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Default Silent Hill: Requiem to Shephard's Glen - 02-11-2009, 04:32 PM

Shephard's Glen: A little quaint town in Nevada. It's one of those towns that takes you forever to find; it's harder to find than the middle of nowhere. It was founded about, oh, I think 200 years ago now; we're coming up on the bicentennial anniversary and there's a big party and parade planned.

But see, what a lot of the townspeople don't know is that the founding families' ancestors - Shepherd, Holloway, Bartlett, and Fitch - brought with them an oath from Silent Hill. They and numerous other families fled, but the God followed; to keep the newly founded village safe, they pledged that every fifty years, one child from each founding family would be sacrificed.

"We, the Family Shepherd, in order to ensure our continued protection and prosperity, do enter into this Holy Contract with our God, accept our duties as Master of Arms and willingly consign our child to the water in God's name."

"We, the Family Fitch, in order to ensure our continued protection and prosperity, do enter this Holy Contract with our God, accept our duties as Master of Rites and willingly consign our child to the blade in God's name."

"We, the Family Holloway, in order to ensure our continued protection and prosperity, do enter into this Holy Contract with our God, accept our duties as Keeper of Lore and willingly consign our child to the noose in God's name."

"We, the Family Bartlett, in order to ensure our continued protection and prosperity, do enter into this Holy Contract with our God, accept our duties as Executor of Law and willingly consign our child to the earth in God's name."

The Bartlett line has always been full of mayors. Holloways, they are the judges. Fitches are doctors and nurses and surgeons more often than not, and the Shephard family goes either into war or into police service. No one knows why; it's just how it is. There's no influence on the children; they grow up and that's what they want to do, continue the family tradition.

Of course, the children usually aren't told of the town's darkest secret; sacrifices to appease an unforgiving God happen every fifty years. Fifty years ago, this was broken by an accident; the wrong Shephard child was killed in water and a terrifying mist overtook the town. This matter, of course, was fixed and the town renewed itself. Soon, everybody who knew what had happened had passed away; the families continued on.

As the Bicentennial Celebration approaches, the parents of each chosen branch of the families has to prepare for this. It doesn't matter if they have only one child or two; infant or adult, it doesn't matter. There are other branches of the families in Shephard's Glen; they can continue the family line. It's a brutal way to live in a messed up place.

You've noticed that the 'chosen' kids - though you obviously don't know this - are becoming more and more withdrawn, less people-friendly and they no longer come to school. They haven't been told of their forecoming fate; and only the Keeper of Lore generally knows about it. Maybe you are one of these kids; maybe your parents have more or less treated you as a pet: fed you, clothed you, washed you, put you to bed as though it were a mere chore. Of course, if you're an only child you may have noticed your parents spoil you considerably.

Suddenly, one day both the Bartlett kids vanished. A mysterious fog has wrapped the town in a shroud, and it seems like no matter how hard you try to leave, you just enter the town on the other side. Scary creatures haunt the shadows, and the safest place to be is either the school building or your home.

Whenever you're out walking around, sometimes you hear an eerie grating noise, like metal on the pavement behind you; yet you see nothing when you turn to look around. However, it brings to mind an old fable-song you heard as a child:

Where is Steven, mommy? He can't play and I'm sad.
You mustn't ask, my darling- Steven has been bad.

Billy too, and Sally? Did they do something wrong?
I'm afraid it's true, child- all your friends are gone.

Beware of he who took them- he goes by many names.
The Bogeyman, the Shadowed One, but all are he, the same.

For every sin a child has, must be a punishment to bear.
Your friends are now beyond our reach; trapped deep within his lair.

And if they take what is not theirs, there can be no doubt.
He'll stretch their skin until it snaps, and all the blood drains out.

Remember to always behave, for sins he won't abide.
He wields a rusty, jagged blade, to cut out your insides.

The lying little children, with souls selfish and small.
Will find their wriggling tongues cut out, and nailed to the his wall.

The bullies and their spiteful wrath will find torment as well.
Soon he will strike them where they stand and drag them into hell.

Child, you must obey your parents; do everything they say.
Little ones who do otherwise, he tortures in the flames.

Beatings cleanse the soul, they say, and that is what he'll do.
If you don't control your anger then you'll feel his anger too.

You are your brother's keeper, remember it always.
Or else, the Bogeyman will chain you underneath the waves.

And while good children live, bad ones cannot escape their fate.
For once you hear his screeching wail, it's already too late.

So do not cry aloud at night, stay hidden in your bed...
Or the Bogeyman from Silent Hill will come chop off your head.

As hell breaks loose here in Shephard's Glen, you'll fight monsters of horrendous countenances, see nightmarish landscapes unfold before your very eyes - and you are not the only one who witnesses these beasts and terrors. However, you've got your own nightmares to deal with, whatever they are...

Shephard's Glen has become Hell itself; can you survive it?



1. Only Miranda, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll, and myself. Do not PM me begging to join, this is set due to the amount of new users coming on.

2. The monsters specifically in this RP are as follows:
Swarm (Bugs, can be smashed on the floor)
Ferals (Dogs, appear to be missing some flesh)
Lurkers (Humanoids with tail-like appendages that appear to be legs that are bound together; have no faces, only a wide, toothy mouth stretching vertically from their forehead to their chin)
Nurses (Humanoids with heavily bandaged faces and rather trashy uniforms. Feel free to yell 'Get some pants!!' when you kill some. Usually are seen only in the hotel and hospital nightmares.)
Schisms (Humanoids with a fleshy pendulum-like appendage for a head; said appendage is split down the middle with what appears to be a mouth)
Siam Siam (Humanoids, I can't exactly describe these so well so look images up on Youtube. Avoid at all costs if able. O_O)
Smokers (Humanoids with no arms, lungs expand to spew nasty smoke. Avoid at all costs.)

3. Don't godmod, auto-hit unless it's one of the listed monsters, blah blah. Read the RPG area stickies. >>;

4. Nightmare realms are mostly occurant in dreams; however, as the town dives further into da.mnation (or so the Order calls it) they begin to occur in real life. Usually it takes form in starting out as a regular dream, but the longer it goes, the more everything begins to peel and decay. Things age and rot and rust, and then you wonder if you're even in the same place - especially once it starts happening while you're awake.

5. You will have a nightmare monster. Whether it is an event, person, flaws about yourself that you absolutely despise for whatever reason, or a heavy fear, only you can see it in the Nightmare dreams; in the real world however, everyone can see it. It can be anything from a normal-looking rendition of it to a completely mutated freak of nature.

6. We are all starting in Shephard's Glen; either you've lived there your whole life or you moved there several years ago for whatever reasons your parents had.


Character sheet (optional, but I'd prefer if you did use them.)

Name: (Note, you can be from any of the 4 founding families but I'd prefer if you were not from the selected branch for sacrifice. O_o)
Age: *can be from 8 to 50*
Appearance: (typed please, no pics)
Nightmare Monster if your character has one and the story behind it:

Opening paragraph and my character sheet will be in the next post. Stupid character limit! X.x

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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