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Miranda_ 12-17-2008 06:45 PM

School Of Arts {Tutoring RP for RP newbies ONLY}
If you've just clicked on this topic, you're probably wondering what this RP is all about. Well, I'll tell you. This is a place where anyone who's progressed past the Newbies RP can come and try out their character and learn how to RP properly with said character. I, along with the more experienced RPers, will not be joining the RP but will instead be looking in on the RP in order to instruct the players on the art of RPing. If you wish to join this RP, then you must have already posted on the Newbies RP and been given permission by myself to post here. Please don't post here unless this is the case, as this is the next step up from the Newbies RP, not the same as. Anyone who joins this RP must abide by the following rules:

1. Abide by the RPG Forum rules. They can be found here:

2. Use the following form in order to present your character:

Age: (please make it 14-16)
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.)
Strengths: (No more than three)

Please put some thought into your character. Don't just throw in three weaknesses that either don't mesh with each other or with the strengths, or don't make sense. Also, use the Bio part to describe your character, but please don't spend too much time on physical appearence as it really doesn't matter overmuch. Personality description is far more important. Flesh out your character; don't just post the bare bones. Make your character into a real person.

3. Use correct writing skills; that is, no chatspeak, 1337 or KrAzY. Also please make an effort to spell properly and use correct grammar. I understand that everyone makes mistakes occasionally, but making a post that's chock full of grammar and spelling mistakes is ridiculous. Also, don't drop the dummy if you are criticised about your character and/or posting style. Just make the changes requested; no-one is being mean, they are trying to help you.

4. Don't spam in the RP or use it to chat. If you have a question you would like to ask, then put Ooc: in front of it. Don't argue with other players. If you feel that a player is breaking rules, then PM me about it, DON'T start a flame war in the RP. Anyone found doing this will be barred from it.

5. Finally, please don't take over the RP for your own ends. The last Tutoring RP had to be locked cuz a core group of people had taken the RP over, excluding any new people who might have wanted to join. If you feel as tho you are ready to RP properly, then rather than take over the Tutoring RP, I suggest you either start your own, or join one of the open RPs. The full list of which RPs are open to new people is here: Anyone I see who is treating the Tutoring RP as their own personal playground will be first warned, then if they continue to disregard this rule, barred from the RP.

Here is the premis that everyone who joins this RP will RP one. This RP, like the Newbies RP, is not categorised so therefore does not have an extensive plot. But if you start your own, you will need to follow the rules laid out in the stickies.

The school of art in downtown New York City has started a new year. The new freshman are excited to have been accepted, and you are one of them. You come from around the world and from different lifestyles. This year, the students will learn dance, acting and classical music. Of course, after school activities will pop up later on. Which clique do you belong to? Do you have a career in mind? Do you devote yourself exclusively to one subject, or do you dabble? Will you find love at the school, or devote yourself to your future career? The possibilities are endless.

One more thing... Mary Sues/Gary Stus are strictly forbidden. Here's a little information about these creatures:

Mary Sue and other character atrocities.
Before we move on to Mary Sue, first let me list a few more character atrocities.

1. A thin character. No, that does not mean a skinny character, just one that has no detail whatsoever. For example, just name, age and a power description. A character bio must contain a personality description, listing both good and bad points.

2. A character with just a picture as a description. If you use a picture as an appearence reference, then that's fine; just remember that you must also include a paragraph on personality. I cannot stress this enough.

3. A character that doesn't interact. There is no point whatsoever in joining an RP if you're just going to go your own sweet way and not interact with the other players.

Finally, we get on to Mary Sue. If you are unsure about whether your character is a Mary Sue or not, then PM me your character form and I will tell you. The main characteristics of a Mary Sue are listed below:

1. Pointlessly flowery description. For example; "Her hair was golden like the sun shining on ripening wheat." Completely unnecessary.

2. Perfect in every way. Only Mary Poppins is "practically perfect in every way." Anyone else who has no faults is a Mary Sue. Faults are things like bad temper, laziness, greed, clumsiness. NOT "she was so beautiful all the girls were jealous." X_x Also, do not list a character's strengths as "everything." They must have power or school weaknesses, cuz everyone does.

3. Being the girlf of a canon character. This applies to RPs that are based on TV, anime, or books. Just don't. If in the canon two characters are boyf and girlf, you stick to that. You can play the girlf, but don't change her character to fit your own. Which leads us on to...

