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Miranda_ 09-08-2008 05:57 PM

Security Overdose: A High School RP
Rules as pertaining to the school.

Townsend Secondary school is situated in the middle of a small town. There are just two other schools in the neighbourhood; one a primary school for children aged 5-11 and the other a posh private school. Townsend school is a mixed school, for ages 11-16, with a sixth form college for 16 years and over. Sixth years don't have to wear uniform, and get to have certain privileges; for example, a common room and being able to leave school grounds at break; that the younger students don't have. The school has a music department; a science block; an IT room and a swimming pool. The pool has temperamental heating, as does the science block. The compulsory subjects are Maths, Science, English, French and PE, or games. After third year, you can drop any of the subjects that are compulsory before third year that you want and choose three optional subjects to take. The options (compulsory for first and second years) are Music, Dance, Art, Sociology, Religious Education, IT, Drama and Home Economics.

Only sixth years can leave school grounds on their own and during break times. Second years up to fifth years can leave only during lunchtime, and then only when accompanied by other students. First years are not allowed to leave the school grounds at all. Any student who abuses this privilege, for example by sneaking out when forbidden to leave or by returning late for homeroom, will be denied it for a week or two as punishment. Other punishments include detention; both after school and lunchtime, suspension, and in serious cases, being expelled. After school clubs exist, for example; drama club, choir, sports teams and orchestra. These are regulated by teachers. Misbehaving will ensure that your stay in the club is a short one.

There are no cheerleaders, and no prom. In fact, there aren't any dances at all organised; however, there is an annual school play put on by the drama club, as well as a concert by the choir and of course the inter-house sports day. The four houses are as follows; Ash, Beech, Oak, and Thorn. Ash and Beech regularly battle it out between them every sports day; Oak tends to come in third, as its members are very average, whereas Thorn houses the brainy students who don't see the point and the outcasts who don't try; therefore, they trail in last every year. Everyone is randomly selected for a house the moment they are put down to go to the school and stay in that house for the rest of their school life. The school has a uniform for the students which consists of black trousers for the boys/black pleated skirts for the girls; red jumper; red, white and black tie; white shirts/blouses. Girls can either wear black tights or white socks. Shoes must be black, and without heels. Jewelry is not allowed, nor is excessive makeup or piercings.


Picture the scene. You are a typical student at Townsend Secondary school, going about your normal business; either as a brain, a rocker, an emo, a prep, or just maybe, a normal who doesn't belong to the usual cliques. One Friday afternoon, you may be at your home eating your dinner or round a friend's house, when you hear over the radio a news bulletin. In a school two towns over, just eighteen miles away, there has been an incident. A student stole his father's shotgun and went mad, shooting indescriminately at students and teachers before turning the gun on himself. Two students and one teacher were killed, others injured. This shocks you in an incredible way. You may not know the people concerned, but you feel sorry for the people who died and maybe, you feel worried in case it happens at your school. True, school shootings are mostly an American thing; guns are hard to get hold of over here in England, but still you worry. After all, it happened to that particular school, so it could happen at yours. You're scared, too; do you really know your fellow students that well?

You happen to know for a fact that there are students who carry knives. Some are bullied, and see the knife as their only defence against those who torment them; others see carrying a knife as a way to be cool, and to feel as if they're part of a gang. The newspapers have recently been full of stories about knife crime, as well as deaths of teenagers at the hands of other teenagers armed with knives. Round your area too are people selling drugs and committing crimes to feed their habits. Perhaps you know one of these people, or you take recreational drugs and don't see the harm in it, or you're strongly anti-drugs. Maybe too you just don't know where to turn, and try to just carry on with life as normal.

Come Monday morning tho, and everything has changed at school. Gone are the free and easy rules that everyone had come to enjoy; in their place are far stricter rules. No-one is allowed to leave school grounds now, save the sixth formers; and even they can only leave at lunch time for just half an hour. Mobile phones are banned, as are ipods and random searches are to be carried out, regardless of whether or not anyone is suspected of carrying a weapon or breaking the rules. The teachers are stricter too, as the Headmistress panics about her school being involved in a tragedy like the one that hit the school two towns over. Many of the students think she's overreacting, and are angry about being treated like children. The whole situation is a ticking time bomb and a disaster waiting to happen...

Rules pertaining to the RP.

