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Default School Of Assassins and Ninjas - 01-12-2008, 08:10 PM

I'm thinking this would go under School with powers, but I'm not 100% sure. If it fits better under another category, be sure to put it there.

Michyoi Academy - secretly located on Mount Fuji - has finally opened. Only a select few around the world have gotten invited to attend this special school. They have been given $1,000,000 dollars U.S. to come to Japan and stay in the school during the whole school year (imagine a boarding school) allowing trips home for only a week in between the two semesters and then over summer vacation.

It wouldn't be secret if it was an ordinary school. In the letter, it mentions that to attend Michyoi Academy and get the $1,000,000 you must dedicate your life to either of the following professions: Assassin or Ninja. It also mentions that all the supplies needed will be given to you at the school to keep for whichever path you choose to take.

The first day of Michyoi Academy has finally come. Which path will you take?

Also be noted that this school was started for a reason. Something will be happening later in the RP. The reason the characters are her is to be trained. For what, the students to not yet know...

RULES {of RP}:
o Romance allowed.
o Experienced ONLY
o PG-14 Rating.
o Use proper English.
o Keep OOC to a minimum.
o Follow the regular RPG rules located at

The "School" Rules:
o Romance NOT encouraged (though they expect some people to try and sneak about)
o Never tell anyone who doesn't attend the school about it's location, etc.
o Do not leave school grounds unless allowed by a teacher or during a pre-planned time of the year allowing the abilty of going home.

Character Form: (You may have up to two at the moment)Name:
Age (14-18.):
Choice of Course (Ninja, Assassin):
Positive Traits/Personality:
Character Flaws:
Bio/Other (opt.):

My Charrie:
Name: Meadow Soyrite
Age (14-18.): 15
Country: Canada

(I'm definitely going to doll her... sometime...)
Choice of Course (Ninja, Assassin): Assassin
Positive Traits/Personality: Independent, obedient, unique. She's a very hard worker, and doesn't stop until she gets what she wants.
Character Flaws: Greedy, anti-social, "evil" in a sense - she can be a b*tch, and very sarcastic. Also easily jealous.
Bio/Other (opt.): Coming from Canada, and being very patriotic, she almost instantly thinks all Americans are losers. She comes from a family of ALL Canadians back as far as she can remember. She is atheist and believes only a person can be blamed for their faults and hardships. Her father is a cop, and her mother a lawyer. She has no siblings, but many cousins.


Everyone was to be gathered at the school's front doors. Meadow waited in the corner, thinking of what to buy with the million. Yeah, it was a bit greedy a thought, but she wasn't exactly one of those people who thought they could live without material possessions. The school was completely covered with a large stone border around it. It was also a bit col on Mount Fugi - something she'd have to get used to. She hadn't seen the school, but with all the people here, she'd guess it would have to be huge. The walls were tall, so it was also probably more then four floors. The gates were more like two large opaque red doors that reached all the way to the top. Meadow knew it was gonna be an adventure.

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