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Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 05:40 PM

Condemned: Sonic Destruction
I figured, hey, we need a new Condemned RP. XD


1. This RP is rated M for the gore and alcohol/drug use that is bound to occur. If you are under the age of 16 I highly suggest you turn back now as this RP is based off a very violent and bloody video game series. This RP is for experienced RPers only. Everyone should know by now who I do consider experienced; please don't spam the RP asking to join unless you are one of those people, and don't go bugging Miranda about me not letting you join as you can't message me anyway if you're not on my buddy list.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you with a tree branch. This RP is based on a videogame with supernatural traits, true, but I will NOT allow any sort of freakish being or monstrosity to be in this RP. Within limits, yes, your character can be a freak, but I'm going to be tighter on restrictions with this.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. I'm warning you all now: this has a set plot already and I will allow minor-to-major subplots along side it as long as it'll make sense. If anyone attempts to join this with the idea of comandeering the plot for their own use (some of you will know who I'm speaking of), get the HELL out of this RP. Pardon the language.

5. If you don't understand the game, I'll explain it to the best of my abilities in this thread. However, I don't want you to go making up crap; there's a Wiki article on both Condemned games and I'll know if you made something up as I've played both games and frequently check both articles for updates..

6. Please, please, please try to have at least 2-3 lines per post. Pretty please with sugar on top?


The city of Metro has steadily gone downhill ever since the SKX (Serial Killer X) killings last year: mainly junkies and homeless people attacking people at will and stealing from stores and the new museum down the street from the old Trenton Bowling Alley. Within the past week alone, three people have turned up murdered: Malcom Vanhorn, Mayor Rachel Mars, and Farrell, the director of the SCU. Malcom Vanhorn had his sternum and vocal cords taken out forcibly, and he was crucified on a floor. Rachel Mars had something ripped out of her back - metal pieces - and her head was gone, later found in the bowling alley. Farrell had an x-shaped mark below his collarbone and... had no head. A search was done, but his head was never found. It seemed to have just... exploded.

Ethan Thomas is back with the Bureau; however, he came back with extreme reluctance, especially when he noticed that Dorland - one of the superior officers of the Search team - apparently didn't want him back, and left him behind several times on purpose with the intent of having the psychotic homeless kill him: however, Ethan escaped each time. Dorland is now dead, having been exposed as a member of the Oro.

The Oro is a cult, the name is short for Oro Invictus, meaning "Invincible Voice." They use a type of sonic ability caused by a physical defect: Unique vocal cords, a hollow sternum, and a higher-than-normal bone density. When trained, these vocal cords can create complex sounds that echo through the sternum and chest cavity like a fine-tuned instrument; many of the Oro followers use surgically implanted metal apparati to enhance the effect further. Ethan Thomas did not need this; the reason Dorland wanted him dead was because he had the "Rememdium", the Remedy: a long-prophecized being possessing "perfectly evolved" vocal chords capable of generating the Oro's sonic power without the metal implants the Oro use. The Oro are terrified of the Rememdium (as he is 'the voice to oppose the Oro'.) and killed Ethan's parents in an attempt to get to him; he was shuffled through countless foster homes by Malcom Vanhorn as a result. It was to protect him.

The sonic ability the Oro use causes acute bouts of paranoia. This is followed by hallucinatory episodes that slip quickly into psychosis and other forms of uncontrolled violent behavior. People with natural tendencies to be violent become even more so when exposed to these sonic emissions. Leland Vanhorn was one of these: to deal with his increasingly violent behavior, he killed serial killers *The SKX killings* and to find them easier, he followed Ethan Thomas's cases very, very closely.

After being shot in the head, Leland Vanhorn did not die at all; he lost most of the left side of his face, yes, but nothing of his brain. He now has a shaved head, is missing the flesh on the left side of his mouth, and has a large X carved into his forehead between his eyebrows. He's wanted for the murders of Malcom Vanhorn and Mayor Mars, whom he killed because of their relation to the Oro; he's obsessed with becoming one of them.

