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Aihana_ 02-14-2009 09:38 PM

Dream Catcher [[RP]]
In the coldest part of Canada, the middle of nowhere as you like to call it, you live with your family and a few friends. Not a lot of people live in the town, it's barely large enough to make a city with around 1000 people tops, and it’s far too small to make any mark on a map. It's biggest attraction, ice fishing, and we know how many people love to do that. Exactly, not that many. You get about 30 tourists a year and not many people move here because of the temperature. It could be winter all year round as there is always snow on the ground, but you get used to that after a while of living there. Time to bundle up and keep warm for the whole year, and make sure the thing from hell doesn’t devour you.

The ‘thing’ is a beast that you’ve tried to figure out where it’s from, but you can only come up with irrational answers such as hell. It is the most disturbing thing, eight claws, and huge wide eyes and is completely white from head to foot. Is it an animal, or maybe a human that has stumbled into toxic waste? What is it really, and will you ever actually find out before it devours you mentally first and then physically. When the ‘thing’ hunts you down, it stings you, *****s you even, leaving a small green mark where it punctured. You figure out that the thing only feeds in the coldest temperatures and only feeds on youth. It gets into your mind and into your dreams. You wonder, why didn’t it just eat me? Then you start thinking crazy things, and start having terrifying nightmares of the ‘thing’ chasing you and hunting you down. The dreams aren’t even the worst part; the worst part is that unlike ordinary dreams, you can feel the pain that it causes you. If the monster devours you in the dream, there probably aren’t chances of you ever waking up again.

There has got to be a way to kill the ‘thing’ and you have to figure it out before your time is up, or else it will keep feeding on kids in the area, making them disappear without a trace. Time is running out and there has got to be a way you believe to rid yourself of this beast. Can you figure out how to get rid of the beast? Or will you be eaten by it when your time runs out?

Character Form
Physical description (Can use photobucket):
Strengths 3:
Weaknesses 3+:

Character form:
Name: Myles
Age(13-17): 16
Physical description (Can use photobucket):
Dark black hair, blue eyes, and pale faced. About average height and lean.
Strengths 3: competitive, determined, creative
Weaknesses 3+: doesn't know when to stop, naive, not people smart, destructive, dim witted
Other: Lives in a family of two, his mother and himself. His father died when he was four from cancer and he has one younger sister. He has an overprotective mother that is always calling to check up on him and his social life isn't very good because of it. His grades stay at around a B average even though he barely tries he still manages to get semi-good marks.

Opening Paragraph:

Sitting at his old, worn in desk with it's distinct graffiti and chiseled in sides, Myles tried to concentrate on what the teacher was explaining to them about trigonometry, some rule for angles maybe? He couldn't remember. As he watched out the window at the falling snow, he couldn't help but wonder if the bell would ever ring. That would be a good thing when it did, the downside would be he would have to trudge home in the snow. His mother wouldn't let him catch a ride with anyone anymore as the last time he did, the car he was in lost control and slid into a snow bank in a ditch and she found out about it right away, she even made him sit in the hospital room for three hours, even after they said he was fine. Here, when something happens, everyone knows pretty quick, the news of anything spreads like a contagious disease that you cannot avoid. Watching the clock tick away, he tapped nervously on his desk with his pencil, watching the seconds go by. It was merely three in the afternoon and it was already starting to get dark through the thick haze of snow he noted. Hopefully he could find someone to walk home with, maybe a close by neighbor. "So what's the answer Myles?"
He snapped back into reality as the stares of other students burned into his core.
"Uh...sorry sir, I don't know."
Snickers erupted in the room and he felt the heat creep to his face.
He always does that to me, but of course not to the other kids when they don't pay attention. Myles opened his book to the right page and tried to pay attention to what the teacher was saying.

Is that a camera I see in the mirror or is it a clue hiding among pictures?
Secret Word: Waldo

Miranda_ 02-14-2009 09:45 PM

Ooc: You need to post something in "Other"; a bio that tells everyone what kind of person your character is and how they got up to this point. When you do, let me know and I'll pass it. Until then it is not passed.

Aihana_ 02-14-2009 09:53 PM

Alright, I edited the Other section of my character.

