings. He could hear Moira Brown yelling down at the Church of Atom near the bomb; she never let go of a chance to tell them how crazy they were. Natho didn't mind them much; okay, their belief system - that humans were all a thousand universes waiting to be created with a white blast of light from a god known as Atom, and the belief that the war of 2077 was a divine act - was a little nuts, but it was no more or less crazy than the other religions he'd heard in his day. Hell, it was actually more sensible; no one really knew what made up anything anymore.

With a yawn, he got dressed and left his ramshackle house, waving bye to the Mister Handy named Wadsworth in the corner; it was trying to clean more rust spots out of the metal. Pointless, but it kept the robot busy.

Natho walked down the rusty metal planks to the small diner near the atomic bomb. "What's on the menu today?" He rubbed his eyes through the biker goggles, yawning, as he sat down at the small bar outside the actual diner.

Miranda_ 03-17-2009 05:19 PM

Name: Rian Emerald
Alignment: Immoral
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander: Lifetime Wastelander.
Bio: Rian grew up in one of the more stricter settlements, where a modicum of self control was practiced, and the leaders of the settlement kept a tight rein on the inhabitants. Whether due to the radiation, or some other reason, Rian soon developed an unhealthy fixation on his mother. His father wasn't around; he'd been killed early on due to tangling with the wrong guy. Rian's mother was happy enough to have an affair with her son; that is, til the settlement leaders got wind of it. In order to prevent herself from being thrown out of the settlement, Rian's mother blamed him for all of it. Rian as a result of this is bitter, and crabby. He's also, due to having been spoiled and cossetted by his mother from an early age, bratty, selfish and extremely immature. His mother was also told to leave the settlement, but due to Rian walking out in a huff before this happened, he's ignorant of the fact.
Appearance: Rian generally dresses in black trousers and t-shirts, and has black hair and green eyes.
Occupation: (if any) None. Rian generally gets by now by stealing off the weaker people he comes accross.
Other: Is a Pyromaniac. Also a Mysterious Stranger seems to appear to save him from anyone who wants to kill him, which is a lot. O.o

Rian moodily kicked a can accross the street as he walked towards the bomb. He kicked the can up against it, hoping it would set it off, but of course nothing happened. Seeing as the bomb had been neutralised a while ago, that wasn't surprising but Rian was in the kind of mood that meant he would prefer complete distruction of everything as opposed to what was happening to himself right now.

He sat down nearby and stared at the ground. Since having to leave the settlement where he'd grown up, Rian had just wandered around aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do. He was full of resentment against the settlement leaders for kicking him out, especially since what had happened hadn't been all his fault. He couldn't believe that his mother had sold him down the river just to save herself, either. Cuz of the betrayal, his infatuation was now well and truly spent and Rian was disgusted with himself for the affair. He was sure too that everyone knew about it and was staring at him.

Silent_Wolf 03-17-2009 05:21 PM

"Hey, you new around here?" Natho turned on the stool he was sitting on a bit. "Never seen you before."

Miranda_ 03-17-2009 05:24 PM

Rian looked up sulkily. "I thought the whole town would know who I am."

Silent_Wolf 03-17-2009 05:28 PM

"..No." Natho raised an eyebrow. "We know who lives here and who doesn't, and you're a newbie 'round here." He swiveled around on the stool a bit, mostly out of boredom. "What's your name then? I'm Natho. I work up in the bar up there." He pointed above their heads.

Miranda_ 03-17-2009 05:40 PM

"Rian. I don't work anywhere cuz I don't see the point. I don't have anywhere to go, anyway." Rian still looked sulky. "I don't even know if I'm going to stay round here."

Silent_Wolf 03-17-2009 05:44 PM

"Well, that's up to you. We get people coming in and out all the time. You want anything to eat? Lady who runs the diner here can cook pretty good. Well, as good as possible giving all the radiation around here, but yeah."

Miranda_ 03-17-2009 05:49 PM

"I don't mind," said Rian ungraciously. He was a little put out by the way that Natho was treating him, having been brought up to believe that he was special and therefore deserved nothing but the best from everyone. It came as a shock to be treated as just another normal person.

Silent_Wolf 03-17-2009 05:52 PM

"Alright." Natho swiveled back around. "Dotty, two orders of mashers and two waters, please."

"Coming up!"

He swiveled back around. "The water's clean, at least."

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