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Rocketship_ 11-13-2008 01:14 AM

Bone Tunnels: A Haunting
This RPG is horror-themed. There was a spot in the list, so I took my chance, and here it is. Miranda, if this is going against any rules, then please just let me know. I highly doubt my first attempt at creating an RPG will end up perfect. :]

Plot: Present day Paris, France. A group of spelunkers have been brought together, for one purpose. To find the so called 'Haunted Tunnels', in a great branch of underground catacombs under present-day Paris. Their entrance into the tunnels is both, dangerous, and illegal. The Catacomb Police are about at any corner, ready to run towards any suspicious activity; so the question is, how did their small group find the Haunted Tunnels, and the police not find them? However way they did, are all regretful memories now. Some type of invisible being has trapped the amateur spelunkers in a mass bone yard. Every turn they take, is taking them deeper and deeper into a twisting labrynth of danger. The biggest risk they are taking, is their own lives, because whomever is in there, doesn't want them leaving... alive.

The group must figure out a way out, without being pushed back farther and farther into the dark twisting walls. Above ground, the Parisian citizens have no idea what the adventurers have unleashed below. The catacomb explorers must get out in time, but still keep the thing in.

If you would like to learn about the Parisian Catacombs [which is certainly needed] then just use this link. :]
: Catacombs of Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Character Form:
Age [18-24 please]:
Personality [flaws and all!]:
Reason for wanting to find the haunted tunnels:

Open to whomever knows how to RPG.
No spamming, and no noobs.
Mary Sues/Gary Stues not allowed.
Please, only one character per person.
Also, follow all regular RPG rules.
No joining after fifty pages. PM me after ten pages.
This will have scary/haunted themes, cursing, blood, gore, murder, etc.
And if there are a large amount of girl characters already made, then don't make another one. We need guys.

My Character:
Name: Diana [Dia] Sharpe.
Gender: Female.
Age [18-24 please]: 19.
Personality [flaws and all!]: Dia, lives for the day. She has a taste for adventure, and that is how she lives her life. Stubborn, headstrong, hardly shows her feelings, other than her excessive over-excitment, or short-tempered anger. She has a short wire, and will burst at any annoyance. She is smart, but hardly uses logic. Anything can happen in her mind. Is disgusted with the thought of love, and is proudly asexual. Strong femanist.
Appearance: Short, black curled bob that barely hits her chin. Slightly thick, but not on the verge of overweight. Her ears are heavily pierced, as is parts of her face. Dresses in whatever she wants.
Reason for wanting to find the haunted tunnels: Pure curiosity. And besides, it would make a mean article for her online newspaper. It's a chance of a lifetime she's not going to watch pass by.
Bio/Other: Is visiting France over Summer break, from the college she is currently attending in England. American born, and hates the thought of it. 100% anti-patriotic. Never talks of her past, but only her future.

Dia fingered the newspaper lightly, as she flipped it over to the ads section. She sipped her coffee in deep thought, scanning the ads for dogs and lawn help lightly, but an ad for a spelunkers convention caught her eye. She picked the paper up, and ran out of the coffee shop. The Convention ended that day. She quickly caught the first bus, and headed off to the address of the convention.
Ripping through the parking lot, Dia rushed up and into the sliding glass doors of the convention building, resting only when she reached the ticket stand. She puffed out the word, "One ticket," in bumpy French, payed her sum, and walked up to the first booth that caught her eye. 'Expédition de Tunnels Hantée' was printed onto a large banner that swung above a themed booth of the spooky kind. Dia grinned, "Haunted Tunnels Expedition, eh? Sounds like my kind of stuff."

Gnarled 11-13-2008 01:32 AM

Name: Brennan Carlisle
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Personality: Relatively quiet around people he does not know well, "shy". Very eccentric near those he trusts. He is slightly hypocritical, fairly easy-going and spends a lot of time musing and then popping out a non-sequitor, as it seems to all around him, though it all makes perfect sense to him. He can be loud, rude, pious/pompous, arrogant, selfish, obnoxious, while all the while sincere and jolly. He is most likely to be found smirking from behind a suspicious novel of his. He has a slight Lolita Complex.
Appearance: White-blonde, relatively long hair, rather straight and bird-like at the top. His eyes are black, iris and pupil molded together. He has creamed skin, broad cherry lips, an upturned nose and peculiar "diamond-shaped" ears. He possesses spectacles.
Reason for wanting to find the haunted tunnels: In his youth, he encountered a woman wearing a silken nightgown, staring out of the second story window of his neighbor's home. No one knew her. She didn't live there. In a slightly hidden quest to discover whether or not he has become completely insane, whether or not apparitions really plague the streets as he has been convinced. Or, perhaps, the tunnels?
Bio/Other: Brennan grew up in a small city in England. He speaks French fluently, though would rather die than have someone hear him speaking it. Though he lives in France. His mother was a major star, under suspicion of what for, back in the day, and passed on her love for the "finer things in life" to him.

Gnarled 11-13-2008 01:38 AM

Brennan was positioned in the corner of the stall, a book with a dusty, heavy jacket covering its title gripped in his Miller-Mitted hands. His lip twitched to a smirk as his cohort greeted someone interested in the set of slides he had for sale.
He swiftly pushed his drooping eyeglasses back to the bridge of his nose with a slight chuckle as his partner rang off on a range of useless sales pitches to the said customer. He could sense the customer as they examined his bizarre grin.
"The caving slide sales may be a success," he muttered as he fell farther into the love scene of his novel.

Miranda_ 11-13-2008 05:37 AM

You should have waited for me to OK it before starting; you need at least three paragraphs for a plot description, plus your opening paragraph is minute. Please edit both by tonight, or it will be locked.

Rocketship_ 11-13-2008 02:02 PM

I edited it. Is it alright?

AaronShadows 11-13-2008 02:40 PM

Ooc: Okay, I'll ask before I join. You can look at my type of character and play style here: Just didn't want to end up spamming. Again. Also, I'm planning a smarty-a$$ male character, and I know a few words of french that I can use. :p

Miranda_ 11-13-2008 03:04 PM

Ooc: That's fine; continue. ^^

Rocketship_ 11-13-2008 04:43 PM

Ooc: Yes, Aaron, you are free to join. :] And swearing is fine as well. Doesn't bother me. x3

Catlover642 11-13-2008 07:26 PM

Name: John Bernett
Gender: Boy
Age [18-24 please]: 20
Personality [flaws and all!]: Rude, impatient, stuborn, slacker
Appearance: Black hair, with green streaks
Reason for wanting to find the haunted tunnels: His brother is very sucessful, he wants to show him he can do something, without his brothers help.
Bio/Other: ooc:

John sat on the bus, with a danish and a cup of decaf. He saw a lady sitting and reading a newspaper, she looked focused. She moved the newspaper and he saw the convention ad. He chuckled, "Your intrested in the catacombs?" he said to the girl.

Gnarled 11-13-2008 10:38 PM

Brennan eyed the occupants of the convention room. Many people spilled through the wedges between stalls. He followed a class of students as they meandered to a rock climbing attraction. He mused on the subject for a while, wondering just what kind of caves they may be interested in visiting as another customer approached the stand. He heard his cohort give a shout. This was when his head shot up and he locked his eyes onto the newspaper clutched in said customer's hand.

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