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Silent_Wolf 06-11-2008 05:08 PM

The Miscreant League
The Year: 2009
The Month: July
The Number: 25
The Time: 6:05 PM

The world is under attack by someone who calls themselves the Malus. They harbor weapons of mass destruction, far worse than nuclear bombs. A group of "Miscreants," so to speak, is being gathered to stop them- but will their contrasts be enough to force the group apart? Can they stay together despite horrendous differences and petty arguments?
Let's find out!

Oh yeah, and the other problem?

This 'League' is scattered across the world. America, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Africa. Some may be easy to find. Others... not so easy.
The Malus have attacked all five countries, each time posing as a rival of said country. Mexico attacked America, America attacked Mexico. Italy was attacked by Africa, Brazil attacked and was attacked by Mexico. It's a ring of tinderboxes, and if this goes off the world will be plunged into a deep world war that may never end.
A man gathering the Miscreants - the new generation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - has already found found the ship captain and her shipmate. Who will you be?

There are five people to find. Of course, you'll need a lift to get to where you need to be. A boat? A plane? A UFO? Of course not. A submarine, the one the last League used, the Nautilus. In fact, because the new captain is part of the new league and her friend is a shipmate, there are only three more to find. They could be in any of the aforementioned countries: America, Mexico, or Africa.

Let's find the Miscreants and stop the Malus.
1. This RP is rated PG-13 to M for violence and possible swearing that may or may not occur. This RP is for experienced RPers only. Everyone should know by now who I do consider experienced; please don't spam the RP asking to join unless you are one of those people, and don't go bugging Miranda about me not letting you join as you can't message me anyway if you're not on my buddy list.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you with a tree branch. I will allow vampires and/or werewolves, but other than that, NOTHING ELSE SUPERNATURAL.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. I'm warning you all now: this has a set plot already and I will allow minor-to-major subplots along side it as long as it'll make sense. If anyone attempts to join this with the idea of comandeering the plot for their own use (some of you will know who I'm speaking of), get the HELL out of this RP. Pardon the language.

5. If you haven't seen the movie(League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)/read the comic/read the novelization of the movie, please use Wikipedia as I'm not able to explain it very well without giving away the plot.

6. Please, please, please try to have at least 2-3 lines per post. Pretty please with sugar on top?

7. In their bio, list what they're getting out of the deal if they can stop the Malus. Can be anything within reason.


Peculiarities/Abilities: (why you're being/going to be recruited for the League)
Appearance: (pic or description, or both)
Bio: (no intensely horrid backgrounds, seriously.)
Location: (Has to be from one of the countries I listed above)

Please bold the words of the different sections, like such below. X_x

Name: Saguna Nemo, also known as Alvin
Age: 16
Peculiarities/Abilities: Prodigy captain of the Nautilus, fights like her great-grandfather Captain Nemo did (no guns for her)
Appearance: Has an Arabian appearance, black hair usually in a braid that reaches her rear. When necessary she'll wear the captain uniform - a blue and white type of suit that wasn't exactly a suit with a red sash - but she prefers working in jeans and a tanktop.
Personality: Appears to be extremely aloof, but once you get past that she's extremely friendly. As stated in Flaws below, whenever somebody questions why she's captain or makes fun of her age, she becomes extremely self-conscious and doubts herself for a bit; usually Maeko snaps her out of it.
Flaws: Has poor English skills, and is missing her left leg from just above the knee and down; she uses a prosthetic leg. She's had it since she was seven. She's also got a poor temper and gets annoyed easily when people don't follow orders on her ship. And has a tendency to be a little self-conscious if somebody laughs at her age.
Bio: Alvin grew up in both Brazil and on the Nautilus, and as such knows quite a bit about the ship; when her mother died when she was a kid, she officially moved onto the ship and became a crewhand. After losing her leg at seven to a type of polio she hadn't been vaccinated for, she learned how to walk on her hands, but eventually she got a prosthetic leg instead at her father's insistance. Her father died when she was thirteen, and she's been captain ever since; it took a year to earn the crew's respect and trust, but despite this, she never feels quite adequate enough. Her spotty English is a little hard to understand, but thanks to her first mate she's come a long way. She's getting more freedom to roam the world if they stop the Malus; she's heavily restricted as to where her ship can go.
Location: Technically Brazil, but lives on her ship.
Family/Friends: Good friends with Maeko, not so good with Okeam.
Name: Maeko/Okeam Katan
Age: 23
Peculiarities/Abilities: Has a sharply split personality, Maeko is the milder of the two. Okeam is a homicidal maniac when she wants to be, but she's the one with the common sense. Despite her father's insistance that she get help, Maeko refused; Okeam was probably her best friend. Which was saying something, since the two hated each other.