But this story is off to the side of this action; sure, it still deals with the Oro, but the characters rarely have contact with the characters of the game save for Ethan, Rosa (Ethan's lab counterpart, she examines everything from both teams), and Leland Vanhorn at times, as well as Infri, a peculiar Oro who likes to get face-to-face with those the cult despises. Also, it appears as though the sonic emitters scattered throughout Metro City have an odd effect on those who have dealt with the Oro in the past: They have alter egos they see in hallucinations; these 'egos' always wear a mask of some sort, and their real faces are never seen. The 'egos' represent whatever flaws a person has, be it drug addiction, alcoholism, or something they fear about themselves or something they want to deny; they can have more than one of these problems. Also, they may wear the same clothes the real half wears, but with obvious differences.

As a part of this little side-story, you have to find the influential people who are part of the Oro. It won't be obvious, not at all; many of them learned to hide the metal pieces. You may or may not have the sonic capabilities, either; it appears as though the gene for the unique vocal cord type is hereditary or purely coincidental, and most newborns who are born with the hereditary type are sightless and armless; the Rememdium is blamed for it, but it appears to be a result of inbreeding.


Detection Tools: These are all in one convenient unit.

UV Light- The UV Light's primary function is to detect traces of blood visible and invisible to the naked eye, causing it to stand out brightly if within the light range of the device. It will illuminate the immediate area directly ahead with a purplish light.

Spectrometer- The Spectrometer can detect suspicious noises, such as the noises emitted by the Sonic Emitters scattered throughout Metro City, and it will also detect various gases.

Digital Camera- The Digital Camera is used to capture images that are transmitted back to the lab for evaluation. Examples: Crime scene/Environment, body or body parts, blood spatter, documents.

GPS- Your GSP is an extremely useful tool, especially if you get lost in the Black Lake region north of Metro. It can also tell you where various deposits of ammo are in a building.


Optional Character Sheet:

Relation to the Oro (Ran into them/member of/etc.):
Brief bio:
Alter Ego's appearance:

Name: Kayte Thomas
Age: 22
Appearance: Pale blond hair, blue eyes; slightly tanned complexion. She has a small, triangular scar under her left eye caused by Infri when she fought him when she was tracking a murderer down in the slums.
Relation to the Oro: Ran into them; she was tracking a random murderer in the slums of Metro City when she ran into Infri killing her suspect, and they fought; she's still got a scar from the confrontation.
Job: SCU investigator/CSI agent
Brief bio: The last name Thomas is a mistake of sorts; she does have the last name, but she isn't related to Ethan in any way. Despite this, during her internship she was partnered with him several times; she respects him greatly, as he was her mentor. When he went on a downward spiral, she ignored Dorland's attempts at questioning her of Ethan's whereabouts; she didn't know where he'd gone.
Alter Ego's appearance and meaning: Usually wears whatever Kayte is wearing, but there's always a bloodstain down the front; also wears a mask that resembles a mild, smiling clown face with a tear under one eye. It represents her emotional problems - anger issues, conflicting areas of her life, etc. - and her painkiller addiction, which she tries to pass off as having to take frequent doses due to back and leg troubles (which isn't entirely a lie, either). The AEgo acts childish at some times and serious in others.

Kayte pulled her car to a stop outside the SCU building, pushing down the parking break and resting her head against the headrest of her seat. She hadn't wanted to come to work; she felt sick, probably because of trying to cold-turkey her way out of painkillers, but it wasn't working. She'd probably have to go to rehab... The thought made her cringe and open the car door, slamming it shut behind her after she grabbed her pack and pulled her phone out. "... Answer me, man.." She rubbed between her eyes, wincing as her headache started getting worse. "Ugh."