Miranda_ 02-14-2009 09:59 PM

Okies, passed now. ^^ People can now join.

antimaie 02-14-2009 10:24 PM

Name: Heather
Age(13-17): 16
Physical description (Can use photobucket):
Light brown/dark blonde sholder length hair, green eyes, short-ish.
Strengths 3: Easy going, humorous, smart.
Weaknesses 3+: Klutzy, stubborn, procrastinates, wants things her way, short tempered.
Other: Lives with her grandparents, her dad had moved to the states after he divorced her mom. Her mom got fed up with dealing with her and her younger sister, that she ran away, and was never heard from again. Her younger sister moved to the states with her dad after her mom ran away.

Heather sighed and tapped her pencil on the desk. Someone remind me why I signed up to take AP Biology? I already took Biology, how does being in it for an extra year, relearning the same things over again help me any? I mean, it's not like I want to pursue a career in Biology, stupid guidance counsler doesn't know anything. Heather thought, kicking her bag. I mean seriously, what does she even get paid to do? Sit there and ruin people's lives? She sighed, and copied the notes the teacher was writing on the board into her compisition book.
"And the most prominant scientist accosiated with genetics is?" the teacher said, looking around for someone to call on.
Heather put down her pen and raised her hand. "Gregor Mendel." She said, and then put her hand down and looked at the clock. Why is this period always so much longer than all of my other ones?
"Yes, Gregor Mendel was also known as the "Father of Genetics...."
Heather zoned out and started doodling on her notebook, still waiting for the bell to ring.

Aihana_ 02-21-2009 07:57 PM

After hours of watching the clock tick, Myles thought there really was a god because the bell rand. He made a dash for his backpack and flew out of the classroom and into the hall.

OOC: No one joining? Oh well, they can join later if they'd like.

Saphire_Mist 03-14-2009 12:58 AM

I will!
Physical description (Can use photobucket):Blond hair,short,and wears glasses
Strengths 3:laid back,friendly,and random
Weaknesses 3+:big procrastinator,has a bad temper,and can talk an ear of a cornstalk
Other:Has been living with her parents,and had been a twin.However,the smaller one died (her little sister) in the cold

Lyyn was completely zoned out of Algebra.Asleep,actually.The night before she hadn't gotten any sleep,her dreams tainted with horrid images of white monsters devouring her in famished RING Lyyn hadn't finished the dream thought when the bell rang.Stumbling to grab her stuff,she made her way to the door. "Um,Lyyn," she heard her Algebra teacher motioning her forward.
"I want to make sure you understand this." Sighing,Lyyn went over to her teacher.He made her do a few problems which were done with out a problem. What's his deal? It's not like I can't do algebra.Backing out the door she suddenly bumped into Myles.

AaronShadows 03-14-2009 08:16 AM

Ooc: OMFG I am joining this when I make a character! XD

booni_monkey 03-14-2009 09:52 AM

Character Form
Name: Blair Green
Age(13-17): 16
Physical description (Can use photobucket): long brown hair, tall-ish, thin, hazel eyes
Strengths 3: Has an open mind, independent, and is pretty strong. She worries about everything, and is a bit superstitious when it comes to jinx. She is smart, and her independence helps her keep up in school. She is strong because of many years of Tae-Bo. XD
Weaknesses 3+: Is undergoing anger management, has anxiety, and is only afraid of squirrels. Anything that may her off, she'll backlash at. She's a bit hard to get along with, but if you catch her on her good side she is a completely different person. Her parents love her, and they want the best for her. Her little brother is a nightmare, and she has a lock on her door to keep him out whenever she's not there. She went thru an emotional period, and only the scars on her wrists remind her of the trouble she has gone through.
Other: Blair has a family of four, including her mother, father, and younger brother. They live in a well-sized house and are not poor, but aren't rich. She has a dog, a border-collie, named Murphy. She's good friends with Myles, Heather, and Lyyn, but is also a bit of a loner. She loves to read and write, as well as draw and paint. Also tends to talk to herself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blair silently picked up her history book and walked out of the room as the bell rang. As she walked toward the water fountain, she muttered about the weird dream she had last night, but all she could remember was Tom Blake. She thought aloud about it, not knowing how loud she was talking.

Saphire_Mist 03-14-2009 11:35 AM

"Whoa wait a second" Lyyn said turning around. "That was kind of my dream.I was out of it in Algebra due to that scary thing.And I saw Sarah Gates.Scary.....But she moved like,2 months ago"

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