(Individual abilities:
Maeko- Gadgetry master and explosives expert. Makes guns, puzzles, you name it, she's done it. Yet she can't solve a Rubix cube.
Okeam- Weapons expert, gives Maeko the ideas for the guns. Can solve a rubix cube, but you have to give her a few hours to do it.)


Mind you, the hair does not change that drastically, just the eye color.

Maeko: Generally sweet, her temper doesn't snap until you seriously manage to annoy her or if you tinker with one of her experimental gadgets/bombs. She gets very nasty then; with the gadgets it's just pure annoyance, but if it's a bomb then she's got a good reason to be p*ssed off!
Okeam: Generally the sourpatch kid, Okeam loves to annoy people, but she's got more common sense than Maeko does. She's also the one who can deactivate the bombs without setting them off; Maeko may be able to put them together, but she sure as hell can't take them apart!

Flaws: Split personality, both have severe OCD and minor ADD. (Maeko's is more ADHD though.)
Bio: Maeko's father, a hitman for the government, trained her in how to kill people, but truth was that he was training Okeam the whole time; Maeko learned how to create bombs for the FBI to dismantle in practice. Her/Their father, Jack, is being held in government jail for a crime he didn't commit and he's on death row; if the Miscreant League can stop the Malus, her father goes free.
Location: Italy
Family/Friends: Jack Katan(father), Liana Katan(mother), Darros(brother), Leia(sister)

I'll make a separate post for the opening post. Is this RP okay?

EDIT: Spirit_Queen is joining the RP, please hold on and don't advance the RP too far.

Miranda_ 06-11-2008 05:13 PM

Yup, it's fine. It'll go in Sci-Fi.

You'll find your next clue in a polarizing place filled with sparkly vampires.
Secret Word: Romance

Silent_Wolf 06-11-2008 05:20 PM

Ooc: Yay! ^_^

The ports of the Thames river were silent, completely quiet, and incredibly foggy. Perfect night to sneak in to that museum and get in the basement before daylight; Alvin really, really didn't want to draw attention to herself or to her companion. Speaking of her, where was that bat-sh*t crazy girl?

Alvin walked down the halls of the Nautilus, her nearly black brown eyes scanning the corridors, and she spied the red-head staring into a porthole in the wall with pale gray eyes. "Okeam, no argue with Mae. We need get inside to see S and wait for the other two." At first the older woman didn't respond, but she tore her gaze away from the reflective window to blink boredly at the ship's captain.

"I'm not arguing with her, I'm debating." With a wide yawn, the woman walked down the hall, climbing up a ladder at the end to the deck. Alvin rolled her eyes and followed, pulling at the red sash on her waist in disgust; too much frivolity, and in any case she felt like a liar in this captain's garb. How her father stood wearing it was beyond her. With a grumble, she climbed up the metal ladder and stood on the deck, stretching her arms above her head and exhaling happily. She loved the sea air, nothing beat it.

Okeam was standing on the port next to the deck, which was just barely coming out of the water, and she helped Alvin hop across; the girl's fake left leg buckled slightly, but she straightened up and hobbled over to a bench to fix it. The first mate gave a wave and climbed into the hatch, shutting it behind him securely, and the deck submerged almost silently into the water.

Alvin looked over at the museum, a slight glare in her eyes; she really didn't want to do this, but if she was ever going to see the underwater places her great-grandfather had seen and explored, she was going to have to play along with S's scheme.

Okeam fixed some of the belts on her suit, grimacing at the tightness of the ones around her waist, and she loosened those ones a bit, breathing easier, and she looked up, staring at the stairs. "Is somebody here already?"

Sarah_K_O_M 06-11-2008 06:17 PM

Name: Alessandria/‘Aliss’ Demerels
Age: Sixteen.
Peculiarities/Abilities: She’s a computer hacker, with mild cyb*rkinesis that she’s hoping to develop in private. Aliss is doing it so she'll be recognised in her own right.
Appearance: An oval face with a ’sharp’ nose, olive skin, black hair in oversized ringlets pinned up with a lot of fancy barrettes, a lacy blue top with flared sleeves, a swishy skirt with garters and patent leather shoes. Her hands are manicured and she generally wears makeup.
Personality: Quite optimistic and cheerful, she goes into things expecting a good time. She wants to have an adventure, not realising what it’ll really be like. She has a moral code that she sticks to at all times. She’s friendly for the most part, but can be very b*tchy if needs be.
Flaws: She’s can’t understand why other people can’t hack into computers like she does, and as a result she sees most other people as stupid. Doesn’t always understand reality and consequences.
Bio: Her mother died in childbirth. Her father was a pioneer in the field of technology. She grew up in that atmosphere and inherited his prowess in technology. She is now attending an exclusive school in England.
Location: Born in Italy, certainly living in England.
Family/Friends: Her father is a man named Giuseppe Demerels, has a friend named Calen Wilson.

