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Silent_Wolf 03-01-2008 09:54 AM

Pirates of the Caribbean - Back to World's End [RP]
It's been years since Captain Jack Sparrow was brought back from Davy Jones' Locker, and longer still since Will Turner became the new Ferryman of the Dead. In fact, the year is 1811, and the East India Trading Company no longer holds its iron hand over the seas. Calypso, for a long while, destroyed many ships in her rage against said company, although many sailors say it's because she was in grief over losing her beloved Davy Jones.

However, the goddess of the sea has since calmed down considerably and is very docile to the immigration ships in the Atlantic; however, pirates and sailors get the worst brunt of it all. The years have passed, and the nine Pirate Lords have passed on as well, leaving behind their nine pieces of eight - which in all truth were just random pieces of junk because the first Court of the Bretren was a skint short. Whatever that means. Anyway, despite the fact Calypso was no longer bound to her human form, the pieces were used to represent captains of a particular ship or crew. And of course, some of these newer Pirate Lords had the chance to be on Captain Jack's crew and see just how odd he was.

While some stayed on the crew for awhile and others left after one voyage, eventually the Pirate Lords went off on their own altogether. Captain Jack and the Black Pearl disappeared into stories and folklore, and then there were only eight Pirate Lords; Jack never passed his piece of eight to a successor.

Well, till now Jack's been missing. He's reappeared and hasn't aged a day since his disappearance ten years ago; according to tales he's supposed to be in his seventies and yet he doesn't look older than thirty four. He's searching for the Pirate Lords, though largely against his will, and while he's having some trouble with looking, he's already found three of them. Let's see how things go.


1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. That means the following ONLY can join this RP; Miranda_, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll, Spirit_Queen, Singergirl509. No-one else. If your name does not appear on that list, do not spam in this RP asking to join or PM me doing the same.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. I'm going to be nice and say I will allow some types of non-human characters, BUT NONE THAT ARE ENTIRELY INVINCIBLE. That would fall under Mary Sue/Gary Stu terrirtory. Also, no gods or goddesses; Calypso's the only one even mentioned in the movies. I'll allow demons, a few characters from Will Turner's crew, but that's it.

5. Jack will explain what's going on and why he's come back. Also, I don't want anyone coming up with a main plotline and using it; I've got a set main plot and if I see any users randomly coming up with a plottwist like 'Will Turner's dead!!!!!' or something, you're out of the RP because one, Will Turner's already dead in a sense and two, that's just plain idiotic. Also, I don't want some kind of interstellar war between demons and humans breaking out; it's happened on three other boards I've posted an RP like this on and it drives me up the wall whenever a user does that. Sure, demons and humans will have their differences, but my god, there's no set ruler for the demons so there's no point in attempting to assassinate a ruler of them. Cause there's none.

6. There is a Pirate King; they select one every meeting with voting. Unfortunately, each pirate lord/regular pirate only votes for themselves. However, last time there was a vote Elizabeth Swann - Turner, really - was voted for by herself and Jack Sparrow, so she's still technically King. Or queen.

Character Sheet:

Nickname: (if any)
Relation to Jack Sparrow: (voyage wise, how long they were on the ship)
Race: Human or Demon
Short Bio:
Reason for being a pirate:

My main character:

