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Miranda_ 02-18-2008 07:20 AM

Kidnapped By The Cult {RP}
This RP is based partly on various random ideas I've had floating around for ages, and partly on a book I read about cults.


1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. That means the following ONLY can join this RP; Silent_Wolf, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll, Spirit_Queen, Singergirl509. No-one else. If your name does not appear on that list, do not spam in this RP asking to join or PM me doing the same.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you. Also, this is a human only RP. No other races allowed.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. If you wish to play the kidnapped girl, then she cannot be aware of her fate cuz Tamah has yet to choose her as a victim. If you wish to play Tamah's heir, it's up to you how she accepts her position; whether she accepts it cuz she has no choice, or revels in it. However, she can't escape under any circumstances.

5. Please try not to sign up for the same roles as everyone else. I would like to have all the roles listed filled. Don't forget that anyone can play a random sect or anti-sect member if the need arises. Remember that this RP is set in modern times.

Character form:
Position: (Sect member/Anti-Sect Group Member/Other, ie the kidnapped girl)

The original sect that was created as the sect named "The Lady Of God" was formed by a woman named Francine Petiot. Dissatisfied by the Church's teachings, Francine withdrew from the world to a retreat in the mountains to meditate and to think on how to set things right. After she had been living there for a month, Francine experienced what she would later term as a visitation from God, but in reality could have been a hallucination caused by the thin air up the mountain that she climbed for spiritual enlightenment.

In any case, whatever the reality of what she saw, Francine became convinced that the teachings of the Church were wrong, that instead of Eve corrupting Adam, it had in fact been the other way round and that women were pure before the interventions of men. She left her retreat to start a new sect with this idea in mind, soon collecting several followers, both men and women, to join her. Francine built with the help of her followers a headquarters in the mountains, still near enough to a few towns so that she and her followers could visit them for food supplies, clothing, and other needs; but yet far away enough for the group to be isolated.

Francine's sect soon swelled its numbers; they all lived in the headquarters in peace and harmony, Francine styling herself as "The Lady Of God." Before new members could join, they had to swear to keep the sacred rules that Francine had drawn up, and swear also life fealty to the Lady. The rules were as follows:

1. All members joining must give all their worldly goods to the group in order to become self reliant within the group and on the other members of the group.
2. All members must practice chastity outside of marriage.
3. All children born to members must be initiated to the ways of the group at the age of 12 years old, before they can become tainted by the ways of the world.
4. All members must revere The Lady Of God at all times.
5. All members must promise to help those in need.

The simple life of the members of the group of The Lady Of God continued peacefully for several years, even after Francine died and her daughter Marie took over. The peace was shattered after Marie died from a mysterious illness, and her daughter Geniveve took control. Geniveve had ideas of her own, ideas that did not suit the simplistic ways that her mother and grandmother had taught. She had poisoned her mother in order that these ideas be put into practice. She added on the following rules, removing the fifth one from the original list:

5. All members must go out and initiate new members to the group, by any means necessary,
6. Certain members are to be excempt from rule 2. These members will be chosen by The Lady.
7. A boy is to be taken and made into the Beast, therefore representing the evil of man.
8. Every seven years, a virginial maiden is to be taken, and given all the sins of the world.
9. She is given a chance for redemption.
10. If she cannot redeem herself, she is to be burned alive.

Geniveve's ideas were immediately implemented; all sect members that protested were struck down by illness and later death; Geniveve claimed that they had been struck down by God for disobeying his Lady, in reality she had given them poison in their food. A newborn baby boy was stolen from a hospital and brought up not as a child, but as a dog; given a collar and leash, black clothes, and forced to remain on all fours as he grew up. He was forbidden to speak to any member and had to eat from a dog bowl. Any disobedience would result in a beating.