Miranda_ 06-11-2008 06:34 PM

Name: Dark Star Melkor.
Age: Refuses to say, but around late 20s.
Peculiarities/Abilities: Scientist. Has discovered the secret of immortality, but refuses to share it ever again after how the creation she gave it to turned out.
Appearance: Long dark brown hair streaked with red, blue eyes, creamy skin. Tall, slightly overweight but carries it well cuz of her height. Doesn't really care about clothes or makeup; generally dresses in black.
Personality: Is vague and sometimes focuses on details getting stuck on the big picture. Works best alone; doesn't really play well with others. Can get irritated with people just cuz they don't get certain aspects of science; does not suffer fools gladly. Is afraid of her creation, and of what he can do.
Flaws: Pessimistic to a ridiculous degree; tends to be condescending at times; impulsive and before her experiment with immortality, rarely considered consquences. Now tho, tends to be overcautious, which can be irritating to others.
Bio: Parents divorced when she was a child; won a scholarship at the age of fifteen to university. Studied hard and eventually became a top class scientist. She has her own laboratory and generally does research now. Her creation was seven eighths reptile DNA and one eight human and is immortal. After, she felt she'd created a monster and made a pact to herself to never give out or use the immortality formula ever again.
Location: America
Family/Friends: Her mother's name is Marie Melkor; her father moved to England and she's lost touch with him. Her creation is named Azhdeha, and counts as a surrogate son of sorts. She is withdrawn, and has no friends.

spirit_queen 06-11-2008 06:35 PM

Name: Djimon Noir
Age: 17
Peculiarities/Abilities: He can talk to animals, and so would be VERY good at gathering info (who'd be a better spy than a random bug?)
Appearance: Djimon's skin is black as black can be, and he's donwright proud of it. He has large hads, a wide mouth with what one could call "bubble" lips, and is quite tall (6', 1"). For hair, he only has a bit of black fuzz. (this isn't an appearence, but it has to do with imagery, so I'll put it here... he has a VERY thick accent that is both African and a bit French. If you've ever listened to an Ivoirienne/person from Cote D'Ivoire speak French, then you'd know what I'm talking about).
Personality: Djimon isn't exactly unintelligent... he's just average. But he puts stress on one's phsyical abilities, and is almost a jock-type. He is easy-going, a bit loud, reckless, but yet sweet at times. He doesn't deal too well with sentimental moments, so he'll get all awkward and instead start to pick on those he's fond of.
Flaws: Did I mentiaon the pikcing-on-people thing? XD He's just about the opposite of Sarah's charries; he'll probably call her a nerd more than once, for he puts stress on physical ability and prowess.
Bio: Back home, Djimon is a soccer star, a killer Forward. His father was also a star, and is currently his coach; this, of course, puts a lot of stress on him. His dad coined the nickname "Dji", which is pronouned "jee", and he's stuck with it ever since. He does speak English, though it is a second language. He actuallyy was an exchange student in America his Sophomore year, so he speaks it decently well, but he does occassionally lip up and use some French terms instead.
Location: Cote D'Ivoire/The Ivory Coast (a country in Africa)
Family/Friends: Father is Arnaud Noir, his mother, Gimbya, had divorced his father and moved to England. He is often sent to visit her.

Miranda_ 06-11-2008 06:47 PM

Dark Star stood next to one of the exhibits in the museum, her mind far away from the model of the old fashioned sailing ship in front of her. She had come to the museum to escape her gloomy thoughts, and to fully indulge her dreams of escape. Escape to where, she didn't know, but she felt uncomfortable about what she had unleashed on the world, and wished to leave before it all blew up in her face.

Silent_Wolf 06-11-2008 06:50 PM

Okeam stood next to her, examining the sails on the model. "Bit ratty looking. I really don't know how they sailed with those things back then, a storm could rip through those."

Alvin was examining a different exhibit; it was a large dinosaur skeleton. "..." She shook her head, whistling. "Big freaky dino."

Sarah_K_O_M 06-11-2008 06:59 PM

Aliss was riffling through pamphlets and scribbling down notes into a spiral notepad. The pamphlets fell out of her hands and fell all over the floor.
"Oh, for goodness sake!"

Silent_Wolf 06-11-2008 06:59 PM

Alvin heard the falling papers and walked over, picking some of the pamphlets up; it was never any fun to pick up paper. Ever.

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