1. Only experienced people are allowed to join; ie Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll, Sarah_K_O_M and spirit_queen. If your name does not appear on this list, don't either spam in the RP or PM me begging to join; you will be denied.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Please abide by the rules laid out in the stickies. Also, no OMG!Speshul powers. Remember, in this RP, realism is key. This is based on current events and the last thing we need is someone posting a Sueish style "save the day" character. -.-

3. This is an RP for humans only. No other races. Also, please understand that this RP is set in an English school, so don't try to introduce American school elements, ie cheerleaders, nonuniform etc. If you have trouble understanding the system, then go here: Education in England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4. All characters must be in fifth year. This means that your character would be at the least aged 14 and at the most, 15. Any character aged 16 would be repeating a year, either thru failing exams or cuz of illness, for example. I don't want too many people in that category tho, as it wouldn't be realistic.

5. Please try to have variety when you sign up; for example, if someone has already signed up to play a goth, how about signing up to play a prep? Same goes for houses; try not to have everyone in the same house. Having everyone automatically in the same clique can be samey and boring. Try to post at least a paragraph.

Character form:



Name: Kasa Hinkley
Age: 15
House: Beech
Bio: Kasa's family are fairly well off, and she's an only child. They live in a big house in town. Kasa owns a horse, which is kept at livery in the stables in the next town. She likes to read novels as well as fashion magazines, and is actually a lot more intelligent than she looks. Kasa can be either sweet or spiteful, depending on how she rates a person. She's very manipulative, and often brags that she can make men do whatever she wants. Kasa is also a brat, and can be sulky if she doesn't get her own way.

Name: Justin "Infri" Blake
Age: 16
House: Thorn
Bio: Justin, or Infri as he generally goes by, lives in a council house with his father. His mother left when Infri was small, and his father doesn't really care too much about his son. Infri tends to only hang out with people he deems worth being with, and he carries a knife. He has a criminal record for stealing cars and also for starting fires; he lost too much school time cuz of this so was held back a year. Infri can be alarmingly immature and seem very dim at times, plus he tends to irritate people just for the hell of it.

Miranda_ 09-08-2008 05:58 PM

Kasa walked into homeroom chatting on her mobile phone. She didn't particularly like Mondays; today, for example, she had French and Maths, both of which she hated. She wasn't really thinking of anything in particular, which is why she was surprised and shocked when Mr Scott, the homeroom teacher, stepped in front of her.

"Please switch off your phone, Kasa," he said. "As from today, mobile phones are not allowed in school. You may keep your phone today, as long as it's off, but don't bring it tomorrow."

Kasa was annoyed. "That's a stupid rule. We all know that it's not going to affect our health or anything."

"Orders from above. Or, more accurately, from Mrs Warner, our Headmistress. Unless you wish to discuss it with her, I would suggest you do as I tell you."

Muttering under her breath, Kasa said a brief goodbye to her friend and switched her phone off. She walked to her seat without a word.


Rather unusually, Infri happened to be in school on time and for once, he was glad of it as he'd walked into homeroom just in time to catch the stuck up cow Kasa getting told off by Mr Scott. He secretly agreed with her tho; it was a stupid rule and one he had no intention of keeping. Infri had heard of the school shooting in that other school but he didn't see how it translated to the school introducing boring and pointless rules. He bet that the teachers were allowed to keep their mobile phones.

Infri walked to his place at the back of the room and slung his bag down. He was annoyed that he had to go into school; his father was unemployed and wouldn't allow him to hang around at home, and the town was full of those stupid truancy notices so he couldn't go there, either. School was just a waste of his time, which could be spent playing computer games and hanging out. He didn't bother to listen to the teacher telling off yet another student for having a mobile; it was just the same old stuff as he'd told Kasa and anyway, it wasn't as much fun watching a normal be told off.

Silent_Wolf 09-08-2008 06:14 PM

Name: Kayte Thomas
Age: 15
House: Oak
Bio: Kayte and her twin sister, Killie, are almost entirely indentical in every way - except Killie, well, she's a bit of a nutcase and never seems to pay attention to anything. Their father died of lung problems and they've been living in a fairly weird boarding house owned by their aunt and uncle ever since with their mother, who while she served in the military gets very little pay. Kayte doesn't much care for the dress code or in fact for the earring rule and has just one earring that while piercing her earlobe can clip to the edge of her ear. She only recently got it, and is unsure if it'll cause trouble. She also loves to play various sports, but due to a recent leg injury can't play many rigorous ones like she used to. Does not condone the use of drugs, but if people are gonna use them, she's not gonna bother telling them it's pointless.


