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Lena_x 11-28-2008 08:38 PM

Pitch Black {RP}
Pitch Black [RP]
Age 12+ only

20 years ago, Dmetri was the most powerful unspeakable to exist. Every year he was finding children to train and turn into his minions when they reached a certain age. But when the Great War between the unspeakables ended, it was no use. No new vampires were created, until Dmetri found Cody Maxwell.

He had been fasting, against his will. He found the human communities much too dangerous for the secrecy of his existence, even in the early morning hours. When he found the Maxwell family, he could not hold back any further. Cody was a good chase; he was able to drain his parents to the point where he was more than satisfied, but when he saw little 13 year old Cody, he couldn’t resist. What harm would it do to turn him in four years? So he did.

Four years later Cody was an unspeakable, what the humans called vampires, predators of the night. Cody was Dmetri’s own little minion, but he didn’t realize that his plan had backfired until multiple young vampires were being created, becoming dangerous. Soon, a war started and the unspeakable race was divided, starting another Great War. The war was too dangerous, and the secrecy of their existence was at risk every day.

Dmetri was unable to turn any other humans, though. He was getting much too old, 1000s of years behind him. Of course, he was immortal, but none had predicted that there would be signs of aging in an immortal being. Dmetri was at a loss, and the Great War took him over. Dmetri was murdered by his first creation, Alexander.

50 years later, the war continues.

-This is a mature RP. No one under the age of 12 is allowed to join.
-If anything gets above a PG-13 rating, you know the drill.
-Experienced RPers only.
-If you are not comfortable with cursing, l.ust, that kind of thing, do not join
-Obviously standard board rules apply.
-No characters have any special abilities
-No twilight vampires, please.
-Even numbers of male and females
-Limit the number of humans please

Form (optional, you may also just add the details in the form into your first post if you’d rather)

* - Your first character needs to be a new vampire, so no older than 50 years old. Remember that they appear to be as old as they were when they were changed. You may add up to two others, and one human character per participant.
** - You can use an image or just describe in words your characters appearance.

Cody Maxwell:

Did he miss Dmetri? To be completely honest, he did. After his parents had been murdered, it had taken him awhile to forgive Dmetri for it. But after that, he was like a father to Cody. But there was nothing he could do now. Cody was on his own, and the war that was going on was because of him. If he had not been turned, and if he had been a 50 year old by now like he should’ve been, with children and maybe even grandchildren, none of this would’ve happened. He was the reason for all the murders and missing persons reports in the major cities.

He wasn’t a fighting person. And this war was also a war of words. But he didn’t want to participate in any of this. He sat on the steps of his home, a small cabin high up in the mountains of Colorado. His brown hair, almost long enough to cover his red eyes was getting messed up in the wind, and if he was human, the fact that he was wearing a pair of jeans and no shirt would make this moment most unpleasant. But of course, he was not human, and the only time he felt halfway normal was when he was with her. She was supposed to be against him; her creator had been mortal enemies with Dmetri. But the fact that if they were discovered would result in the death of both of them made it much more exciting.

Miranda_ 11-28-2008 08:45 PM

Ooc: Yup, that's fine; I've put it in Vampires, filling that category.

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 11-28-2008 09:21 PM

Name: Anita Cross
Age*:18 (16 when she changed)
Appearance**: Tall with medium length straight black hair and bangs that fall above her red eyes, very pale skin
Other: (Can't think of anything atm)

Anita was staring out at the river from the park. She was currently in Nevada, organizing her thoughts, although she was growing bored and restless. Anita still had her parents, but she couldn't go back to them, not now.

Lena_x 11-28-2008 09:23 PM

ooc: Ok, a couple things. You are over 12, right? I have to double check. And also, you need to make an opening paragraph or two.

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 11-28-2008 09:25 PM

Ooc: Yes, I am 13, almost 14. 1 question, does this rp take place in Colorado, or does he just live there?

Lena_x 11-28-2008 09:26 PM

ooc: Hmm, he just lives there but it takes place all over the continent.

Name: Bella
Age*: 19

Other: Eer, Cody's next door neighbor, Likes to sing, Creative.

Eliza went to her porch to drink her tea, She gets relaxed when she drinks her tea right infront of her house.
She saw Cody sitting at his porch, She was really scared from what had been going on in her life, Her parents terrible seperation, How she got hit and yelled at all the time. She couldnt take it.

Lena_x 11-28-2008 10:10 PM

ooc: Is Bella a Vampire? And if so, she wouldn't be with her parents still; it would be too dangerous.

Lena_x 11-28-2008 10:19 PM

ooc: Oh...ok well the rules said that the first character needed to be a vampire, but I think I could do something with this, so I'll make an exception. But only this one.
Cody saw Bella and sighed. The wind wasn't helping his case; he could smell her from the distance. He stood up and went inside. He found the contacts case in the bathroom and put them in, changing his eye color to a dark brown color. After that, he resumed sitting on the porch, watching Bella.

Lena_x 11-28-2008 10:46 PM

Bella finished and went inside.
"Where were you?" Asked her mom. "Um, Outside drinking my tea, Like I do all the time." Bella said.
"Well stop stuffing yourself and get cleaning! Go to my room, Make my bed and vacume the house!" Shouted her mom.
"Whatever," Bella said as she went to her mom's room.

Cody appreciated one thing about being an unspeakable - the speed. Before a second had passed he had ran to Bella's mom's room, beating her. He sat on the bed, looking around at everything in the room. He was sure that sometimes he scared Bella, but he knew that he needed help. He needed a...replacement for Dmetri. And he thought that Bella would be good enough. He couldn't tell her about anything, however. Not now. But he knew that once he did he would have to change her. He needed help ending the war he had started.

She fell to the ground.

Lena_x 11-28-2008 10:51 PM

"Why do you let your parents treat you like that?" he asked, not surprised by her reaction. "Because I was thinking about rescuing you, but I mean, its ok if you don't want to be... And I've been here the entire time, silly. Your mother let me in."

ooc: Remember she doesn't know about him being a vampire.

Ooc: Yes, I know, ;D

Bic: "I dont want to be beat up, My dad would come and hurt me if I denied my mom, And i was thinking of running away. Eer, Thanks though." She said.

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