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LadyBast0911 09-01-2008 08:04 PM

Social Mood {RP}
Note: This is only for experience players. If you wish to join and unsure if you are advance enough, please PM me with your form and opening para.

Basis of the RP is:
Just out of high school, these four nameless teens are going to try and make it big in the music world. Social Mood, the hottest new local rock band from Toronto, Ontario, has sighed themselves up for a national Battle of the Bands. The winners get a record deal and a $250, 000 to start living their dream. Can Social Mood make their way to the top, or will they get stopped half way there? And if they do make it to the top, will they stay there, or will the fame get to them? Only time - and lots of practice! - will tell.
And with the band in huge disagreement because of their own problems and points of view, it'll be near impossible for them to cooperate. Will they work past their differences and climb to the top, or will they drop like a rock?

Social Mood:
lead singer is: Singergirl509
lead guitarist is: TheHayleyDoll
drummer is: Silent_Wolf
Bass guitarist is: Spirit_Queen

After these spots have been taken, you can be one of three judges, a friend, or a boy/girlfriend to one Social Mood. Judges must be between 25-40 years of age and must somehow be related to music. Cannot be somebody already famous. Ex: Simon Cowell. Social Mood must be between 18-21 years of age.


Social Mood:
Personality (including flaws and strengths):

Personality (including flaws and strengths):
How he/she is associated with music:
Bio (Non-optional):

Social Mood:
Name: Samantha (Sam) Geck
Age: 19
Position: Lead Singer
Appearance: Click
Personality (including flaws and strengths): Sam is extremely bossy, the ‘what if’ type of girl, and can also have a nervous fit just before going on stage, or going before a crowd. Sam can be patient, when she wants to be, is always compassionate towards others, and is very strong-willed.
Other(Problems): Sam just got out of high school and can’t wait for college. She is even more excited for the upcoming Battle of the Bands! But will her bossiness and paranoia finally drive the guys crazy? And what about her nervous fits? Will she be able to overcome that in time?

Sam wiped her tear filled eyes as she hurried to make herself look halfway decent.The gang was supposed to meet in her basement for practice in about 10 minutes. Her make-up was running and she looked awlful. Plus, she also was in her gym clothes seeing as the teacher decided to bring them in late. She hurried to throw on a pair of jeans and a tight tank-top which she hardly ever wore. She looked outside to see if anybody was there yet. Thankfully, no. But she knew she only had minutes of peace before the gang knew something was wrong.

Silent_Wolf 09-01-2008 08:18 PM

Ooc: Okay, totally ignore my PM, I'm procrastinating.

Name: Hani Williams
Age: 18
Position: Drummer
Appearance: Dark skin, brown eyes, short black hair with green streaks caused by his older sister. Usually wears jeans and sleeveless shirts.
Personality (including flaws and strengths): Hani is hyperactive and fairly straight forward, unless you catch him in a thoughtful mood; then you might fall asleep because he goes on and on. And on. Not a good thing. Despite this, he's incredibly good at drumming due to it being a large outlet for his ADHD problems.
Other(Problems): Suffers from ADHD, though not so much the attention problem as it is the hyperactiveness. He's diabetic and while he does try to keep it low key, sometimes it's fairly obvious when he's got low blood sugar. He's absolutely terrified of needles and hates having to take insulin shots.

After ten minutes, there was a thud as somebody tripped and crashed into the wall next to the door; there was a grumbling of pain before Hani limped down the staircase, rubbing his arm. "I tripped over my drumsticks, how do I trip over something no thicker than a pencil?" he muttered under his breath. He looked up and saw Sam. "Hey, am I too early again?"

LadyBast0911 09-01-2008 08:23 PM

She laughed. "No, I was just heading down myself. Do you need any help?"

TheHayleyDoll 09-01-2008 08:25 PM

Ooc: Wolfie! That was going to be my charrie's last name! xD I'll change it. I'll add my opening post in one second. Editing it in!

Murphy "Murph" Printers
Age: 21
Position: Lead Guitar
Appearance: Wavy frizzy black hair w/ bangs. <3's her eyeliner and wears lots of black: Guitar girl by ~Ahnimah on deviantART
Personality (including flaws and strengths): Stubborn, determined, and honest. Since her father died however, she has become quite the anti-social.
Her father died in a car crash nearly a month ago. Now she's determined to win the competition in his memory. No matter what it takes.
Murphy was already in the basement, strumming a few cords in a new song she had written about her relationship with her father. She sighed and hummed the lyrics to it. She was definitely no singer, but she was trying. She never bothered keeping her hair untangled or even fixing it's frizziness. He father called her "Miss Frizz" and she held the nickname proudly. If there was one girl that could make frizz cool again, it was Murph.

Silent_Wolf 09-02-2008 05:54 AM

Ooc: Oops, sorry! XD

Hani shook his head. "Nah, I'm fine. I think I need to get more sleep though, math class put me out again." Hani was a year behind, still a senior in school; he'd gotten sick a lot in middle school and had, according to the school board, lost a full year of learning.

He was amazed they hadn't suggested he drop out.

"Murphy here already?"

LadyBast0911 09-02-2008 06:50 AM

"She might be. I haven't been downstairs yet."

Silent_Wolf 09-02-2008 03:28 PM

Ooc: Your signature's looking really familiar to me, is it from The Da Vinci Code? 'cause there's words like that in it. ^^

"After you then, I need to fix my shoe; the sole's coming off and I have the tape for it already." He held up a roll of masking tape he'd grabbed from home before coming to Sam's house.

LadyBast0911 09-02-2008 06:33 PM

ooc: I don't know. I got it off photobucket! XD

"Why don't you just buy new shoes?" Sam asked, heading downstairs.

Silent_Wolf 09-02-2008 06:36 PM

"... I like these ones.." Hani loved being difficult, but he was serious; the shoes he had on, while old and starting to look ratty, were the only comfy pair he still owned.

LadyBast0911 09-02-2008 06:37 PM

"But they are..." She looked at them. "...old." She said nicely.

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