Name: Kirstie "Killie" Thomas
Age: 15
House: Thorn
Bio: Since Kayte's the more normal of the pair, Killie was the weird one; videogame addict, lazy, and generally a spazz, you'll never see Killie wearing a skirt without leggings or pants under it. She's gotten yelled at millions of times for breaking dress code, and she really wishes there were dress down days; she's getting sick of not being able to wear her band shirts. She keeps her mobile with her constantly: she's very close with her aunt, who's sick in the hospital at the moment and she doesn't currently care what the headmistress will do, she's not going to sit in the office and wait five hours listening to the secretary gab on the phone. Her words, not mine. When she's hanging with some of her friends, she sometimes smokes we'ed, which may be contributing to her peculiar behavior.

Kayte stuffed her mobile back into her purse, grumbling; all she was doing was checking the time on it, not her fault she had to open it to turn the thing on. Her short blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail - well, two, actually, considering it wasn't long enough for one - and her blue eyes stared down at the awkward leg brace she was wearing; she really wished she was able to wear pants to cover it up.

Killie, who was sitting in the back, was mostly slouched over her desk and had her head in her bag, along with both her hands; she was playing on a DS and apparently was trying to save a patient on some videogame. "Come on, sutures, drain, sutures, scalpel, where's the gel-WOO! HIGH SCORE!" She was actually whispering, but it was fairly loud. Her hair was a lot longer than Kayte's, reaching down past her shoulders, and she'd rushed a bit much doing her makeup and it was now a mess of purple and green eyeshadow. They had the same eye color as well, but Killie always had a silly grin to hers.

spirit_queen 09-09-2008 07:38 PM

Name: Georgina Brown
Age: 14 (and a half)
House: Ash
Bio: Georgina Brown grew up in an upper-upper middle class family. She lives in a decent sized house and has two younger twin brothers. Her family calls her 'Georgy', but she hates that, and prefers Gina. She's a total daddy's girl and can usually beg almost anything out of her dad, including a subscription to American Magazines.

A short girl with bright red-orange hair walked into homeroom. She always straightened her hair to perfection of let it curl into loose, messy half-waves that gave her that 'back from the beach' look. Today, her hair was straight. She had rolled up her skirt a bit, and wore a light lip-gloss and some simple mascara.

Gina had taken the hint and turned off her phone when she'd watched her friend Kasa get yelled at. Gina had Dance after homeroom today, then science. Yuck. She totally hated dissecting dead things. She sat down beside Kasa, then flipped her hair out of her face. She leaned forward. “This new rule on the cellies totally sucks.” She said. Rather than call a mobile phone a mobile, she called them cells, cellies, or cell phones, just like Americans did.

Ooc: Yes, I've heard cellies before.

Miranda_ 09-09-2008 07:45 PM

"Tell me about it," said Kasa, rolling her eyes in disgust. "All this, and science and maths today. This day is now officially crap." She shot a glare in the direction of Infri, who she'd caught snickering at her when Mr Scott was telling her off. "It's bad enough having to share homeroom with losers, without stuff like this happening."

Kasa was wearing mascara, with some pink eyeshadow and clear nail polish. She'd rolled her skirt up, and was wearing her tie with the large bit tucked inside her blouse and the small part sticking out.

spirit_queen 09-09-2008 07:51 PM

Gina's eyeshadow was teal, which brought out her eyes, and comlimented her hair at the same time. "Like, totally. I mean, I heard we're dissecting baby pigs today! Talk about the height of gross!" she rolled her eyes. "I so hate school. I mean, uniforms suck, the rules suck, and we don't have dances or anything." she sighed.

Miranda_ 09-09-2008 07:56 PM

"Not to mention this stupid new rule," said Kasa, twirling her hair around one finger. Kasa's natural hair colour was dark red, but was dyed blonde. "Even if we did have dances, the boys here are too immature for things like that. Especially him." She indicated Infri with a careless flick of her other hand.

spirit_queen 09-09-2008 07:59 PM

"Like, totally." Gina said, flipping her hair. "The boys at some of the other schools are way cuter, too." She paused. "Ooh! Did I tell you that that O'Brien kid from the next school over is hosting a party? His parents are leaving for, like, a week!"

Miranda_ 09-09-2008 08:03 PM

"His sister goes to the riding school where my horse is stabled. I expect I'll get an invite, and I'll bring you along. There had better be cute boys there, to make it worth going."

Infri happened to overhear this, and grinned. He wondered if he could crash the party.

spirit_queen 09-09-2008 08:09 PM

"Oh, yeah." Gina said. "The yummier, the better. And they better have finesse, if you know what I mean." She winked at Kasa.

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