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TheHayleyDoll 11-29-2008 12:35 PM

Bloodsucker [RP]

Just 54 days ago, on a dark Sunday night in a small town within Ohio, the epidemic started.

A young woman by the name of Kelly Parr had an untreatable disease that no doctor could completely understand. Just three days after Kelly was admitted, she was pronounced dead from her illness. The day before her funeral was set, her body mysteriously vanished. It was then that humans started being attacked in the middle of the night and given the illness that left Kelly undead.

Nobody was allowed outside after the sunset anymore, for it was much too dangerous. Anyone that did happen to find themselves outside after curfew usually found themselves joining what was now like a cult of beings that were no longer human, but vampire.

The outbreak of Kellyís disease, which was soon named Vampirism, spread all across the northern parts of the United States and the southern areas of Canada. You were no longer allowed to leave the country in case you had been infected with Vampirism. North Americans felt trapped, for there was nothing they could do to escape anymore.

The vampires feasted on human blood, and as the humans got smarter, the vampires did as well. Since the humans started to stay inside during the only time that they could attack, the vampires started to attack people while they were in their homes. Itís not like the vampires wanted to kill, they just couldnít resist the fresh smell of blood. Not everyone who they bit were infected however, as people with the blood type AB could not be given the disease, meaning that less then 5% of the population was immune.

Now, nearly two months after the epidemic started, only half of the population was still human. The vampires were getting much more aggressive. They wanted blood, and they were willing to risk anything to get it.


This RP is rated M for Mature because of Violence, Gore, and some Sexual Content (nothing written in detail, as this is still a teen site and people of all ages may end up reading - however, it will more then likely be mentioned or hinted at, so Iím just reminding you.) You must be 15 or older to join this RP.

2.Experienced Only. This includes Miranda_, Singergirl509, Silent_Wolf, Sarah_K_O_M, spirit_queen, and myself. If you arenít on that list, then please PM me before you join and, as long as youíre over 15, Iíll consider you if you are qualified.

3.Normal RPG rules apply. If youíre experienced, youíll know what those are already.

4.No more then 3 characters each.

5.I canít think of anything else, so have FUN!

Character Form:

Appearance (image/description/both):
Strengths (3):
Weaknesses (3):


Name: Layla Patrick
Age: 19
Appearance: Dark layered shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, tall, Ďgothí.
Vampire/Human: Vampire
Strengths (3): Strong, intelligent, opinionated.
Weaknesses (3): Depressing, sarcastic, cold.
Other: Layla only recently became a vampire and loves almost everything about it. She was already very distant from other people, so sheís not very sympathetic towards the humans being attacked. She happens to think that humans are very stupid and she doesnít understand why they try so hard to get away from the vampires, anyway. Layla was bitten while she was pregnant, and she is unsure how this will affect her baby.


Layla took a deep breath. While every other vampire seemed to be enjoying conversation as they holed up underground, Layla hated it. She didnít want to talk, she didnít want to do anything, and she just felt like sleeping. Sadly for her, she never felt tired enough to sleep, just like she never felt hungry enough to eat. She felt dead; all she felt was a luíst for mortal human blood.

Her boyfriend was still out there somewhere as a human living in solitude. She wanted him to join her and the other vampires, but she doubted he would be interested in losing his life to gain immortality. Layla ran over that thought in her mind and believed it to be, on the outside, quite contradictory. Layla didnít believe in live after death and, in many ways, being a vampire was exactly that.

Layla quite enjoyed alone time. The quiet was eerie, but calming. Above ground, where the humans lived, there was always a lot of noise during the day. Humans would run around non-stop, then they'd crawl into their homes and retire for the day. There was always a tense feeling when the vampires came to feast - and likely for good reason - and Layla loved that quite tense feeling more then anything. It was the ideal time to attack.

Miranda_ 11-29-2008 02:57 PM

Name: Flynn
Age: 16
Appearance (image/description/both): Dark blonde hair, blue eyes. Average height and build
Vampire/Human: Vampire
Strengths (3): Brave, smart, sense of humour
Weaknesses (3): Impulsive, immature, selfish
Other: Flynn grew up in a children's home. He ran away from it at the age of 12 cuz the new superintendant was a pedophile. He survived on the streets after that, stealing mostly to stay alive. He doesn't trust people very easily, but longed to find a group to belong to. He welcomed becoming a vampire cuz of this, and finally feels at home. Flynn doesn't get on with many people due to the way he thinks and acts; he can also be dangerously impulsive. He loves the thrill of the hunt.


Flynn sat by himself, a little way away from the main body of vampires, in the place that they lived. It was better than where he'd lived as a street child, usually in derelict houses or down alleyways, or in dumpsters. Always with the fear of predators, whether they be human or vampire, infecting both him and the other children who lived rough on the streets. Flynn had always longed for a family, for people with who he could belong to. He had no memory of his parents; his mother had left him at the children's home when he was just a baby.

He had nothing but hatred for his unknown mother; she must surely have hated him, otherwise, why would she have abandoned him? Flynn extended that hatred to the humans he fed on. They were vermin, for nothing better than to feed off. The vampires on the other hand, were family; and family was everything to him now. He'd fight to protect his family, whatever happened.

spirit_queen 11-29-2008 03:06 PM

Name: Terrence Florence
Age: 21
Appearance: Terrence is part Mongonlian, so he has almosnd shaped eyes, a round face, and a slightly tan complexion. His eyes are chocolate brown, and his blak hair is always messy.
Vampire/Human: human
Strengths: brave, loyal, outgoing
Weaknesses: reckless, easily angered/bad tempered, a bit vain

Terrence was lucky and he knew it; he hadn't yet been attacked. as he walked trough the park, he wondered if tonight would be that night whe they came, as he knew they would eventually. He als wondered if vampires really did have unnatural strength, or if they were just humans suspended between life and death. Oh, and he hoped that if he became one, he wouldn't lose his tan. XD

TheHayleyDoll 12-01-2008 03:46 PM

It was nearing night, so Layla prepared to set off in search of human blood. As soon as the sun set, she - along with the other vampires - would go above ground.

Layla looked over at Flynn, "Are you ready? We're approaching evening. The human race is getting smaller; it will be much harder to find our prey."

Miranda_ 12-01-2008 03:55 PM

"Ready for anything," Flynn replied with a shrug. "If it comes down to it, we can always breed humans for feeding." He said things like this often, with a completely straight face so no-one was completely sure whether he was serious or joking.

TheHayleyDoll 12-01-2008 03:59 PM

"Uh, yeah. I suppose we could. Though humans have particularly long pregnancies. I still haven't given birth to my child yet." She paused, "Wait, are you joking or are you serious? Forget it, we don't have time. It's time for us to attack." And so, the vampires went out into the night.

Miranda_ 12-01-2008 04:07 PM

Flynn had grown to love the night, and fear nothing. Now, as a vampire, there was nothing to be afraid of, his life on the streets a distant memory. He liked nothing more than to hunt in a pack with his new family, the vampires.

spirit_queen 12-01-2008 05:43 PM

Terrence was asleep by this time, but he'd set up several basic trip-wire-operated traps through out the room. XD He doubted it would truly stop a vampire, but it'd give him time to un, at least. XD

TheHayleyDoll 12-01-2008 06:49 PM

Of course, the vampires attacked anyone outside their homes first. However, with more then two thirds of the vampires still hungry, they started going into houses and Layla stumbled upon Terrence's.

spirit_queen 12-01-2008 06:51 PM

XD His parents were out of town, so he was the only one home. :lol:

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