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TheHayleyDoll 07-31-2008 10:56 PM

The Seven Sins
This is based off a group of images on deviantART which I found just beautiful. I've been wanting to make a Seven Sins RP for a while but didn't know what category it'd fit under. Now that the categories have all been refreshed and all are open for at least one new RP, I thought I'd give it a go.

Long ago, there were seven beautiful, seemingly perfect, women. These women lived together, ate together, and did everything you could possibly think of together. Except going to the bathroom. But they did shower together in The Waterfall of Eternal Life. They kept this waterfall a secret for a few hundred years. Once they had been found out, the group was brought to the peak of Mount Luana. There, they were pushed into the volcanic mountain and never heard from again.

The legends state that the women all lived, but each of the perfect women were cursed with being tempted to sin. They had each been assigned a sin: Vanity/Pride, L'ust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed/Avarice, and Envy. These sins would remain with them forever, as they would be immortal.

The women have since lost contact with each other. Envy became jealous of the others for any reason she could. Vanity shut everyone out and became obsessed with herself and her mirror. L'ust started hanging out with men over her old friends. Greed started caring more about money then anything else. Wrath started hating on everyone for the least important reasons. Gluttony just ate all day. And Sloth slept her days away.

The girls must now come together once more to defeat Chaos, a dark immortal god that has become infatuated with the idea of taking over the world. Will the women be able to overcome there differences, or will this be an incredibly bumpy ride?

The Women:
Click Here for links to all the pictures. Individual links are not working for me. XD

(click the images to view them up. click them again to enlarge more. I'm sure y'all know how to work deviantART.)

Available: Gluttony

The Rules:

1. Don't get upset if the sin you wanted is gone when you join.
2. You may only pick one of the sins for now. If I don't have many joiners by about the tenth page, I'll let you pick one more each. If you're a real good RPer, I may let you be Chaos. Just make sure you run any main ideas through me. =P
3. Please PM me first - unless I know you're ready for this (advanced RPers).
4. Abide by all standard RPG rules.
5. This RP is rated M for Mature. If you're under 15, this RP may be too, well, mature for you.

Character Form:

Seven Sinners:
Full Name:
Age (what they look like they'd be):
Strengths (3):
Flaws (3):
What has happened to (insert character name here) since the group split?:
Other (optional. most everything should be above anyway):

Other Charries:
Full Name:
Strengths (3):
Flaws (3):
What is their connection to the group of women?:

My Characters:

Ack. It was so hard just to pick one. I like them all so much and they'd all be so fun to play... However, here's my pick.

Full Name: Amanda Day
Sin: Vanity
Age (what they look like they'd be): 22
Strengths (3): Outgoing, happy, self-loving? (It's good and bad. XD)
Flaws (3): Vain, shallow, arrogant and (since they're all a bit similar) col and a tad dumb.
What has happened to (insert character name here) since the group split?: Amanda has since become a model and has had two children; one girl named Charity and one boy named Brandon. Her ex-husband divorced her a short time ago, calling her too "into herself" and said she wasn't doing her part in their relationship. He has custody of the kids.
Other (optional. most everything should be above anyway): None.

I think I'll just start with one character in total.

Opening Post:

Amanda looked out the window of her large, yet empty and lonely home. Her house was very modern and minimal. She liked it that way. It allowed her to spend more money on what she thought really mattered. Herself

Amanda worked as a model for Elle Magazine and thought she had "the look". She was nearly sure that she was by far the most beautiful. She didn't understand however why she was so alone. She had guessed that her beauty had been too much for everyone and that they had to be jealous of her. Her previous husband had been nothing but rude. She wasn't cold. She was the best person she knew. At least she thought that. She thought she was the best at everything and the most everything.

This woman happened to be one of the most vain, obnoxious woman of the whole Elle models. She didn't seem to see sense that often, and she didn't see any beauty in anything else. Everything around her seemed almost dead.

LadyBast0911 08-01-2008 12:32 AM

Full Name: Libba Fern
Sin: Envy
Age: 23
Appearence: Libba has black hair thats about mid-back length (She had cut it because it was becoming too long to manage), she wears a off the shoulder green top that shows off a bit of skin. She wears a short skirt and green(ish) boots. (Click) Mixed with (Click)
Strengths: Strong, collected, inteligent
Flaws: Cold, a bit evil, jealous, sometimes thinks she too intelligent and whines up looking stupid. XD
What has happened to Libba since group slipt: She fell in love but became too jealous of everyone he met and tried to cut him off from the world-especially women because she thought that they were trying to steal him. She did not have any children.
Other: Is a business woman.

Opening post:

Libba was working at a famous business called Sapphire. They dealt with many different kinds of products. Hair products, Jewelry, Shoes, Clothes, Make-up....etc. Each different department had their own manager, and Libba was the manager for jewelry. She had been working her way up since she was 17, but had brought so many people down so she could manage their spots. Most people avioded her, so she became a workaholic.

She barely went home, which wasn't too bad. She had a two story house with a few servants. Three actually. She a butler for when she came home. A maid too clean. And a gardener. She also had three cats. It was furnished to the best bargins and look very nice. It was home away from the office....and a home office.

Miranda_ 08-01-2008 07:11 AM

What fun; I'd like to join, please. ^^ I just got round to refreshing the categories last night and I hoped there'd be some new RPs.

