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Miranda_ 11-22-2008 04:00 PM

The Wilderness Wars {RP}
[Note: Credit for the original idea goes to Spirit_Queen. I however fleshed out her idea for the RP. XD]


1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. That means that unless your name appears on the following list, then you can't join. The people who can join this RP are as follows: Spirit_Queen, Sarah_K_O_M, Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll. If you are not among the listed RPers, please don't post in this RP asking to join or PM me asking the same.

2. Obey the main forum rules.

3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or I will hit you.

4. This RP is about myth creatures, not about deities so please don't create any deity characters. Myth creatures are the following, but not limited to: Fairies, Kitsunes, Unicorns, Mermaids, Dragons, Nekos, Brownies, Elves. Please stick to the mythological descriptions of said creatures rather than those in books and films, with one exception; you can give your myth creature a human-like form, however they can not look entirely like humans. For examples, Nekos and Kitsunes are animals that can take human shape, however they always have animal tails. Fairies might be able to have a large, human shape, but would still have their wings. Remember that the myth creatures don't want to blend in, they want to take over the world!

5. This RP has no character form; instead, describe your character in your primary post. By the way, this is the first group to use the newly opened door, but not the last; you can introduce new characters later on if you so wish. There can be human characters, however none of them are on the myth creatures' side.


Hundreds of years ago, our world was a very different place. People believed in different things, and feared different events. Creatures of myth roamed through our world, travelling from their own universe to ours through special doors. A farmer's wife might fear the wrath of the fairies if she didn't leave them out a bowl of milk and a few slices of bread every night. Sailors told tales about the mermaids who populated the ocean, combing out their long hair and singing as they arranged their tails on rocks, trailing their hands in the sea and weaving garlands out of seawe'ed and precious jewels to wrap around their bodies and place in their hair. Many a traveller through the Scottish highlands fell prey to the malicious water kelpies, who offered rides accross the lochs only to treacherously drown their riders halfway accross, and many a Japanese man gasped in horror as he danced with his new bride on their wedding night and caught a glimpse of a fox tail beneath her volumenous skirts, showing her to be not the demure human girl he thought her to be, but instead a kitsune bent on mischief. Dragons lurked in mountainous caves, and unicorns hid in the deep forests. Because the people of our world believed in these creatures, so they existed.

Now though, the world is changing. Many new events have happened since the days of yore when the myth creatures freely travelled between their world and ours. People now scoff at the idea of fairies, mermaids and others, and also at anyone who is foolish enough to even entertain belief for a moment. Modernisation is key, and old ideas and beliefs are soon discarded in favour of the new ones. The myth creatures faded from our world as the various paths, doors and chasms all closed, barring entrance to our world due to the new disbelief of its people in the creatures of myth. Stories of myth creatures became the legends of yesterday, bedtime stories for children at night, to be read with pleasure but only as fantasy tales, not believable and certainly not real. The myth creatures resigned themselves to remain in their world, a world of jewel bright seas, rolling hills, craggy mountains and airy skies. Life went on as usual in our world too, until one day.

A woman named Ryna Georges had studied mythology for a long time. She wanted more than anything to rule the world, and chose to use the forgotten creatures of myth to help her do so. Ryna read through the old books and scrolls until she happened quite by chance upon an old ritual created to open a door to that other universe. She spent the next month preparing for this spell; getting all the ingredients for the ritual fire, and creating the circle that would mean that she'd hold complete dominion over the myth creatures, therefore making herself their mistress and being able to send them as her minions to conquer the world in order that she should rule it as absolute queen. After setting up the spell, and lighting the ceremonial fire, Ryna began the spell. She chanted in order the four long verses that were needed for opening the door, and she had her circle in order to enact mastery over the creatures. But then, nothing seemed to happen. It was an anticlimax after all Ryna had hoped for, and in disgust she put out the fire and destroyed the circle. This was a very foolish thing to do; after all, not everything happens with a dramatic flourish.

For the door between the worlds was indeed open... and a group of myth creatures had already made the journey from their world to ours. They were appalled at what they saw. For the world of today was a very different place to the world that they remembered from the old days. The humans seemed hell bent on destroying the world and destroying each other. Animals were becoming extinct. Devastating bombs had been created for the sole purpose of the destruction of entire races. The land, sea and air were all polluted, and no-one seemed to care enough to try and stop it. Cars, lorries and vans replaced the vehicles drawn by beasts of burden, and high powered electric trains had replaced the old steam trains. All of these killed several humans per week, and no-one seemed to care about the danger. The myth creatures were angry. Not only had they been forgotten and their reverence and respect abandoned, but the humans seemed intent on destroying the entire world, even themselves. The myth creatures felt that the only thing they could do would be to wrest control of the world from the humans and save them from themselves.