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 06:08 PM

Name: Damien Van Helsing.
Age: Unknown, but appears 16.
Appearance: Fairly tall, with long black hair, deathly pale face, solid black eyes which he hides with sunglasses. Damien resembles his father Azhdeha a lot, but resents this as his personality is very different.
Relation to the Oro (Ran into them/member of/etc.): Ran in to them. Damien was hunting and killed a member of the cult for food. Since that time, he was at first a target, but after a clash with more Oro members, the per'secution tailed off. The Oro discovered a few things about Damien that made them more cautious about attacking him.
Job: Nothing permanent; he tends to live off money taken from random jobs here and there.
Brief bio: Damien was born to Zilia and Azhdeha Van Helsing in Carcer, but eventually decided to leave the city to get away from the taint of his family circumstances. He had a lot of negative reactions from people due to resembling his father, resenting this, he left Carcer and travelled elsewhere, eventually ending up in Metro. Damien thinks that no-one in Metro knows of his circumstances. He tends to be arrogant at times, impulsive to the point of dangerous stupidity and with an "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude which makes him unpopular.
Alter Ego's appearance and meaning: A hideous reptilian creature with the head of a crocodile and the body of a man, with a crocodile's tail and blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, the nostrils, and the ears. It represents Damien's resentment of his father, and his anger at a situation he can't change.

Damien leaned against the wall of what he knew was the SCU building, altho the knowledge wasn't really important to him. He was already getting bored of his current job, a manual job in a warehouse shifting boxes and knew it wouldn't be long before he quit and had to look for a new one. He idly watched the car pull up to the door and a woman get out, looking her up and down, unseen from behind the sunglasses he wore all the time.

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 06:15 PM

"Ethan, you can't just drop this, I need your help!" Kayte listened to the response, a scowl showing on her face as the seconds passed. "Scr.ew the Oro for a minute, would you? This guy's going to keep on killing people if we don't nab him soon!" Another pause from her as she listened, and she shut the phone with a snap, muttering swearwords under her breath as she started to walk toward the building. She glanced at the guy leaning against the building and said, "You an intern here or something?"

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 06:20 PM

"Hardly, tho I'm looking for a job right now so it would suit me to be one," Damien replied. He had already decided to jack in the warehouse job; maybe he just wouldn't show up for work that night and go hunting instead. After all, the guy who owned the place was used by now to people doing that to him.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-27-2008 06:22 PM

Name: Kella Woods.
Age: 19, says she's 21.
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. Usually wears t-shirts and jeans or a uniform.
Relation to the Oro: Her father had been one, but he died when she was young. She hasn't inherited the Oro genes.
Job: Rookie SCU/CSI.
Brief bio: After her father died, her mother killed herself and Kella was passsed around from foster home to foster home. She later ran away and joined the police force when she was seventeen, saying that she was 19 then.
Alter Ego's appearance: It wears a tattered red robe and has metal rods protruding from it's arms. Wears a solid red mask that also covers it's eyes.
Its meaning is her hate of her parent and being blind to see beyond what she thinks.


Kella walked though the parking lot, pulling her jacket closer around her. It was pretty cold. She gave Kayte a wave as she passed.

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 06:22 PM

Kayte tilted her head, looking at the guy, then at the building. "Well, we could use some more people in there; it's been weird recently and we lost a ton of people." She scratched the back of her head. "Does seeing dead people bother you in the least?"

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 06:38 PM

"No, I'm used to it by now," Damien replied casually. "Just don't try and make me wear a uniform; I don't deal well with that kind of thing. What are the hours and how much do I get paid?"

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 06:41 PM

Kayte waved back as Kella passed, and she said to Damien, "Well, you're on call at any time of day, but you can give them a time when you're most available. The only thing you're required to wear is a vest with SCU CSI on it, but that's only when you're on scene." She thought for a minute, trying to remember anything else. "The pay's alright, but to be honest I've never been able to figure out how they work everything out."

Sarah_K_O_M 03-27-2008 06:45 PM

"hey, Kayte. Who's this?"

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 06:47 PM

Damien considered it, then nodded. It had to be better than being stuck in a warehouse all night long, and being bored all day. "When can I start?"

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