Full Name: Alicia Blake
Sin: L'ust
Age: 21
Appearance: Shoulder length red hair, pale skin, fairly tall, hourglass figure, blue eyes
Strengths (3): Extroverted, fairly clever, artistic
Flaws (3): Can be a total b*tch at times, incredibly spiteful, especially to other women, selfish to the extreme
What has happened to Alicia since group split?: Alica basically slept her way into a job as a model actress. She's well known around the country not only for her acting abilities, but also for her terrible rages, her diva behaviour and the way she uses and abuses men. She sees any married man as a challenge and will do anything it takes to sink her claws into him.
Other: Alicia has no female friends at all, just hangs around men the whole time. She has no children, and does not want any; she often has at least three men on the go at any time. She sees a casting couch as a perfectly acceptable way to get a movie part.

Opening post:

Alicia lay on her sofa, idly flicking thru a magazine at the same time as she talked on the phone. "So sorry I can't meet you tonight, Carlos," she purred into the phone as she mentally sorted out her outfits in her head. "My mother is staying with me for just a couple of nights. I'm free Monday, tho. We could maybe go to that new restaurant that just opened." She smiled a wide catlike smile as she heard her beau sigh and agree to meet her up on Monday night, eventually finishing the conversation off and hanging up.

Alicia turned the page in her copy of Elle magazine, and dialled another number. "I'm so looking forward to seeing you tonight, Shane," she said huskily down the phone. "Just tell that little wife of yours you're working late, then come round to mine. I have strawberries and whipped cream waiting; who says we have to eat it at the table?" Alicia laughed spitefully as she thought of Shane's wife; a dowdy, overweight woman with two kids who'd believe every word her husband said. As far as Alicia was concerned, she deserved to have her husband cheat on her for letting herself go like that. She herself would never do anything like that.

TheHayleyDoll 08-01-2008 09:19 AM

Amanda didn't really care about seeing her ex-husband or her children. She was far too proud to ask anything of the sort. She had him pinned as the bad guy who had taken away her children, and herself as the innocent victim. At least that was what she told people. She walked into her bathroom ensuite; the biggest bathroom by far in the house. It was definitely large enough to be its own room, and had the feel of a spa. Everything was painted only the purest white, or the most daring black.

Inside the bathroom was a white jacuzzi placed right in the centre with a white wall backing it. At the back of the room, the wall was entirely made of glass which made a long, luxurious mirror. And of course, the bathroom had all the other needed things in a bathroom: a pure white toilet, matching sink, and both black and white towels. Why no shower? She thought they were vile and gross.

Amanda went to the back of the room to look in the mirror. "How lovely I am. How rich, how beautiful, how perfect in every way." She complimented herself endlessly. She did so for at least an hour each and every day; usually before work.

Miranda_ 08-01-2008 09:25 AM

Alicia went to the bathroom to start on her beauty routine. First she had a deep bubble bath, then she wrapped herself in a towel and looked in her wardrobe to pick out an outfit. She was looking forward to the night ahead, particularly liking the fact that it was a Sunday. Alicia certainly planned to sin. She laughed to herself at the thought. In any case, it would be a good distraction from the magazine interview she had on Monday morning. Alicia thought that interviews were an absolute bore; she much prefered aftershow parties and premieres.

TheHayleyDoll 08-01-2008 09:36 AM

Amanda, on the other hand, loved interviews. She was being asked about the person whom she loved most; herself. Who wouldn't love that? She supposed the unbeautiful people may have a problem, but they'd never get interviews in the first place. She assumed that everyone gave weaker interviews then she did. Amanda thought she was very charismatic.

Miranda_ 08-01-2008 09:49 AM

Alicia's reason for hating interviews was mostly cuz they were done by women. She had no interest whatsoever in trying to fake interest in whatever some boring, plain Jane was saying to her. Now, a male interviewer, that was another thing altogether.

Sarah_K_O_M 08-01-2008 12:35 PM

Ooc: Is it okay if I join?

Full Name: Aisling Ellison
Sin: Sloth
Age: 22
Strengths: She’s eternally optimistic and very creative, especially with cooking. She’s also easy to get on with.
Flaws: Aisling is so laidback she’s practically horizontal, she’s got no drive at all. She’s a bit of a bubblehead at times and rarely pays attention to pretty much anything. She’s scruffy as all hell.
What has happened to Aisling since the group split?: Aisling drifted her way to college, taking writing courses because she figured they’d be easiest. She spent the rest of the time lazing around or going to parties, not getting any work done (she convinced others to do it for her). In her final year she met Sam Vinas, aspiring journalist and her future fiancé.
Other: Aisling has a tendency to fall asleep at inopportune moments, like when walking across the road. She is taking medication, but she’s still tired most of the time. She enjoys cooking but her natural flair for odd things makes some dinners very… Interesting.

Opening Post:

Aisling opened her eyes and stretched, yawning wide like a cat. After a few minutes she reached over to the clock, manhandling it to a suitable position. She looked at it blearily, “Half six? I should really get up… Nah, a few more minutes.”
Half an hour later she dragged herself out of bed. She gave her hair a quick going over with a brush then flopped down at her computer, turned it on and opened up a word processor. She stared at it for a few minutes, then shrugged and opened up Tetris instead.

LadyBast0911 08-01-2008 02:27 PM

Libba was at her office, typing away at her computer. She was getting ready for the next shipment to arrive and another one to leave. She was also browsing as she needed a new ring for staff parties and what not.

TheHayleyDoll 08-01-2008 05:40 PM

Ooc: I thought I'd just add that the characters are somewhat supposed to look like the pictures - which is why I left off "appearance" in the form. XD And yes Sarah, it's okay.

Amanda's phone started to ring, but as she went to grab it, it stopped. The caller ID didn't give a number, name, or anything else for that matter. She shrugged; it was probably just another person too intimidated by her beauty to call.

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