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Default Moon Village/\::||RP||::/\ - 12-31-2007, 08:45 PM

This RP is set in the 1800's (Marinda_, I think this would go under fantasy creatures?)in a middle-of-the-woods village. (Its an Idea that came from a novel im curently writing.) Everyone knows eachother, but most people are supisious about others. There has been a certian outbreak on brutal murders latley. People found in the (really) deep woods spraled out on the forrest floor. People are disipearing left and right. Some bodies (most) are not found. We soon find out, that there are many more wolves then mentioned from the people who found this land to be 'perfect' and wanted to buid it there because of that. We don't know where the wolves have come from, or if they were already there. And why, are some people never found, not even their bodies? Can you solve this mystery?

Form you need to fill you-

Race(Wolf or human?):
Family(If any):
Appearance(If your a werewolf, post both human and wolf form.):
Weaknesses(atleast 1):

Name:Evelyn Laken
Race:Wolf (Not at the begining though)
Family : (Anyone want to be family with me?Untill then, I just be my parents.YOu could be a sis,bro,cousin,aunt,uncle,etc....)
Weaknesses(Atleast 1):Sometimes, she can't controll her wolf side and usally is not appealing (attaude wise)(AKa: A grouch)
ETC.: Nothing else, exept her eyes are purple and in wolf mode, her eyes are VERY light grey.

Tanpops charrie:

Name: Amy Laken
Gender: female
Race(Wolf or human?): human
Age: 17
Family(If any): Evelyn Laken (her sister^^) & her parents
Appearance(If your a werewolf, post both human and wolf form.):
Weaknesses(atleast 1): panics to much
ETC.: nope=P

Starting paragraph-
I looked out of the window pane of my parents house. The sky was covered with darkness, and it gave me chills. I knew something was out there. I just knew it. Sometimes at night, I would hear shrill screams of pain, from a distance away- in the deep woods. Everytime I head it, I stood near my window to watch for any sign of life. This was one of those ocasions. A recent second ago, I heard a cry of help. It was usally at an unexpected night, where everyting went the right way that day. I heard a creak in the house,and quickly spun around. Nothing. I looked out of the window yet again. I felt almoast hipnotized to venture out of the corridors of my house, to the wildly unsafe woods. I knew what I had to do. I needed to see what in the world was going on. So I slowly walked twoards the fragile, wooden door. I turned the knob with caution, so my parents would not catch me. When the door was open, I walked out, in a trance. I was so curious, I hadn't shut the door. I walked in the derection of the screaming. As I got closer, the trance had fleen from my head. I started to have second thoughts about going. But I kept on paceing my cold feet. The second I got to where the screaming came from, I was horrified. A black wolf with golden eyes was there, chewing on a way to fimillar face. A fack from the village. I ran with all my fury, and everything went black a moment before I reached my house.

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