When he reached the age of 13, the first maiden was taken. She had to be aged at least 14 and virginial. She was told that she would be burned alive unless she did what the Lady said. The girl was told that she carried all the sins of the world, and in order to pass them on to the Beast, she must sleep with him. If the union resulted in a child, both her and the child would be burned alive. Otherwise, she would be initiated into the cult as a High Priestess if there was already an heir to the position of Lady Of God, as heir if there was not.

The story starts over a century after Geniveve first put her rules into practice, bringing us to the present day. The group is several hundred members strong, and the current Beast is nearing age 20 so it is nearly time for a second maiden to be taken. The one taken before, when the Beast was aged 13, was lucky enough to survive and is now the heir to the current Lady, name of Tamah.

Unbeknownst to Tamah, there are people who are against the sect and what it represents; their knowledge of it is sketchy, based on testimonies from the few who managed to escape its thrall, but they certainly know of the maiden and of the Beast. They know that the ritual concerning the maiden will take place during a short time span; if the maiden falls pregnant, she will not be killed until she gives birth. They know that they are unable to prevent the kidnapping, due to not knowing where it will take place, but they hope to be able to rescue the maiden before she can be killed and to break up the sect.

Who are you within this story? Are you the leader of the group against the sect? Are you the Lady's current heir, who may or may not exhult in her position? Are you the girl who's fate is to be kidnapped and suffer the ritual? Are you a member of the group against the sect, ready to destroy it and rescue the Beast and maiden? Or are you one of the High Priests or Priestesses, who follow Tamah in all she does?

Name: Tamah Petiot, aka The Lady (the part about God was dropped ages ago, as were the religious aspects. Also, all Ladies take on the surname of the First Lady.)
Age: 44
Position: The Lady, ie the leader of the sect
Bio: Tamah was a former maiden, snatched from outside her school at age 15. She was given the same test meted out to all kidnapped maidens; due to infertility caused by ovarian cysts, she didn't become pregnant so joined the sect as heir to the current Lady of the time. She eventually became Lady when the current Lady died after an accident, and revelled in the power given to her. Tamah came from a poor family, so seized the chance to become the Lady with both hands. She now leads the sect, and teaches her own heir in the ways of the sect.

Name: Zack, aka The Beast
Age: 19
Position: The Beast
Bio: Zack has no idea of his surname, or indeed who his real family is. He was kidnapped from the hospital that he was born in, by a High Priestess of the sect, and taken to headquarters to be raised as per the rules concerning the Beast. He has never walked upright or lived as a human, altho some sympathetic sect members will talk to him and encourage him to reply; this is forbidden so has to be done in secret. Zack hates his life, particularly the ritual with the forced coupling, and longs to be able to escape and live a normal life. He has seen elements of the outside world on TV and heard sect members talking, so he is aware of what he's missing.

Miranda_ 02-18-2008 07:21 AM

(Due to character limit restrictions, this is in two posts.)

Tamah sat in her private rooms, writing in her diary. She had a sitting room and bedroom to herself, that were exclusive to herself alone, apart from anyone she might invite to her rooms. Tamah wrote in her diary every day; the diaries of former Ladies were treasured and read by the sect members, just as hers would one day be, and stored in the headquarters' library for easy access as well as being transcripted on to discs to be accessed via computer. Tamah looked idly at the calender, and smiled to herself as she realised that the Beast's 20th birthday was coming up, meaning that another maiden was to be taken. She would instruct her most trusted High Priestess in the taking of the maiden, and the ritual would begin anew. Tamah would officiate over it, revelling in her power as The Lady, watching as another girl was given the chance to either become a woman of great importance, or just dry ash on the wind. She herself had been given that chance, and had become the heir to the Lady who had ruled when she had been taken. This new girl however wouldn't have such a good role; but the role of High Priestess should be good enough for the girl, if she were lucky enough to pass her test.
Zack sat in his own private room, which was as different from the rooms of The Lady as night was from day. His room had no furniture in it at all, tho it was luxuriously carpeted, and had a dog bed in one corner with a water and food bowl in another. For years, this life was all that he had known, and he hadn't known any different; ie, that there was another world outside of this one. That ignorance had been shattered on the day that he'd first seen television, and discontent had set in, cumilating in the ritual that had taken place when he was aged 13 and everything that had gone with it. Zack longed to escape, but there was no way that he could do such a thing; he was doomed to stay here in this role til his death, then a new baby would be stolen away to face the same fate. The cycle would begin again, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Silent_Wolf 02-18-2008 08:36 AM

