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Miranda_ 01-19-2008 03:46 PM

The Howl Of The Canine {RP}
First of all, yes this RP is in part based loosely on elements of the anime Wolf's Rain, but it is not of that anime so please don't post as if you are in it. The main premis I am borrowing from Wolf's Rain is the one where the wolves are wolves that can turn into humans, rather than humans that can turn into wolves, and that there are tame wolves who live with the humans and deny their heritage. That is all. I am not following the plot of the anime, I have made my own. Please stick to it.

Anyway, the rules are as follows:

1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. That means the following ONLY can join this RP; Silent_Wolf, Sarah_K_O_M, TheHayleyDoll, Spirit_Queen, Singergirl509. No-one else. If your name does not appear on that list, do not spam in this RP asking to join or PM me doing the same.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. I'm sure everyone knows what a wolf and a fox looks like; the hunting dogs by the way, look like this: African Wild Dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5. You can be one of the following groups; pets, renegades, vigilantes or humans. Please can everyone try to have equal representatives of each, rather than everyone being of one group. If there are already say 2 pets signed up, then choose another group to belong to. Also, please don't join one and have the characteristics of another.

Character form:


This RP is set in a different world to the one you know. Parallell, but with subtle differences. In this world, there are no wild canines roaming the land; the ones that do live in the world are very different to the ones that roam our land. There are three different tribes; the Lupines, or wolves; the Vulpines, or foxes, and finally the Lycaons, or hunting dogs. These tribes are traditionally separate, each different tribe keeping to its own way, until the humans came. They took over the world, slowly but surely, like a poison seeping into the world's veins. Eventually, the canines were forced out, treated as beasts, but they were no such thing; just different to the humans, with different values.

The humans respected none of the canines' values, and hunted them down, til the canines scattered and had no choice but to persue one of the following unpleasant life routes. Some chose to take their natural forms and live among the humans as pets and guards; hiding their true intellect and their true nature. These canines are seen by the renegades and vigilantes as being traitors to their own kind. They must stay close beside their owners for protection, lest they be trapped and destroyed by their own kind.

Others live as renegades on the fringes of humanity, taking their human forms to blend in with the humans in their own cities, alternately taking their natural forms to scavenge for food. The renegades pride themselves as not being slaves like they see the pets, however they are, in some ways, as much dependant on the humans as the pets are. They have lost their way; they have no leaders and do not form packs like the canines of old did.

Finally, there are the vigilantes; these canines stubbornly live the old life and the old ways, refusing to bow beneath the power of the humans. They despise the pets and look down on the renegades. They dream one day of forcing the humans out so that life can go back to the way it once was.

Trouble is brewing on the horizon; there are humans who wish to once and for all destroy the vigilantes and renegades who they see as being nothing to them but constant annoyance. There are humans who do not hold this view, but wish to continue with the status quo. And finally, there are a small minority of humans who just wish for peace; however, it is very dangerous to publically come out as holding this opinion as a lot of humans who have, have ended up dead; either murdered by the first, and largest, group of humans, or found savaged to death by renegades.

Name: Phelan
Age: 15
Race: Lupine
Group: Renegade
Bio: Phelan was born to a wolf belonging to a renegade group that lived on the fringes of the city. He never knew his father, and never wanted to; his mother brought him up to be independant and trust no-one. He spent most of his childhood being taught to hate the humans for what they'd done, and to despise the pets. He tends to live for the moment, not looking to the future; however, he tends to hold grudges for far too long. He can be far too impulsive, bad tempered and paranoid, thinking that people are talking about him when they're not. He's also suspicious of people's motives, but once a person has his trust they have it forever, unless they do something heinous.

Name: Kasa
Age: 14
Race: Lycaon
Group: Pet
Bio: Kasa's parents only wanted the best for her; they saw their life living on the fringes of humanity to be pointless so they gave their daughter away to made into a pet. Kasa grew up knowing no other life. She is owned by a man who keeps her largely as a pet; he also has a few other canines as guard dogs for his house, which is situated in a rich part of the town. Kasa is strong minded, but also stubborn; she doesn't see why she should live in poverty just so that she can be true to her race; she likes the life of luxury that she lives now and doesn't want to leave it. She can be kindhearted, but also b*tchy and full of herself.