4. Makes canon characters behave out of character. Don't do this. If you can't do this, then make an original RP instead.

5. Constantly bangs on about her tragic past. No-one's saying you can't have a character with past tragedy, just don't have them constantly bring it up, unless it pertains to the RP. Also, your character can not be the focus of the RP, or be the main character.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Xx_SkullCutie_xX 12-29-2008 10:43 PM

Name: Layla Fales
Age: (please make it 14-16): 15
Personality: Layla is a clumsy girl. She isn't dumb or smart. She's kind though, but doesn't have many friends. But she's very unique but no one really likes her.
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.): The popular people, boys, powerful people, and being in the crowd of attention
Strengths: (No more than three): Being a hard worker, trying her best
Bio: Layla isn't that girl with many friends. She tries her best to suceed and doesn't care if she fails. She is a hard worker and works as hard as she can to do what she needs to do. Layla finds having friends is hard work. She says you have to try to have good friends that like you for who you are and not your looks and popularity.

LadyBast0911 12-29-2008 10:51 PM

ooc: Very good for your first try (I am assuming) but you do have some flaws. First: Your weaknesses. They are great weaknesses except for the fact that it was mean for personality. So it could be like 'She loses her voice around the popular group because they make her feel belittled' or 'Authority people make her feel afraid because they have more power than her' or 'She doesn't like being in the center of attention because she gets nervous fits and stage fright'.

You also need a first paragraph to introduce your charrie. This needs to be 5-6 sentences long, maybe more.

Rain538 02-07-2009 08:39 PM

Age: (please make it 14-16)14
Personality:Alex has quite a bit of a temper....when you make her mad.
Otherwise she is very nice and easy to make friends with.
But,a techno geek at heart and is always on the computer.
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.) is lazy and procrastinates ,math,and her glasses are always falling off.
Strengths: (No more than three)Very skilled at typing,fun to be around and,is pretty good at swimming
Bio: Blond haired short,laid back.Thats why her grades are dropping.Thats why,being a techno geek,she'd much rather be on the computer.
What would I say for the opening paragraph?

TheHayleyDoll 02-09-2009 03:35 PM

Ooc: Not that bad, I guess. A couple things though.

1) Weaknesses are also known as character flaws. The first two are good, though they kind of overlap, but simply "Math" is not really a weakness. Instead, that could be something like "logically weak" (as math is a logic based subject. However, "glasses are always falling off" is definitely not a character flaw, but more of a trait that may have to do with the size of her nose (her appearance). Same thing goes for Strengths. They also deal with your personality stregths. EG. Outgoing, atheletic, amusing.

2) The bio is a bit short. Biography's usually provide background info on the character. This may include (in general): previous love interests, family history, religion, previous school/work/life experiences, etc.

Here's and example.

Bio: 18 year old Clark's mother is an alcoholic, so she has been taking care of her 3 siblings for the past couple years. She's very independant, and has thus never felt love for anyone since she sees it as something that may hold her back. Clark goes to Church every Sunday, despite being unsure of her beliefs. However, she believes that Christianity may help her through this difficult time in her life. She dropped out of school when she was 16, but no one could ever guess. She works at a small coffee shop down by the coast and spends most of her free time looking out at the water, thinking about where her life had went.

3) No opening paragraph. That's simply a paragraph (or more; it's generally fairly long) helping to introduce your character to the setting, and maybe even have them interact with some of the other characters. Here, you may discuss their current emotions about whatever topic the RP happens to be (in this case, your would mention how excited/scared/maybe even indifferent, your character is to be starting at this high school.

Here's an example:

Clark sat out on the shore, humming pleasantly to herself. She had just gotten off work and had a little less then an hour to relax before she had to head off to meet her sibling after school. It was a long walk, but Anna, Clark's youngest sister, really appreciated her sister being there.

Like every Tuesday afternoon, the walk seemed much colder then any other day of the week, and much more windy. It had rained the day before, so Clark was glad she decided to wear shorts, for her pants would have gotten soaked dragging along in the puddles.

On her way there, she saw a familliar face coming off of the number 26 bus. "Hannah? Is that you?" She asked quietly, tapping the girl on the shoulder.

And that's about all. ^^ So change up your post a bit by using my tips, and hopefully it'll help you in the future.

