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Miranda_ 03-27-2008 03:43 PM

Half Breeds And Hard Hearts {RP}

1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. That means the following ONLY can join this RP; Silent_Wolf, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll, Spirit_Queen, Singergirl509. No-one else. If your name does not appear on that list, do not spam in this RP asking to join or PM me doing the same.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. Obey the rules of this RP, which are detailed after the plot explanation.

5. This RP has no character form; instead, describe your character in your primary post. ^^


This RP is set in an alternate world, where there are humans and animal demons living. However, now humans despise the animals demons. Tho, the fate of those created from one human and one demon parent, the half-breeds, is worse.

Half-breeds aren't welcome anymore. If they are found they are either sold as pets to high-ranking officers, weathly families, and royal families, or they are killed. Humans are the dominant species on this part of Earth.
Sometimes, the pets are treated well and may even become the mate to their owners. Other times, they are treated poorly and live up to the title 'pets'.

Humans have all the rights, legal or otherwise. Half-breeds have none, and the status quo is likely to continue with the vast majority of humans supporting it. The few that don't, are seen as odd-balls. As far as the half-breeds are concerned, their voices are ignored and their opinions treated as tho they don't matter at all. As are they, unless they are patronised and treated like fluff.

The setting is late 1700s, early 1800s in a different world. That means that there are no cars, no computers, no modern technology. People get about by carriages and cabs which are always pulled by horses, and carts that can be pulled by horses, mules or donkeys. People can also ride horses, and use oxen to pull ploughs and other farm equipment. There are also trains in operation, run by steam. However, cuz this is an alternate world, apart from the lack of technology, the people are fairly modern in attitude and dress.

Masters are always human and pets are always half-breeds. No exceptions. Demons are not kept as pets; they either hide themselves away, pretending to be human, or they are kept in captivity to be experimented on or used for breeding. An animal demon would have a full human form and a full animal form; they can pass for human as long as they stay in their human form and keep away from anyone who's an expert at telling them from humans. Half breeds are human shaped, but with the ears and tail of whichever animal their demon parent is a demon of. That includes reptiles as well as mammals.

There are certain rules pertaining to pets. They have to be kept on leads on the road, only allowed off in places such as public parks. They have to wear collars at all times, and be kept in at night. In short, they are treated like pet dogs... altho, they do have the chance of being elevated to concubine status. However, this status is precarious, as at any time they can be dropped by their master and their children taken away. No pet would rebel against their master, as the penalty for doing so is death. Please be realistic if you are going to play as a pet; after all, this state of affairs has been the norm for hundreds of years and the half breeds are conditioned into their role. It's only recently that groups have sprung up to try and put a stop to it.

A master can only have two pets, either both female, both male, or one male, one female. Breeding is only allowed if a master has a licience for it, as a check is kept on the half breed population. Any children born of a union between concubine and master belong to the master; the concubine has no rights over his/her children at all. The same goes for any born to a pet; the master has a perfect right to sell the children on, as long as they are over five years old. In places that specifically breed half breed pets for sale, the children are taken from their mothers at the age of two and put in a pen together. They are then put on sale at age five.


Raindrops pounded against the glass roof of the large, dome-shaped auditorium, making many of the canine and feline half-breeds wince at the noise. The auditorium, on the inside, was dimly lit to hide the many bruises of the pitiful creatures on the stage and the fact that they were all in poor condition. The only lights came from torches that lined the walls, making shadows dance to some hypnotic music only they could hear.

This particular auction was attended by many humans; some were dealers, looking for cheap pets to feed up and then sell at a profit, others just looking for a pet who would basically act as a slave and do all the work around the house for poor return. One such dealer smirked as he watched the first straggling half breeds dragged on to the stage.

Nearby, tied to a nearby railing, crouched a slim young man, name of Jett; a name not chosen by himself, but by his owner. His fox ears were laid back at the sight of what was going on; he'd seen this many times before. His owner was the wife of a rich pet dealer who specialized in buying pets cheaply at run down auctions such as this one and then selling them on at a profit. However, the pet that he had bought his wife had been bought from a breeder... after all, only the best for his wife on their anniversary.

The pet in question was a fox halfbreed; very handsome with pale skin and blue eyes; his hair, ears and tail were black, the tail with a white tip to it. He was dressed in black jeans and a blue longsleever; he had a black velvet covered collar studded with sapphires around his throat and the lead was of black leather. He didn't like his role as a rich woman's pet... he vowed that one day he'd escape.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-27-2008 04:59 PM

There was a young woman hanging around near the stage. She was dressed very elegantly, with her dark brown hair up in a bun. She was marking something off in a small leather-bound book with a stylised fountain pen.
Every now and again she would glance at her surroundings and make a face.

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 05:03 PM

A plump middle aged woman stood at the back of the auction hall, talking animatedly to her friends. She was the owner of Jett; she had brought him along to the auction where her husband hoped to pick up a few bargain pets in order to feed them up and make a profit, but she prefered to chat to her friends rather than stay with her pet. Her name was Ella and as far as she was concerned, Jett was more a status symbol than anything else.

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 05:11 PM

One of the halfbreeds up on the stage was hiding her face in her hands; her nails were sharp, although some had visibly been bitten or broken, and it looked like her arms were wings; they had feathers over them, as well as some brushing against the floor as they hung from her arms. Her brown hair was messy and dirty, her skin was scuffed with dirt, and her clothes - a long black-brown skirt with a shortsleeved shirt - were torn up. She had some feathers on the sides of her head, and she had no visible ears. She also had a somewhat-matted bird-tail tucked under her feet; it was apparent they weren't supposed to bend that way from how several looked broken.

She peeked between her fingers, her pale brown eyes visibly rattled, before hiding behind her hands again.

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 05:20 PM

A man regarded her coldly, as he moved on making notes on an auction list. He was Calum, Ella's husband; he was looking for cheap would be pets to bid for when the auction restarted after the break.

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 05:26 PM

The girl - her last owner had named her Jenny - shifted around, trying to dislodge her tail feathers, before hiding her face in her hands again; she wasn't supremely beautiful, but she had a hawk-like prettiness most bird half-breeds had under the dirt.

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 05:33 PM

As well as Calum, there was a sleazy club owner watching Jenny. He liked to have bird and cat half breeds as caged dancers for his club; he had already bought a couple of each and had his eye on Jenny for his next purchase.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-27-2008 05:33 PM

The woman marked something else off in her book, walking over to the railing.

Silent_Wolf 03-27-2008 05:34 PM

The club owner was one reason Jenny was hiding her face; the other was because she had a black eye. She peeked through her fingers again, looking at the woman with her good eye. "..." She hid her face again.

Miranda_ 03-27-2008 05:40 PM

Jett noticed the woman, and backed away from her slightly. He didn't really look at her; just assumed that she was yet another of Ella's vacuous friends come to pat his head and roughly pull his ears. He was too conditioned and trained to react, but he hated every moment of it.

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