Phelan crept slowly thru the alleyway. He sniffed the air; no trace of humans on the breeze, but he couldn't be sure. There was always the chance of one of those scummy traitors who lived with the humans lying in wait to catch him. As far as Phelan was concerned, if he ever encountered one of the pets away from their master, they would feel his teeth. He had in his past done so; the vulpine traitor had been lucky to escape with his life. Phelan crouched down next to some dustbins. He hated having to scavenge off the humans, but one day, a day of reckoning would happen and it would them having to scavenge off him. He relished the thought as he carefully took a half eaten lamb leg from the dustbin; changing to his wolf form, that of a black wolf, he picked the lamb leg up in his teeth and was gone in an instant.


Kasa stretched luxuriously out on her comfortable bed. She was, as usual, in her lycaon form; her coat freshly brushed, with a pink silk ribbon around her throat. She perked her ears up at the sound of her master's key in the door and jumped up to greet him. She loved her master intensely; as for the idea that by living this life she was betraying her kind, to Kasa that was ridiculous. There was no point in struggling against the tide; the humans were not going to go away and there were far too many of them to fight against. Far better to embrace the chance of living such a life than to constantly starve and fight. She almost pitied the renegades and vigilantes; however, they had made their choice, just as she had made hers.

spirit_queen 01-19-2008 04:03 PM

Ooc: I may edit in a human soon.
Name: Takaia
Age: 15 3/4 (yes, she keeps track of that...)
Race: Lycaon
Group: Vigilante
Bio: Born and raised in the wild, Takaia was taught the pride and honor of the sacred Lycaon traditions. She is actually a highly skilled warrior, though she tends to be a little ditzy and naive. Oh, heck, she's plain hyperactive. She does not see why one would forgo the great traditions for either scavenging or living with those who would suppress them. In her opinion, the canines were here first, and the humans had no right to opress them. In her mind, when the humans disappear (for she believes this will happen without a doubt), she envisions a world of peace and happiness, of freedom and equality. She doesn't think humans can comprehend such things, which is why she so desperately wants them go.
Takaia had been sent out with the hunting party, and was lying low in the grasses just outside the wood behind her. she and her small group were ever s carefully encircling a group of deer. This took a lot of Takaia's concentration, but the promise of food was worth it. subconsciously, she licked her lips in anticipation. Now, all she need do was wait for the signal from Nich, the group leader.
Name: Marius
Age: 28
Race: human
Group: anti-canine (unless you're talking about pets)
Bio: His ancestors had been one of the leaders in suppressing the canines. He had been raised on the foundations that mankind was dominant, and that those dog-freaks were meant to be nothing but servants to his race. He firmly believes this himself. Sure, canines make good companions... when they're your property.
Marius came home to his lovely lycaon, Kasa, jumping up on him. "Whoa! Down, girl!" He said, though he was laughing. Marius had sun-tannedskin and black eyes. His hair was a ruddy brown, and he almost always had it combed back. "You hungry, Kasa?" Marius asked. Kasa was his top dog, the most reliable, as well as the most spoiled.

Sarah_K_O_M 01-19-2008 04:46 PM

Name: Aldo
Age: Vulpine
Race: 15
Group: Renegade
Bio: His parents had been vigilantes. However they were both killed by humans leaving him and his sister orphans. They grew up with a group of renegades in the city before breaking off to go to another area of the city. They still maintain contact with their old friends.

Name: Adin
Age: Vulpine
Race: 15
Group: Renegade
Bio: The younger of the twins, she's more excitable than her big brother and is one of those romantic types. She sometimes gets into trouble without meaning but never anything serious.


