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antimaie 01-03-2009 03:05 PM

Trouble in the Universe [RP]
In the year 2742, in the Earth's parallel dimension, Yarth, all was going smoothly. Unlike our race of humans, Yarthians had recently accomplished world peace, and were still celebrating this joyous occasion. Suddenly, out of nowhere, aliens appearing to have features greatly resembling that of humans, came out of spaceships, claiming they had come in peace, and with terribly horrid news. Trouble had been brewing in the universe, and that trouble had made Yarth its target to destory.

Pandemonium broke out from all parts of Yarth, people of every age, shape, and size were scared for their lives. Some Yarthians did not belive these aliens, and thought they were bringing mass choas with them, ordering them to leave. However, these aliens did not leave, in fact, they refused to leave. Soon realizing that they were right, most of the Yarthians built homes underground, and in caves, not returning to the surface. The Yarthians that did not at first belive the aliens, have now sided with them, and are preparing to fight this trouble.

These aliens call themselves "Time Royals," and while they grow older, they never age. However, these "Royals" do drastically change apperance every 7 or so years. As the issues at hand come clear, Yarthians realize that the Time Royals were not lying. As time slowly dwindles down to the fateful day this trouble hits Yarth, what will you do? Will you, like most Yarthians, cower under-ground and in cave, or will you help the Time Royals defeat this trouble. Will Yarth ever be restored to its former self, complete with happiness and peace, or will it crumble in defeat at the feet of disaster?

1. Post In 3rd person, it makes it alot easier.
2. Romance is encouraged.
3. No Mary Sues.
4. There should be more Yarthians than Time Royals, you can't fit 5 billion Time Royals into one ship.
5. I do have a way of things might go, so don't go and say: "and then the Yarthians attacked the Time Royals, and the world ended." No. That was stupid anyways.
6. Have Fun :]

Character Form:
Age (17 - 21 please):
Strengths (up to 3):
Race (Time Royal, Yarthian):

My Character:
Name: Rose Conelly
Gender: Female
Age (17 - 21 please): 19
Strengths (up to 3): Athletic, humorous, creative
Weaknesses(3+): Impaitent, wants things her way, slow, stubborn, naive. Race (Time Royal, Yarthian): Yarthian


Rose walked out onto the empty street, walking around the giantic potholes and the fallen stret lamps. How did everything get like this? 3 months ago this place was brand new, tons of happy people every where, fun. This is all those stupid Time Royals fault. If it weren't for them, I'd still have a job. Not that it really matters anyway, you can just do whatever now. She paused, looking at the spaceship flying over head. Stupid Time Royals. She looked back into the sky, but the spaceship was gone. Trying to find the spaceship again, Rose tripped over one of the street lamps. "Stupid wreckless Time Royals." Rose said getting back up, and brushing the dirt off of herself, heading over to where City Hall used to be, it was now where the Yarthains who chose to help the Time Royals defeat the said "Trouble." I wonder why they haven't told us what the "giantic Trouble" is anyways, she thought to herself.

Miranda_ 01-03-2009 03:10 PM

Ooc: Passed. Goes in Sci-Fi. ^^

antimaie 01-03-2009 04:29 PM

Name: Helan Mcarthur
Gender: Female
Age (17 - 21 please): 19
Strengths (up to 3): Fast thinker,Smart,Athletic
Weaknesses(3+): Is not patient,Bossy,Wants everything to be her own way,
Race: Yarthian
Other: Nope ^^

Helan was in her house, She was looking out her bedroom window for quite some time, "What has this palce become? I remember when people were happy, Filled with joy. Now the streets are fille dwith garbage, Broken lights, Everything is a mess because of those stupid Time Royals." Helan thought to herself.

Name: Trevor Davis
Gender: Male
Age (17 - 21 please): 20
Strengths (up to 3): Strong, hard working, smart
Weaknesses(3+): Won't do something unless it was his idea, doesn't take anyone seriously, sarcastic.
Race (Time Royal, Yarthian): Time Royal


Trevor sat in front of the space ship's controll panel, flipping the switches to see what the Yarthians were up to. He sighed, and got up, walking out of the space ship and over to where the meeting for the Yarthians was taking place. 'Do these stupid Yarthians not realize that this is not a joke? I thought more people would have taken this seriously, considering all of their lives could be at risk.' he thought, standing at the back of the crowd, leaning on te wall behind him.

AaronShadows 01-03-2009 05:40 PM

Name: Eirack
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Strengths: Quick reacting, stealthy, Joker
Weaknesses: Sneaky ass, tends to irritate people. Pickpocketer and other light-fingered tendencies. Sarcastic, sometimes.
Race: Yarthian
Appearance: short crew cut black hair, muscular build that has you wondering how you didn't notice him empty your pockets.
Other: Big supporter of honour among thieves. Hates the lazy, unskilled hacks that call themselves thieves because they held up shops with guns, for the reason they didn't have the skill to actually take what they needed without using violence.

Eirack was standing in an alley, practically invisibly in dark clothing pressed against the wall. He was waiting for someone too pickpocket. Even time royals weren't safe from him. He knew how to outsmart their proximity alarms.

antimaie 01-03-2009 08:18 PM

Rose stood in the crowd, pretending to listen to the Time Royal's leader's plan of what they were going to do. This is so stupid. She thought. If they are so concerned, why didn't they just take care of the stupid things themselves. No need to ruin our world and make us do it. Rose waited until the meeting was over, and started to walk back to her apartment. She noticed someone standing in the alleyway. "Why are you standing in the alleyway Eirack?"

OOC: She likes to state the obvious XD

Aihana_ 01-03-2009 09:18 PM

Character Form:
Name: Noah Cregan
Gender: Male
Age (17 - 21 please): 18
Strengths (up to 3): Positive thinker, charismatic, determined; hard to make give up
Weaknesses(3+): Tries too hard, shallow, easy to fool
Race (Time Royal, Yarthian): Yarthian
Messy blond hair, tall for his age and lean.
Other: Positive when people have problems, but with his own he tries to hard to correct them. Doesn't like to hurt people's feelings, but ends up doing so anyways.

The crowd was thick and Noah was caught in the middle of it. How am I ever going to get out of here? Out of no where, he saw an opening and took the chance of getting squished, but made it out, though falling to his knees outside the crowd. "Ahh! Crap!" He examined his now ripped jeans, then noticed the girl in front of him, talking to an intimidating boy much older than him wearing all black. Maybe it was better in the crowd with the Time Royals..

Helan just lied on her bed, Confused about what was going on in the world.
"Will the Time Royals end the earth? Will they take control forever?" She asked herself,

AaronShadows 01-04-2009 01:24 PM

"Blek! You can't see me, I'm skulking!" He replied in a loud hiss voice.
"Also, how do you know my name, and what's yours?"

antimaie 01-04-2009 04:16 PM

"I'm Rose. You were in my homeroom for grade 7." She said.

AaronShadows 01-04-2009 04:23 PM

"Psshhwshhh" He replied, exiting the alleyway.

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 01-04-2009 04:36 PM

Name: Carly Porter
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Strengths: Organized, Smart, Social.
Weaknesses: Pessimistic, Bossy, Perfectionist, Gullible.
Race: Time Royal

Carly was standing off to the side of the crowd while the Yarthians had a meeting about what was happening with Yarth and the Time Royals. They were finally starting to believe what was happening, which made things a little less difficult. Why did I agree to this, Carly thought as she rubbed her left temple. No matter how they explained it, some of the Yarthians still accused them of lying.

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