Name: Isibel "Izzy" Petiot
Age: 23
Position: Heir
Bio: Isibel was a former maiden as well, and kidnapped from a movie theatre when she was 15. She passed the test only due to birth control pills she'd been taking for a few years, and now is the heir. While at first she hated Zack entirely, the years passed and she wasn't able to hold a grudge against him anymore; she's also been rather nervy about being the heir and isn't sure if she wants to be the next Lady. She spends most of her time reading fiction books, and has been trying to convince Tamah to let her go to college to pass the time; however, her reading is hampered because she's mildly dyslexic. She can read most words on her own, but longer words give her trouble.

Name: Lennox Brown
Age: 22
Position: Regular Priest
Bio: Len's family has been in the cult for half a century, but he isn't proud of it in the least. However, at the behest of his mother and father, he worked hard to become a priest. He spends a little of his time keeping Zack comfortable, and is able to get him to talk a little bit; however, he's been extremely careful about it. He spends the rest of his time drawing and keeping the regular members in order.


There was a very nervous, hesitant knocking on Tamah's room door, and it cracked open just a little bit, a green-blue eye peeking in. "My Lady, could I come in, please?" It was Isibel; she was having trouble reading one of her books.


Lennox opened the door to Zack's room, carrying a pitcher of water in one hand and a plate in the other. He looked rather frazzled, and was looking over his shoulder into the hallway. "Crazy people." He shook his head and walked over to the corner with Zack's food and water bowls in it. "I got you some eggs today, took me ages to get into the kitchens though."

Miranda_ 02-18-2008 02:40 PM

Tamah looked up and laid her pen down. "Of course, child."

Zack sat up and smiled. Before he spoke, he too looked to see if anyone was around. No-one was, so he replied, "Thank you. What have they done that's any crazier than usual?"

Silent_Wolf 02-18-2008 02:44 PM

"Someone set the stove on fire last night, they're still scraping everything off." Lennox set the pitcher and plate down and picked the water bowl up, cracking a window open and dumping the water out before setting it back down and refilling it with water.

Isibel walked in, shutting the door, and she walked over. "Um, I'm having trouble reading this again. There's more words I can't read." She looked sad.

Sarah_K_O_M 02-18-2008 02:53 PM

Character form:
Name: Tabitha "Tabby" Burne
Age: 16
Position: The kidnapped girl.
Bio: A relatively smart young girl going to a convent school. Her father writes sci-fi and fantasy novels. She's a bit of a loner, a complete prude and teetotaller.

Miranda_ 02-18-2008 02:54 PM

Zack sighed. "Pity the place didn't burn down."

"Of course; show me your book and I'll help you." Tamah motioned to Isibel to sit besides her.

Silent_Wolf 02-18-2008 02:59 PM

"But then we'd all be dead. Sort of. And crispy. I hate being crispy, nasty feeling." Lennox shut the window. "Need anything else, Zack?"

"Thanks." Isibel sat next to her and opened the book and pointed to the words she was having trouble with. The words were 'vampire', 'teeth', and 'antidisestablishmentarianism.'

Miranda_ 02-18-2008 03:03 PM

"Not at the moment. And sometimes I think I'd rather be dead than be here." Zack was dreading what would happen once he turned 20. Once was bad enough; he had found out years ago that the previous Beast had committed suicide. Apparently, that was a regular occurance; there weren't many who lived out their entire lifespan.

Tamah patiently helped her adopted daughter with the long words.

Silent_Wolf 02-18-2008 03:09 PM

"Thanks, m'Lady. I really don't like bothering you with this."

Lennox winced. "I know."

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