"Aldy, hurry up!"
"I am, I am! Jeez." Aldo rolled his eyes, passing the half-eaten sandwich to Adin.
"Aw, tuna. I hate tuna."
"I'll just go back and tell them that, shall I? 'Oh, by the way, my sister doesn't like tuna. So next time I swipe your lunch, make sure there's no tuna, will you?' I'm sure that'd go down well."
"Meany." Adin said with her mouth full, looking like a chipmunk. The two of them looked very similar, with Aldo being taller and broader and Adin being more slender. They had the same dark red hair and goldy-brown eyes with pasty skin.

Silent_Wolf 01-19-2008 05:42 PM

Name: Sinopa
Age: 16
Race: Lupine
Group: Renegade
Bio: Sinopa was born into a wolf family that was fervently against the human rule; however, when her family - Vigilantes, most of them - were captured, she fled the city and hid. From that point she hated the humans and refuses to believe there's any good in them. At some point she joined a renegade group, and she's been with them for a few years. She tends to distrust other wolves and foxes, hunting dogs as well, but she does have a few friends she trusts. She's gotten into some fights as well, which explains the peculiar scar on her side. Her piercings are the result of her being a little rebellious against her parents before they were captured.
(First base by Watermelon Bubblegum , second base by Rainy Day Crap Box[lost link])

Sinopa tapped her foot on the ground, looking around nervously on the outskirts of the city. She was waiting for Phelan to get back; she'd gotten used to trying to keep an eye on him in case he did something stupid. While she hated pets, she knew some could fight back and didn't want anyone to get hurt.
Well, she didn't want her friends hurt.
She blew some hair out of her face, one of her hands fiddling with the ring eyebrow piercing she had out of habit. She hated being nervous.

Miranda_ 01-19-2008 05:47 PM

Ooc: Now we can start! ^^

Phelan ran swiftly thru the back alleyways of the city. To him, the city was like a living, breathing creature; the scents of the air cried aloud to him, and he was always on the look out for trouble. He wanted to get back to Sinopa as soon as possible but he wasn't about to become careless.

Kasa eagerly nuzzled her master's hand with her muzzle. She was glad to see him home, and very hungry. It didn't matter to her that others of her breed may think her a traitor; Kasa loved her master and was happy with her life.

Silent_Wolf 01-19-2008 05:49 PM

Sinopa sat down, crossing her legs and her hands holding onto her ankles. She was trying to calm down; she hated cities with a passion and they scared her a little. "... deeeep breaths... deep breaths..." She inhaled deeply and held her breath.

spirit_queen 01-19-2008 05:52 PM

Marius laughed and lead her to the kitchen, where her food bowl lay. He always fed her the expensive kind with lots of gravy; he got a can out and dunped it in for her. "Now, Kasa, i'm taking you to be groomed tomorrow. I'm entering you into a dog show."
Eventually, the signal to attack came. But Takaia wasn't paying attention; there was something wiggling behind her. When the others were attacking, Takais would be found chasing her tail.

Sarah_K_O_M 01-19-2008 05:52 PM

Aldo and Adin walked by and waved at Sinopa, "Hey."
"Hi! Nice to see you!"
They wore a pair of handcuffs, one loop around Aldo's left hand and the other around Adin's right, so she couldn't run away without him knowing.

Silent_Wolf 01-19-2008 05:53 PM

She opened an eye and waved, still holding her breath. She found if she didn't breathe, she didn't smell anything, and thus she calmed herself down. Though, it was killer on her lungs; she couldn't BREATHE.

Miranda_ 01-19-2008 05:57 PM

Kasa wagged her tail and began to eat. She was looking forward to showing herself off at the show; she was sure she would win. In any case, it would be a change of surroundings. She thought with a touch of spite of the renegades who willingly allowed themselves to starve, just out of so called pride. Where was the pride in starving to death?

Phelan eventually left the city without encountering anything more dangerous than a rat. He'd killed the rat, and taken its body along with the lamb leg. He couldn't afford to miss anything, not when winter was coming up.

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