Kiwi_Kat 04-08-2009 01:16 PM

Name: Kristy Seders
Age: (please make it 14-16) 16
Personality: She's rather lazy but if the result of hard work is something that will benefit her, she will put all her effort into it. She is very smart and has many friends but wouldn't be considered popular. Just her little circle.
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.) Lazy , smart-alec, temperamental
Strengths: (No more than three) pretty, has lots of friends, smart
Bio: Shes a piano player who came to the School of Arts so she could get away from her over protective parents and her annoying Ex. Here she is hoping to make it big in the music career and maybe make some new friends. (If anyone can get on her good side.)

She looks like this:Click Here

Miranda_ 04-08-2009 02:54 PM

Good for a first try, but you need to fix the following.

1. You have not really explained the weaknesses properly; I'm not too taken with "tempermental" or "smart-aleck" as weaknesses cuz they seem to me like a cop out. In any case, they're much the same. You need to pick ones that could actually hamper or hurt the character, for example, like being boastful or being lazy.

2. Those strengths you listed are not really strengths; only "smart" passes muster, if you mean that she's clever. Do NOT, not ever, list "pretty" as a strength; only Mary Sues see appearence as being a strength; same goes for "has lots of friends". Instead, have something like "is friendly/makes friends easily" and lose the "pretty" right away. Choose something like "hard worker/determined" for example instead.

3. Your Bio is pretty Sue-ish; not only does it tell us absolutely nothing about the character, it's pretty bland. You need to tell us about your character's background, her good and bad points, and her life up to now. Who is her ex and why is she escaping him? What did her parents do to be deemed overprotective? Also, lose the picture; in RP a picture is not worth a hundred words and really isn't needed. We don't need to know what she looks like at all, bar a brief description; what we need to know is what her personality and behaviour is like.

4. You have no opening paragraph. Please read Hayley's instruction above.

Heva_Banana_Mad 04-10-2009 03:45 PM

Name: Maria Bailey
Age: (please make it 14-16) 15
Personality: Very dreamy. Most of her friends say she has her head in the clouds because she always day dreams and believes in mythical creatures.
She has a very good way of calming people down as she is very relaxing and her voice is soothing.
Weaknesses: (Must have three min.) Gets very tired; self concious; shy
Strengths: (No more than three) Determined (she may be shy and get tired a lot but she wishes to overcome that and follow her dreams) Generous and Modest
Bio: Maria grew up in the UK. When she was 5 she was given the main part in her school play. Since then she has become too shy to do that well with acting so her mother booked her up for incredibly expensive acting lessons but at first they didn't pay off. When her mother accused her of this Maria said she didn't want lessons anymore because she was so bad. Her Mother got fed up with her and told Maria she could get where she wanted to be by herself and she wasn't going to get any help from her. So Maria applied for the school of arts and miraculously got accepted. So maybe she wasn't that bad after all...

Maria arrived at the gate. The first thing she thought was, well the same thing she always thought when she started something new. 'Right I can't mess this up. I always make a right fool of myself. This is my big chance.' And this really was her BIG chance. As she walked through the gate the bottom of Maria's jeans dangled in the mud. ' Oh great' she thought. ' Now I'm going to have to wash these stupid things' In fact she was so busy thinking about her jeans that she didn't realise that she had stepped inside the school...

Miranda_ 04-10-2009 03:54 PM

Good for a first try, cept for the following things.

1. First of all, this just screams "Mary Sue".

She has a very good way of calming people down as she is very relaxing and her voice is soothing.
No-one is that good in real life; in fact, people who often try to calm people who are angry with "soothing" voices just succeed in making the people angrier. Please edit it out as Mary Sues often have powers of this kind and it's just not realistic.

2. You need a lot more to your bio than you've given out. You've given no information about Maria at all; what are her hopes and dreams? Does she have any friends? What about her father? Also, as a child of fifteen, she couldn't apply for a school. Her parents would have to do that; at fifteen, you are legally a child and couldn't do this.

3. Your weaknesses don't come up to scratch. First of all, "gets very tired" is NOT a weakness. These are character flaws; getting tired is not one. Second, "self conscious" and "shy" are the same, pretty much. So you basically just have one weakness, which will not do. You need to have actual faults and flaws; instead of "gets very tired" you could have "lazy". You also need to pick something that could hurt your character; like being spiteful or selfish. We all have negative flaws; not having your character have them makes your character a Mary Sue.

Heva_Banana_Mad 04-10-2009 03:59 PM

Ok is it ok if I delete my last post and redo my character completely? I might sleep on it.

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