One of the first group to go to what she always thought of as "the human's world", Kaori was a kitsune. She had long black hair, dark green eyes and creamy pale skin in her human form; in her fox form, she had red fur with a white chest and tail tip. The one part of her original form that she was never able to disguise was her fox tail; whenever in the past she'd taken human form, she'd always hidden her tail in long skirts. Kaori had even married human men on occasion, however, she had eventually been caught out and been forced to change back to her fox form and flee into the forest. She just could not resist playing tricks, that was her eventual downfall every time. She also had a tendency to be cruel, and also selfish and arrogant. Kaori, on the other hand, had no sense of fear so had eagerly volunteered to be part of the pioneering foray into the human world.

Part of her wished she had never come when the group first stepped thru the hidden door which only they, the myth creatures, could see, next to the main road. A terrifying creature, made of metal and emitting foul smoke shot past and Kaori clamped her hands to her sensitive ears at the fearful racket it made. "This can't be the right place!" she cried to her companions. "The world was never like this!" Kaori remembered beautiful gardens full of flowers, gently tinkling fountains and the cool stone of the walls of buildings, not this hellish place that seemed to be covered completely in concrete, with yet more terrible creatures like the one that had just come past appearing in the distance.

spirit_queen 11-22-2008 04:09 PM

Jssika, a mermaid with evenly tan skin from sitting around in the sun while singing about how pretty is is, long maroon hair and purple eyes smacked one of said beasts that was holding still. Then it started to scream at her, its eyes glowing. She squealed and backed away. "It's going to eat me!" She said, cowering agsint a building.

Across the street, people stopped to stare at the oddly dressed freak; sure, sometimes there were some odd people to be found in a large city, but not usually in this section. Not to mention that the redhead's legs looked like she'd glued sequins all over them.

Silent_Wolf 11-22-2008 05:53 PM

A girl - Tanith, a dragon - came out of the door, covering her mouth and nose with a grimace on what was visible of her face. "Smells like my da's cooking here, disgusting." She looked around, her yellow slitted eyes ignoring the moving beasts and focusing on the humans across the street. Around the outer corners of her eyes were red-violet scales; her hair was the same color and if she'd bother to get it to stay straight, would appear to be metal. ".. Is it just me or did the humans get uglier?" She crossed her arms, staring down at her clothes - more or less just a robe dress, she hadn't had anything else to grab - and then back up at the humans. ".. What in the HELL is that girl wearing?!"

spirit_queen 11-22-2008 05:57 PM

Jassika finally noticed the chick Tanith was staring at. "Uh! Only mermaids can get away dressing like that!" She stomped her foot. Mermaids were, by nature, incredibly vain and beleived that no one could compare with them in looks. "B*tch needs to learn to dress properly for her species!"

Silent_Wolf 11-22-2008 06:00 PM

"She's a human, they're stupid, Jass." Tanith rubbed her arms, shivering; she'd give anything to be in her natural form, it was freezing out here! She was really starting to miss her nice, warm, toasty cave under that volcano now. ".." She sniffed the air, her nose visibly twitching. ".. I smell food."

Miranda_ 11-22-2008 06:02 PM

Kaori just stared at the girls in disbelief. She wore a white dress, the skirt of which stopped only at her ankles, and black buckled shoes. Her fox tail was neatly hidden in her skirts, only becoming visible at times like this, when not only shaken by the strange metal beasts with their terrible noise and noxious smells, but horrified by the change to the world, so different to the world she remembered.

"Why are they wearing such awful clothes?" she said, her tail switching irritably. "And why is the ground covered in this horrible stuff? It hurts my feet."

spirit_queen 11-22-2008 06:02 PM

"You mean meat? sorry, but I'm a vegetarian." Jess said. "Gods, how do you get around this place? It's like a maze you can't cheat in!"


Silent_Wolf 11-22-2008 06:03 PM

"You'd hate my cave, it's like this, except not as cold. Dammit!" She stomped her bare foot on the ground; on her ankles and the little bit that was visible of her legs, there were more purplish scales. "Jeez this place sucks ass." She looked around. "Now who the hell opened the door."

spirit_queen 11-22-2008 06:07 PM

"Look! The buildings are tall and shine like coins!" Jess said. "Whyon earth would they want to do that? Some of them aren't quite as pretty as the others, so it's not for beauty."

Silent_Wolf 11-22-2008 06:10 PM

"..." Tanith walked over to one of the shiny buildings Jassika had pointed out and touched it, then pressed a hand on it. ".. It's glass." She looked a little confused, then looked inside - before promptly jumping backward when a human yelled at her from inside. "Jeez, rude ass!"

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