Name: Elizabeth, not the one from the movies.
Nickname: Calcifer, due to her severe temper.
Age: 22
Relation to Jack Sparrow: Spent five years on the Black Pearl as a deckhand; she left because her father had died and left her his ship. Her father was the French Pirate Lord, and she still keeps the spare Queen in her sleeves. Yes, she cheats at cards.
Race: Human, has some vestige of demon blood due to ancestors on her mother's side.
Appearance: Brown hair down to her rear; however, she's planning on cutting it short soon as it's been giving her headaches constantly. Because she's been hiding in Port Royal for the past six years, she wears mainly dresses but refuses to wear corsets, finding them difficult to breathe in. Her eyes are a dark gray.
Short Bio: Calcifer spent her childhood listening to her father's stories of being a pirate; when she was eleven she stowed away on Captain Jack Sparrow's ship in the guise of a boy to learn how to be a real pirate. Needless to say, she was surprised when she learned it wasn't at all like her father had told her; there weren't many glories to be had, but the crew was like family. When she was sixteen, her father died and she was given his piece of eight, and she left the crew; she honestly misses the ship, she'd grown to love the sea. About half a year after she came to Port Royal, a one year old child was left on her porch, a note tucked into her basket that said to keep the East India Trading Company away from the girl, whose name was (according to the note) Shayla. The girl was blind, but Calcifer adopted her and raised her like her own parents raised her, with stories of the sea.
Reason for being a pirate: It's simply in her blood; both her parents loved the sea, and so does she.

I'm also using Jack Sparrow.

Jack: CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, thank you, lass.

It was a lovely spring day in Port Royal. The sun was shining, there were a few clouds in the sky that gave off a peaceful aura of sorts, and there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the air. Ever since Cutler Beckett died, the guards became lacking in their duties, and pirates were again free to roam. Mind, they were a little more discreet about their activities, but it was obvious who was a pirate and who wasn't. Well, usually.

Calcifer was walking through the streets, heading home from the marketplace, and she laughed a little as a seven year old girl tugged on the back of her skirts. "Mama, when's Sparrow gonna be here? You promised!"

"He'll probably show up sooner or later, you know how he is. Running around here, there, up and down, left and right, always with a bottle of rum." The woman picked the girl up - the girl was small for her age - and tapped the child's nose. "You be a good girl and maybe he'll tell you stories about his adventures."

"I wanna know what the Locker was like! Was it blank?"

"I don't know, sweetie, I've never been there, but he told me last time I saw him that it was very boring, very hot, and very, very quiet." The woman looked over at the docks after walking up a staircase; there weren't many ships in the port. "He'll get here soon. I hope." She brightened up. "Maybe if we ask we can go with him when he leaves port; the sea is a beautiful place."

"But Mama, I can't see anything. How am I gonna know if it's pretty?"

"You'll know it when you feel the spray of the ocean in your face, silly one. You don't have to be able to see the ocean to appreciate it; it's a powerful thing and takes the lives of many of the sailors, but all the same it's peaceful and tranquil when Calypso wants it to be. She may be as untameable as the sea, but she and Jack go way back. She won't attack the Pearl." Calcifer walked down a different staircase and started walking to a pub; she'd nearly forgotten to go buy rum in case Jack finally showed up.

Miranda_ 03-01-2008 11:15 AM

Name: Nicola Sheppey
Nickname: (if any) Nikki
Age: 24
Relation to Jack Sparrow: Briefly spent some time on The Black Pearl as a member of the crew; she left the ship due to being offered the post of first mate on another ship.
Race: Half and half. She doesn't know about her mother's demonic heritage as it was always kept secret from her and her father.
Appearance: Tall for a woman, with pale skin and long black hair that has reddish highlights in it. Her eyes are green. Nikki refuses to wear dresses and instead dresses in boy's clothes. She wears a full face silver plated face mask due to having been scarred in a fight between the ship she was first mate on and another pirate ship.
Short Bio: Nikki ran away from home to join a pirate ship as her father was trying to force her into an arranged marriage. Nikki soon managed to prove herself and was accepted as a crew member on the first ship she joined, after besting one of the men who disapproved of women on board. She has a very hot temper, and can be recklessly impulsive, even dangerously. Nikki also refuses to ever remove her mask, save to eat which she does alone, and to sleep. Anyone who tries to take it off without her permission will end up regretting it.
Reason for being a pirate: Nikki loves the sea, and the wildness of a pirate's life appealed to her, as the stuffiness of life as a provincial lady on land did not.

Nikki sat in a nearby pub, a glass of ale in her hand. She gave off an aura that fairly screamed, "Leave me alone, or else", meaning that others in the pub gave her a wide berth. She wore black clothes from head to foot; boy's clothes, rather than the dresses which she hated and found stifling to both her body and her soul. Nikki's hand briefly touched her silver plated face mask, which hid the hideous scars that to her had ruined her beauty and made her a monster. The mask had a gap where the mouth was, so she could drink her ale without ever having to remove it.

Silent_Wolf 03-01-2008 11:20 AM

Calcifer set Shayla down on the floor. "You stay here and don't go running off, alright? I need to talk to the pub owner about getting some rum for Jack."

"Okay, Mama." Calcifer walked away, and Shayla immediately wandered off, ducking under tables and eventually stopping at Nikki's table. She tilted her head, blinking her unseeing eyes. "Who're you?"

Miranda_ 03-01-2008 11:35 AM

Nikki took no notice of the child at all. She disliked children intensely; they suggested to her the very life that she'd run away to escape, that of being tied down with marriage and children, with no excitement.

Silent_Wolf 03-01-2008 11:37 AM

"Lady? Are you mad at me?" Shayla looked sad. Calcifer walked out of the back room with a box under one arm, and she looked around for Shayla; because the girl was shorter than the tables, she couldn't find her.

Miranda_ 03-01-2008 11:50 AM

Nikki was annoyed. She wasn't mean enough to hit a child, but she was certainly irritated at the stupid mother who let her child wander around and harrass people. "Go and find your mother."

Silent_Wolf 03-01-2008 11:54 AM

"Okay." :( "Can you see her? She\'s reeeally tall, and she\'s got long hair and she said she was getting rum for a friend of hers."

"Shayla, I told you to stay at the door." Calcifer picked Shayla up. "I\'m really sorry if she was bothering you, she doesn\'t listen to me very well."

Sarah_K_O_M 03-01-2008 12:11 PM

Name: Kaine Greene.
Nickname: People sometimes call him \'that scowly b@stard\'.
Age: 22
Relation to Jack Sparrow: He was on the ship for a few years before leaving and becoming Captain of his own.
Race: Human. Possibly a little demon there too, because his family generally get around.
Appearance: Long, messy black hair, jade coloured eyes, tanned skin. Tall, slim. A bit androgynous looking.
Short Bio: He lived in Spain as a kid, until the town he lived in was attacked. He and others left for Port Royal afterwards. He later became a Captain.
Reason for being a pirate: He comes from a sea-faring family, and it was just always a fact that he\'d go sea too.

Name: Enid Blanche.
Nickname: The White Lady.
Age: 19.
Relation to Jack Sparrow: She was there for a few months, then left with Kaine.
Race: Human
Appearance: Long black hair, kind of limpid looking blue eyes. Very petite and skinny. Pretty.
Short Bio: She had an opressive homelife and became depressed. They flung her into an asylum when she was 14, but she escaped and ran off to sea. She met Kaine when she was 16 and she\'s followed him ever since.
Reason for being a pirate: She saw it as her only option.


The two walked into the pub. Enid was following Kaine extremely closely, almost on top of him.
"Enid, stop walking so close."
"Find us a table and I\'ll get something for us, alright."
"Ye-yes, Kaine." Enid nodded, wringing her hands moved away, slowly.

Miranda_ 03-01-2008 12:14 PM

Nikki raised her head and looked Calcifer full in the face. "She was bothering me. Does she always go and bother random strangers? That can be very dangerous, as no doubt she\'ll find out one day when she annoys the wrong person. I wouldn\'t strike a child, but there are those who would."

Silent_Wolf 03-01-2008 12:16 PM

"She doesn\'t usually." Calcifer didn\'t flinch, but when she heard Kaine and Enid walk in she turned her head, looking behind her. "Didn\'t know they were coming to the pub today."

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